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honest kdrama reviews

these are all the kdramas that ive watched and im just gonna put them all here and what you should know about them 


*no particular order 

reply 1997

  • set in the 90s
  • follows a group of friends and how they stick together during this time
  • two guys that go after a girl and the drama is a guessing game on who ends up being her husband 
  • good life lessons 
  • good ost (original soundtrack) 
  • it’s hilarious 
  • not a typical kdrama, very original 
  • what stuck out with this drama is it’s creativity. you’ll never watch a drama like this bc of the setting 

reply 1994 

  • set in the 90s (this is a series but they are all different stories) 
  • follows a group of friends and how they stick together during this time 
  • once again trying to figure out who is the husband
  • good life lessons
  • good ost 
  • also hilarious 
  • very original 
  • if you don’t do well with second leads as in you have sls (second lead syndrome) then you will most likely fall for the guy that isn’t the husband but tbh it depends on you 
  • what stuck out with this drama is also the setting. all of these are different settings and they don’t have the same plot

reply 1988

  • set in the 80s-90s 
  • uGH this drama honestly gets to me it’s so fricking good. 
  • if you’re thinking rn that you dont want to watch these dramas bc it’s set in the old times WATCH THESE I GUARANTEE YOU WONT REGRET IT
  • this is the highest rated kdrama in history trust me it’s good 
  • it’s a little bit slow in the beginning but it picks up and it’s worth it 
  • same kind of idea as the previous reply series 
  • everything about this drama is amazing. everything. 
  • this one is different from the other reply series bc it’s not as easy to guess who the husband is. 
  • the director is really good and there is a lot of foreshadowing and clues that you’ll have to work hard to find 
  • this drama is so well put everything connects together 
  • you will fall in love with all the characters they’re so funny ok im done

queen in hyun’s man 

  • ok don’t skip this drama just bc it’s historical 
  • the plotline is basically this guy from the joseon dynsasty time travels to modern day and meets this girl (and obv you know what happens next) 
  • super cute drama and funny 
  • the couple actually ended up dating too!! they broke up but still 
  • what stuck out was the amazing chemistry for this drama 

city hunter 

  • this really smart guy who is also amazing at hunting meets this girl who works as the bodyguard for the blue house 
  • a lot of secrets 
  • it’s a very heavy drama as in there’s a lot to take in and understand 
  • highly rated drama tho 
  • what stuck out is the creative plot line 

rooftop prince

  • after the death of this crown prince’s wife, he time travels 300 years later and meets this girl who looks like the deceased princess 
  • the guys in this drama are so funny and cute and you’ll love them 
  • similar to queen in hyun’s man so if you watch that watch this 
  • what stuck out was the plot and the comedy 

you’re beautiful 

  • this girl who has a twin pretends to be her brother and ends up joining this kpop group lol 
  • she’s pretending to be a guy but she ends up falling for the singer 
  • super funny 
  • you’re gonna love the other guys in this drama they’re so cute and funny 
  • what stuck out was the cold main lead i love when it’s a cold guy falling for the girl lol 

innocent man

  • oh man this drama.. it’s a melodrama first of all 
  • honestly i don’t even like melodramas bc theyre sooooooo hard to keep watching like it’s just so ongoing 
  • this drama tho.. it’s got song joong ki and lee kwang soo so i mean cmon
  • it’s got funny moments 
  • it’s an amazing plot line. the guy takes the blame for his gf who murdered a man and when he gets out of jail she marries this sugar daddy. he’s obv pissed and tries to get back at her by “falling in love” with the girl who’s dad is the ex-gf’s sugar daddy (ik it’s complicated). but then he actually starts falling for the girl and yeah 
  • it’s worth watching im not gonna lie just try it 
  • what stuck out was song joong ki bc he’s amazing 

dream high

  • lol this drama well it’s got singing first of all 
  • basically all these people who go to this music school and everyone has an interesting story to them 
  • actually pretty inspirational 
  • it’s one of the dramas that you just must watch heading into kdrama 

boys over flowers 

  • well if you know anything about kdrama you’ve prolly heard of boys over flowers. if not, you’re in for a ride
  • it’s the kdrama that EVERYONE knows and has seen
  • the heirs is basically the same as this btw but this is the original
  • a group of elite boyz and this one poor girl and she falls for the rich boi
  • it’s much more complicated than that

playful kiss

  • this drama :)))
  • typical cold popular boy falls for dumb girl honestly she’s so dumb it kills 
  • basically this girl’s house crumbles after an earthquake (only her house bc it’s crap lol) and so they move into the guys house bc their parents are super close together
  • it’s so so funny lol and it’s very lighthearted through the entire drama 
  • it’s one of my faves you gotta watch it 

it’s okay that’s love

  • this man is a mystery writer and a radio dj. he meets a psychiatry student and they both fall in love but man they got problems of their own. he’s got an obsession and she also has an issue psychology wise 
  • it’s comedy but it’s also not at times it’s good 
  • the characters make it so entertaining once again kwang soo is in it 
  • what stuck out is the interesting plotline 

princess hours

  • so basically this normal high schooler gets to marry this cold hearted crown prince and they start off w a really weird relationship but then you see how the two of them grow together 
  • it’s so weird and funny 
  • the leads are very cute even though theyre super awkward at times
  • the guys are super hot so like yeah  

personal taste

  • another cold man warm hearted girl 
  • the girl thinks that he’s gay so she takes him up as a roommate 
  • it’s funny and it’s got lee min ho 
  • the second lead actors are kinda annoying but you can deal 

hi! school love on

  • this is one interesting drama let me tell ya 
  • it’s not as popular but it’s pretty good 
  • this angel becomes a human in order to save someone
  • it’s interesting bc you’d never find this kind of drama  
  • the actors and actresses are very cute 
  • it’s a cute innocent kind of show 

to the beautiful you 

  • oh this drama 
  • another cute kind of drama filled w delicious looking boys
  • this girl goes to a boys school and pretends to be a boy 
  • she falls in love w this guy who is super athletic but also cold hearted 


  • it’s set in an art university and it’s about pursuing your dreams
  • a music kind of kdrama 
  • good music in here obviously 
  • the lead actor is hot 
  • he is also cold god i love cold guys 

cheese in the trap

  • another cold guy drama heh 
  • basically this guy that has it all (looks money etc) has a dark side to him and he falls for this girl who is poor but she is v smart and he tries to help her 
  • it’s pretty interesting i dont think it’s similar to the normal kdrama 
  • cute actors everywhere 

emergency couple 

  • this is one funny drama 
  • it’s got song ji hyo from running man she’s perfect 
  • basically the two main actors were once married but then they divorced and years later they end up working in the same hospital 
  • there’s sls in this so be careful 
  • it’s a medical kind of comedy drama 

you who came from the stars

  • one of the most popular kdramas and highly highly rated globally
  • it’s quirky in the beginning but it’s worth it trust me 
  • this alien crashes on earth during joseon dynasty and he lives till modern day 
  • he’s perfect and all his senses are like 4x better than humans 
  • he meets this stuck up snobby actress and the rest is history 

the heirs

  • basically the same as boys over flowers (see above) except it’s not so dragging and the annoying parts/concepts aren’t in this one 
  • the actors are all cute and you’ll fall in love w so many people

the master’s sun 

  • this one is precious to me 
  • it’s got the best ost ever it’s so good 
  • this girl is able to see ghosts and they always bother her 
  • one day she meets this guy that is able to get rid of the ghosts when she touches him 
  • so she comes off as a stalker bc she’s always trying to touch him to get rid of the ghosts
  • this is so original and every episode is interesting 
  • it’s funny and you’ll love the secretary. the old man is the best 

my princess 

  • this normal average girl ends up being a princess after secrets of her birth come out and this man who is v successful gives everything up in order to serve and protect her bc of his grandfather’s creed 
  • it’s a typical kdrama but it’s good and it’s super cute 
  • you’ll love the main lead he’s so handsome and the drama is v cute
  • you get to watch how an average girl starts from the bottom and works her way up to become a princess 

secret garden

  • you will not watch a kdrama like this ever trust me 
  • basically this cold rich guy and this cool stunt lady meet at this weird place and drink some weird potion and the next day they switch bodies 
  • they randomly switch bodies and it’s super funny and weird and so they have to deal w each other 
  • it’s funny and it’s v interesting 
  • another one of the super highly rated dramas 

suspicious partner

  • an ongoing drama rn but it’s so good omo
  • this girl in training to be a prosecutor breaks up w her bf and later on is the suspect for murdering her ex. the main lead actor (my bae ji chang wook) is a prosecutor and he is able to save her but risks his job (it’s ok he builds his own firm) 
  • all the characters are super fun and quirky and this drama will make you laugh and will make you feel scared at times but it’s a real mystery and comedy and it’s super good 
  • good drama to make your friends watch for the first time. i did it w a girl who didnt think she’d like kdrama and she watched 17 episodes in one night soooo 
  • no annoying love triangles 

fight my way 

  • also an ongoing drama 
  • this is such an inspirational drama
  • a group of friends that once had dreams when they were younger are now working in average jobs and they live off of their paychecks. they still want to pursue their dreams even though it seems to be too late for them
  • it’s so so so funny and the main actor is so hot 
  • this drama is just perfect in itself 
  • it depicts real life REAL life!! it stays away from typical kdrama scenes and honestly this one will move you 

strong woman do bong soon 

  • highly rated kdrama 
  • the actors are so so cute 
  • and when i say cute i mean they are the definition of cute 
  • it’s a hilarious drama that’ll make you cry w tears 
  • this girl has superwoman strength and she becomes this rich guy’s bodyguard but it’s much more complicated than that 
  • she’s out to get the bad guys 
  • this girl is so independent you will love this drama if you’re sick and tired of the typical helpless damsel in distress


  • it’s a historic drama but it’s good
  • this no name guy goes to the capital and his best friend was just murdered so he’s out for revenge but little does he know he ends up being a part of the elite group of hwarang boys that are built to protect the kingdom 
  • the bromance is stronger than the romance and you will love the bromance trust me 
  • the SLS is really strong in this one so watch out 
  • sorry im too excited but the boys in this drama are all perfect and so cute
  • there’s a lot of secrets in this one 


  • another ji chang wook drama he’s so hot 
  • this is centered around a case that has a lot of secrets. it’s a big mystery and this man is trying to go after people related to this case in order to solve the mystery
  • you got a fighter boy who has a history himself and he meets this chill girl
  • she’s a strong independent woman and you will love the action in this drama 
  • everything about this drama is good 

you’re all surrounded

  • such a quirky funny drama
  • a group of people (best squad ever) are all detectives and theyre out to catch the bad guys 
  • a different case every time and you would think there’s no comedy but trust me there’s lots 
  • the characteres are all super funny and loving 

she was pretty 

  • first of all major SLS so fall for the right boy 
  • this girl that used to be super pretty turns “ugly” and then glows up again
  • the main lead used to be a super ugly and chubby boy but he would comfort the girl all the time 
  • they were supposed to meet up but he thought this pretty girl was her bc he didn’t think she would look that ugly 
  • it’s a funny drama and youll like all the characters
  • the ost is really good 

oh my venus 

  • oh man this drama 
  • similar to she was pretty, the girl has a major glow up
  • she also used to be the shit when she was younger but when she grew up she became really fat
  • this guy who is super successful ends up taking her in and helping her change into the person that she wants to be 
  • it’s funny and it’s a sexy and hot drama 
  • they’re super cute but man they really got it goin this couple 

kill me heal me 

  • orgjoiwejfor first of all if youre reading this and you havent watched it already, watch this. 
  • before i get to the plotline, lemme tell ya, this drama has all the genres. it’s a real comedy and mystery and it’s just perfect
  • SO. this man has DID (dissociative identity disorder) also known as multiple personality disorder. he has seven personalities that haunt him and in order to try to suppress it, he hires a personal psychiatrist 
  • this is such a good drama you will laugh and cry and it’ll get you 

  • lol this is gonna sound weird but trust me it’s good 
  • this popular comic series ends up turning into real life when the girl gets sucked into the comic and basically she’s livin a fake life in a comic
  • it gets complicated when the plot of the comic becomes real life and the villain is out to get them 
  • it’s super complicated bc this girl is literally falling for a cartoon character who isn’t real but this one is another must watch 
  • it won’t be boring at all during the episodes 

oh my ghostess

  • this is another drama that is super good 
  • this ghost takes people’s body and controls them and one day she takes this quiet and very introverted girl’s body 
  • she ends up being stuck in it and it sounds bad but throughout the drama, the ghost and the girl help each other in order to get what they want 


  • boi idk how i forgot to add this drama
  • this is def another one of those dramas where you’ll be like wtf is this plot what is this drama bc it’s just so…. interesting
  • the second lead male actor and other supporting actors are super cute omg i die 
  • the ost is good too mmmm
  • alright get ready for another complicated plot… so the main character, kim shin is a v honorable general and the young king is jealous so he kills him. buT GUESS WHAT! this bih comes back alive as a goblin so he basically lives an immortal life. so fastforward to oh you know like 900 years, he’s looking for his human bride who is the only one who will be able to release his curse so that he can turn into ashes and stop living (the guys done w earth he’s been on for too long) 
  • so yeah then the goblin saves this pregnant lady and she dies but the baby lives and the baby grows up with the ability to see ghosts and bc she was supposed to die, grim reapers look for her 
  • i dont wanna hit u w too much plot so yeah go watch it it’s good

let me know what you guys think of the dramas and feel free to message me if you wanna know more about something :) i promise im nice 

I know that right now this isn’t going to heal the wound but I think it helps a little bit to think of these things. DC right now has Wonder Woman, who will fight to the end of her last breath for love, canon bisexual, and played by the wonderfully supportive Gal Gadot. Mera, who is played by the badass and bisexual Amber Heard who is an activist and an abuse survivor. Harley Quinn who is canon pan/bi and deals with mental illness and an abuse survivor, played by the talented Margot Robbie. And DC still has the Supergirl we love. That character we believed in and gave us strength is still there and will return hopefully some day, she just isn’t being played the right way right now. And although that is heart breaking don’t give up and don’t think you’re alone. Supergirl, all your heros, love you and would stick up for you.

KDramas, A review

Hi friends, I watch a lot of kdramas so I thought i would review them if anyone was interested in watching some. (These are my opinions plz don’t destroy me)

She Was Pretty

Main girl used to be pretty and knew a fat boi when they were younger. They meet up later in life when she is ugly and he’s hot, so she has her hot bff pretend to be her to meet him. Things get complicated. Love triangles everywhere.

Took like 9 fucking episodes to get main girl to not act like an idiot. Plot line and main girl was kinda annoying. Couldn’t finish it. Decent but not my fave.

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Chicago Typewriter

The plot alternates between modern day and the 1930s when Korea was colonized by Japan. It follows a group of liberation fighters in the 1930s, and in modern time a famous/grouchy writer, his number one fan and a hot ghost from the past. The modern day group is the reincarnation of the freedom fighter group. Travel through time with them as they discover their past together and how they died.

WOW this one was amazing. Has a lot of literary references, especially with Stephen King. Discusses the nuances of what it means to be a writer. Discusses plagiarism, censorship, mental health and freedom. Has a love triangle, but the love plot isn’t exactly the whole plot of the story. Main girl is kind of a call back to the other characters of the right thing to do and represents many things throughout the show. A must watch.

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Weightlifting Fairy

YAS QUEEN! A girl struggles with society’s ideals of what makes a woman beautiful, her career as a weightlifter, and a one-sided love affair. REALLY REALLY cute romance. A very healthy romantic relationship. A must watch. SO CUTE. SO GOOD. WATCH IT.

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The Man in our House

Vastly underrated. Main gurl comes home after her mother dies to find a dude younger than her saying he was married to her mom and owns the house/property. She must figure out his intentions. Cute story about redemption, grief, supporting loved ones and romance. Has action moments, romance and legal elements.

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Kill Me, Heal Me

A man struggling with dissociative identity disorder (multiple personality disorder) tries to keep his mental health struggles a secret and meets a cute/smart Lady who happens to be a psychiatrist and has her help him. The history between these characters and personalities are more complex than any of them can imagine.

OMG this drama gave me so many feels. It made me laugh out loud and cry for days. It talks about mental health in a beautiful and intelligent way. All the little things in this drama matter and come back later on. Mystery, mental health, family, and love are the major themes of this one. A MUST WATCH.

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Fight My Way

A group of four friends slowly realize that they haven’t fought hard enough to realize their dreams, and work towards their life goals even though they are older now. Inspirational and cute. Some moments are a little annoying but a solid ok drama.

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You’re All Surrounded

Follows a group of detectives solving an old case that has to do with one of the detective’s dark childhood (mom got murdered in front of him). Great. Unpredictable in the best way. Keeps you on your toes. Cute romance. (The main girl is homeless???) but it’s chill. Would watch again. A solid drama. Crime thriller, romance, melodrama.

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Hyde Jekyll, Me

Another dissociative identity disorder one. Kill me heal me is better. A rich Boi was traumatized as a kid and has DID. A cute GURL falls in love with one of his personalities. Mystery, romance and such. I’d give it a 5 out of 10. I did cry.

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(Taiwanese) Dear baby Jesus this one was so cheesy and awful but I LOVE IT. Gender bender. Gurl has to pretend to be a boi and falls in love with her friend-bro (a rich BOI). But rich Boi isn’t a jerk in this one (surprising right? His fam is nice too). The side character plot story is REALLY REALLY good. Like they should have been their own show. Bff of rich boi falls in love with a girl with cancer in remission, you can see where this is going… Gender bender, cute, so cheesy that you’ll laugh, gets you with the feels, romance.

Absolute Boyfriend

(Taiwanese) HOLY HELL THIS ONE IS BAD. Like so bad. Gurl makes a robot boyfriend as a joke but ends up actually receiving the robot boyfriend. Neighbor boi is in love with her. She has to hide the fact that robot boyfriend is a robot. It’s bad fam. I still cried at the end though. If you’re looking for a gawd awful drama to watch to make you laugh at how bad it is, watch this one… but also I did cry…

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Coffee Prince

Oh man. Genderbender. Poor Gurl pretends to be a boi to get jobs that pay better (I feel you gurl), ends up working with a rich BOI in an all-male coffee shop. Rich BOI falls in love with male her and has a panic attack. Lots of love triangles. The beginning is slow, but worth it to get to the good stuff. Cheesy but really enjoyed this one. SOBBED LIKE A BABY at one point. Worth it watching.

(did i mention the main boi is in goblin??)

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Secret Garden

Jerky rich Boi and stunt woman Gurl switch bodies. Gurl is a badass bitch I love her. Takes a while to get to the main plot. Love triangles (what drama doesn’t have one). A solid drama. Cute.

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Descendants of the Sun

OMG SO SO SO GOOD. My absolute favorite!!! Doctor Lady and Special operations military Boi fall in love. Often separated b/c of their jobs. Both end up in a (fictional) war-torn place called Erk. Very seriously discusses what it means to be/the morality of a soldier and a doctor. CRIED SO HARD OMG. This drama will change your life. Really well made, writing was amazing. OST is amazing! One of those dramas where the little things come back later on. Everything has purpose and meaning. The two main characters got married in real life!!! 10/10. SO good.

(the main boi legit broke his arm during filming)

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Boys over Flowers

Why has everyone seen this one? This is a trash can disguised as a drama. Cheesy, stupid plots, poor communication between the characters that makes you want to scream at them. Yet I couldn’t stop watching it??

Four rich BOIs are the rich SKOOL hot bullies. Poor Gurl comes and ~changes everything~. Leader of the Bois is a jerk-face and of course they fall in love. Love triangles of course. A trash can. An actual trash can. Strangely really long. You must have will power to make it to the end. Watch it, it is a rite of passage.

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To the Beautiful You

Korean Hana Kimi for those familiar with the books. Doesn’t follow the books super well but still really good. (So much better than the mess that was the Japanese and Taiwanese versions). It’s really cute and lovely just like the books. Min Ho from Shinee is Sano. He’s a cutie.

Gurl pretends to be a boi and goes to an all bois (college I think? might be high school) to meet her high jumping idol. They end up being roommates and then good friends (and maybe more????). Love triangles. The real OG genderbender. Gay panics. Gay acceptance. An aloof doctor. A cute dog. One of my faves. Plz watch.

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You’re Beautiful

Both the Taiwanese and the Korean versions are literally the same scene for scene line for line so just pick one. Gender bender, love triangles. A nun (yes a fucking NUN) Gurl has to pretend to be her twin brother in a band with 3 bois. Can she keep her secret? Will she fall in love with the jerk leader boi and not the other nice boi? Watch to find out. Not the best. Cheesy. Watch if you have nothing else to do or want to laugh at something. Entertaining though.

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Moon River

I had such high hopes for this one but it was more of a trash can than Boys over Flowers. Basically the same plot as Boys over Flowers. SO SO BAD. A few redeeming scenes. Not even bad in the way that it’s funny to watch, just bad. Don’t waste your time. I couldn’t even finish this one. 3/10 don’t watch.

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Crossing Hero

(Taiwanese) I had a Jiro Wang phase and he directed this one. It’s quirky and cheesy and terrible but I love it. Main boi travels through time to modern day. The two side heroes follow after him into modern day and don’t know how to cope with modern day. The squad gets involved with a reporter and a detective and solve a ~huge~ crime plot. Jiro, our main BOI, just stops showing up in his own drama like halfway through it?? and the side characters become the main characters, which is weird but fine b/c they’re cool.

Horrendously cheesy. Weird. But still good, especially once Jiro stops showing up. Wouldn’t put it anywhere near the top of the To Watch List though. Watch it if you want something totally out of the ordinary.

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Oh my Ghostess!

A young virgin ghost possess the body of an extremely shy chef girl to try to bang the head chef and go to Nirvana. The main Gurl getting possessed can actually see ghosts so things get complicated. What happens when main Gurl and main ghost gurl both get the feels for head chef? Will ghost gurl figure out how she died?

Has mystery/crime thriller, spoopy/supernatural, sweet, romance, family, grief and friendship element/themes. Thought this one would be bad but was really surprised at how good it was. Solid drama.

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Bring it on Ghost! / Let’s Fight Ghost!

A friend-less boi can see ghosts and fights off ghosts for people for money. Meets a cute high schooler ghost that ends up helping him. Gains two weird ghost obsessed friends (against his will). Will the budding romance between a living boi and a cute ghost gurl ever work out?

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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

YAS QUEEN! A gurl born with super strength is wary of losing her powers and hides them. A serial kidnapper/killer with a creepy baby mask. Crime and mystery drama. A really cute drama. A sweet romance, funny mixed with some sad, decently feministic drama. Great. Watch it.

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Suspicious Partner

A lawyer gurl is framed for murdering her ex. A cute prosecutor is caught between doing what is right and trying to not get fired. An unlikely alliance/romance between two people who understand how it feels to be cheated on. Discussion about when the justice system fails, at what point and extent should you take matters into your own hands. Crime thriller, mystery, revenge, law and justice, heartbreak, romance and forgiveness.This one is full of twists and turns. Really good one! Watch it!

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ok fam, that’s all of my reviews! Thanks for reading!!!

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The happiest of birthdays, dear Lauren. Have a wonderful day with your family, lots of gifts and cake or whatever you prefer at the moment, lol. Never forget that you're a beautiful, strong and admirable young woman. A wonderful mother of one, soon two, wonderful little babies. Stay the way you're and just know that you're loved by so many. Happy b-day.

Thank you so much! 😍 We will be having brownies tonight to celebrate…which I still need to make! XOXOXO.

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Chris would totally watch videos with Doms to see how they talked and acted. He'd follow what they did in the videos with you too. You'd be over his lap, your skirt hitched over your hips, exposing your stinging and reddened ass from Chris spanking you. "You like that? you, uh, you li-little whore?" Chris' hand fisted in your hair as you moaned arching your back. He'd lean over and whisper in your ear, "I don't really think you're a whore, I think you're a really strong and beautiful woman"


Sinful Sunday™


2014 was the year Superman/Wonder Woman fans finally got their   romantic tension in animation after many years of it in the comics. 

Justice League War provided us with the now iconic first meeting and fan favorite moment.

“You’re strong.”

“I know." 

Fans are anxiously awaiting 2015 for what will be our first animated kiss in Justice League Throne of Atlantis and seeing our power couple in action.

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Ntamw thinks it's sexy that you're "strong". That's just code for a woman who doesn't take OTHER men's shit. This guy is sexualizing the fact that you don't take shit which is creepy already. But the biggest problem is he doesn't realize that that means you won't take his shit either. And let me tell you that will not make him happy when he finds out!


If the 2Ps were dads with teenage daughters
  • 2P!America: What, did someone break your heart or something? DO I NEED TO BEAT SOMEONE'S ASS?????
  • 2P!England: Good morning honey bunny! I cooked you breakfast and packed you a lunch with a fun little note as always!~ *gives pink lunchbox with heart-shaped note inside*
  • 2P!France: You're not allowed to date until college. Guys are assholes okay
  • 2P!Russia: You're a strong, independent woman. You don't need my help with that
  • 2P!Italy: I'm going to have to teach you all of men's secrets and tricks so you can learn how to outsmart them... Also, I'm buying you a Taser next week
  • 2P!Germany: I'm gonna raise you to be one of those girls all the guys are scared to date
  • 2P!Japan: Someone insulted you online? Don't let it bother you. These things build character
  • 2P!Canada: ......Your hair looks rad today
  • 2P!Romano: If there's ever any bitches talkin' shit about you then let Daddy know and I will personally take care of them
  • 2P!Austria: If someone tells you that you're pretty, say something like, "I know, thanks." I won't let my daughter be one of THOSE that says "No I'm not," you hear me, sugar?
  • 2P!Prussia: I know I get too emotional sometimes but it's only because I love you and you're the angel of my life okay?

anonymous asked:

How do you feel about Felicity Smoak and the wheelchair, being able to walk again?

This whole arc was a joke.

What was the point of having her paralysed for 3-4 episodes, only for her to be miraculously cured with little to no character development? If you take away this arc, you pretty much have the same Felicity Smoak. We hardly saw her struggle, learn and grow from her situation, I mean she was told that she was never going to be able to walk again. In less than an episode, she seemed to ‘get over’ the fact that she’d lost the use of her legs supposedly for good. The whole thing was to feed Oliver’s manpain and create complications for their relationship, hardly for her own character development and I’m disappointed at that.

If there’s no real development from this yet, then why the hell give her the ability to walk again? Why not try and actually work with it more? You’re basically giving a miracle cure to a permanent disability so that this woman can walk down the aisle. Why couldn’t we have Felicity wheel herself down the aisle, or have her mother push her? There is nothing wrong with that. Walking down is not the ‘better’ or ‘perfect’ way, the wheelchair shouldn’t make it any less emotional and beautiful. It could’ve actually shown us how ‘strong’ Felicity is instead of having every character in the damn Arrowverse tell us every episodejust call it the fucking Smoakverse already and be honest with yourself lmfao no character can live for more than 2 minutes without praising her it’s ridiculous.Why can’t you make a better effort of being more realistic and relatable towards the viewers that are disabled or have disorders; the viewers that have been told that they have to live with these things for all/the rest of their lives? (On that note, check out Daredevil and Jessica Jones if you’re looking for better writing of characters with disabilities and disorders. Both shows are fantastic)

They’ve handled this arc so poorly, and let’s remember that they were going to slap ‘Oracle’ on this. Ridiculous. Such an insult.