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Mute don't say that. A woman WILL come along, a woman WILL take care of you, a woman WILL talk to you about feelings, and a woman WILL love you! You may not think so, but I know so. Don't beat yourself up about this, you're a strong and sweet guy. A woman would be crazy not to fancy someone like you. We all love ya Mute. Don't forget that.

all this commotion is giving him a migraine.  Mute seems to be tiredly wheezing.

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PSA to the SG Writers: just because you have a wonderfully done coming out arc for the character we all knew was gay in S1, does not mean you aren't being homophobic (coming from someone who accepted their queerness bc of this arc). Just because you have 2 black men, 1 (currently on mars) black woman and another ethnically ambiguous woman, does not mean you're not racist. Just because your lead is a strong woman who kicks ass, doesn't mean you don't have misogyny. *longest deep sigh ever*

^^^^ This is just.

The most accurate thing of all time.




If the 2Ps were dads with teenage daughters
  • 2P!America: What, did someone break your heart or something? DO I NEED TO BEAT SOMEONE'S ASS?????
  • 2P!England: Good morning honey bunny! I cooked you breakfast and packed you a lunch with a fun little note as always!~ *gives pink lunchbox with heart-shaped note inside*
  • 2P!France: You're not allowed to date until college. Guys are assholes okay
  • 2P!Russia: You're a strong, independent woman. You don't need my help with that
  • 2P!Italy: I'm going to have to teach you all of men's secrets and tricks so you can learn how to outsmart them... Also, I'm buying you a Taser next week
  • 2P!Germany: I'm gonna raise you to be one of those girls all the guys are scared to date
  • 2P!Japan: Someone insulted you online? Don't let it bother you. These things build character
  • 2P!Canada: ......Your hair looks rad today
  • 2P!Romano: If there's ever any bitches talkin' shit about you then let Daddy know and I will personally take care of them
  • 2P!Austria: If someone tells you that you're pretty, say something like, "I know, thanks." I won't let my daughter be one of THOSE that says "No I'm not," you hear me, sugar?
  • 2P!Prussia: I know I get too emotional sometimes but it's only because I love you and you're the angel of my life okay?

2014 was the year Superman/Wonder Woman fans finally got their   romantic tension in animation after many years of it in the comics. 

Justice League War provided us with the now iconic first meeting and fan favorite moment.

“You’re strong.”

“I know." 

Fans are anxiously awaiting 2015 for what will be our first animated kiss in Justice League Throne of Atlantis and seeing our power couple in action.

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How do you feel about Felicity Smoak and the wheelchair, being able to walk again?

This whole arc was a joke.

What was the point of having her paralysed for 3-4 episodes, only for her to be miraculously cured with little to no character development? If you take away this arc, you pretty much have the same Felicity Smoak. We hardly saw her struggle, learn and grow from her situation, I mean she was told that she was never going to be able to walk again. In less than an episode, she seemed to ‘get over’ the fact that she’d lost the use of her legs supposedly for good. The whole thing was to feed Oliver’s manpain and create complications for their relationship, hardly for her own character development and I’m disappointed at that.

If there’s no real development from this yet, then why the hell give her the ability to walk again? Why not try and actually work with it more? You’re basically giving a miracle cure to a permanent disability so that this woman can walk down the aisle. Why couldn’t we have Felicity wheel herself down the aisle, or have her mother push her? There is nothing wrong with that. Walking down is not the ‘better’ or ‘perfect’ way, the wheelchair shouldn’t make it any less emotional and beautiful. It could’ve actually shown us how ‘strong’ Felicity is instead of having every character in the damn Arrowverse tell us every episodejust call it the fucking Smoakverse already and be honest with yourself lmfao no character can live for more than 2 minutes without praising her it’s ridiculous.Why can’t you make a better effort of being more realistic and relatable towards the viewers that are disabled or have disorders; the viewers that have been told that they have to live with these things for all/the rest of their lives? (On that note, check out Daredevil and Jessica Jones if you’re looking for better writing of characters with disabilities and disorders. Both shows are fantastic)

They’ve handled this arc so poorly, and let’s remember that they were going to slap ‘Oracle’ on this. Ridiculous. Such an insult.

Can people please stop going on about how black female characters need to stay single so that they can be strong and independent and your beacon of feminism? Stop. Seriously stop that shit. A black woman on the show being the only one to not be in a romantic relationship is not progressive. It’s not empowering. It is not empowering to turn on a tv show and see that character constantly be in the background when everyone else falls in love. Not when you’re constantly having studies coming out saying that black women are the least attractive, least desirable, and least likely to be married among their counterparts. Saying you need to see someone be single and proclaiming that it hasto be the black female character is gross. Stop it. Stop it. Stop it!

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Lucy, I just have to say that over the past couple of months, I've noticed SUCH an astounding change in you. You seem happier, your face lights up when you smile, and you just seem so much more comfortable with yourself. I'm so proud of you, you're such a strong and inspirational woman. Especially to the rest of us that suffer with anxiety issues. You've overcome so much and you're a fighter. Keep up the good work, girl! Btw: LOVE your new YouTube series!

This made my entire day!!! Thank you so much!!

Today in school, papers were put up to cover the mirrors in all of the girls’ bathrooms, and markers were hung next to them so girls could write on them.

While some were meaningful…

Others were more interesting…

and then these gems

but my personal favorite