you're a strong woman


2014 was the year Superman/Wonder Woman fans finally got their   romantic tension in animation after many years of it in the comics. 

Justice League War provided us with the now iconic first meeting and fan favorite moment.

“You’re strong.”

“I know." 

Fans are anxiously awaiting 2015 for what will be our first animated kiss in Justice League Throne of Atlantis and seeing our power couple in action.

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OMFG YOU WATCH STRONG WOMAN DO BONG SOON TOO. I'M CRYING IT REALLY IS A GREAT DRAMA 💯💯💯 ALL I WANT TO SAY IS: THE BROMANCE IS REAL 😂😂 Lmao there will never be a moment where I won't laugh while watching this drama -Mys (It honestly blows my mind that we have so much in common lol)

SUCH A GOOD DRAMA. OH MY GOD. Hopefully shit doesnt mess up cause I swear half the dramas in the world go downhill so hard after a few episodes. But I have faith! 

like the gangsters in the drama make me PISS my pants laughing THINKING ABOUT IT MAKING ME GIGGLE

Don’t go by your delicate and fragile looks because you are a strong woman. A woman of power, strength and endurance. I am confident that you can make it on your own even through the worst times of your life. Although you have your own battles to fight and your own struggles to live through you have within yourself an immense power to stay strong and face everything bravely and upfront. There are times when you get emotionally worked up but you never end up getting depressed or shattered. No matter how many times people try to bend you for their selfish motives you know how to steer away from other people’s drama and detach yourself from fake people around you. . Don’t try to underestimate your confidence or personality because you will not allow anyone to take you for granted and become a victim of deceit or manipulations. No matter how hard they try to knock you down they will never be able to knock you out.
—  Not my own words cause I can’t really express what’s on my mind..Found this and it does tell what I wanna say