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Dirk and his plants

Last week I was talking about Dirk Gently’s mystery squad and how they would keep plants. Todd, for example, he’d try to take care of his plants, but in the end the only plant he can keep is a cactus. The rest just sort of.. dies a slow death.

Now Farah is very serious about plant-keeping: she has a strict schedule for watering and she always measures the amount of water that she gives. Her plants look okay and definitely aren’t like to die.

But Dirk… Dirk loves plants, first of all. But he doesn’t know very well how to take care of them… Yet somehow his plants always look great. They grow fast and look healthy, they never have yellow leafs and rarely die, if ever. How he does it? Who knows. Last week he helped an old lady and got some plant food as a thanks, so he just gave the plants that. They seemed to like it. This week he forgot to close the window when Todd showed up at his door (something about a new case? it sounded very important), and when he came back home, it had rained and the carpet was soaked but at least the plants had gotten some fresh water (except the cactus Todd gace him as a present, that one was knocked down by the Shark Kitten. But it looks like it’ll live!)

And because I loved this little headcanon so much, I decided to make some art to go with it. I hope you like!


Amy Shark: Adore

“You’re such a good person. I like to think you have good taste in men. But your ex is a piece of garbage.”


I haven’t made the full set of expressions yet but since I’ve unfairly been teasing you guys with a bunch of WIPS, I’m posting the first portrait as a fully finished product. I want to dedicate this one to @rice-a-rina because she loves Prince Sidon.

I don’t know how Tumblr’s photo posting capabilities work, so let me explain: The first and second photos are 900 by 900 resolutions, which is my standard photo size (One with a watermark, one without). The third photo is a 2000 by 2000 dimension to better see some of the shading and details.

Let me just say that of all the Fire Emblem Fates styled portraits I’ve done, Prince Sidon has indisputably been the most difficult one I’ve undertaken.

Please don’t steal or repost! I worked super hard on this, and once I post the full set, I’ll have worked hard on those too!
Revelations - Chapter 8 - performativezippers - Supergirl (TV 2015) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapter 8: Final Revelation

It takes Alex and Winn hours to deal with the satellite. It’s one of the DEO’s primary tracking hubs, one of the main ones that monitors the skies for new alien activity. One of the ones Non had used in one of his attacks last year, one of the ones Cadmus has been feinting at lately. Alex and Winn are, after a long night, able to stop the current problem, but Alex is worried this was just the opening move in a new chess match.

So she’s distracted when she’s driving her bike home, and when she’s parking, and when she’s walking up the stairs to her apartment, and when she’s walking down her hallway.

But then she sees Maggie, sitting on the floor of the hallway, her back leaning against Alex’s door, and suddenly she can barely remember the word “satellite.”

God, she’s so beautiful.

Maggie’s head snaps up when she hears Alex’s footsteps, and she awkwardly clambers to her feet. She’s usually pretty graceful, and Alex fleetingly wonders how long she’s been sitting there.

“Mag-“ Alex’s voice unfortunately cracks a little bit, so she clears her throat and tries again. “What are you doing here?”

“We need to talk,” Maggie says, her face resolute, her eyes firm.

Alex isn’t ready.

She’d expected to have more time to think about it, to process it. To talk about it with Kara and to let Kara’s excitement wash over her until she’s comfortable with her own. She needs time to analyze, to tactically prepare, to do the research and make a plan.

She hasn’t had a second for any of it, yet. She’s not ready.

“It’s late,” she says lamely. “Maybe we can try tomorrow?”

And Maggie has always been supportive and has always let Alex go at her own pace, but she isn’t budging. In fact, she’s drawing herself up, straightening her spine, and planting her feet. “No. Not tomorrow, not next week. Tonight, Alex. Right now.”

And Alex isn’t sure if it’s still night or if it’s morning now, technically, but she takes her keys out of her pocket and walks over to Maggie and Maggie barely makes space for her, so she’s so close enough to feel (or is it just wistful thinking?) the heat of Maggie’s body as she unlocks her door.

Alex leads them into the apartment. “How did you find out my address?” It’s the least important question, but Alex can’t handle anything else.

But Maggie doesn’t bite. “I’m a detective, Danvers,” she deadpans. “I detect.”

And Alex turns back to her and smiles at her, but Maggie looks hurt and vulnerable and still so, so resolute, and Alex realizes she can’t stop this. She can’t put this off. She can’t say no any longer to this incredible woman in front of her. She tries to shake off her expectations for how prepared she wanted to be for this conversation, for the practice rounds she’d have liked to have with Kara.

She braces herself, and lets it happen.

“Alex,” Maggie says, her voice cracking. She hasn’t taken more than three steps into the apartment, hasn’t looked around, hasn’t taken off her jacket. “I need to hear you say it.”

Alex just looks at her, blinking a couple of times. Maggie is unraveling in front of her, just cracking apart. Alex doesn’t know exactly what Maggie wants her to say – and, at the same time, all of the deepest and most fundamental parts of Alex know exactly what Maggie’s asking.

But it’s like Alex’s brain is going too slowly for her to form words, so Maggie keeps going.

“I know, Alex, I know it’s you. I know it is. I can feel it, Alex, when I look at you, when I think about you. I know it’s you.”

Alex gapes at her. Maggie is braver and stronger and bolder and more incredible that Alex had ever imagined.

Alex is pretty sure she loves her already.

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