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Dirk and his plants

Last week I was talking about Dirk Gently’s mystery squad and how they would keep plants. Todd, for example, he’d try to take care of his plants, but in the end the only plant he can keep is a cactus. The rest just sort of.. dies a slow death.

Now Farah is very serious about plant-keeping: she has a strict schedule for watering and she always measures the amount of water that she gives. Her plants look okay and definitely aren’t like to die.

But Dirk… Dirk loves plants, first of all. But he doesn’t know very well how to take care of them… Yet somehow his plants always look great. They grow fast and look healthy, they never have yellow leafs and rarely die, if ever. How he does it? Who knows. Last week he helped an old lady and got some plant food as a thanks, so he just gave the plants that. They seemed to like it. This week he forgot to close the window when Todd showed up at his door (something about a new case? it sounded very important), and when he came back home, it had rained and the carpet was soaked but at least the plants had gotten some fresh water (except the cactus Todd gace him as a present, that one was knocked down by the Shark Kitten. But it looks like it’ll live!)

And because I loved this little headcanon so much, I decided to make some art to go with it. I hope you like!


I haven’t made the full set of expressions yet but since I’ve unfairly been teasing you guys with a bunch of WIPS, I’m posting the first portrait as a fully finished product. I want to dedicate this one to @rice-a-rina because she loves Prince Sidon.

I don’t know how Tumblr’s photo posting capabilities work, so let me explain: The first and second photos are 900 by 900 resolutions, which is my standard photo size (One with a watermark, one without). The third photo is a 2000 by 2000 dimension to better see some of the shading and details.

Let me just say that of all the Fire Emblem Fates styled portraits I’ve done, Prince Sidon has indisputably been the most difficult one I’ve undertaken.

Please don’t steal or repost! I worked super hard on this, and once I post the full set, I’ll have worked hard on those too!


Amy Shark: Adore

“You’re such a good person. I like to think you have good taste in men. But your ex is a piece of garbage.”


Hello! Seeing as it’s monday, it’s time to end the mindheist week and reveal a new author! But before we do that I’m going to be recommending 3 of my all-time favorite mindheist fics, which will be practically impossible. I mean I love all of her stories, we really do need another week to cover all of it.

Shark in the Water

Pairing: Jungkook/Taehyung
Rated: M
Length: 30k

As far as fairy tales go, this one doesn’t have a lot of faeries. Tales, yes. Tails, that is. Just the one. One (1) tail.

I’m Feeling Electric Tonight

Pairing: Jungkook/Taehyung
Rated: E
Length: A series, 3 works, 50k

Part One:  Dramatization. Do not try at home.

Part Two:  If you experience headaches, nausea, or heartbreak, discontinue use and talk to your doctor because relationships might not be right for you. 

Part Three:  Happy endings sold separately.

You’re My Genie, Lamborghini (You’re My Teeny Weeny Meenie)

Pairing: Jungkook/Jimin
Rated: E
Length: 7.8k

You know those people who say technology is driving people apart? Yeah, fuck them.

Reccer’s Note:
I don’t think I have to mention again just how well-written these fics really are. Every single mindheist story is amazingly written and although she has a million other good stories, these are a few of my faves!

-Admin Nana
Revelations - Chapter 4 - performativezippers - Supergirl (TV 2015) [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapter 4: Resonance

Alex goes to Stanford. She’s young for her class, so she starts when she’s still seventeen. She turns eighteen in her dorm room, woken by a pillow thrown in her face by one of her roommates.

She’s pretty sure her soulmate is in a steady relationship, because she can tell that he’s having sex about twice a week, sort of like clockwork, whereas before it was pretty erratic. She confesses this, one drunken night, in her new circle of friends from her hall. A couple of the other girls nod, their soulmates have been in relationships like that too. They giggle a little bit about how it feels, until one girl in the circle haughtily says to another that you can tell who the virgins are from this conversation.

That shuts everyone up pretty quickly, and they don’t talk about it again.

Alex loses her virginity right before winter break of her first year. She tells herself she wants to do it, but she knows, deep down, that she just doesn’t want to face her former high school friends back in Midvale still the prudish virgin she was when she left. She wants to show them, show Vicky—just on the off chance that she runs into them and it comes up—that she’s cool.

So she sleeps with someone named Sean, and makes herself do it a couple more times because she doesn’t want to think of herself as a slut who gives up for the first time on a one-night stand. And it’s…fine. Sean is nice – he’s in her bio lab, he’s a sophomore, and he’s cute – and he treats her with respect and everything. But she really doesn’t feel much more than she does during the Resonances when her soulmate has sex.

She’d thought sex would be this whole big miraculous thing, but it isn’t. Kind of like her soulmate, she thinks. She wonders if anything in adult life that she’d been excited about will live up to the hype.

She does end up seeing people at parties over winter break, and it turns out losing her virginity is not one of the hot topics. Because two girls have come home with their soulmates.

And they fawn and they gush and they parade these boys around, and Alex can’t quite figure out what she feels. Jealousy, certainly, she’s big enough to admit that. But also…like, they’re so…blah? These were girls she’d been friends with since elementary school, and she remembers their animals and their letters and their hobby-sports. And why a great girl like Elena would be so excited about an okay-looking guy named Eric who liked video games/football/pogs and seems a little dumb and is definitely boring, is kind of beyond her.

She wonders if her own soulmate will be as much of a letdown.

It’s weird, she thinks on her nineteenth birthday – her first odd birthday without a Revelation since she was in kindergarten – because each Revelation was such a big deal when she was young, but putting the facts together now, she knows basically nothing about him.

His favorite animal was a shark, back when she was five. Big whoop, that means nothing now. A boa constrictor isn’t Alex’s favorite animal anymore. She doesn’t know what her favorite is now – last time someone asked she’d answered “a stem cell” just to be an asshole (but also, stem cells are really fucking cool).

He once lived in the Midwest, but people move. Her roommate this year is from Wisconsin. It means nothing.

He used to like baseball and soccer and reading, but Alex had loved surfing and she doesn’t really do that anymore. Since starting Stanford, she’s traded her surfboard for kickboxing and weight lifting. So if her soulmate were looking for her out on the water each dawn, he’d be out of luck.

He’d been afraid of girls, but he won’t stop having sex, so she’s pretty sure he’s grown out of that one.

His family had sucked. Lots of people’s family sucked. Alex’s own mom kind of sucked, now.

He’d wanted to be loved. Who didn’t.

Seven Revelations, and Alex only knows for sure that his name starts with M.

Other girls woke up at age seven to the letter X on their arm, or maps of New Zealand when they were nine, or chess pieces all down their arm when they were eleven, at least that was specific. At least they had a chance.

Alex and Shark? They don’t have a chance.

Alex flies through Stanford, finishing her undergrad in two and a half years and continuing straight through to a joint MD/PhD program with her same advisor. Her mom and Kara come to the small mid-year graduation ceremony, and her mom shakes her advisor’s hand and they nerd out about bioengineering, and Kara gives Alex the tightest hug, and Alex wonders if her soulmate knows that she’s happy.

A couple months later, Alex feels a burst of pride Resonate down the soulbond. She’s in the middle of lab and lets out an involuntary little sound. Happiness and fierce pride are filling her body, the kind of pride that has hurt behind it. The kind of pride that Alex herself had felt that first moment looking around at all the asshole dudes who’d talked down to her, when she’d strolled back into the lab as their PI while they were still undergrads. The kind of pride that says you tried to keep me down but look how far I’ve risen.

Alex hopes he knows that he isn’t an abomination. Alex hopes he’s loved.

Alex wonders if he even wants to meet her.

It’s about a year later, when Alex is 21, that she feels something Resonate that hard again. There have been lots of twinges – exhaustion, pride, joy, frustration, anger, sadness, desolation, and, of course, the sex (but that’s been tapering off lately) – but nothing so bold or full or dramatic.

But tonight, Alex doesn’t sleep. She can’t.

First, she feels a roll of desire and self-loathing grip her body as she lies in bed. Before she can process it, her body tells her that her soulmate is having sex. And it’s been over pretty quickly recently, but this takes a long, long time. Hours.

And then, almost as soon as it’s over, despair. Despair and self-loathing and hatred and disgust. It shoots through Alex’s body, flooding her.

A little later, anger and frustration enter the mix.

By the midday the next day, it’s just crushing sorrow and crushing self-hatred.

Alex wonders if he cheated on his girlfriend. Cheating certainly isn’t good, but at least he hadn’t cheated on his soulmate. One of the things about a world in which people are encouraged to date, and to have sex, while they look for their soulmates, is that every other relationship kind of has an expiration date. Sure, people end up marrying and having kids with people who aren’t their soulmates, but if you meet him when you’re 50, you’ll probably still leave your husband for him. So, yes, cheating is bad, but Alex can verify for a fact that his girlfriend and his…mistress?…weren’t his soulmates. So, yes, it’s bad. But it’s not, like, the worst. Some people don’t even really consider it cheating – you’re already sleeping with one person who isn’t your soulmate, why not make it two? Alex knows plenty of people who have done it.

The only reason she hasn’t done it is because sex isn’t nearly compelling enough for her to seek it out from someone she isn’t dating.

But he seems to be taking it hard, if that’s what happened. The waves of sorrow, of hate, of self-destructive feeling, keep coming for days. Alex is pretty sure his relationship is over, and she’s worried he might try to hurt himself, but, thankfully, he doesn’t. She’d know, if he did.

He’s so miserable. She wonders if he’s thinking about the word “abomination” too.

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anonymous asked:

You don't have to reply to this, but i was the anon who wrote about shifters shifting into fish and I appreciate how extra and thorough you were😂😂 i was weakk! And Tae as a shark would be sick af!!

dude i am the most extra. someone asks me a question i go above and beyond and literally no one questions my aus anyway so i enjoyed getting to show my extraness, here’s some more to prepare for shark tae

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hey if you're still doing the pride shark thing would you mind doing a bi flag whale shark? or a bi flag nurse shark! thanks!!!

I’ll be a bit busy this weekend, but if I get requests for these I’ll keep doing it all month, so yeah, I’m definitely still making these! Thanks for asking for a whale shark- they are really awesome, and it’s on my list of Things To Do to go to the aquarium in Atlanta to see them!