you're a little baby aren't you

I am just so sad for Louis and his family. It’s not just about commenting on their tweets that the baby is fake or that Larry is real. It’s this constant theorising and making general sweeping statements that Freddie isn’t real that happens on so many Larries’ blogs. And you think it’s ok because you’re not making these comments directly to a member of his family? It’s alright because you’re doing it for Louis and Harry right? You’re acting holier than thou over these people tweeting them directly when Louis and his family most definitely know the bullshit that you are spewing on your blogs. 

I would much rather accept Louis had a baby and be proved wrong later than make potentially damaging and offensive comments now. And don’t give me this idea that his family are cooperating with the stunt. You really think Louis would allow his teenage sister to be involved? Interacting with strangers online to defend a fake baby? No chance.

You guys need to stop and seriously think about it. How are all of you going to feel in two months time when the denial doesn’t come and you’re going to have to accept what’s really going on? I hope you feel fucking guilty. How do you think Louis might be feeling that so many of his apparent fans aren’t celebrating with him? That if it is his baby then he must be some terrible person? 

And it’s never going to end because someone will come up with some theory that explains it all in some new, illogical way. 

I’m so pissed off.