you're a dork matt

offensiveagentpie  asked:

Headcanon Time! So Foggy, unless he's drunk, does remember how to say that someone looks hot in Punjabi, in fact, he knows a lot of little lovey dovey phrases. He says them to Matt all the time, but disguises them as playful insults when Matt asks what they mean "It means,'Wow you're a huge dork', Matt." And Matt just laughs and plays along. Until one day Foggy says something that makes his heart race when he says it, and Matt doesn't speak the language but he knows exactly what it means...

This is the point when Matt - the little shit - actually starts to learn some Punjabi here and there and slowly figures out what ‘Wow you’re a huge dork’ really meant. 

Cue Matt telling Foggy how good his hair looks in Punjabi and Foggy going ‘First of all, how would you know. Second of all, since when can you speak Punjabi,’ which is when he turns a bit red. Matt just shrugs and tells him it’s supposed to be the future language of the future.