you're a charmer


Shopping can be therapeutic: #BULL

anonymous asked:

Wait where the heck did it say Joey and Susie went on a date? As far as I can tell the recordings said they went to lunch together and that's it.

My bad, it doesn’t specially say it was a date. It still comes across like she was romantically interested in him however, calling him a “charmer“ and liking him calling “Alice“, like a nickname.

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Since Mark is obviously a reptile man, does this mean you're a snake charmer since he ordered the pizza??

thats why i call myself the mark charmer lmao. i know how to make the snek boi dance in approval. or something.

(jokingly of course)

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Leo:</b> Why do we agree to do this?<p/><b>Corrin:</b> This is family bonding time goddamnit!<p/><b>Takumi:</b> Yes, but we hate them.<p/><b>Xander:</b> You're no charmer yourself.<p/><b>Hinoka:</b> Yeah, well at least none of us are sluts!<p/><b>Camilla:</b> We can take this outside bitch!<p/><b>Elise:</b> Stop yelling!<p/><b>Sakura:</b> You stop yelling!<p/><b>All:</b> (random, angry shouting)<p/><b>Ryona:</b> Happy with your 'family bonding time'?<p/><b>Corrin:</b> Fuck you, it sounded nice on paper.<p/></p><p/></p>


Such a beautiful, naive human. The entire ploy was to entice her back to the woods where she could satisfy the dark desires of the beast inside. But, charming as she was, Arcadia couldn’t shake the feelings she had for this woman—this scientist. So upon losing her within the maze of trees, Arcadia revealed herself if only to get the other’s blood boiling. She enjoyed the chase more than the thrill of the kill, but when she’d cornered her, tears streaming down the other’s face, the beast wanted blood and it wanted it now.

Fangs tore into the smaller one’s neck as she fed off the fear, but to Arcadia’s surprise, she hadn’t died right away as expected. The outcome of her choice to keep Cosima alive would be telling of their relationship when she awoke—changed, and transformed into something even her precious science couldn’t explain. Dragging her back to her vehicle, she drove the two to her humble abode farther into the wood, carrying her to the couch after laying blankets down to collect the blood. It’d be a few hours before she came too, and in time, the wolf cleaned herself up and got dressed, only coming back to Cosima’s side once she’d finished. Sitting on the edge of the coffee table, she stared at her, fingertip traveling down the side of her neck as she dipped into the blood. One last taste.

She’d almost given up hope when Cosima began to stir, reaching out to grab her by the cheeks, turning her head in her direction. A devilish smile crossed her features, “Good morning, sunshine. You look beautiful in red.”