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I’m practically taking an expression screencap from every episode lately to use in chats because they convey more than I ever could express with words

Foreshadowing 11/10

I bet a lot of us where wondering about the choice of color scheme during this part of “Mr. Greg”. In this Episode Pearl and Greg are both sining (along with Steven) about the devastating loss of Rose Quartz.

But after the latest Steven bomb, this scene began to remind me about two other yellow and blue gems/people morning over the loss of a coincidentally pink figure

hiiiii ✨ i know i’ve been posting a lot of writing this week, but i hope you don’t mind one more. in my head, this is set five years in the future. maybe this will be a thing? if i can make myself actually follow through on what i’m picturing for it lol

Saturday, 19:53

For dinner, Even has made lasagna. It’s probably a new recipe, Isak thinks. Even has been marathoning Iron Chef all the last week, and that always seems to bring out the urge to recipe-hunt in him. It’s not anything Isak is going to complain about.

“Do you like the sauce?” Even says, of course right as Isak is shoveling a steaming forkful of pasta and cheese into his mouth. It burns a little, from the size of the bite and how fast he tries to chew, and he winces even as he nods.

“What’d you put in it this time?” he asks, mouth still half-full.

“A splash of vodka, a little red pepper.”

“Spicy,” Isak says, exaggerated and in English. Even grins. “It’s good, though, really. Really good.”

“It still needs something. I think I might try making the pasta next time.”

“Like. From scratch?”

“Yeah,” Even says, stretching the tail end a bit in a clear how else?

“Oh. Cool, I didn’t know you could.”

“Like, in general, or me specifically?”

“Uh, both?”

“How have you survived 22 years?”

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I just want to take a moment to appreciate how superb the whole Moana soundtrack is. That’s it, you can move on with your dash now. 

Alright, so everyone’s brought up the fabulous Sapphire wink, but has no one mentioned

Is this really going to work?


Just… stick together. Play it straight, let’s change the future!

My adorably dorky aristocratic Seer, what would we do without you?

fancy-but-disgruntled  asked:

geez its so refreshing to see a blog that isnt bitter nitpicky su crit. i really like this breath of positivity

Oh it’s so good to have you here!! Welcome to the Cinnamon Roll Club!

We’re gonna spread them good vibes and ride out this wave of negativity together, just you wait and see!

Hoppy and Hopper

Now I doubt Im the only one that thought Hoppy and Hopper were somewhat random characters 

They were just two random freinds of Garnets. Two random freinds who she trained and fought with while she wasn’t at the house with Steven. But after doing some research I realized that they might to be so random. 

Well as it turns out the voice actress of Hopper is the same as our beloved Pearl

And Hoppy is none-other than Michaela Dietz the voice actor of Amethyst 

Even in a dream world Garnet and her team always stick together 


@kitty-bandit tagged me in the phone meme, so here’s my lock screen (unicorns are nice, swears are funny), my home screen (it’s normal to have a picture of your boyfriend), the last song I listened to (from one of Doomtree’s top albums), and a selfie I definitely already posted.

I’ll tag @whimsywillow, @harkerling, @incurablenecromantic, @angharad-of-the-west, and @comorbidities to suffer as I have (jokes, I love memes, I am vanity itself)

Pink Diamond

We know that Eye Ball saw Pink Diamond get shattered 

Eyeball Ruby: I saw it with my own eye! I saw the leader of the Crystal Gems, Rose Quartz, shatter Pink Diamond!

And we also know that she distinctly remembers the sword Rose Quartz used in doing this

Eyeball Ruby: Who cares about her shield?! Her huge sword is what I remember.

And lastly we all know that sward was designed for a fair fight

Bismuth: It can cut through a gems physical form in an instant! Destroying the body… but never the gem.  

So how could Rose have shattered Pink Diamond? 

I guess we’ll have to wait and see…