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This video is everything.

Happy Birthday Lynn!! I love you so much, you are truly one of the best friends I’ve ever had. I hope you had a wonderful birthday partying up in Vegas!! You are beautiful inside and out, and thank you for everything you’ve done for me. I really do love you♡

  • <p> <b>Mitsuki:</b> Sarada, isn't mister Sasuke's birthday 23 july?<p/><b>Sarada:</b> yes it is.<p/><b>Mitsuki:</b> and you're bithday is 31 march right?nine months after your fathers birth day.<p/><b></b> *Sarada freezes*<p/><b>Boruto:</b> so you're the result of birthday sex!<p/><b>Sarada:</b> Ew ew ew.<p/><b></b> Boruto laughs as Sarada buries her head in her hands while Mitsuki looks innocently at them .<p/></p>

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What art program do you use? (Also Jehan in 31, if you're not too busy💜)

HI <3 sorry if it took me so long to answer <3
I use Photoshop CS5 <3 

Here they are!!! hope you like it
sorry if it took me so long to answer ;;; and thank you so much for requesting

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#31 "you're alive?" with Balthazar because who doesn't like a challenge. And the Winchesters or castiel would be too easy obviously

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Balthazar picked up your favorite book that you had out on your nightstand.  He couldn’t even recall how many times you had read this book.  He even read to you on nights when you were restless.  Now he could no longer read to you at night; that’s what stung the most.  Everything that he used to do with you, he could no longer enjoy doing.

He expected to see Sam or Dean when the door opened, but it wasn’t either of them.  It was you; alive and in the flesh.  Balthazar dropped your book on the floor, rushing over to you.  His arms wrapped around you tightly, relief washing over him. 

“[Y/N], you’re alive,” Balthazar whispered, taking in the wonderful scent of your shampoo. He would never forget that scent for as long as he would live.

“Gabriel brought me here,” you divulged.  “He found me and he helped me.  He told me to tell you that you owe him big.”

A small huff of laughter left the angel’s lips as he leaned back.  “I’ll have to thank him later,” Balthazar mumbled.  “For now I just want to be with you.”  Balthazar grabbed your book from the floor.  “How about I read to you?”

“I’d love that,” you hummed, following Balthazar over to the bed.

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“ Ugh sorry, I look so bad today, I didn’t have time to put makeup on.”

Goodness I hate this statement. Don’t you dare apologize for looking like YOU! Why is being yourself such a bad thing?! You’re amazing! Despite what you think about yourself know that Lord purposely made you just the way you are and thinks you’re BEAUTIFUL just the way you are!!!!

And no I’m not bashing any of the make up wearers! I personally don’t wear it but I know that as a girl it’s kinda fun to get all dolled up just for the fun of it or for special occasions…but don’t lose the real you behind all that makeup and allow the makeup to determine your beauty. God determines your beauty, He says you’re beautiful, therefore you’re beautiful (with or without makeup), end of story(: I saw a video on this earlier and I wanted to post it but it had a swear word in it but I really liked the message and just really wanted to share a bit of it with you all(: 

For when that voice in your head tells you you’re not pretty and need makeup…

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” - Psalms 139:14

“Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.” - Proverbs 31:30

“Gold” by Britt Nicole

“We Are Who We Are” by Little Mix, they’re not a Christian group but the song is clean and has an amazing message!

Check them out and tell me what you think! I hope this post touches you! Love you all and I’m praying for each of you! As always feel free to send in any questions(: Love you and God bless!

- LB xx


Hosoyan starts talking about his thoughts on men and women.

Hosoyan: Recently… it was my birthday, and so that meant Valentine’s Day was nearby, and so… at night, I was lying on my bed thinking.

Why is it that men and women go out with each other?


Sometimes I feel lonely and I guess things like that started to bother me.

In terms of instincts, in order for men to leave a variety of genes behind, they cheat. Right?

The woman determines whether the man in persuit of her has superior genes and decides whether she wants to become a couple with him.

But in humans, we have things like elderly couples don’t we? The feelings of “I want to be with this person forever”.

I wonder if that’s instinct or something else. I think that’s a feeling that only… humans experience.

…Though now I forgot what we were talking about… -laughing-

But moving on, I think becoming an elderly couple is a good thing with the relationship of being able to say “I love you” to each other is a good thing. Right?

It’d be nice to have able to have a relationship like that.


Not to step out of my lane (which I’m probably doing by saying this and I’m sorry) but this is what it means to be strong, a girl and a character.

It’s not being the emotionless. man-blood thirsty hollowed-out-shell that Antis were demanding back in the first two seasons. Usagi’s going through a painful time, having met people who she just knows are supposed to be her allies who are actively trying to avoid her. She can’t understand it, and they won’t even talk to her about it, so she’s just left to wonder, and to be hurt.

But regardless, she doesn’t wallow in those negative feelings. She has a duty, and in the face of it, she decides to put those things aside because she knows she needs to be strong to protect herself, those who she loves and her planet.

It’s not being solely focused on her friends rather than her lover, it’s not about dismissing the traumatic memories from another life hitting her all at once while once again she’s a witness to the murder of her lover, and it’s definitely not about girls murdering innocent men just because you didn’t get your expectations met and decided a show was misogynistic for it.

#119 You're in a keek
#118 Walking out
| part 2 (coming soon)
#117 Detention buddies

#116 Drowning

#115 Silent treatment

#114 School surprise

#113 Hears the boys talk about

#112 Your type of relationship

#111 Accent reactions

#110 Kissing

#109 Caught with band members sister

#108 You're a youtuber

#107 Break up
|make up
#106 He protects you

#105 Fights

#104 Reactions

#103 Illness
#102 Revenge pranks
#101 He left when pregnant but comes back four years later
#100 Negative

#99 He wants kids but you don't

#98 Coming home from the army

#97 The hardest part-Nina Nesbitt
#96 Amnesia-5 seconds of summer
#95 His reaction to you walking down the aisle.
#94 Abusive ex
#93 You walk out
#92 You find the ring
#91 Wedding tweets
#90 Twitcam moments
#89 Swimming
#88 Pranks by him
#87 Couple moments
#86 You disappear (Part 2)
#86 You disappear
#85 Your kid gets hurt
#84 His reaction to finding out you tried to kill yourself.
#83 If it means a lot
#82 Sports games
#81 Celebrity crush
#79 His favourite gif of you
#78 Sport relief

#77 Stressful day

#76 He surprises you by coming home early (cake)

#75 How he tells you he likes you

#74 He reaction to you being irish

#73 He thinks you're leaving him

#72 He likes you but you getting married

#71 How you kiss

#70 Major commitment issues

#69 Falling asleep in the car

#68 Confessions of love when drunk

#67 His feelings when he realizes he is love with you

#66 Someone hurts you whilst pregnant (cake)

#65 How you find out he cheats on you

#64 You were a bet (part 2)

#64 You were a bet

#63 Somebody mistakes you two for relatives

#62 His reaction to you saying no to his proposal

#61 Pregnancy flaws

#60 How he reacts to you being 'violated.'

#59 He gets jealous at his own show
#58 Fights

#57 Long distance

#56 Problems with the baby

#55 Where do babies come from?

#54 Lost (part 2)

#54 Lost
#53 Cute moment caught by his parents

#52 You're famous actress/singer

#51 Sexting

#50 You get scared so he comes and helps

#49 Say something- A great big world
#48 'I love you'

#47 Boys react to your boobs

#46 Moment with your children

#45 Mayday parade 'miserable at best.'

#44 Eating disorder reactions

#43 Accidently turning them on in public
#42 Jealousy

#41 Pierce the veil stay away from my friends.

#40 OTP goes canon

#39 Kiss cam lands on you and another member

#38 I'm a celebrity
#37 Gymnastics
#36 Favorite photo
#35 Favorite place to do it
#34 He thinks you're cheating on him
#33 He isn't happy to see you (part 2)
#33 He isn't happy to see you
#31 I'm pregnant (part 2)  Ashton & Michael 
#31 I'm pregnant (part 2) Calum & Luke
#32 What he does when you're upset
#31 I'm pregnant
#30 Distracts you from studying
#28 Home form tour
#27 Note he leaves you
#26 Nightmares
#25 Shorter
#24 New pet
#25 Showers
#24 Sneaking around
#23 His favorite picture of you two
#22 Favorite youtuber
#21 Piercings
#21 Self-harm
#20 Boys don't like you
#19 Hears others talk about you
#18 shirt he leaves behind
#17 Accidents (part 2)
#17 Accidents
#16 Other boy protects you
#15 Teasing under the table
#14 You catch him
#13 Turn-ons
#12 Teasing under the table
#11 Cheeky outfits
#10 Nice outfits
#9 Couple tattoos
#8 Someone hurts you
#7 Dad doesn't like him
#6 He hurts you physically (part 2)
#6 He hurts you physically
#5 He takes care of you when you're drunk
#3 Break-up/make-up (part 2)
# He is worried about you
#3 Break-up/make-up
#2 Surprise him on tour
#1 5th member of the band