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So, I got an idea.

I know everyone’s jumping on the idea of reapfist, and I’m the last one to say Jack is a healthy influence for Gabriel (even in my own headcanons and writing as a R76 shipper I tend to acknowledge that Jack has a lot of soul-searching, apologizing, and compromising to do before he’s earned back so much as a passing glance from Gabe after the shit he’s put up with). And I’d definitely say that without that effort from Jack, Gabe just plain deserves better than his flat pasty ass.

But look. Listen. Gabriel cares about people hardcore. We’ve seen it with everyone he’s ever been close to. He’s even said to respect and be a little proud of Sombra, according to the devs. He’s a fake-edgy hardass with a gooey halloween themed marshmallow center.

And Akande? Yeah no. He doesn’t care about much of anyone or anything. He’s got his “humanity will get stronger through conflict” deal which is probably talking about a long-term goal of escalation and encouraging various arms races, and that’s probably for the sake of preventing the kind of shit that went down during the omnic crisis the first time around, but to me that seems to be rooted in the trauma of losing his arm. Strength means no one else can beat him, and if he’s never beaten, he’s never left to be just another name etched into a memorial.

Gabriel doesn’t think this way. To him, every name on a memorial is another letter of condolence sent to a family. It’s a face he’ll never see in the mess hall, a dumb joke he won’t hear again, an echo of something that won’t ever come back. Even if Akande thinks he’s being pragmatic and realistic, seeing things as the world might see them, Gabriel can’t justify it. We’ve seen how he never kills more than he has to. We know he took in criminals and turned them into good people. His isn’t a policy of “might makes right”, it’s about justice.

Akande knows better than to step into an argument with that, and I doubt Gabriel’s point of view is about to change his mind anytime soon. It’s the wrong angle to approach it from. He’s too hardened and purposefully distant, cool and calm and strategic. What he needs isn’t someone who’ll agree to disagree because if they don’t it’ll get ugly, it’s someone a bit more…

Optimistic. Someone who can parry his cool boardroom debate skills with clear examples of the world simply not being as fucked and in need of escalation as he thinks it is. Someone who could be said to be as much of an outlaw terrorist as he is, from a certain point of view. Maybe even someone who’s creative, who’s… Musical.

My friends, I see your offer of reapfist and raise you: doomfrog.

I hear a lot of folks wondering if Nick Robinson just didn’t know that what he was doing was wrong because he’s just so diddly darn awkward and is such a sweet little nerd that he doesn’t know how to communicate with women he likes. But here’s the problem: “I didn’t know any better” only works when somebody fucks up once. A lot of the accounts make it clear that this was not some short-term thing, and that it wasn’t just one woman… although the number isn’t clear, it’s enough for me to undoubtedly say that he pulled this crap over and over again. Do we honestly think he wasn’t called out on it? You can even see resistance from girls in some of the screenshots that’ve been released.

Nick Robinson had to have been informed at least once that he was being awful by one of the many women he was treating like pieces of meat. And he clearly kept going. Nick Robinson DOES know better, no matter how many awkward “ohhh see he just doesn’t get how to talk to women” videos you show me.

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So the human brain doesn't stop developing until you're around 26 years old. Can you please explain how to justify permanently majorly altering yourself before you're done developing?

Jay says:

So this fun article has a really important quote in it, which I’ll show here

Around two-years-old, children become conscious of the physical differences between boys and girls. Before their third birthday, most children are easily able to label themselves as either a boy or a girl. By age four, most children have a stable sense of their gender identity. During this same time of life, children learn gender role behavior—that is, do­ing “things that boys do” or “things that girls do.”

So by four years old kids know their gender. it’s been shown that young kids who exhibit gender dysphoria usually don’t grow out of it, and when they do, it’s before the age that any major alterations to the body are made. No one is gonna give someone under 16 any kind of transition surgery, and no one is gonna give someone who hasnt hit puberty hormone treatment. At most, kids get hormone blockers - completely reversible treatment that gives the child time to figure out what they want.

There will always be a percentage of people who in the end are not trans, and don’t transition, but that percentage is miniscule - generally quoted as less than one percent. 

Also, brain development does not directly correspond to stuff like gender or personality. Yes, brains do change for quite a while - a 16 year old wont be as mature as a 26 year old. A 16 year old will take more risks, be more erratic, and act more impulsively. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t aware of their own identity?

There’s a reason it’s a popular trans narrative to know your identity from childhood - cos it’s very common.

“I hope that, at the end of this year, you realize how the hard times made you. I hope for you that you allowed those times to make you better. I would bet that you’re better.”

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26 years old isn't THAT young. You're a grown woman. Act like one.

righto. i don’t really understand how one can “act their age”? (never understood that saying) am i supposed to dress up in a 2 and 6 costume and sip tea with my pinky out? have you ever considered that i “act” the way i do because it’s actually my personality?

26 years is actually quite young in the scheme of things, seeing as most people live to 80ish. So shhhh.

+ please refrain from telling me what to do, especially anonymously. very cowardly.