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Would you happen to know an article or list for the official ages for the mercs? The tf2 wiki currently doesn't show their ages in their bios and I was just curious. I've seen posts around with Scout's age but what about the others? (I've seen some stuff of the mercs such as sniper being 26 years old and spy around 45)

At this point in time, the only actual confirmed age is Scout’s at 27-ish.

Everyone else’s age at this point is just speculation or personal headcanons.  However, if you look, there are some well-thought out guesstimates.

Here’s a Reddit post and a Tumblr post where two separate estimates have been made (Reddit guesses on left, Tumblr on right):

Soldier: 52, give or take 4 years / 51

Demo: 35-ish / over 30

Heavy: 45 / 38-40

Engineer: 54 / 55

Medic: Late 30s to Mid 50s / ???

Sniper: No older than 40 / 30 

Spy: 50s / 50.

Pyro: ???we just don’t know??? / ????

All of these, however, are just guesses, so people are free to come up with their own ideas.  My very general guesstimates are:

Soldier: Low-to-Upper 40s
Demo: 35-ish works for me
Heavy: Mid-40s
Engineer: Low-to-Upper 40s (depends how young he started college-level classes)
Medic: Mid-to-Upper 40s
Sniper: Low-to-Mid 30s
Spy: Low-to-Upper 40s
Pyro: An immortal lightbulb

But, until word of canon speaks, anyone is free to make their own guesstimates because nothing here except Scout’s age is actually official.  So go ahead, headcanon the merc’s ages how you want, and have some fun with that freedom.

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I laugh at Otayuri anti's because the only reason that it's paedophilia is because Otabek is technically an adult?? I mean if the "you're 18 now so that makes you an adult" thing didn't exist it would be fine. They are like 2 and a half years apart and ????? what is the problem lol

An anon said to someone I follow a few days ago: “you’re a fucking pedo shipping a kid with a grown ass man”. LMAO. GROWN ASS MAN. HAHAHAHAHAHAH. I’m still laughing. It sounds like Otabek is 45 years old instead of 18. HAHAHAHAAHAHAH.


name postersalizza

you’re dear to me. please check your clothing at the door and who you’re supposed to be. you always leave me wanting more.

Michael in bed

Michael would be very open about your sexual encounters, I reckon. Like, he wouldn’t be afraid to voice his opinion about what he did and didn’t like after each time you’d had sex. Except there never would be anything he didn’t like… So it would really just always end with something like, ‘you know, I really love when you use your tongue when you’re sucking my dick,’ or, 'I don’t know if you purposely or involuntarily make your pussy clench around my cock, but either way, don’t ever stop…’

But sex would be reasonably rare with Michael. And by rare, I mean still quite often but maybe not quite every night. And he would treat every single time like it really mattered. Like, he’d try to make it last really long, and he would want you to be enjoying yourself the whole time. So sometimes he would have to stop you from doing stuff just so he didn’t come too early. Like, if you were on your knees and lapping at his thick cock while his hand was tangled through your hair, he would eventually have to grunt and pull your head back and say, 'sorry, baby, I was just-you’re just- fuck- If you kept going I was going to come down your throat before your pussy had gotten any action…’

And Michael would love nothing more than you dressing up in cute little numbers for him. Whether it just be a new pair of underwear that you bought, or legitimately a proper sexy lingerie set, he would adore you. And he would try to make the most of it too. Like, say you were wearing a fancy lace bra and panties and were already waiting for him when he got home after work, he would make sure you spent at least an hour just parading around in it for him before he actually took it off and fucked you. But then other times, he would go to another extreme and force you to keep it on while he merely moved the panties to the side of your burning heat to slide to his cock in…

And sometimes he would use sex as a way to convince you about something. Like, if you were supposed to both be going to a party in an hour but he was feeling unsocial, he’d try to persuade you with his dick. So when you were in the bathroom trying to fix your hair in the mirror, he would sneak up behind you, and wrap his arms around you, pressing his chest into your spine and making sure his crotch was far enough into your ass so you could feel how hard he was. Then, while grinding ever so slowly into your behind, he would breath into your ear, 'maybe we could just stay home tonight, princess?..’

But generally he would just be the gentle type. There would be lots of hand holding and kissing on the forehead and he’d care more about your safety and pleasure than anything else. So, in the middle of anything, he would always persist with asking, 'are you alright?’ or 'is this good?’ And if it had been a while since you had last moaned, he would become really concerned and think you’re not enjoying it, so he would speed up and harden how he was slamming into you…

And he’d always seem so proud when you took charge of the action because he would normally be in control. But then when you were the one on top of him and bouncing up and down on his cock, he would tuck his hands behind his head and just look up at you with the dumbest smirk on his face and he would just get extremely vocal and use a crap load of pet names to try and let you know how content he was with you being so horny on him. 'yes, baby, that’s my girl. Ride my cock like the good girl you are. I’ve taught you so well, haven’t I, my sexy little babe?..’

And okay. The best time for sex with the two of you was birthday sex. Michael would always treat you well, but on your birthday he would go to whole other extremes. Like, you would wake up to his hair tickling your thighs and then before you knew it, his wet tongue would be licking up your folds and flicking over your clit, and then he would continue to suck and lick and nibble until you were shaking underneath him. And then that wasn’t the end because he would turn it into a game for himself of how many times he could make you come. Eventually he would just end up saying, 'how about since you’re now 18 years old, we could go for 18 times?’

There would always be these few times every now and then, though, when Michael would become a bit needy. And it wouldn’t happen too often, but when it was happening, you know that it was happening. Like, in public, he would keep his hand hanging slightly lower on your back than usual, and then once in a while, he’d let it slip a bit lower so he could pinch your ass. And when you were sitting down, he’d wander his fingers around your waist and then drape down over your crotch, and he would just let them linger there. And when you got home later and shut the door, you’d instantly feel him push you onto the bed and be like, 'you’ve been looking so good all day, and now I think to be fair it should be my time with you, okay?’

Oh, and a drunk Michael would be a horny Michael. 


Ashton / Luke / Calum


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You're legal xD

So this is what could be happening today on your Birthday.Just a rough outline if you please.  

So of course we would need some yummy food for this coming of age party.

After that we could burn all the energy we have before dinner by DANCING!

After so long we would get rather thirst so time for drinks.

Nothings complete without looking up rather adorable and funny things.

Then more party.

Then it is time for food so RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!!

Could even go out to eat.

Then watch some movies. (of course some scary one thrown in that I would forget to tell you about.)

No party is complete without calling up random people.

After all is said and done we would calmly go to our rightful areas to sleep and wake up around noon the next day.

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O shit! You're 18 now? I bet you still haven't gotten laid? Hey, wanna know a tried-and-true method to getting laid...? Always show up to the party with a shitload of liquor. Never fails