you're 18 i can't believe it

one line prompts
  • drop one (or how ever many you like) in my ask, ans i'll write something around the lines! remember to mention which character from which fandom you'd like it to be about!
  • 1. "Don't you see? I'm in love with you."
  • 2. "Let go of me!"
  • 3. "We shouldn't be doing this."
  • 4. "Why should I believe you?"
  • 5. "Oh my god, this is bad."
  • 6. "That's – not possible..."
  • 7. "How did you expect me to react!?"
  • 8. "Well, actually, this is my first time."
  • 9. "I can't sleep."
  • 10. "I hate you."
  • 11. "They're after me."
  • 12. "I'm lost without you."
  • 13. "Tell me you need me."
  • 14. "How could you do this to me?"
  • 15. "We need to talk."
  • 16. "I trusted you!"
  • 17. "Just calm down..."
  • 18. "You're drunk."
  • 19. "I've heard of you."
  • 20. "Looks can be deceiving."
  • 21. "Maybe I like you..."
  • 22. "But I thought you _______ me." (Fill blank in request)
  • 23. "But what about you?"
  • 24. "Nobody needs to know."
  • 25. "You can't do this."
  • 26. "Goodbye."
  • 27. "Whatever."
  • 28. "Am I supposed to be afraid of you?"
  • 29. "I'm flirting with you."
  • 30. "Say it like you mean it."
  • 31. "Stay with me."
  • 32. "Stop being so damn cute."
  • 33. "I drive you crazy? Can't you see what you do to me?"
  • (I'll be updating this list, but this is all for now.)

loverabidfangirls  asked:

"Sweetie, you have aspergers. You can't understand the real world." Or "no, you're not mentally capable of making your own decisions." -my mother. I got diagnosed with aspergers 1 month ago and I'm 18. It's her new favorite way of invalidating me.

“I refuse to believe that Autistic people are capable of growing up and exceed my incredibly low expectation of them.

I think it is okay for me to limit them so much and keep them sheltered from the real world, just to force them to stay with my ableist expectation and definition.”

-Mod Reptonic

Predictions about tomorrow
  • Camila's bday wish to Lauren: happy birthday lauren omgz I can't believe you're 18 thank you for being a good friend ily have a good one
  • Lauren: *rts and favs it*
  • Harmonizer #2: what the fuck that was the shortest bday wish ever y'all destroyed camren with your assumptions ugh i miss them so much
  • Harmonizer #3: guyz they did it on purpose I bet camila gave lauren the sweetest wishes in person and then had bday sex

anonymous asked:

HD AU: Lovino decides that since he's 18 he's going to get a tattoo (like of a fancy version of his last name or a tomato or something) and he takes Antonio with him to keep him company. And just the entire time, Lovino is super relaxed and happy and Antonio is like "are you ok!? that looks like it hurts! I can't believe you're doing this" and like he supports Lovino's decision but is also freaking out the WHOLE TIME. Thank you for your time :P

Oh my god and what if by the end Lovino is perfectly fine and Antonio is a complete wreck like his hands have been through his hair so many times that it’s worse than usual and he insists on opening all the doors for Lovino and even trying to carry him placed bc he’s afraid he’s hurt

Mock The Week: Unlikely Greetings Cards
  • Frankie Boyle: Congratulations, you're 18! On a list of 20 people I'm going to kill.
  • Russell Howard: My heart goes out in sympathy, I know your life is torn. I can't believe your dear sweet mum, caught you watching all that porn.
  • Frankie Boyle: Congratulations on conquering your drug and alcohol dependency. We're having a party to celebrate, but you can't come.
  • Fred MacAulay: I know you're green, I've done my bit, this card is made of recycled shit.
  • Andy Parsons: Get well soon! PS: I know it's terminal, but they didn't have a card for that.
  • Hugh Dennis: Roses are red, violets are blue, I'm locked up in Broadmoor, and thinking of you.
  • Frankie Boyle: Thinking of you at this difficult time, has given me an erection.
  • Hugh Dennis: You're moving! We've repossessed your house.
  • Frankie Boyle: Congratulations on passing your test! You have HIV.