you'r just 16

Listen…,,..,.Hazel is too young for Frank

  • Maui: the ocean says you're a nerd
  • Moana: I'm not surprised

best smile in the history of ever.

@ people endlessly complaining that “gamefreak sucks!!! they don’t know shit about making quality/they don’t care about their fanbase” all because there’s been no word still on the Pokemon Bank update… why be so extra

Here’s a list of things Pokemon added in Sun/Moon:

-a more engaging and unique story than any previous game (after X/Y was roundly criticized for being bland and following the same old trite formula of the series to a T)

-character customization (a feature initially intended only for X/Y as part of that game’s unique aesthetic, but fans wanted it back, and criticized when it wasn’t in OR/AS)

-Ride pager feature (so that people no longer have to grudgingly waste a team slot on a so-called HM Slave)

-Updated Pokemon Refresh (so that it actually has a bit more bearing on gameplay, and removed the facial-recognition feature, which was criticized because it was often faulty)

-The trials are each unique, unlike the extremely repetitive “fight trainers while solving a small puzzle to get the to gym leader” formula of every game before

-Hawaiian-based region was carefully researched and respectfully handled

-fully detailed overworld sprites for both trainers and Pokemon

-realistic sound effects in the overworld, like dynamic footsteps, waves crashing in the water, cries of Pokemon that can be found nearby

-quite possibly the most seriously relatable enemy team in the franchise history

-small side missions to help you earn money outside of battles

…but, like, sure, let’s throw a tantrum

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Antis love screaming that fiction affects reality but ignore how their bullying and harassment has real world consequences. They disgust me so much with how they pick fights then run away crying "wah the mean adult is harassing me!" Like. So what if you're a teenager? You think just because you're 16 it's okay to harass adults all because you don't like them? (Or in the antis case, can fucking read?) You pick enough fights someone WILL clap back to put you back on your place you piss baby


They can tell you you’re no good….
and call you second rate…
but soon they’ll see,
you’re meant to be…
King Cedric the Great….

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You really think DBS is just for kids?! Both the anime and the manga has more profanity then DBZ ever did so miss me with that BULLSHIT... Also, how are you guys automatically assuming that the girl was 16?! You're just trying to find an even more bs excuse to bash on the show so fuck off...

Someone, Somewhere

Song Lyric Sentence meme ;; pt. 1
  • 1: “Nothing's forever in this crazy world”
  • 2: “Someday I'm gonna make this right.”
  • 3: “Shut up and dance with me!”
  • 4: “You and I have history, or don't you remember?”
  • 5: “I'm not the one who went and made a mistake.”
  • 6: “I will become yours and you will become mine.”
  • 7: “What's the matter with the clothes I'm wearing?”
  • 8: “I don't want to fall asleep.”
  • 9: “Please don’t say you love me.”
  • 10: “That's what you told me from the start.”
  • 11: “What if it makes you sad at me?”
  • 12: “Teach me wrong from right.”
  • 13: “If you like me, then say you like me.”
  • 14: “And I'm so glad I found you once again.”
  • 15: “But if you never try you'll never know just what you're worth.”
  • 16: “You took your suitcase, I took the blame.”
  • 17: “It will be alright.”
  • 18: “Every day I spend with you is the new best day of my life.”
  • 19: “I am so tired of being me.”
  • 20: “So unfortunately, for girls like me there are more like you, bending and breaking the rules and we're making exceptions too.”
  • 21: “And you think I'm weak, I think you're wrong.”
  • 22: “I'm leaving tomorrow, what do you say?”
  • 23: “How've you been?”
  • 24: “Time to look back at us now.”
  • 25: “I’d lie.”
  • 26: “And if you close your eyes, does it almost feel like you've been here before?”
  • 27: “Just take my hand.”
  • 28: “If all you wanted was me, I'd give you nothing less.”
  • 29: “Don't leave me here alone.”
  • 30: “Show me what it's like to be the last one standing.”
  • 31: “'Cause maybe you're loveable.”
  • 32: “I choose you.”
  • 33: “I want to walk away too but I want you to say you are sorry.”
  • 34: “My age has never made me wise.”
  • 35: “What good is tomorrow without a guarantee?”

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I'm 85-90% sure I'm a lesbian but I constantly doubt myself and somehow manage to keep on convincing myself that I still like boys too. It fluctuates a lot despite having no desire to be romantically or physically involved with men. I'm so confused. I know you're just a 16 yr old girl on the internet sorry to load this on you:-(

hi, i’m probably about to ramble and none of it is going to be coherent at all but.. coming to terms with being a lesbian in such a heteronormative society is so fucking scary and so daunting because all society wants is for women to have their existences intertwine with men’s at all costs and so when you begin to think you’re a lesbian, it’s always the same thoughts that creep into your mind, y’know? like, “oh, there’s probably at least one man that i could see myself with”, “i just haven’t found the right man yet” (b/c surprise, the right man is a woman) etc etc b/c compulsory heterosexuality is Pushed on everyone (especially young women) since… birth, essentially. it’s so incredibly fucking harmful, not to mention the fact that wlw relationships aren’t seen as legitimate or natural in media, they’re always fetishized or they’re always tragic or they’re always viewed as a big joke but you know what? being a lesbian is natural. loving women is natural. being a lesbian is normal. loving women is normal. it’s okay to not want to be romantically or physically involved with men. it’s okay to want absolutely nothing to do with men. your existence doesn’t have to intertwine with any man’s, ever. i know that it took me and most of the lesbians i know a very, very long time to accept this, and it’s always going to be something that i’m going to be thinking about b/c compulsory heterosexuality is a pain in the ASS but i know i’m a lesbian and i know my attraction to women is legitimate and i know that i want absolutely nothing to do with men and that’s okay. but it’s something that i’ve spent a very, very long time thinking about and talking about with fellow lesbians. i know it’s scary, i know it’s confusing, i know it’s daunting… but i know that you can overcome it, okay? everything’s going to be okay.