Why does this affect me so much

Fancam cr. Everlasting 9791


Commander Masterpiece

I’m not leaving you for someone else.
I’m leaving you for myself.
—  I spent so much time loving you that I forgot that I matter too - and that’s not okay.
You'll Be in My Heart
  • You'll Be in My Heart
  • Kitsubasa

Come stop your crying
It’ll be alright
This is the end
Of the night
And while I’ve failed to keep you from harm you
You know I’m here, don’t you cry

Though you were small, you have grown
You can continue even on your own
So far from here, across the ocean
Back in the world you called home

And you’ll be in my heart
Yes, you’ll be in my heart
As you move on,
Rising upon the dawn

You’ll be in my heart
And I will always pray:
That we will reunite
One day

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