you'll see them again

Break their heart...
  • And they'll fucking break your bones, one by one: Scorpio, Pisces, Leo, Aries
  • And you'll never, ever see them again: Libra, Taurus
  • But they'll still love you...: Cancer
  • Heart? What heart?: Capricorn, Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius

ya’ll remember these fresh squids?


well then let me introduce you!


Liquor: one with black cherry earings!
Bea: the one with bio-luminescent freckles!
Zacharie: the tall one in the gas mask!
Sapphire: the one in the green coat! [used to be named emerald]

Roxxy: the one half asleep in the leather jacket!
Sprink: the small one with curls!
Befferny: the tall one with headphones!
Dalton: the one in the maroon hoodie!

I made this because SPLATOON 2 COMES OUT TOMORROW AND IM SO EXCITED IM GOING TO SCREAM!!! I pre-ordered it because IM SO 


see you all on the splattlefield!!!

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tfw you work in a really big store like a bullseye or malwart and randomly realize you haven't seen a specific coworker in weeks, and wonder whether they left or got swallowed by the Void in one of the liminal spaces of the store, but you know you'll probably never see them again either way


as requested, some nick and charlie (x) in their early days :)

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'right?' Max, I know you have less hope and faith in your parents than anyone else, hell, they didn't even put your last name on the sheet to track you back to them... You'll probably never see them again.

Max: … Either way, it doesn’t matter.

I’ve lowkey always wanted to do one of those kiriban drawings so - 

Thanks for 8K followers!! Admirers, haters, friends, enemies, frenemies, strangers, rivals, fellow artists!! Whether you’ve been with me from the start or just followed me today. The support means a LOT, I still find it insane that so many of you actually like the junk I churn out. 

I’m definitely not the most prolific nor the most consistent,  but I’ll continue to try my best to produce more junk. Hopefully, meaningful junk.

If I can transmit the kind of feelings and thrills I have when seeing really wonderful art through my own, then I’ve done my job. There’s really no better satisfaction in the world. Maybe in the process, I’ll hopefully brighten up some of your guys’ days.

Anyway, I hope yall continue to stick around! Thanks again!

  • Me: I'm lonely. I need to get irl friends here.
  • Heart: Maybe if you go out and meet people?
  • Brain: Why? You graduate in like a year and a half. After all that effort, you'll find a tiny handful of wonderful people,get attached,then they'll leave and move hundreds of miles away and you'll never see them again. What's the point?
  • Heart: could accept that it won't last... just enjoy it while you life in the moment...just enjoy the bliss...don't think about what will come next.
  • Brain: That's what a pothead would say

Have a quick Pearlrose doodle made at 3AM with no references whatsoever and directly with ink without sketching first.

How I Imagined the ending of Assassination Classroom (Nagikae, Kayagisa)
  • -Nagisa teaching the class-
  • Nagisa: So does everyone under-
  • -Someone knocking on the door-
  • Nagisa: Come in!
  • -A girl walks in the room with high heels and black coat-
  • Student A: -Whispers to Student B- She's cute!
  • Student B: I bet she has a boyfriend!
  • Student A: Nah... Just look at her! She's gorgeous!
  • Nagisa: Oh! ... Akari!
  • Akari/Kayano: Haha! Hey Nagisa!
  • Nagisa: How was the reunion?
  • Akari: ... Lovely!
  • Nagisa: Awww.. If only I had a day off today.. I could've been with you guys...
  • Akari: No need too! You'll see them again! Besides... You're a teacher!
  • Nagisa: Haha.. You're right..
  • -Student A raised his hand-
  • Nagisa: Yes?
  • -Student A turns to Akari-
  • Student A: ... Um! Do you have a boyfriend!
  • Akari: ... Hehe.. No actually..
  • Student B: -Whispers- Stupid! Don't say that!
  • Student A: ....
  • -Akari walks toward Nagisa and they hold hands hiding it from the students-
  • -Nagisa turns to Akari and smiles and Akari smiles back-
  • Akari: -Thinks- Heh.. A teacher and a sister former teacher..together...

captain swan haitus meme: [1|3] team moments → season 3 episode 22

knocking marian out

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I don't know much about the members, could you pleass tell me more about each member? I'm new into block b and would like to learn something about each member.

Taeil: Lee Taeil 90.09.24 

He likes fish and animals a lot…a lot a lot. He the shortest member but wears insoles (5’4 I was told). He works out; very toned. Has tattoos on both his arms and on his chest; there are most likely more but are not confirmed. Loves hats; he use to wear beanies and stuff but big hats are in and they make him look taller. He wears glasses because he thinks his eyes are his biggest flaw. He actually a thug and will hit you without a second thought but because of his height he babied so he puts on a cute show for everyone. Likes lollipops. Is shipped with P.o because they are always together giggling and being stupid.

P.o: Pyo Jihoon 93.02.02

Fashionista grandpa maknae. Also I only have two pairs of leather pants that I wear on stage everyday maknae. Can go from the squishiest of squishys to model in seconds. Awkward yes sorry Pyo stans this baby is an awkward jelly donut. Dealt with weight before losing it all to get into Stardom. Wanted to become a rapper/get into Stardom because of Zico and Kyung. Loves cute things *coughs* Taeil *coughs*. 99% of the time he squish and you can never deny the squish. Very well mannered helps staff clean up, tucks member’s shirts in when they ride up, you have something on you? he got it, he just really well mannered. Brings his own clothes to sets. Recycles his old clothes and makes new things with it. Comes from a wealthy family. 

Zico: Woo Jiho 92.09.14

The reason Block B both sinks and swims at the same time. He open with what he thinks and half the time really does not care. Writes and produces all of Block B’s songs along side Poptime. Always in the 20 thousand studios he goes to. Was an underground rapper that went by the name of Nacseo of course changed to Zico shortly after he was in Japan. Zico is his name Jiho and a Japanese word co that you add to the end of names; I forgot the exact Japanese part sorry. Loves to bleach his hair blond and when he changes it to another color a week later its blond again. Has baby eyebrows, his bottom lip skin gives up half way because there is no need for it to be that big, gets his nails done, wears the most makeup out of the group, has wide hips, has a bit of pudge pudgy pudgy pudgy…okay sorry that my bias side going too far. Likes talking about his music all the time. MCs for Music Core. Shoves his fingers into people’s mouths a lot. Acts like a 40 year old business man but sometimes you can see the 22 year old come out and its the cutest thing. Lives outside the dorm.

Ukwon: Kim Yukwon 92.04.09

Is becoming greedy for more singing parts. Enjoys to dance; part of the dance line with BBomb. Been having a girlfriend for a few years now. Her name is Sunhye. You will hear a lot of jokes going by the lines of Sorry I have a girlfriend since he strict with how he does fan service and tells people that. LOVES Taeyang; any of the latest videos of them you can hear him singing Eyes, Nose, Lips in the background. He WILL dance for no good reason which is amazing. Recently was in a musical called All Shook Up. Loves minions from Despicable Me. Is one of the more private members. Lives outside the dorm most likely with his girlfriend.

Jaehyo: Ahn Jaehyo 90.12.23

Has a thing for the Korean rubber duck. Thinks…no knows his the prettiest member. The calmest member out of the seven. He the number one target for harassment but you never see him actually get angry by it. Takes photos with his dslr and is getting back into it. Likes electronics; has like 5 different computers. Tallest member. One of the sweetest members; all are super sweet and nice but there are more sweeter ones then others and he the second sweetest.

Kyung: Park Kyung 92.07.08 

Second tiniest member and he loves his insoles. Been knowing Jiho since grade school and loves to black mail him. Loves the camera. He took drama/theater in school. Cheesiest member that has no problems embarrassing himself. Is in love with BBCs and will always say it. Just make a face of I know you and he will come running to love you. Sweetest member out the group. Was in the underground and had the name Horse K. and Holke. Lived in New Zealand for a few years so can speak English pretty well; loves to show it off…when no one else can speak English well. JUST MAKE HIM YOUR BIAS NO ULT. I DON’T EVEN HAVE TO EXPLAIN HIM BECAUSE YOU ALREADY BIASED HIM AND YOU JUST DIDN’T EVEN KNOW IT. HE THE BEST CHOICE I PROMISE. 

BBomb: Lee Minhyuk 90.12.14

The quietest member most private after Ukwon. Part of the dance line. Excels in his dances. Helps other members with the dance practice with Ukwon. Likes to take selcas from the same angle. Very domestic. Is taking acting classes! Tells terrible jokes that only BBomb stans find funny; I’m sorry Minhyukie I love you but… Lives outside the dorm.

Well welcome to the fandom Block B is a mess. Zico and Kyung will always be fighting for camera time or for no good reason because Kyung said something about Zico’s private life. Taeil will always be judging. Jaehyo will be neutral on things unless it’s about looks. BBomb will always be smiling/waving like a cutie. Ukwon will most likely be singing a Taeyang song in the background. P.o will be the cute squishy maknae that either making faces or hugging Taeil.

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do you know that crushing feeling when you kind of fall in love with a stranger but know you'll probably never see them again? do you know any spells that will attract lost strangers back to you?

With a red cord, you will think of this stranger. You shall say aloud all the things about this person. Whisper it to the cord as you tie 9 knots. Place the cord into a container and do not touch it, until the next day.

The next day you will take the cord and go to the window. Open it. Whisper the stranger’s name (or if you do not know their name, you can whisper a title you wish to refer them by). Once you have whispered this to the cord, you will state “Winds of my heart, go out to all corners. Bring back what I have lost”. Untie the cord. After this, you will put the cord back in the container. Do not touch it.

Continue this process exactly the same and at roughly the same time. Do this for 9 days straight. 

On the 10th day, you will burn the cord and scatter the ashes. Your love shall return.