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its been so long but im still trying to figure out how you could go from “i love you” to “i don’t care about you anymore” in such a short amount of time


FOUR LITTLE WORDS - You never know where you’ll have your Eureka moment - mine was in a cramped science lecture hall on the UC Riverside campus.

* * *

UPDATE 11/17/17

It has been brought to my attention that this comic comes off as transphobic, which was absolutely not my intention. I used the term ‘tr*nsexual’ because it included ‘sex,’ which transgender does not. (Transgender also being a gender identity, rather than sexual orientation.) I’m so sorry. Based on an entry from the GLAAD Media Reference guide, I was under the impression that it was an older but still accepted term for someone who’d made a medically assisted transition - separate from the transgender identity. I had no idea it was a slur.

I’m attempting to share the experiences of my identity, but I absolutely do not want to insult, demean, or negate anyone else’s. I will be more careful in the future.


Me: Akira please– this isn’t Persona on ice.

YouTube uploader: HuskofCOB

  • *Hold up!*
  • Panther: ...Umm Joker? What are your orders?
  • Joker: Wait for it.
  • Panther: Wait for what?
  • Joker: The right moment.
  • Panther: I don't understand.
  • Skull: OOOOOOH I get it. Nice.
  • Shadow: I see what you're doing and I'm OK with going out this way.
  • Panther: Just tell me!
Indigo, a playlist by gluttonyfang on Spotify
A playlist featuring The Dear Hunter, Muse, Thirty Seconds To Mars, and others

hi i’m back in playlist hell

this time i made one for mal because…. i have quite a lot of songs that remind me of him :L

(brianstorm might seem a bit out of place at the end there, but i put it in purely because there’s this one bit that REALLY reminds me of mal, the rest i guess doesn’t fit quite as well)


3/21/14 Blackhawks Morning Skate Live: ‘The Kaner’ lives on in Kaner’s absence

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You don't want to be drag down the rabbit hole that is larry........ You don't want to know the explanation for 'chicken stuffed with mozzarella wrapped in Parma ham' or you'll never get out. Save yourself

Alas, if only this warning had come earlier! I fear that the enthusiasm of thousands is already dragging me down. There’s no hope for me. Leave me behind, dear friends! Run!

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What are the best Bellarke fics or oneshots? You're kinda pulling me in to this ship and the show so why not go deeper? Eh, anyway thanks for introducing it to me!

OH! This has become my favorite question (and I feel so proud when people say I got them into it? I’m just like YES FEEL THE BELLARKE PAIN). I should be packing, but we all know how I love to procrastinate so let’s make a little fic rec list real quick. 

Your Mess is Mine by monroeslittle on ao3 (does she have a tumblr? I’m not sure.) NO ONE WILL EVER UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS FIC OKAY?! It’s au and the cliche trope of your best friend’s brother AND IT HAS EVERYTHING YOU COULD EVER NEED. Mainly when it comes to the Blakes and Clarke Griffen, but yeah. It’s my top rec for anyone ever. 

the feel-good hit of the summer by disco_vendetta okay this is a band au and it takes a lot for me to get pulled into these (i blame all the 1d fic I’ve read but idk who cares) BUT THIS ONE IS AMAZING. its so unique and brilliant and it will tug on your heart strings. 

i listened to the deep brag of my heart (i am, i am, i am) by jamesstruttingpotter okay so this one is a little different. And some of you guys might not like it, but I’m all for independence and not needing someone to be whole and being able to heal yourself and all that jazz. if you like that as well, this is the one shot for you, my dear friend. 

regardless of warnings the future doesn’t scare me at all by chash (ok honestly? anything by chash is amazing. just go read everything by her.) Clarke gets preggers and goes to the town where her dad is from and meets the Blakes AND IT IS MAGICAL. go read. bellamy with a baby I LOVE BELLAMY WITH A BABY. 

Lionhearted by @filipinobellamy IS AMAZING if you’re an SEC football crazed southerner like myself. Even if you’re not, I highly recommend this. 

Hands All Over by @arrowcave is basically written as if i were clarke bc hands. i mean. what more could you possibly want. (trust me, just read this one ok?) 

One of Those Days by @queenofchildren ITS A COFFEE SHOP AU. BELLMAN AS A LITTLE COFFEE SHOP OWNER. IM JUST. JUST GO READ THIS RIGHT NOW. and then come back and talk to me about how amazing this is bc iT IS AMAZING 

Hogwarts Bellarke Fic by @prosciuttoe part 1 part 2 part 3 I mean, I don’t think I need to say anything about this. Its HP and the 100. Like even if Emily was a horrible writer, i’d still read the shit out of this. (Emily is in fact a beautiful writer and you should all go give her love and adoration)

By Tomorrow We’ll Be Lost by winterisnotcoming on ao3 bellamy is a boxer. thats really all you need to know. 

and of course, I always rec @kindclaws mermaid fic There’s Something in the Water because it is amazing and it remains my favorite to this day even though part 5 is still waiting to be posted. (please don’t let that stop you from reading this. GO READ IT NOW.) Wells is alive. And I mean, its a modern mermaid au but wells is alive. 

I honestly could go on and on and on. Bellarke fic is a dark hole that you never find a way out of, but I feel like this will do for now. One day (tri break is coming, so maybe then?) I will make a proper fic rec and everyone will finally get all the love they deserve. 


This is a decision I’ll probably come to regret, but here goes. Let me just say upfront that this clarification doesn’t sink the MikaYuu ship or do anything to it at all - just clears up Mika’s confusing words below and dispels the false notion that MikaYuu is practically canon because (as of now) it still isn’t. If you still want to, please read on, but let me warn the shippers that this is probably not going to be pleasant. 

Okay, the official translation is out, and I’ve seen some posts around about this picture below

(accompanied by five pages’ worth of squealing, of course)

Normally, I wouldn’t stomp on the parade, but I’ve seen some comments on this about how they’d love to hear Kensho Ono say this in the anime or how ‘*sparkling eyes* MikaYuu is totally canon~’ and while I’m glad the fandom is happy, this is not quite true. Why? Because the translations changed the original.

Here is a picture of the original:

As some people who read my translations might recall, I translated this as ‘Give Yuu-chan back!’ If you trusted me, thank you and feel free to discard this post. But if you are one of the people who did not read my translations (either because they didn’t see it or because they considered ‘fujo translations’ unreliable - which is a good call and I do not fault you for that at all) here is the translations of the picture above (right to left):

1st text bubble: Shut up, human!!

2nd text bubble: Give Yuu-chan back!!!

Nothing like ‘Yuu is mine’ at all. I’m sorry, and I wish that line were there and I missed a spot, but no. It’s not gonna be that easy. It’s just the last page of chapter 34 again because remember, this is a shounen series and the writers never are going to let us forget that. 

I’ll leave the rest to the fandom, and just provide the Japanese for anyone who bothers to check: 

(1st text bubble) 黙れ、人間!!

(2nd text bubble) 優ちゃんを返せっ!!!

I can’t believe that I’m probably shooting down MikaYuu like this, but before I’m a shipper I’m a perfectionist above all else, and I don’t want people to get hyped up over false hopes. 

As to why the translators do that… I think it’s one of these reasons. 1. the translators are shippers, 2. the translators has permission from the author (hey, it’s the official translations. It might very well be possible), 3. the translators want to throw in something to fill the speech bubble or 4. some other reason. I’m going with the third one because I’ve been typesetting and I know it’s SRS BSNS \shot but it depends on the reader. Believe whatever you like. Call this post BS and get on with your life. It’s your choice.

tl;dr Mika is just spouting the same stuff he’s been saying for like 15 chapters, the author has trolled us again and MikaYuu is still nowhere near canon, the whole chapter reeks of MikaYuu though I can’t deny that, and I probably have to brace myself for all the hate. If anyone cares enough, that is. 

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"I'm never coming here again!" okay have fun out there "You'll lose your job!!!!" not from one annoying customer but thanks for wanting me to be unemployed anyway