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New ski jumping game!

On valentines day you’re going to…

First initial of your first name:

A - Go skinny dipping with
B - Make weird sex noises while standing next to
C - Get unhappily married to
D - Get kissed on mouth by
E - Have sexy dream about
F - Go on a terrible date with
G - Get cheap flowers from
H - Get murdered by
I - Accidentally Wink at
J - Have painful sex with
K - Pee yourself while looking at
L - Loudly yawn while looking at
M - Zombie dance with
N - Paint red nails to
O - Hold hands with
P - Take blurry photo with
Q - Pray for
R - Cry while talking to
S - Get purplish hickey from
T - Scare to death
U - Throw up on
V - Play Pokemon go with
W - Gossip about
X - Naked for
Y - Smell like
Z - Tell terrible sex joke to

First initial of your last name:

A - Domen Prevc
B - Daniel Andre Tande
C - Vojtech Stursa
D - Andreas Wellinger
E - Noriaki Kasai
F - Robert Johansson
G - Richard Freitag
H - Cene Prevc
I - Maciej Kot
J - Andreas Stjernen
K - Gregor Schlierenzauer
L - Walter Hofer
M - Kamil Stoch
N - Peter Prevc
O - Markus Eisenbichler
P - Evgeny Klimov
Q - Jurij Tepes
R - Stefan Kraft
S - Michael Hayboeck
T - Piotr Zyla
U - Denis Kornilov
V - Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes
W - Karl Geiger
X - Stephan Leyhe
Y - Kaarel Nurmsalu
Z - Jane Ahonnen

First initial of your mothers name:

A - In his bathroom
B - In his bed
C - In a hot tub
D - At the church
E - On a parking lot
F - In your best friends bed
G - In front of Daiki Ito
H - In your bed
I - At the supermarket
J - In the shower
K - In front of his wife/girlfriend
L - In front of camera
M - In front of his mother
N - And Dawid Kubacki
O - In front of Sara Takanashi
P - While it’s raining
Q - At the hospital
R - In the museum
S - In the graveyard
T - In the dark
U - At the wild party
V - Next to his best friend
W - At the gym
X - At the hotel
Y - In his kitchen
Z - In the bookstore

What is your mashup?

a series of unlikely crossovers:

But we can change that, right?

  • Person who knows no asexuals and has never once looked into asexual oppression and does not know shit about L.G.B.T.+ history or its pointless divisions as it has grown: "Asexuals don't belong in the L.G.B.T.+ community because ace problems aren't gay problems!"
  • Me: "Hey, that's the same thing with which gay people booed trans people off the stage! 'Trans problems aren't gay problems!' Also, L.G.B.T.+ leaders have an obligation to know the oppression that afflicts ALL non-cis/het identities. The Ace community has been your comrade in arms. We've been fighting for L.G.B.T.+ representation as hard as you have, and we haven't just been fighting for ace representation. We've been fighting for gays and lesbians and pansexuals and bisexuals and transgenders and genderqueers and all non-cis/het identities and accepting victories in stride, even if those victories don't include representing us. We've been on your side since the beginning, and we've always seen ourselves as part of the community. You'll be making a big mistake if you decide to kick one of your biggest allies to the curb. And if you still don't believe we're part of our community, that we don't suffer from oppression (which, I promise you, we do), then you're throwing away one of your supporting allies and utilizing the same divisionary bigotry and elitism that gay people used to use against trans people, that homophobes still use against gay people. You are making a huge mistake."

anonymous asked:

Hey I'm having a pretty shitty time right now life just isn't going well but your cute headcanons always manage to put a smile on my face! Pleeeease could you write some insanely cute ones if you have time of course xxx

(Hey, I hope you’ll feel better soon anon, and that little headcanon will help !! )

Sherlock dares to ask John to dance with him two months after John had moved back in 221B. The whole Mary situation is now far behind them, and John had even began to laugh and smile more these days.

It had been tempting Sherlock for a few days (or a few years actually) and when he comes back from the Yard one evening, John reading a book in his chair while listening to some song at the radio, the urge to dance with him almost overwhelmes Sherlock entirely.

He waits for a minute or two, pretending to be looking at something on his computer, before going to stand in front of John. It only takes a few seconds for John to put his book aside and look up at him, a genuine smile on his lips that makes Sherlock’s chest feels much warmer all the sudden.

“Everything’s alright?” He asks, and Sherlock’s heartbeat quickens.

“I was wondering-” he stops, he can’t put it like this. “I’ve noticed that you were listening-” no, this is ridiculous. “I was thinking that, maybe, I don’t know, we could-”

“Sherlock,” John cuts him, standing up and turning the volume up, “I’d love to dance with you.”

Before Sherlock can say anything, there are two strong arm around his waist and a gentle hand on his lower back. John is still smiling, but there also the slightest doubt in his eyes and Sherlock hurries to chase it away, closing one hand around John’s waist, resting the other on his good shoulder.

“The song’s alright?” John asks, his voice barely a whisper, and Sherlock can only nod in responds. “Good.”

John is the one who initiates the first movement, swaying lightly on his feet and Sherlock follows quickly. John, who had been staring at him since he had stood up, close the remaining distance between and rests his head against Sherlock’s shoulder. Feeling like he will never be able to breathe again, Sherlock closes his eyes and let the music dictates their dance.

Sherlock can’t stop himself from remembering the last time he had dance with John. This, somehow, feels completely different. John hadn’t press their bodies together like this, hadn’t felt so relax, so trusting in Sherlock’s arms. If these moments remained treasured memories to Sherlock, this, right now, will feed Sherlock’s dreams for the rest of his life.

“I like this song,” John murmurs.

Sherlock tries to concentrate on the lyrics but there is John’s thumb stroking his lower back and Sherlock can’t seem to be able to focus on anything else.


“You’re no even listening, are you?”

There is a smile on John’s voice, one that Sherlock suddenly need to kiss.

“I am,” he lies, his throat dry.

John pulls away, looking back at him. Sherlock can’t take his eyes off him.

“Liar,” John whispers before leaning in.

The music is echoing in the living room, one open book forgotten on the chair and the city lights peering thought the windows.

But more importantly, there is John Watson kissing Sherlock softly, holding him tight and planing on never letting go.

so when I say I am drunk

I want you guys to understand that I polished off half a bottle of champagne, plus a bottle and a half of pinot grigio

also potstickers though those aren’t relevant

but mostly I am here in defense of sincerity and that kind of clumsy elbows-and-knees social ineptness that comes with innocence, with the assumption that wherever you are, you are welcomed, applauded

I want everyone to have the luxury of being bad at people I want eighteen-to-twenty-one year old almost-men and practically-women to have the luxury of floundering around for a while, not understanding why no one listens to their stories and no one throws them a parade for thoughts had a hundred years ago

I want to give everyone the right to be a little bit dumbass, a stupid kid who means well, I want that for you, and it won’t stop you from being wrong bc it didn’t stop me but it’ll give you space to be goofy and well-meaning and insulting, too come on too strong and at some point you’ll fumble toward something human, something worth keeping past twenty-three

and this is the best gift I know how to give, which is the space to keep your petty squabbles and intensely immature battlefields, all tucked away in a few short years because sometimes you need that, permission to be less than perfect, that’s important in figuring out how to be someone worth being, someone worthwhile.

Why Dwell On Past Mistakes When You Can Think About All The Exciting Mistakes You'll Make In The Future
Why Dwell On Past Mistakes When You Can Think About All The Exciting Mistakes You'll Make In The Future

I got about 20 minutes into this before I realized I didn’t know how to make a beat but alas


Happy Birthday Aina— Daniel Radcliffe, Dane DeHaan and director John Krokidas at the Sundance Film Festival, 2013.