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Hi! I'm glad to see you're writing again :) I have a request which I hope you'll find inspirational enough - Astrid has to carry Hiccup piggyback-style all the way back to the Edge after he made some stupid accident with the flying suit and crash landed in the forest... I always love a torn-between-worry-and-wanting-to-beat-the-shit-out-of-Hiccup Astrid :)

A/N: Me? Spacing out the fics that I post over a certain period of time? HA.

(Thank you for these requests, and I apologize for the wait! Seriously. Look at that time stamp. Eight months? Holy shit. I need to get my act together. If any of you might happen to have any more, I’d be happy to oblige.)

It was early morning, and Astrid Hofferson was rather sure that she was the only one who was awake on the island.

She had been scouting the perimeter of the island on Stormfly when it happened–when Astrid reached a peak level of “oh my gods, I’m so worried,” and “oh my gods, I’m going to kill him before anything else can finish him off first, just so I don’t have to worry about any other potentially fatal threats.”

As soon as the all-too familiar sound of Toothless’ plasma blast pierced the air and echoed in her ears, Astrid snapped her gaze towards it source. From the middle of the island’s dense forests in the distance, a purplish-blue concentrated flame shot straight up into the sky, then erupted with somewhat visible clouds of gray rippling outwards in smokey rings from where it exploded.

A distress signal.

Odin, help them all.

But especially Hiccup.

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