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Poor antis! First they created a fake account on Tumblr to prove that Disney "hates" Reylo and its fandom and now they use fandom sites as official sources

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who should you fight: fe lords ed.
  • Marth: he doesn't want to fight you. don't make him do this. he might not beat you up, but if you win his wifey ( & Merric ) will.
  • Alm: scary. watch out for the bow. you might be able to take him, but he's ruthless enough you should avoid direct confrontation.
  • Celica: not many people know how to use swords & magic without getting a horse first. watch out. she's hiding something.
  • Sigurd: why are you picking fights with a pile of ash, this one's on you 0/10
  • Celice: let's face it, you probably don't know much about him, and if you do, why are you trying to fight him? drop it. move on.
  • Leaf: this man may not be the best fighter, but he can fight FOREVER. do you want that? Leaf chasing you down? eternally? don't do it unless you're sure you can take him.
  • Roy: he may not be the toughest, but his sword is on fire and he can swing it around like a butter knife. fight him, but be careful.
  • Lyn: she is SO FAST. she might not hurt you much, but you won't be able to hit her at all. avoid fighting Lyn.
  • Eliwood: Eliwood is probably fighting you because Hector dared him too. determined, but not especially threatening. you can probably take him as long as he's not on a horse. fight Eliwood, but don't let him use Durandal.
  • Hector: don't fight Hector. If you fight Hector he will keep asking you to fight. You don't want to fight Hector. you can't kill Hector.
  • Ephraim: fight Ephraim. He wants to fight you. he'll win, but he'll be cool about it after and then you'll be bros. if you win, though, you'll regret it.
  • Eirika: Eirika is cool to fight. you may actually win, but if you win, you'll have to deal with Ephraim, so maybe you should just take the L on this one.
  • Ike: don't fight Ike. Ike has fought so much. he's got a sword that shoots lasers. he's got a bunch of friends. you don't want to fight Ike, but he wants to fight you. resist temptation. he'll be a good bro either way.
  • Micaiah: don't fight Micaiah. she doesn't want to fight you. she's much better at healing. if you don't fight you, she'll fix you up after you lose to some one else.
  • Kris: don't fight Kris. if you don't know why not, that's reason enough.
  • Chrom: fight Chrom. he deserves it, and then he'll laugh and take you out to dinner, whether or not you win.
  • Robin: don't fight Robin. Robin is not as cool about losing as Chrom, and has the brains to make up for any flaw they might have. also, they might have Galeforce.
  • Corrin: fight Corrin. they could learn a thing or two about fighting. they won't be mad at you for winning.
Something Every Addict Goes Through
  • Me: Okay, I'm going to save the rest of this for tomorrow.
  • Me the next day: Why am I so fucking dumb
Choir Boyz

So yeah, here’s this one, a thousand years after I said I’d start working on it. I think The Hiatus is just about over.

•Jack, Roger, Maurice, and Simon all continued in choir as they got older
•Sam ‘n Eric dropped out of it after a few years to pursue their shared dream of becoming champion golf players
•Jack is the choir director’s “prized vocalist”, and often has a say in what songs they sing and who gets to sing the solos (he most often advocates for himself)
•He’s a high tenor
•Roger and Maurice are both bases, but Maurice’s voice is slightly higher than Roger’s
•Simon is that kid who stayed an alto for too long, and only just recently moved to tenor (his voice is technically higher than Jack’s, but it isn’t as powerful)
•Maurice cannot stop fidgeting whenever he sings
•He’s always tapping his foot, or bobbing his head, and occasionally he smacks Roger in the face while flailing his hands and arms to the beat
•Jack gets a good laugh out of it, but it makes Simon very nervous because he knows that one day Roger’s just gonna explode
•Roger sings with a surprising amount of emotion, displayed both in his voice and visibly on his face (singing is one of the only times Roger shows emotion tbh)
•If he’s really feeling a song, his eyes will close and his face will scrunch up, and if it’s a sad song there WILL be tears in his eyes
•Jack has multiple videos of him singing like this, in case he ever needs to blackmail Roger for anything
•Simon likes to connect with the songs they sing as well, and he’ll often draw or journal about how they make him feel
•Ralph doesn’t do choir, but he shows up to all of their concerts and to enough random rehearsals that the entire choir has sort of adopted him as a mascot
•And you best believe that the whole choir goes to all his soccer games as well (Jack always sits in the front row)
•Piggy wants absolutely nothing to do with the choir

Dear @justcuzfandoms, now is the time you get to yell at me for being incredibly late.

I hope this (little) present makes you happy, even a month after the festive season ! But even more, I hope you treated yourself right during that time (ate a lot, slept all day) and, oh wow I’m so bad with delays, happy Hanuka !

At first, I wanted to write a little something, but I changed my mind and drew this stunningly aro-ace Piper ! (Hence the questions about baseball, I’d really like to know more about it thought) 

Oh, all thanks to @pjosecretsanta2016​ for pushing me again and again (it was needed) I made your job so much harder, you deserve all the praise for holding this project together ! 

(ps : this is actually the first time I ever post my art on this website, thanks to both of you for giving me enough courage to do so)

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itumblthingsnow  asked:

Hi Daniel, I have two questions: 1. You're pretty open about your anxiety regarding unusual social situations. Do you have any strategies for dealing with events where you know you'll be meeting a lot of people, like conventions or meetups? 2. Is there anything people can do to minimize your discomfort when they meet you in these situations? Is there something you wish people would do or would stop doing?


1. There’s really no completely bulletproof way to prepare for meeting a lot of people at conventions; even if you DON’T suffer from anxiety at all, it can be an exhausting and draining experience. You just do whatever you can to reduce stress in anticipation of the event. I did two panels at C2E2 which necessitated meeting a bunch of strangers after, shaking their hands, and trying to engage with them in as meaningful a way as possible in the limited amount of time we had together. In anticipation of the first panel, I took a Lyft to the event and sat in the back seat listening to musicals in my headphones. I do the same thing whenever I go to one of our live podcasts; I never drive, because I don’t want to be stressed about traffic or get frustrated by someone I think is a bad driver (literally anyone on the road who isn’t me). I put headphones in and say verbatim to every Lyft driver “Hey I’m going to be listening to a podcast back here, so if I don’t respond or anything, that’s why. Feel free to play whatever music you want, it won’t bother me.” This ensures that I won’t have to make small-talk with a stranger while on the drive to make small talk with lots of strangers. Even if the driver doesn’t believe that I’m listening to a podcast (I’m not), the message is still clear and delivered fairly inoffensively: I’m not available to chat right now, and it’s me, not you. I listen to musicals specifically because I like them and because they conjure up so many visuals in my imagination that it’s really easy to tune out the rest of the world and get lost in them, whether I’m imagining what the show looks like or imagining being one of the characters, singing and dancing like an asshole. Some people mediate, probably, but this is one of the things I choose to do. In the twenty minutes to an hour before I have to do a convention or live podcast or stand up, I’m free of responsibility and locked into a world that has nothing to do with any of those things.

For the other panel, I took a bike instead of a Lyft to the event. This is also helpful and common for me. Physical activity always makes my brain feel good and always helps me shut down my anxiety for a while. Immediately before any live event in front of people, you can probably see me jumping up and down or doing some high kicks or lunges or just generally pacing around. All of these things calm me down.

The MOST anxiety-reducing tool when it comes to these live events, though, is having my friends there. At this point I have a psychic link with my buddies, so if I’m feeling trapped in an uncomfortable conversation with a well-meaning stranger with questionable ideas on boundaries, all I need to do is make eye contact with Soren or Cody and if they’re free, they’ll come grab me and say some variation of “I’m so sorry to interrupt but I really need to take him away right now” (and I do the same for them). We don’t have a specific code word or hand signal or anything, we’ve just been doing this long enough that we can recognize an uncomfortable situation when we see one. So the short version is, if you know you’re walking into a situation that will be riddled with potentially uncomfortable moments, make sure you OD on things that make you comfortable in advance, and in my case that’s musicals, physical activity and supportive friends.

2. That’s very kind of you to ask! 99 percent of the people we meet at conventions or out in the world are very kind and polite and don’t cause tremendous amounts of anxiety. Chiefly I would just say, like, don’t just grab me? Or any of us? Whenever someone asks to take a picture with me, I will 9 out of 10 times say “I’m going to put my arm right on you now, okay?” I do this because it usually gets a slight laugh (the phrasing is intentionally awkward) and also to put it out there for anyone within earshot that it doesn’t take a lot of time or creativity to a) get consent and b) prepare someone for physical contact.

At C2E2, some giant fucking asshole wordlessly rushed Cody, wrapped an arm around him and took a picture with him and then stomped off like the dumb fucking goon sasquatch that he was. After Comikaze last year, someone grabbed my arm while walking down the street, blocks from the convention, to ask for a picture. Support is always great, and I understand excitement, but it still sucks to be suddenly grabbed. (By the way, I’m totally aware that this experience of sudden, unexpected physical contact that I and my coworkers experience once maybe every 7 months is a near constant occurrence for, like, all women everywhere in all circumstances. If you’re a person who sometimes gets excited and grabs internet comedy writers, stop doing that, but if you’re a man who sometimes gets excited and puts your hand on cute women in the street and at bars and parties and work and parks and stuff, that is a much BIGGER problem. If you’re the kind of person who grabs internet comedy writers AND women strangers out in the world, it would be great if you could stop BOTH of those things, but if you could only stop doing one, definitely make it be the “grabbing women I don’t know” one. That is a way more pressing concern.)

Regardless of all that though, if you meet me or one of us at a convention or whatever, you don’t need to focus TOO much on reducing our discomfort. You’re not walking into my home or climbing into our office; we came to this event because we wanted to perform for you, and part of that involves meeting you to thank you for reading our articles and watching our videos, because we don’t have jobs if you don’t do that. We know what we’re walking into, and we’re doing it on purpose.

Obelisk Update

Excerpt from chapter 15

-Sakura barked, voice filled with sharp edges that turned sharper the more she spoke. “You live in a world with stupid gods and stupid laws and stupid guides that tell you want to say, what to do, what to wear, what to think, how to act. You’re a king but you’re really a slave!” 

He watched her with wide eyes, likely not understanding what she was talking about. Her words wouldn’t make sense to him as long as he was a dreamer unaware. He wasn’t like Gaara or Madara, he was dumb to the laws of his own reality and the strings manipulating him through the narrative. She pitied him. She pitied Sasori. She pitied all the villains and lovers who were slaves in their own bodies.

She remembered the shackles on her wrists and the boot on her back. The memory was fresh and raw of a man telling her she wasn’t anything better than property. She wasn’t her own person anymore, but a thing to be bought and sold. She was a slave inside a world where no one was free and never any safe.

“As long as you live in these lands your actions will never be truly your own. This world needs to come down and I will be the one that rips it from the heavens.”  

“You’re mad,” he breathed, watching her.

“I’m far more than that,” Sakura snarled, feeling all the anger in her rise to the surface.


Anonymous said: I really hope we get at least one decent hd pic of that vmin cuddle, i would die happily p.s. if you have some nice vmin lockscreen photos pls suggest them to me ^-^

I promised them that I would post this separately and here it is!

I want you to keep in mind that none of these are mine. Sadly, I don’t know all of the owners. What I do know is that the first three lovely lockscreens were from here and the last three pictures were edits by me (the main pic is not mine but the other shitty edits are mine) 

I hope this is useful? haha, I don’t know why you’re asking me– a person who mostly uses the colour black as her wallpaper. But I’m happy you did<33