you'll be wrapped around my finger

pjo / hoo characters as things i've done pt. uno
  • Percy Jackson : When I was ten, my family went on a road trip down the east coast. We went to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, and since I'm fucking five inches tall, the waves tossed and turned me so much that I drank like five liters of salt water and had sand literally everywhere on me. I proclaimed, "I HATE THIS BEACH!" and sulked for five minutes before I got in the water again.
  • Annabeth Chase : In science class, eight grade, I was assigned, with two other people, to fold paper to support the weight of books. The group wasn't listening to me, so I shouted "yOU FUCKTARDS" moderately loud so they would listen. I'm glad the teacher didn't hear me lmao.
  • Grover Underwood : In the summer of 2016 I had a graduation party from middle school, so I invited all my friends over. As soon as it got dark, we started playing Manhunt, and I'm not the athletic type, but as soon as my friend started chasing me, I ran full force down the street, mind you I'm pretty fast, into the woods, straight into thorny bushes to hide. I have the scars on my legs to prove it.
  • Thalia Grace : I'm a liar, so when I was like eleven, my step-dad took me to go on Bizzaro, the roller coaster at Six Flags near where I live. I fronted heavily, saying that I wasn't scared and that it was going to be fun. As soon as I was strapped in, I was having a panic attack, and nearly pissed my pants when I was at the top of the first drop.
  • Jason Grace : Back when I was like two or three, when my parents didn't split, we lived in a house where the rooms were on the second floor. I, being clumsy, always either fell down the stairs, or threw myself down them, so much so that I have a scar in between my eyebrows.
  • Piper McLean : In the span of two days, two guys confessed their love to me over Snapchat. In two days, I declined the attempts of a relationship from two guys, knowing others more like me. No, I don't feel bad.
  • Leo Valdez : I was working on a car in my school shop, Auto Collision, when my teacher comes up and tells me that I did something wrong two hours ago. I looked him straight in the eye and said 'Are you fucking with me Mister?' He laughed and shook his head no. I then proceeded to lay my head on the car, proclaiming 'I fucking am ready to eND IT!!'
  • Nico di Angelo : When Jc and I went over our best friend's, Kian's, house, we ended up laying on the ground, and I laid on Kian's bed, and Kian (or Jc I can't remember) said 'It's time to blast the depressing music!' and I shot up, almost hitting my head, screamed 'FUCK YEAH' and almost fell getting off the bed.
  • Will Solace : One time in shop this girl and I were working on a car, and she ended up fucking up and cutting her finger on a rusted part, and ended up bleeding. She proclaimed 'oh my god what do I do?!' so naturally I looked at her and said 'wash it off, get a paper towel, wrap dat shit up real nice with that blue tape and you'll be all set. this ain't allied health but it's the best we got.' She was fine afterwards.
  • Clarisse La Rue : so, apparently I'm intimidating to a lot of people, so one time in History class I went around asking if I was scary, and a lot of people said yes. My friend Anysia goes 'I don't know you're just crazy and jittery and shit like it's terrifying.' And I instinctively replied, 'bitch if you don't shut the fuck up i s2g i will throw you out the fourth story window.' and right after I laughed at her expression. They still think I'm scary.
the signs as various lyrics
  • aquarius: "I leave my heart open but it stays right here empty for days"
  • pisces: "We live in cities you never see on screens, not really pretty but we sure know how to run things"
  • aries: "You had me wrapped around your finger"
  • taurus: "Don't forget where you belong, home"
  • gemini: "I'm bigger than my body, I'm colder than this home, I'm bigger than my demons, I'm bigger than these bones
  • cancer: "I paced around for hours, I'm empty, I jumped at the slightest of sounds, And I couldn't stand the person inside of me"
  • leo: "I'll use you as a warning sign that if you talk enough sense then you'll lose your mind"
  • virgo: "I don't even know you but I know that I can't wait to kiss you"
  • libra: "I know I'm not your only, but at least I'm one. I heard a little love is better than none"
  • scorpio: "I wish I was, I wish I was beside you"
  • sagittarius: "I found love where it wasn't supposed to be, right in front of me. Talk some sense to me"
  • capricorn: "Babe, there's something lonesome about you, something so wholesome about you"

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Could you pretty pretty please do 31 for Luke I love your blog BTW

“I’ll be right back, gonna go get some popcorn and drinks, kay?” Luke asked, kissing you on the lips before getting up off the couch.

“Do you want me to pause the movie?” You called after him.

“Nah, it’s okay. I’ll be quick.” You shrugged and turned back to the movie playing on the screen. A blanket to your left caught your eye and an idea started to form in your head. Just as you heard the microwave start going you pulled the cushions off the couches and gathered all the blankets you could find. Making sure the TV was still visible you started to make a pillow fort for you and Luke. You hastily constructed the pillows in a rectangular formation and draped the blankets over the cushions. You moved one of the cushions to the left to allow a doorway. Seeing the coffee table you pulled it over and set it up to one of the cushions that kept falling over. Proud of your work you added more blankets to block out more light and threw some pillows in the fort for you and Luke to rest on.

The microwave beeped and you could hear Luke singing softly. You smiled at his voice. It was always so soothing to you. You crawled into the fort and waited for him. You heard his footsteps falter and then you heard his knees hit the ground in front of the fort. “Babe?” He lifted the blanket gently and looked in to see you curled up with a blanket covering you. “I was gone for 5 minutes! How did you do this?”

You shrugged, “I thought it would be fun.”

“I’m so in love with you.” Luke sighed as he handed you the popcorn and drinks and then climbed in. He kissed you hard and wrapped his arms around you.

“Wait.” You said and pushed his chest gently, telling him to move back against the back of the fort. “Can you see?” You asked as he got comfortable. He smiled widely and nodded at you. You crawled over to him and rest in between his legs, head on his chest, popcorn and drinks next to Luke’s right leg. “This is much better, Lukey.” You sighed. He wrapped his arms around your waist and kissed the top of your head.

“I never want to leave you.”

“Well we can enjoy this moment, right now.” You told him, not wanting to think about him leaving in a few days.

“No. I mean- Like. I never want to leave you, ever. I want you to be here when I come home from tour. And the studio. I want this apartment to be our apartment and I want this finger,” he held up your left ring finger, “to hold a ring that I pick out. And I want you to always be mine.” You looked up at him, his eyes held nothing but honesty.

“Are you proposing to me?” You whispered.

He shook his head, “Not now. We’re both young. But I’m promising you that I will. Okay? I promise that you’ll be mine and I’ll be yours forever.

The movie suddenly didn’t seem all that important as you looked into Luke’s eyes and then down at his lips. You surged forward and closed the distance between your lips and his. His hands went down to your hips and he squeezed. Distantly you thought about the popcorn spilling and had enough mind to move it a good enough distance from the two of you. Luke shuffled down till he was laying down and he pulled you on top of him. Slotting your left leg in between his you got comfortable on his chest.

“I promise too. I promise that I’ll always be yours. And I’ll always wait for you. No matter where you are. I’ll always be here for you. I love you, Luke.” You leaned down to kiss to chest and up his neck until you got to his lips. You pecked them two, three, four times before  moving your hand down to his chest and them to his stomach, lifting his shirt up to expose his tummy. You wiggled down and as your leg brushed against him he groaned. You giggled and lowered your head to place small kisses along his tummy. He giggled and you smiled against his stomach. “I love you.” You whispered into his skin. He tugged lightly on a strand of your hair to get you to come back up again. You rested your head on his chest, listening to the steady beat of his heart. His hand traveled up and down your back, rubbing soothing circles all over. You smiled sleepily and looked up at him. He smiled, sensing your eyes and kissed your forehead. Your eyes scrunched up and you smiled happily. You fell asleep like that, movie and snacks quickly forgotten.

When you woke up the next day you turned over to look at the clock to see it was almost past noon. You stretched but stopped when you noticed a small black box resting on the beside table. You looked towards where Luke was but he wasn’t in bed. When you opened the box you were shocked to see a beautiful promise ring. You ran downstairs to see Luke sitting on the couch, the fort you made all cleaned up. He smiled when he saw the small box in your hands. You took the ring out of the box and read the delicate engraving ‘I promise you’ it read and you looked up to Luke and saw him grinning widely at you.

“You were really tired, I guess, so I went and got this for you.” He stood up and placed the ring on your finger.

“All this because of a stupid pillow fort.” You laughed wetly.

“No, all this because I love you unconditionally.” Luke smiled as he wrapped his arms around you.

*credit to @ivegotashothough


Finishing up writing prompts
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'You'll always be my Batman.' - Stiles please :) x

You were lying down on Stiles’ bed, your head resting in the crook of his neck, your fingers tracing patterns against his chest, while his arm wrapped around your waist. You always liked times like this, you two could relax and just take a moment to breath. The silence was comfortable, but quickly broken by your boyfriend. 

“Hey…Y/N, what…what if I can’t protect you next time?…What..if…” His voice was broken and you lifted yourself up on one arm to look down at him. You knew what he was talking about…only recently had you nearly gotten hurt thanks to all the supernatural bullshit that the two of you dealt with. The only reason you were fine was because of him. You knew Stiles could be insecure. He wasn’t the strongest person. He wasn’t the best fighter. He was only human, but he had nothing to worry about in your eyes. The fact he worried just made you love him more. 

“You’ll always be my Batman, Stiles…whether you are there to protect me or not.” You rested a hand against his cheek, and caught his golden eyes with your own, a small smile started at the corner of his lips and continued to grow.

“Always?” He asked, eyebrow raised. You didn’t often talk about the future, but goddamn did you hope Stiles was in it. You were pretty sure Stiles was it. That he was the one….even if it seemed just like stupid teenager talk. But you loved him. You loved that you could watch stupid programs with him, that you could eat tonnes of food together, that he’d walk you to class, and drive you to school. You just loved him. 

“Always.” You pressed a chaste kiss to his lips and went to pull away, but a gentle hand twisting into your hair pulled you back in and you smiled against him. Yes. You loved him. You loved your Batman. 

Fix You - Requested (Luke)

Hello, this was requested by Anon (Can you do a imagine where you really like Luke & he likes you too but you’re afraid to be with him because all you’re ever used to is getting your heart broken?) ENJOY!!!!

*You awake?* you send the text and balance your phone on your head waiting for Luke’s reply. It buzzes. *Yep* you climb out of bed and throw on some sweats as you were only in a band shirt you spray yourself and slide your phone in your sweats pocket and leave your hotel room, sliding into the lift and going one floor up and too room 341. You knock and only a second later Luke opened the door, a small smile in his face, he is standing in his knee long short and nothing else.

‘I had a nightmare, could I sleep with you?’ You ask a small smile playing your lips as you already know the answer.

'You don’t have to make excuses to sleep with me’ he smirks and you hit his bare chest as you walk past him. You head straight for his bed and climb in. 'What have you been doing?’ You ask looking around to see nothing out.

'I was on twitter, but now your here I’ll just sleep’ he tells you as he gets in next to you. You turn on your side getting comfortable and you feel him shift behind you until his chest is on your back and his arms wrap around you, you trace your fingers along his arm and he nuzzles your neck a little.

'You looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow?’ You whisper, like you don’t want to disturb the silence of the night.

'Yeah, I bet you are too’

'Whys that?’ You asks. Pulling the cover a little higher and pressing further into Luke.

'Harry will be there, you two none stop flirt when your together’ he tells you, you know he is teasing but you also know he doesn’t like it.

'Lukey are you getting jealous?’ You tease 'you know you’ll always be my favourite’ you reassure him, he shuffles a little.

'I better be’ he whispers right in your ear before pressing his lips to your neck and then your jaw and you moan a little. 'Sorry’ he whispers pulling away and cuddling back into you and you sigh. 'I love you’ he whispers from behind you, his breath in your neck.

'I love you too’


'Are you sure you want to do that?’ Harry asks raising an eyebrow at you; you smirk as you hover your finger over his phone.

'Tell me then’ you smile sweetly but he just stares and you press the last number, locking his phone for half an hour because he wouldn’t tell you whether a rumour was true.

'Your gonna pay for that’ he threats pushing himself from the floor and jumping on you, he starts to dig his fingers into your side and you squirm under him, he moves so he is sitting on you and continues 'say you’re sorry’ he tells you but you shake your head and continues to thrash under him. He grabs your hand and pins them behind your head and brings his face right to yours, you lips so close.

'If you keep moving like that we’re gonna have a problem’ he whispers groggy in your ear and you smirk a little looking at him.

'I wasn’t aware I had that effect of you styles’ you joke and he winks 'I mean I’m not Taylor swift’ you bite your lip to stop the laughter and he glares at you.

'I don’t even know why we are friends’ he huffs climbing off you.

'I never said we were friends’ you smile towards him and he pulls a face. 'Fine then’ you both sit in silence for a couple of minutes listening to 5SOS recording. 'So what’s going on with you and Mr Hemmings?’ Harry asks, you get asked this question a lot and your answer is always the same. But this is Harry and your close.

'Nothing’ you glance at him and you see he is staring at you, he comes back over to you and sits behind you, putting his huge hand on your knee and pulling a little, you turn on the sofa to face him.

'So what would he do if I kissed you?’ Harry asks and you laugh

'Laugh’ you tell him and he rolls his eyes. 'Why would be laugh?’ He asks. 'Because your you and I’m me’ you stick out your tongue and Harry’s hand moves up, brushing a piece of hair from your face.

'The only reason I’m no kissing you is because I know you love him’ he whispers his eyes locked with yours. 'So what’s going in?’ He pulls back, acting normal and you sigh a little.

'I’m scared’ you tell him, you see his eyes soften and he nods for you to continue. 'I’ve been hurt before you know, I just dunno if I’m ready to put myself into that situation again’ you explain, looking down to your fiddling fingers, Harry’s hand covers your and his other lifts your chin.

'Everyone gets hurt babe, that’s how life works, and if you’re not in a situation where you could potentially get hurt then you’re not in the right situation. If you with a guy and you don’t care if he leaves then there is no point being there. Sometimes you just have to take the chance’ his voice is even, cool, calm and collected and his perfect lips curl to form a smirk. 'And just a little advise, if your gonna tell people nothing’s going on make sure he isn’t glaring at them’ Harry chuckles a little looking over your shoulder, you do the same and stick out your tongue to Luke but he just sharks his head before looking away. And you turn to Harry and pull a face making him laugh a little more.


'I’m surprised your here’ Luke tells you as he sits in the edge of the bed kicking his shoes off. You chuckles a little and lean back to rest on the desk, your hand places on the edges of the desk. 'I’m serious I thought you were gonna go off his Harry’ he tells you, his eyes locking on your but you quickly look away. It’s silent for a moment, relaxing after being in the loud crowded clubs all night.

'Do you trust him more than me?’ Luke breaks the silence, you frown, and his words don’t make sense to you.

'I d…’ He interrupts you. 'Whenever your together your all over each other, and if he’s gonna make you happy I know I should be okay with it but I’m not, how…I don’t understand how you trust him more than me’ he rambles on. 'Luke please stop’ you sigh and he bites his lip nodding a little and he drops his head to look at his feet. You move over so you’re right in front of him.

'Luke, look at me’ he does, lifting his head and looking you right in the eye, his fingers come to your chin, and he traces them up your cheek a little.

'I wish I could make you smile like he does’ his voice is baily a whisper and if you weren’t so close you wouldn’t have heard. 'You do’ you manage to push out but the words aren’t loud and your voice is strained, but you see a small smile tug on his lips.

'Then can I kiss you?’ His lips are moving closer before you can answer. You panic, and place your hands on his chest softly pushing him away a little.

'Luke, I’m just back to normal, I’m not ready to be broken again’ you sigh.

'Look I don’t promise to never hurt to because I’m an idiot and I probably will but I promise I will always be there to fix you again’ his voice is groggy, attractive as always and he is moving closer, his arm slipping around your waist and he hold you gently to him. You can’t resist any more, looking in his eyes you want to melt. And you reach up, pressing your lips to his, you can feel the passion, this is something you have both felt for so long and you’re completely lost in the way he moves.

From Chelsea

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on olis snapchat (in the vid where he was complaining that they left him) it showed joe & casp & how they were positioned & casp was sitting like right in front of joe (who was laying sideways) where if he leaned back he would be half laying on top of joe (sorry this is a terrible description just go watch it and you'll see) but i would bet my entire life that they had been cuddling👀

i knOW theyre so freakin cloSE i hate them they were defs cuddling 100%. also i love how tiny joe takes up pretty much the whole couch and the three tols caspar oli and josh just sit around him. like, they could probs move him easily but theyre all too #whipped for him so they let him sit wherever he wants