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important Yuri on ice question: what do u think of Mila babicheva

my qUEEN

I’m truly in love with her ngl


jiyong’s precious cute face♡

Remember this?

Well, turns out I received some intel on the recently released “Nitro+CHiRAL 10 Years Archive 02″ regarding ponytail Suit!Aoba (a.k.a. I was shown an actual image of it, but I’m not allowed to say from were nor repost) and…

Turns out he uses WHITE SHOES :O

Also, I changed the shading to be as accurate as possible according to said image (maybe someone will post pics or scans in the future, hopefully).

Oh, and I’m totally buying that artbook the moment its avaliable :D

*whispers* …it’s transparent :D

Peacock unused alternate ending
  • Peacock:
  • Well, what the hell - not very often you get wishes.
  • May as well wish for something cool.
  • Skull Heart! I wish for all the world's oxygen to turn into chocolate!
  • Skull Heart:
  • Your wish is grant...
  • ...Wait, really? You can't possibly be serious.
  • Peacock:
  • What? Why wouldn't I be? That would be awesome!
  • Skull Heart:
  • My power has limits, girl. You'll have to wish for something else.
  • Peacock:
  • What a rip-off!
  • Uh... well, can you make everyone in the world turn into adorable puppies?]
  • Skull Heart:
  • No, I can not.
  • And, even if I could, I would not.
  • Peacock:
  • I fight all the way here and I can't even get what I want?
  • Some wish-granting doodad you turned out to be.
  • Hey, why do you only grant wishes to women, anyway?
  • Are you a dude?
  • Skull Heart:
  • ...Look, I didn't make the rules.
  • Are you going to make a wish or...
  • Peacock:
  • ...And what's with that seven year thing, anyway?
  • Seems pretty arbitrary, if you ask me.
  • Skull Heart:
  • Something about the alignment of the stars, I think.
  • Are you going to make a real wish or not?
  • Peacock:
  • Ooh, ooh! What if...
  • Skull Heart:
  • ...Dammit, where is Double?
  • She's supposed to keep people like you away from me.
  • Peacock:
  • Oh, so now you're too good for me, are you?
  • Maybe if your legend had been a little more specific I'd know these things!
  • Skull Heart:
  • ...Really?
  • Do you know how long it took us to even get this far?
  • Centuries of whisper campaigns and information control!
  • I must say, I've been doing this for thousands of years, and you are the worst wisher I've seen yet.
  • Peacock once again confirmed for best character