you'll be happy about all your hard work in the end

Which Touhou characters you should hug: a guide
  • Reimu: Yes. She works very hard for very little reward and sometimes wonders if she is appreciated enough. Please give her a hug to show her you appreciate her defending Gensokyo. She needs it.
  • Marisa: Yes! Marisa is a wonderful friend and will hug you back with just as much enthusiasm. This will be a good experience.
  • Rumia: No! She may look cute and while hugging her would be a fantastic experience she is a carnivore and this would not end well for you
  • Cirno: Yes! Hug her and call her strong! She is tiny and deserves love.
  • Meiling: Absolutely! She gives big strong bear hugs and is probably a fantastic person to hug, 10/10.
  • Patchouli: Do not! Patchouli does not appreciate her personal space being invaded. Keep to yourself and instead let her know you appreciate her with a polite conversation.
  • Sakuya: Probably not. She has knives and is quiet and mysterious. Potential danger.
  • Remilia: Do not! You would embarrass her and you do not want to deal with her rage!
  • Flandre: DEFINITELY DO NOT!! She deserves lots of hugs but she cannot be gentle! You would die, please do not it's for the best
  • Letty: Yes! She will wrap you in her warm winter clothes and it will feel amazing, would recommend.
  • Chen: ABSOLUTELY!!!! She is a tiny cat and you will not regret it one bit.
  • Alice: Please do not unless she knows you well. Alice is a reclusive person and this would likely startle her.
  • Lunasa, Lyrica and Merlin: Yes!! Go for it! Three in one!
  • Youmu: Yes!! Youmu needs to know that she is doing an incredibly good job! She deserves it!
  • Yuyuko: ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!! She loves you very much and gives the best mom hugs!
  • Yukari: Maybe. She probably gives good mom hugs too but is also mysterious. Dangerous. Hug with caution
  • Suika: Yes, but be prepared, she is much stronger than she appears!
  • Wriggle: Only if you are alright with the possibility of friendly bugs crawling on you!
  • Mystia: Nope. nope nope nope. she may look tiny but you'll go blind and she'll eat you
  • Keine: Yes!! As long as the moon is not full! Otherwise maybe not she's a little spiky
  • Tewi: Nooooo! She may be fluffy but she is devious!!
  • Reisen: Yes, but slowly and gently! She is an ex-soldier and so you must be cautious.
  • Eirin: Yes!!! She is a kind beautiful grandmother and she loves you
  • Kaguya: Only if you bring her a branch from the jeweled tree of Hourai, the Buddha's stone begging bowl, a fire rat's robe, a jewel from the neck of a dragon, and a swallow's cowry shell
  • Mokou: Yes! Please! She needs one very badly and will appreciate it
  • Maribel: Yes!! But don't be surprised if you wind up somewhere else!
  • Renko: Yes!! if Maribel gets one it's only fair!!
  • Rinnosuke: Yes!! He is very nice and probably lonely in that shop by himself!
  • Fairies of light: Yes!! They are very cute!! But be wary of pranks!
  • Aya: Yes! She may try to sell you a newspaper but overall a good experience!
  • Medicine: YES!!! She's poisonous and you might get a rash but she needs it very badly
  • Komachi: Yes!! she may be a death youkai but she is not scary!
  • Eiki: No. You will be Punished
  • Rei'sen: Please do!! She is soft and nervous and will appreciate this!
  • Watatsuki no Toyohime: Yes!! She seems ok and might share a tasty peach with you!
  • Watatsuki no Yorihime: DO NOT!! YOU WILL BE FORCEFULLY REMOVED
  • Shizuha and Minoriko: YES!!! Say thank you for the seasons and good harvests!!
  • Hina: No! She appreciates you, but does not want you to have to suffer because of her. Stay away!!
  • Nitori: Do not!! She is shy and might not appreciate it. Instead tell her you appreciate her hard work!
  • Sanae: Yes! She does a good job and this will make her happy!
  • Kanako: Do not!! You must show respect!! Donate to her shrine to show you care
  • Suwako: Yes!!!! She doesn't care about donations or worship and will take this happily!!
  • Iku: Wear insulated clothing and you're good
  • Tenshi: Yes!! She just wants friends!
  • Kisume: DON'T!!! she may be tiny and live in a bucket but she'll eat your face
  • Yamame: no!! she's nice but you could get sick. stay away
  • Parsee: DO IT!! she spends her entire life wanting to be loved like other people, please give her one!!
  • Satori: ABSOLUTELY! people fear her and so it would mean a lot to know somebody is not afraid of her for who she is!
  • Rin: Hug! Very soft and pettable
  • Utsuho: Do not hug! Very nice but also not very careful!
  • Koishi: Hug!! Please hug! She is extremely cute and it will be an amazing hugging experience, 11/10
  • Nazrin: Yes! She is small and fuzzy
  • Kogasa: ABSOLUTELY DO IT!!! she has been extremely lonely for a long time, she will appreciate this a lot!
  • Ichirin: Yes!!
  • Unzan: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FLUFF
  • Minamitsu: Why not?? She's a ghost but you're ok if you're not on a boat
  • Shou: Do!! She is big and fuzzy
  • Nue: Don't!!!! Dangerous!
  • Hatate: Please do!! she must be very lonely
  • Kasen: Yes! She is old and wise and very good!
  • Yoshika: Spooky but deserving of your love!!
  • Seiga: Nope nope, may seem nice but very wicked, you would be advised to not!!
  • Tojiko: Yes!! Very soft
  • Futo: Yea, doth!!!!
  • Miko: Maybe! She is royalty and must be respected. But she would probably be ok with it!
  • Kosuzu: Please do!! She is very conflicted and needs a friend!!
  • Wakasagihime: May be a little wet but overall a good idea!!
  • Sekibanki: Do not be alarmed if her head comes off! But yes!
  • Kagerou: Also not on the full moon! But otherwise yes!
  • Benben and Yatsuhashi: Yes! They are only babies!! Please give them love!!
  • Shinmyoumaru: ABSOLUTELY YES!! she is so tiny!!! hug her gently and carefully!
  • Raiko: Yes! She is a strong and wise youkai!!
  • Sumireko: Noooo! She is not good with people and this will most likely make her feel awkward! Instead tell her she is smart and skilled.
  • Seiran: Yes!! Fluffy!
  • Ringo: Yes!! Fluffy!!!
  • Doremy: YES!! FLUFFY!!!
  • Sagume: No!! You are not allowed in the Lunar Capital! You made yorihime mad again!!!
  • Junko: Yes! Please!! She needs it very badly she has had a lot of trauma in her life and the more love the better
  • Hecatia: Yes!! Looks like a good mom! Three hugs in one!!
  • Eternity Larva: yes!! but mind her wings, they are delicate!
  • Nemuno: Yes!! Do not mind the cleaver, she is a fantastic mom!!
A little love for the signs (From a Libra sun, Leo moon)
  • Dear Aries: It doesn't matter how dark times are, you are there for me. And I know you will always support me. You can make me happy like no one else can. You can say something that isn't even funny and I have to laugh with you. I could talk all night with you. About anything. You are full of light, full of life. You deserve everything bright.
  • Dear Taurus: Even though I've never really been so close to you to say that, I want you to know that you're worth it. You are beautiful, your smile helps people not to give up. So don't give up on yourself. You're strong and I know you smile through the pain, but it's okay. We all go through that and I wanted to tell you that you're not alone.
  • Dear Gemini: You are funny, you are witty, you always know how to make me laugh. I am inspired by you. You are so sociable, yet you know how to be alone and overthink things. You can do decisions by yourself, you don't hesistate to make the right choice. I admire you for that. Also, your art is beautiful. You are art.
  • Dear Cancer: I know we haven't been best friends. I know we had fights and that you broke my trust too often. But I realized, you are only a human being, just as me. Everyone keeps making mistakes, but no one wants to admit that. I hope for you that you'll be happy in the future. I want you to concentrate more on yourself, not on others because you are you, and no one can be that for you.
  • Dear Leo: Whenever I talk to you, it feels like we understand each other without saying a word. You are passionate and you are optimistic. You are the person I look up to, you brighten everyone's day, yet no one knows if you're dying inside. You are beautiful and you know it. You taught me it's completely fine to love yourself. So do it.
  • Dear Virgo: You're so selfless. You always try to help me, doesn't matter if you understand me or not. I know that sometimes it's hard for you to show that you care about me, but I notice in this little things you do for me that you do care. And that's fine. You're human. It's okay to break down. It's okay to talk to someone. You will get through this all. I'm right here by your side.
  • Dear Libra: I feel like everyone of you is my sister or my brother. You can make me feel special without knowing it. When we're talking about god and the world, it's like I've known you all my life, even if it's just hours. I want you to look at the mirror and say "I'm proud". Be confident. Believe in youself. Only if you try that, no one will stop you from loving yourself and the world.
  • Dear Scorpio: I don't even know where to start. You changed my life. You taught me things in an emotional way I never thought I'd experience. With every wise word you said you took my breath away. It doesn't matter how much time will fly, I will always remember you. You are my first love and you make everything feel so real. Everytime you look at me, I feel special. You taught me how to love someone and I taught you how to love yourself. Be happy. No matter how we're gonna end, I want you to remember us. You deserve the entire universe.
  • Dear Sagittarius: You doubt yourself more than anyone else. You wear that beautiful smile everyday, but inside you don't even know who you are. I have so much fun with you everytime we do something together. Don't let that happiness die. People look up on you. And you have to do your own thing. Don't give a shit what others think. Find out what you need, what you want and what you love. Everything else will come by time.
  • Dear Capricorn: You are one of the stongest yet most broken person I know. Or should I say, pretend to know? You hide your emotions, afraid of being hurt or replaced. I tell you something: There are people who love you and care about you. There is hope. You can have whatever you want in life, if you're just willing to accept your feelings and yourself.
  • Dear Aquarius: Being around you is like jumping from one cloud to another. Everything feels easier. Even maths. Life is easier with you. The weight of all the bad things in life are gone. I don't know how you're able to make me feel like this, but I'm sure it makes you very special and I hope you never stop making people feel like this because it's one of the best feelings ever.
  • Dear Pisces: If I'm sad, I know I can always talk to you. You always have a solution to my problem. Even if it's just a sentence like "It's okay, we will find a way.", it works. It makes me feel better. You're the most selfless person I've ever met and you're always there for your loved ones. Just take care of yourself, too, because your life is as important as the lives of everyone else.
Baby Girl You're Just My Type (Seventeen Preference)
  • S.Coups/Seungcheol: Definitely someone girly; he's the tough, man's man, and he'd need a very feminine partner to contrast that. He seems like an ass man to me, so someone who is very bootylicious and likes to show off their ass/doesn't mind having it grabbed. He'd also probably be into a girl who is quieter or who doesn't feel pressure to talk a lot so that he can be the one to do the talking, and so that he can feel listened to, and so that the two of you can just sit in comfortable silence when you feel like it. He would love the type of girl who can wear heels all the time and not feel overdressed, but also rocks a messy bun and flannel. His type all around would be the "girl next door" to the extreme, but in a good way.
  • Jeonghan: He would like a softer type of girl. Being someone who doesn't conform to gender norms himself, he would never be opposed to dating a tomboy or someone who often bounces between ultra feminine and masculine. He just wants someone who would be easy on the eyes - someone that everyone could look at an agree is absolutely beautiful, just like him. It would also have to be someone with amazing hair, so that you could be a stand out hair power couple. As personality goes, he would enjoy who is very cute without trying. Maybe they're awkward or clumsy but this turns out very cute and he enjoys those moments to the maximum even if you get embarrassed, just for the cuteness. He would also like someone shorter than him so that he can lay his head on top of you during hugs, and he can cover you completely when spooning.
  • Joshua/Jisoo: He would want someone opposite of him. He's all shyness and blushes and giggles, so he'd need someone who's confidence and certainty and standing tall. He would love the contrast you make against him and the confidence you give him when you're together. He also loves that when he gets shy or embarrassed he can bury his face into your shoulder or hair and you'll be the one laughing with a brave face because you enjoy how cute he's being. He'd also want someone very cuddly. Because he seeks physical comfort, and he would want his partner to be very okay with that happening when he needs it. And although he might not always be completely okay with showing PDA because of how shy he is, his ideal type would also know how to use words to calm him down and make him feel good because you would be smart and linguistic like that.
  • Jun: As predictable as it sounds, Jun would like a bad girl. But not just a "bad girl", a genuinely bad, doesn't give a fuck, bad attitude kind of girl. The kind of girl that the rest of the boys and Pledis would hate and probably ask him to stop seeing. Mostly because he would like the thrill. This is the kid who 9/10 legitimately thinks he's a vampire, so if he found a girl who smoked and had dozens of piercings and tattoos and swore more than his little ears could handle, he would want to hold onto you forever. Eventually he would find out you have a whole other side, a softer side, and this would just make him melt, and then you'd never get rid of him. Because as much as fishnets and barbells are appealing, actual emotions are like the jackpot here. And he would follow you around like a lost puppy, hanging on your every word, waiting for your next move, wanting to see just how bad you could get. You just might get sick of him. But he would be a lovesick puppy because being with a bad girl is the closest he's ever really come to living on the edge.
  • Hoshi/Soonyoung: Hoshi would need someone versatile. He can go from literal puppy to walking sex monument in two seconds flat, and he needs someone who can embrace his many sides and roll with them. I can also see him falling for a plus-sized girl. Saying that he enjoys the curves more and that your gorgeous body is part of what captured his attention when the two of you first met. He'd want a girl who is very good at taking care of herself, but can also take care of him when he needs it. He can work long hours and dissolves into a child-like state, and he needs somebody there to pick up the pieces and put him back together at the end of a hard day. He might also like a girl that he has to bring out of her shell a little. Maybe you're more shy around others, around the boys, and from time to time he has to help you loosen up and he loves that about you. He loves the challenge, and he loves the reward of when he finally gets to see the same you in public that he does in private.
  • Wonwoo: He would go for one of two types of girls - he would either date the ultimate goth girl and live out his emo dreams, or he would date the softest, girliest hipster/kawaii girl and defy everyone's expectations. If he dated a goth girl, they would match perfectly in your emo appearance and attitude, and your occasional slips of undeniable cuteness and happiness. Black is the perfect color that goes with everything, so he would love seeing his girlfriend dressed in it every single day, and would delight in finding black lipstick stains on his skin and even items of his clothing. He would also love that he would get to see the cutesy and caring side of you that people never expected when they saw your harsh appearance, and he would always be right their defending you if people judged you too harshly. If he dated a super soft kawaii girl, it would a lot like the cinnamon roll meme. It appears that he could kill you, but he is, in fact, a giant cinnamon roll, and he is protecting you, a perfect cinnamon roll, too good for this earth, too pure. That's what he believes and that's what he upholds. He doesn't let anyone come near you, look at you the wrong way; he doesn't even let anyone speak badly about you when you're not around. You would be his one weakness, and he would both love and hate that about being with you.
  • Woozi/Jihoon: His ideal type is definitely someone who appreciates music. Someone who can listen to his work and it's afraid to give him critical feedback about it, but also isn't afraid to tell him when it's perfect. He wouldn't mind dating someone taller than him. He might even enjoy dating someone taller than him, but continuously claim that it's just a coincidence (I mean he is only 5.3") when in reality he enjoys the bear hugs and feeling so safe all wrapped up in you. He's the type of guy to feel confident and secure enough that he doesn't need to be taller than his girlfriend. He would also want a to date a girl that he finds genuinely interesting. Whether this be because you're into the arts, or because you're athletic, he'd find something about you and then from there, he would want to learn everything about you. He'd study you like it was his job. He also might prefer a girl with coloured/pastel hair so that you could match and be ultra cute together.
  • DK/Seokmin: DK would want to date a sporty girl. He would love everything about you from the fact that you always wear ponytails to your muscle tone to your yoga pants (probably especially the yoga pants). He would watch you jogging by one day and be hooked. He'd want to know your name, everything about you, and the fact that you might not be much of a talker only baited him so much more. He would love dancing with you and trying out all the sports that you're into, even if he sucks at them. And in the rare moments that he could get you to open up, that he could get into your mind instead of the physical aspect of your being, he would feel so rewarded he would be over the moon. He would also love the times that you dressed up. Seeing you all the time in sportswear, you always looked amazing no matter what, but when you dressed up, it always shocked and amazed him, and reminded him that he was so lucky to have you.
  • Mingyu: He would probably like a really quiet, shy girl. As cheesy as it is, he would be the type of guy to dream about finding the introverted girl and sweeping her off her feet. He would probably think it's so romantic and dreamy to pick up a girl at a coffee shop or a book store and all the other boys would make fun of him because deep down he's just a sucker for John Green and Twilight. He would want to find a girl who would blush whenever you looked at him and giggle at all his jokes and used her hair to hide her face out of shyness. He'd be a sucker for a girl who had sweater paws and stared at her shoes and spent a lot of time reading or writing and liked watching old movies. He'd get weak in the knees for a girl like that.
  • The8/Minghao: I can't really pin down his ideal type. He is a puppy, but at the same time he's very mature, so I feel that he'd be very versatile when it came to girl. He mostly would probably wouldn't care what his girlfriend looked like because he believes that all girls are beautiful in their own way. But if he fell for someone, he would fall hard and fast. You would sweep him off his feet, probably within days, and he wouldn't know what hit him. He might even think he was getting the flu with how lovesick he was feeling. He wouldn't be able to get you off his mind and he would come to the undeniable conclusion - you had captured his heart. You were his ideal type.
  • Seungkwan: He'd want someone sassy. He is the king of sass, and he'd want someone who could at least try and compete with him and his sassy antics. This also means you would have to have a very good sense of humor, because even though he can be very serious, he loves his jokes. He would also need someone to help keep him calm, because he gets very tense and aggravated (especially when asked to do aegyo) and he'd need someone who knows how to calm him with words and simple touches. I also think he'd want his girlfriend to be stylish. Because, let's be honest, out of all the boys I think he'd be the one to most pay attention to what his girlfriend is wearing. So if his girlfriend has a very defined sense of self style and image, he would be very proud to be around her and show her off to everyone.
  • Vernon/Hansol: I feel like he would actually go after a very nerdy girl. On stage he's all "$wag $wag money" but he's actually just a huge dork, so I feel like a nerdy girl would be the perfect match for him. Someone who would watch anime with him and obnoxiously scream the themes, someone who would poke fun at him and not mind being mocked as well. He probably also thinks that glasses are hot, so he would embrace that in a girl. He's got plenty of confidence, he's maybe even a little cocky, so he needs someone who will knock him down a few notches and remember to keep him level headed. He would love someone who's really smart, who can teach him things, someone who's very energetic like himself, very enthusiastic about life. I also feel like he'd be very into just sitting and listening to you talk for hours about what your passionate about - whether it's TV shows, or the book you're reading, or stars - he'd just want to listen because it would give him peace and it would give him a chance to learn more about you.
  • Dino/Chan: He's the little maknae (which nobody will ever forget) so he needs somebody who will balance him. Somebody who can be funny and immature with him when the time is right, but also somebody who can be serious and talk about serious things when he needs that. I also feel that he's still uncertain - he's still young and shaping his confidence, so he needs someone who's not afraid to shower him with compliments to help him boost his confidence over time. He would also need to date someone who shares his interests (dancing, music) but can also introduce him to new ones that you can explore together and use to bond. Overall he needs someone stable. He wouldn't do well at all with someone playing with his feelings, he needs someone to be straight with him (where some of the older boys might like "the chase"). Dino would probably also like someone very girly who wears skirts and has longer hair.
  • AN: yeah so this is the obvious thing so post under kpop, right? sorry if it's kind of all over the place, i tried. i also tried to make it a little more unique than other ones i've seen and i genuinely tried to imagine what each of the boys types are. pls lemme know what you think! <3

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Kackaaaaaaaa I love you, you're THE BEST! Happy birthday! Promt for Bellarke: we have friends with benefits relationship (even though I secretly love you) but now I'm pregnant and I don't know how to tell you bc I'm afraid that you'll freak out.

Ahhh thanks! <333 Hope you like it! (ao3)


Clarke only feels moderately weird about letting herself into Wells and Bellamy’s apartment when she knows they’re not home.

On the one hand, the spare key they gave her is supposed to be for emergencies. On the other hand, she’d definitely consider being covered in someone else’s vomit an emergency.

When she applied to teach elementary school art, she’d known she’d probably come home messy most days. But with paint, and clay, and glue stuck to her skin. Not from a kid accidentally losing his lunch on her when he came to say he didn’t feel well.

It ended up being more show than tell.

Her principal had given her the go-ahead to cancel the rest of her classes for the day, but going home meant becoming the vomit lady on the bus, and it’s just so much easier for her to go two blocks over to use her friends’ shower.

Wells is the most generous person she knows; she can’t imagine he’d say no if she asked. And Bellamy… well, they’re not exactly close. He’s mostly just Wells’s roommate, Octavia’s brother, the friend in her group she’s least connected to. But he’s a teacher too, and the ultimate Mom friend. Even if he made fun of her endlessly, even if he bickered her into buying him a beer in exchange for the slight addition to his water bill, even if she had to face his smug smile, he wouldn’t actually bar her from using his shower in a time of crisis such as this.

None of those things are out of character for Bellamy. He loves giving her a hard time, and she’s had enough of that today. Which is why she doesn’t text them for permission first.

Instead, she smothers the slightly guilty feeling in the pit of her stomach, dumps her clothes in the wash, and lets out a long, shuddering breath when she steps under the spray.

It feels a little weirder when she reaches for the shampoo on the shelf. It’s just– she hasn’t had a significant other, or even a one night stand, in quite a while. The last time she used someone else’s products, allowing someone else’s scent to cling to her skin and hair, was ages ago.

“Too long ago, apparently,” she grumbles to herself, working her hair into a lather. “Maybe it’s time to get you laid, Griffin.”

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Mafia AU: BTS' reaction to their S/O being the little sister of the rival gang leader and when their brother tries to hurt the member they kill their own brother.
  • WARNING: I KNOW Y'ALL WOULDN'T KILL YOUR BROTHERS SO DON'T ATTACK ME. THIS IS MERELY A REQUEST THAT LOOKED INTERESTING AND I DID IT. OK now, Yo. This title. I Hope this is what you wanted, this gon be my first time writing a Mafia thing. Please send feedback if you can guys. ~ ♥♥
  • ————————
  • Jin/Kim Seokjin:
  • Very shocked that you would kill your own family member for him. He watched as you took out the gun He had given you only to protect yourself but here you are protecting him shooting your brother for him. He was planning on killing him sooner or later but this wasn't the way anyone thought it would go down.
  • Jin: Wasn't that your brother? You just..
  • You: He.. He was going to hurt you a..and I was scared. I'm sorry.
  • Jin: You don't need to apologize. -He holds your hand-
  • You: -You look at Jin unable to stare at your dead brother any longer- I killed him. Was it.. right for me to.. kill him?
  • Jin: It was right. I'm sure it was the right decision.
  • ~~~~~~~~~~
  • Suga/Min Yoongi:
  • He would think hard about what you just did. Killing your brother for him, he felt some happiness but also some worry. Exactly how far would you go to protect him? You were willing to kill a blood relative for him, would you die for him??
  • Yoongi: Y/n? -You were still holding the gun up, looking at your brother in shock-
  • Yoongi: You can put the gun down. -He takes it from your hands- It's done now.
  • You: I shot him.
  • Yoongi: You did.
  • You: I.. -Still staring at your brother-
  • Yoongi: -He wraps his arm around your shoulders- Let's go, there's no need to stay any longer.
  • ~~~~~~~~~~
  • J-Hope/Jung Hoseok:
  • He watched the argument go down. He'd be confused as to how you gathered enough mental strength do such a thing. Even he would hesitate if he had to kill family. You didn't seem too proud of your decision anyway though.
  • Hobi: Are you okay?
  • You: Sure, killing my brother was simple. Of course I'm not okay Hoseok.
  • Hobi: I was planning on killing him at some point anyway.
  • You: Hoseok! -You smack his arm-
  • Hobi: It's the truth. -He holds your face-
  • Hobi: Let's get home. I believe I have something pleasurable at home that'll make you feel better, kitten.
  • ~~~~~~~~
  • Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon:
  • He was extremely worried about you, He saw tears go down your face as you held the gun up. He thought you wouldn't be able to do it but you did it, he wanted to know what you were thinking and feeling that made you shoot your brother for him.
  • Namjoon: Baby? It's okay, calm down.
  • You: I killed him. I killed my brother. I'm so sorry. I'm sorry. My god.
  • Namjoon: Sh. Come here. -He holds you tightly against him- You protected me. I love you for that. I love you and appreciate you. Thank you, baby. Thank you.
  • You: Namjoon I'm scared, wasn't there another way? I don't..
  • Namjoon: Maybe there was but what's done is done okay? He was dangerous, his death was coming anyway.
  • ~~~~~~~~~
  • Jimin/Park Jimin:
  • Smiling, shocked, as a Mafia boss who has been waiting for this guy to die and for him to be killed by his own sister was too interesting. He of course would make sure you felt okay, although he felt proud of you he also felt worried, you just killed your sibling.
  • Jimin: You okay, honey? -He rubs his thumb against your cheek-
  • You: I feel tired, physically, emotionally, and mentally.
  • Jimin: -Now takes your hand and starts making you walk- We're leaving. You know? At some point someone else was going to kill him.
  • You: I-I guess.. Are you trying to make me feel better?
  • Jimin: Is it working?
  • You: I don't know.
  • Jimin: We'll be in bed in the dark, and after tonight you can tell me if it worked.
  • ~~~~~~~~
  • V/Kim Taehyung:
  • Worried x100 for you. Although you knew what he did, he never expected you to get involved this much. After doing that he would immediately run towards and hold your face asking you if you're Okay.
  • Tae: Do you know what you did? Are you okay? Can you move?
  • You: I killed him.. I don't know. Oh my god I killed him.. Taehyung I killed him! -Mental breakdown-
  • Tae: Sh. Sh. Y/n listen to me. Calm down I know it's hard but just listen. I believe you did it for a good reason. You did this feeling that it was right.
  • You: Was it? Was it right?
  • Tae: ... Yes, It was right.
  • ~~~~~~~
  • Jungkook/Jeon Jungkook:
  • Jungkook was a cold mafia leader; he never thought you had the heart to kill a sibling for him but apparently you did and that made him quite moved. He looked at you trying to figure out how you felt about your decision. Trying to see if you regretted what you did.
  • Kook: You did good.
  • You: -Unable to say anything-
  • Kook: -Rubbing your shoulders- I know it's hard to process but I promise you this was the correct decision.
  • Kook: Staring at him isn't going to change what happened to him.
  • You: -Still shocked, unable to speak or move-
  • Kook would end up having to carry you back. He understood what had just happened and some of how you felt. He hopes you'll feel better about your decision someday.
  • ~~~~~~
  • Note: I tried to make all of them have different reactions so that I could maybe catch one your personality's. 💙
Safe Haven sentence starters
  • "I don't know what we're heading towards, but I know my heart is all yours."
  • "All my friends tell me I'd be better off on my own, and sometimes I believe 'em."
  • "I can never leave him."
  • "Mixed signals, they're killing me."
  • "You knock and I let you in."
  • "Loving you is my greatest sin."
  • "I see it in your eyes, you wanna run."
  • "I don't know why I love you."
  • "I don't know why I stay."
  • "I don't know if its worth the pain."
  • "Even when you slam the door and drive away, I still set the table for two."
  • "Babe, you know I'm waiting on you."
  • "I believe you every time."
  • "I've never known anybody like you."
  • "I've never dreamed of nobody like you."
  • "I've heard of a love that comes once in a lifetime, and I'm pretty sure that you are that love of mine."
  • "I'm in a field of dandelions, wishing on every one that you'll be mine."
  • "I see forever in your eyes."
  • "I feel okay when I see you smile."
  • "I think that you are the one for me."
  • "It gets so hard to breathe when you're looking at me."
  • "I've never felt so alive and free."
  • "When you're looking at me, I've never felt so happy."
  • "I feel bad inside knowing this is all built on lies."
  • "I feel like an awful person."
  • "We're forcing love that don't exist."
  • "This is so unrighteous."
  • "This is so not like us."
  • "Love at first sight that was gone at the end of night."
  • "We both know that this is going to end."
  • "No chance we're going to make it."
  • "Can we fake it?"
  • "Even though I know you're not the one, this has really been a lot of fun."
  • "I don't really like you, but I still choose to stay."
  • "You still play the part so well."
  • "You're really cute, I must admit."
  • "I need something deeper than this."
  • "I wanna know when I'm looking at you that you don't only see the things you want to."
  • "I'm not perfect, I'm flawed, and if you don't like that, get lost."
  • "I don't want it if it's fake, I don't want it if it's just for show."
  • "I just want it if it's real."
  • "This superficial love thing got me going crazy."
  • "Baby if you want me, then you better need me."
  • "I'm so done not being your number one."
  • "If you wanna keep me, then you better treat me like a damn princess, make that an empress."
  • "Fun at first, I won't deny, but I want more than just what meets the eye."
  • "I want authentic, not just for fun."
  • "If this love is plastic, it'll break on us."
  • "I can feel you on my lips all the time."
  • "I just wanna feel you in my heart and on my mind."
  • "This ain't right."
  • "I feel broken, shattered, and blue, and it's all because of you."
  • "If this is love, why does it break me down?"
  • "It's been a long time since I felt the way that I do now."
  • "I need you, but I don't know how."
  • "It's been a while since I smiled and I meant it from my heart."
  • "The idea of leaving this behind, it tears me apart."
  • "Kiss me now and remind me why I ever wanted to make you mine."
  • "If this is love, why do you break me down?"
  • "You're the other half of my broken heart."
  • "There was a time when I was alone, nowhere to go and no place to call home."
  • "My only friend was the man in the moon, and even sometimes he would go away, too."
  • "He came to me with the sweetest smile, told me he wanted to talk for awhile."
  • "I promise that you'll never be lonely."
  • "Lost boys like me are free."
  • "I realized I finally had a family."
  • "You are my perfect story book."
  • "You are now my home sweet home."
  • "Tonight hope fills our lungs and I can see it in everyone."
  • "The songs use to make us sad, tonight they don't sound so bad."
  • "It feels so good to be young."
  • "I think I'll stay awhile."
  • "I am obsessed with being a mess."
  • "I am in love with being young."
  • "I don't know what the future holds."
  • "I can't believe its been all these years."
  • "My friends tell me I should've moved on a long long time ago, but what do they know?"
  • "I don't mean to be selfish, but my heart breaks every time that I see you smile 'cause I know that it's not me
  • Who brings it out of you anymore."
  • "You found somebody new, you put me in the past."
  • "I don't know if our memories will last."
  • "If by chance it doesn't work out with her, you'll always have a chance with me."
  • "I wonder what happens when you hear our song, do you brush it away or do you sing along?"
  • "Do you talk about the future the way we did?"
  • "You'll always have a chance with me in my world."
  • "Is it so wrong of me to hope she breaks your heart?"
  • "Is it so wrong of me to pray she tears you apart?"
  • "I know in the darkest part of you, you pray and hope and wish for it, too."
  • "You don't mean to be selfish, but your heart breaks every time that you see me smile 'cause you know its not you who brings it out of me anymore."
  • "So casually you walked into my universe."
  • "Hey, you got some pretty brown eyes."
  • "I couldn't help but smile and I think that's the moment it all happened."
  • "Love turned into games, and games turned into heartbreak, and heartbreak turned into war."
  • "Darling, all is fair in love and war."
  • "You meant the world to me."
  • "I'll be your fighter if you say so."
  • "I don't get why we're meant to fall in love, then say goodbye."
  • "Gave you all my heart and all my precious time."
  • "I can picture you in your blue jeans, looking right at me with that gorgeous smile."
  • "I couldn't see the lies and the things that you would hide."
  • "You love so mercilessly."
  • "Here's to everything we ever were."
  • "I got the greatest weapon of all - a broken heart."
  • "Let me hold you for the day and let you know that its okay, give you all the love and peace that you usually send my way."
  • "When its dark for you, don't know what to do, just know you're my light."
  • "When the world is caving, baby you're my safe haven."
  • "On my darkest day I know you'll be my shine."
  • "You're my safe haven."
  • "Love at first sight, it exists."
  • "I've had my heart broken so many times before."
  • "I'll call you in the morning if I see you in my dreams tonight."
  • "I don't even know your name."
  • "I vowed not to let anyone enter my heart."
  • "I know love at first sight can't exist."
  • "Maybe we'll meet in a different dimension and you can tell me all the things you didn't mention."
  • "Maybe we'll meet in a different dimension."
  • "I saw you in my dreams."
  • "I guess that I was scared of what I was before us."
  • "Guess you were my only blemish."
  • "For the first time I don't mind that you found somebody else."
  • "For the first time I'm totally fine being by myself."
  • "I was my best when I was with you."
  • "Would you believe me if I told you that I'm over it?"

lizanime3  asked:

Stop that it tickles with dianakko

“Stop that, it tickles.”

Diana tried to ignore her wife’s hands on her sides and warm lips on her neck to focus on the papers she had to fill in. Chariot and Finneran were away from school for a few days, so the Headmistress had to do all of the paperwork by herself. Honestly, she’d never known that running a school required so many papers to read, correct, sign, send to the good person and redo all that two days later because she missed something or they suddenly needed more infos. She felt like, if she could just burn each and every one of these papers, she would cry from happiness. 

Diana had always been hard working and patient, but everything has its limits and, unfortunately, it felt like she almost reached hers. That may be why her wife tried to surprise her with a slice of her favourite cake and a cup of relaxing tea. But the blonde witch was already so stressed and had so many things to think about, she couldn’t enjoy the treats, so she set them aside and tried to get back to work. “Tried” being the key-word : Akko did everything she could think of to take the Headmistress away from the damn papers and help her relax, leading to the current situation with a brown-haired performer tickling her wife with her hands and lips. Unfortunately, this strategy didn’t work either.

Pouting, Akko settled to wrap her arms loosely around her wife while she tried to think of a new way to distract Diana. The blonde sighed and got back to work, trying to do as much as she could until her wife found a new idea to take her away from the evil papers.

Suddenly, Akko’s head jumped from her spot on Diana’s shoulder. She had just decided what she would do next. To Diana’s surprise, Akko walked to the door, opened it, and then walked back to the blonde’s desk. Before the prodigy could ask what was going on, her wife had already taken her in her arms, bridal style, and started to walk towards the door. Shocked, Diana had to process what was happening for a few seconds -her last twenty hours without sleep not helping her to think faster- before she started screaming incoherent words to make Akko release her. She had a job to get done, she couldn’t just walk away from it ! But the brunette wasn’t listening, too focused on not dropping her wife before they reached the bedroom. Fortunately, the Headmistress’ chambers were only a few doors away from her office.

Soon, Diana was unceremoniously dropped on her bed, her wife climbing on it and straddling her lap before she could even try to get away.

“Diana, you need to rest. I won’t move from here until you’ve got at least twelve hours of sleep. Understood ?”

It was rare for Akko to look so serious, even years after their graduation. It almost made Diana consider taking a nap. But no, she didn’t have time for that, she had so many things to do !

“Akko, I need to get back to work. Please, move.

- No.

- Akko-


To end the conversation, Akko let herself fall on her wife, her weight keeping the blonde from moving away. Diana found it difficult to breathe, but knew that Akko wouldn’t move even if she asked her, too focused on keeping the blonde witch away from her office. Diana sighed, ready to try anayway, but was cut off by her lover :

“I know that work is important, but your health and wellbeing is too. Don’t sacrifice it for the sake of those goddamn papers. Please.”

Diana’s heart broke upon hearing the love of her life sounding so pleading, almost desperate. The prodigy decided to forget the papers for a while and hugged her wife tightly, making sure to let her know, with this simple gesture, that Diana was just fine.

“It’s just for a week, Akko. It won’t kill me. Chariot and Finneran will be back soon and everything will go back to normal.

- Still. Even if it’s just for a week, you shouldn’t work so hard. You need to rest.

- I’m fine. Come on, just let me get back to work. I swear I’ll come back here to sleep before the sun sets, okay ?

- Hmmm… Nope.”

Akko propeled herself up on her elbows, a devilish grin adorning her face. Diana gulped loudly, mentally preparing herself for her wife’s next move. That didn’t keep her from bursting out laughing when Akko started to tickle her, though. The blonde tried to get away, but Akko left her no chance. Diana couldn’t even ripost since her wife pinned her arms down on the bed. She could only endure her punishment for not taking care of herself, laughing alongside Akko, not wanting the moment to end despite her claims.

Two minutes later, Akko stopped her assault, cheeks red from laughter and eyes sparkling with joy. She looked down at her panting wife who was pretty much in the same state. In this moment, both women felt like they were sixteen again, enjoying some quality time together by just laughing, making silly jokes and being happy.

Akko laid down beside her wife, still out of breath after laughing so much. The two lovers shared a knowing, tender gaze before leaning closer to each other, so close that their breaths mingled together. Their lips touched, parted, found each other again and again and again, their kisses becoming more tender and loving, but also passionnate by the second. Their bodies were pressed impossibly close to each other, as if the two women were trying to meld into one being.

After a few minutes spent showing their undying love to each other, Akko and Diana parted, stared lovingly at the other and silently agreed to stay here and sleep, boring papers completely forgotten.

Love Letters for the Signs
  • Aries:
  • do you remember that time that we went to the river and everyone was jumping off the edge of the bank and we argued for ten minutes about who was going to go first because you wanted to and i said that i did too well i was actually terrified but i wanted to go first and make sure it was safe for you because you mean everything to me
  • Taurus:
  • i forgot to eat today i forgot to eat today and yesterday and im sitting on my bed wondering why i can't remember to feed myself and i realised it's because you're not here and i miss you and i know that i should learn to take care of myself but im afraid that if i do you'll never need to come back so please come back before i starve
  • Gemini:
  • i used to hate the way that you made me yell down the stairs after i made a loud noise to let you know that i was okay and sometimes i'd yell as soon as I dropped the laptop/desk drawer/picture frame to beat you to the shouting bit but for the last thirty minutes I've been sporadically dropping all of my book down the stairs hoping you'll call up because i want to hear your voice
  • Cancer:
  • there's a sound that you make that i try to avoid at all costs because the first time that I heard it i froze i froze inside of it and i let it's beautiful anguish swaddle me until i was sure that i would drown inside you and that was okay but i swore that if i survived i would never make you sad and i survived so please love me back
  • leo:
  • i've never been able to understand the way that you look at me like you are going to swallow me whole between sips of your coffee so sometimes/always i try to remind you that i'm poisonous and i always try to remind you that i'm defective and you always kiss me hard in the middle of my forehead and i think that's why i'll never stop loving you
  • virgo:
  • let's make a bet that in ten years i'll still be sleeping next to you every night and if you win and i'm not sleeping next to you every night then you get to break into my tastefully large and likely extremely expensive house and curl up beside me because you know i still save the left side of the bed for you and if i win and i'm still sleeping next to you every night then we'll call it even because i already have everything i've ever wanted
  • Libra:
  • every time that you touch me i feel my skin go translucent under your finger tips and i remember what it is like to feel skin against my skin and i know that you can see right through me and i know that you know what I'm thinking but it doesn't really matter because i felt your skin against my skin and i know that nothing will feel real until you touch me again
  • Scorpio:
  • the last time that i saw you was in a dream and for some reason i thought that if i could talk to dream you then maybe dream you could give real you a message from me and i was just wondering if it worked and if it did then why haven't i heard from you so just in case it didn't work i told dream you to tell real you that i haven't forgotten us
  • Sagittarius:
  • have you ever wondered what would have happened if we had never met do you think that we would be okay like do you think that we would find happiness without each other because i was thinking about it and i think that i would still feel like something was missing even if i didn't know that it was my most important something
  • Capricorn:
  • So I'm sitting on the curb nursing another twisted knee and i realise that even though i know that you could leave me broken i will still follow you to the ends of the earth and through every stitched cut and relocated shoulder that would have never been dislocated if we had just stayed on the path like i had suggested i'll remember our first night when you taught me to nurse my wounds and fade old scars and it will be worth it
  • Aquarius:
  • sometimes i wish that i could burrow through your iris to the part of your skull where you feel all of the secrets and regrets slowly spilling into the stomach acid that you pretend you aren't choking on and i'm hoping that you'll find relief if i take some of the pressure but you have to let me in because i promise your demons don't scare me
  • Pisces:
  • you've always made the decisions when it comes to what we are going to eat or who's bed we're going to sleep in and i guess it's because i'm never really sure of anything and sometimes i'm afraid of what might happen if i make the wrong choice but with you i feel safe and i want you to know that even though i'm never really sure of anything i'm completely sure of this so maybe just trust me this time

looveel-realm  asked:

I love love love your exorcist!Sorey and Malak!Mikleo. This is totally awesome ! Do you think you could write more ? (like Sorey and Mikleo training maybe ? Mikleo helping Sorey to learn how to fight without his eye ) I'm sorry if you don't take request, I'm just really hyped for this AU and I hope you'll write more !

I’m glad you love it so much, and I totally take requests. (Here are the other parts of the AU: 1 - 2 - 3).

Fighting was easy. He had been raised training with a sword, first in his father’s house and then when he had entered the Abbey. People would have talked if the great Shepherd Heldalf’s son didn’t know his way around some kind of weapon. And, as an exorcist, his sword had been his lifeline against daemons, if only because he hadn’t been willing to risk his malakhim. But that had all been before.

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braveprincess-rebelprince  asked:

Hi friend, here to try and help with that annoying black hole writer block thing ✨ Prompt: do you you still remember the way we used to feel? Bellarke because I'm trash xoxo

The last six years had been a difficult challenge for Bellamy. Thinking he would never see Clarke again and worrying about Octavia, Bellamy tried to face his new challenge and become a true leader. To do this, he had to simultaneously listen to both his heart and mind. He had to act as Clarke would have, while remaining faithful to his system of values.

Although he still felt emptiness after Clarke’s supposed death, he returned to Earth hoping that everything would work out. Since he could manage with his life in space, coming back to Earth didn’t seem that hard. And it wasn’t; not until he saw her. Until he found out that she was not only alive, but she had waited for him for all those years.

His hope died a long time ago, while her hope kept her alive.

After a long day full of explanations, touching greetings and short stories about the years spent apart, a silent night came. When Raven, Murphy, Emori, Echo, Monty, Harper and a new friend of Clarke, Madi, fell asleep, Bellamy sat down by the fire. After a moment Clarke joined him, sitting so close that if he reached out his hand, he would touch her short hair. He liked her new hairstyle.

“I guess you also have a problem with falling asleep,” Bellamy smiled slightly, still not believing that she was really there. On the Ark, he had sometimes imagined that moment. What would he do, what would he tell her if she was alive? But now, when she was with him, safe and sound, he didn’t know how to behave. It had been 6 years. Were they still the same people?

“I’ve waited for that day for a long time,” she admitted, putting her hands closer to the fire to warm them up. “It’s not a surprise that I can’t sleep. I think I’m too happy.”

Bellamy looked away from the fire to glance at her. He was happy too. One look at her still beautiful face was enough to make his heart fill with happiness. There was also pain inside him, the one he couldn’t describe. He felt as if he regained something important, but at the same time, it was still out of his reach. Was it possible to be happy and suffer at the same time?

“Do you still remember the way we used to feel?” Clarke reciprocated his gaze, and the light of the flames played in her eyes.

As if it wasn’t enough that his heart was ripped apart between two contradictory feelings, Bellamy took a deep breath, wondering what was the point of such a mysterious question.


“I do,” she said, looking away while he couldn’t take his eyes off her. “I remember what I felt when I told you that you have to follow not only your heart but your brain too. I remember what I felt when you hugged me. I remember what I felt when I saw you for the last time.”

He hid his face in his hands, afraid of the feelings that flooded him. Of course, he remembered. He remembered every moment, every word, every feeling that her presence aroused.

“I felt a lot back then,” Clarke continued. Bellamy heard the sadness in her voice. “The fear that I will not see you again, the hope that everything will be okay. Most of all, I was afraid that my words would not suffice. I should have told you what I really felt, Bellamy. Show you how important you were-”

“Hey,” he interrupted her, lifting his head. She stared at him unsteadily. Without thinking, he grabbed her hand. Her touch was still familiar and soothing. As if they never parted. “You’ve done enough, okay? Without your special world, I wouldn’t survive those years.”

Clarke shook her head, placing her other hand on his cheek. Bellamy shivered under her touch as she laid a finger on his lips.

“No, Bellamy, it’s not what I mean.” Her voice changed into a whisper as she leaned toward him. Their faces were now separated only by centimeters. “There wasn’t a day, during these six years, when I didn’t regret not kissing you.”

So she felt the same way. When the truth came to his consciousness, a weight of unspoken love fell from his heart.

“I’m asking you again, Bellamy. Do you remember?”

“I do,” Bellamy whispered and before he could add anything, her lips found his.

She smelled of grass and smoke as he drew her even closer. Clarke caught his face in her hands and deepened the kiss. Suffering slowly began to leave his body, he could finally relax a little. His shoulder was no longer a burden of great responsibility, from now he could share it with her. In his heart, there was no hidden love because, in the end, she disclosed.

Shortly after, they fell asleep under the starry sky; Clarke in his arms, Bellamy holding her tight. For the first time in six years, their sleep was peaceful.

Love and some Verses

Title: Love and some Verses
Ship: Gamzee Makara ♥ Tavros Nitram, (a ton of) Other Characters & Ships
Chapter: 1/? (i’m solely going to post the first one on tumblr)

Your name is Gamzee Makara and…

You look up from your stencil, chewing on your favourite pencil, your dark, hazel eyes annoyed at your black haired friend and her shorter, blonde partner.

“Motherfuck. Rose colored roses. Where’s that all up and coming from?”

“Gamz, I think it is pretty obvious where that is coming from,” Kanaya replied, giving the girl standing right next to her a heart-warming smile.

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Dreams of absolution
  • This song... why does it have so much power on me? it makes me feel nostalgic and tear up... why? why do i relate me and my oc alot with Silver in that case? let us begin
  • Like... "in the nightlight do you see what you dream..." its when i was tearing up, the intro of those instrumental opening is too powerfull. it refers, im an dreamer but it asks for me, what are your dreams?
  • later you have 'if you were able would you change the past?' like... wow... to fix peoples mistakes for the good...
  • and other... 'everynight i will make it right' referes.. like, when i see something wrong i help, even if i can get killed 'everynight i will be with you' is because, to dont turn up an friend, not leaving them alone, help them
  • '... if we all can try to change the past, only you know if you'll be together' it refers... oh boy... to the people i faced with and even some crushes i had, i wanted to change something i did,like my beavior or my looks to get better next time
  • 'happyness lies down with misery' it means, like... one of my lines, no pain no game, happyness is an long trial full of suffer
  • 'and who knows about our future?' like, what will us be? together of splitted, how are we gonna be? we will change?
  • 'if we all try to change the past' redeem ourselves from our escapes and errors, being better
  • ''cause every night i will still lay awake' thinking, fighting, what will happend, it takes the sleep out
  • 'in my dreams... of absolution' what i really dream, an conclusion, an happy ending, an end!
  • And Sonic 06, i relate it with the song and reminds me of Soleana, an city of water, that remenbers me an city that i love and where is most part of my family, i miss it, my childhood. and then, crisis city. the proof that changes happend, extreme ones. My family in that area changed to chaotic. i always cried when thinking of that before and that music reminds me of that... it has too much power...
  • it makes me feel happy, sad, melancolic, nostalgic, thoughtfull, emocional. all of that... i relate myself with the song, i relate with Silver, Hugo does too and he is based on me.
  • But on the expression of the voice, it says, there is still hope, there will be redemption, absolution. There was better eras but even in dark ones there can be bright futures, if we work hard, to redeem our actions, being the best we can to others and ourselves. Its really powerfull to me... but when i see, someone like me... i tear up, what is this person suffering?! how he also is handling it?!
  • Silver is my fav character for those reasons, i relate with hin alot
  • i am naive and sometimes foolish, i am emocional but never give up, i would do everything for my allies and friends, im an fighter, even with alot of scars and at the last im an dreamer... for absolution, that all of we desire
So I have a habit of livetexting everything I read/watch to the person who got me into it, and it's generally regarded as quite amusing. My dear friend Mycroft recently got me into Young Wizards, and he suggested that I put one of my livetexts up on Tumblr as my introduction into the fandom. So here goes "Iago reads High Wizardry" (lightly edited to make reading easier).
  • Iago: *picks up High Wizardry* Here we go.
  • Iago: Oh god. Setting up a computer in the nineties. This should be fun.
  • Iago: Dari wearing a Star Wars shirt makes me incredibly happy.
  • Iago: Nita's parents affronted by the fact that Dari can set up the computer without instructions is just perfect.
  • Mycroft: Dairine is the best Star Wars nerd.
  • Iago: She also likes X-Men, which is perfect.
  • Iago: "The sure way to make the world work for you was to know everything. Dairine sat home and busied herself with conquering the world." New favorite character? I think so.
  • Mycroft: I think she became like half the fandom's favorite character at that exact moment. Myself included--I can definitely relate.
  • Iago: *laughs* At least I'm in good company, then.
  • Iago: I hope Dari eventually conquers the world. We couldn't have a better ruler.
  • Mycroft: Amen to THAT.
  • Iago: Oh sweet lord Dari took the Oath we're all toast.
  • Iago: Dari with a lightsaber is a terrifying thought.
  • Iago: Dari's going to have an affinity for computer systems, isn't she?
  • Iago: Awwwww, Nita's upset that Kit didn't notice her new boobs!
  • Mycroft: Also consider this- since Dari took the Oath, she could probably make a lighsaber out of wizardry if she really wanted.
  • Iago: Oh sweet minty Jesus we're fucked.
  • Iago: Oh look, Dari's created a second computer.
  • Mycroft: It's always good to have backups...
  • Iago: It's her Wizard's manual, isn't it?
  • Mycroft: I'm saying nothingggggg.
  • Iago: It's totally her manual. It's fucking taking her to Mars as we speak,
  • Mycroft: Okay yes. That is a thing.
  • Iago: Obviously that means she has an affinity for computers. I'm a writer. i know these things.
  • Iago: It also means that she might have and easier time with wizardry that Kit and Nita, because she just has to command the computer.
  • Mycroft: Brace yourself for the "computer wizard" puns. They're gonna happen.
  • Iago: YUS
  • Iago: How convenient is it that two of the *four* North American Senior Wizards live within relative spitting distance of our main characters?
  • Iago: Wait, puberty gives you more power? Fuck, why wasn't *I* a wizard? That could have made things a hell of a lot easier.
  • Iago: Souls are one to a customer *on this planet*? The hell does that mean?
  • Mycroft: It's a big, weird Universe out there...
  • Iago: Fair play to you.
  • Iago: Ah, the trouble with going to a place about which you know nothing: you find yourself talking to the luggage. I wouldn't be surprised if, at some point, Dari used the wrong verbs and ended up kissing a complete stranger.
  • Iago: Ah, planet-hopping youth. Always expecting something they're familiar with, when someone more experienced would know not to expect anything.
  • Iago: "Tentacled" being used as a way to describe how people get around brings me much joy.
  • Mycroft: SAME. Also, welcome to the Crossings. You'll be seeing a lot of it.
  • Iago: Oh boy. That sounds ominous.
  • Mycroft: Well, I mean it's a popular travel hub.
  • Iago: Fair enough.
  • Iago: Oh my god are those actually dinosaurs.
  • Iago: Holy shit it's like a bloodhound but it's a dinosaur yes good I approve of this.
  • Iago: Oh shit, now she's covering her trail. How the hell are Kit and Nita going to fin her
  • Iago: God, this galaxy sounds beautiful.
  • Iago: Kit and Nita in a "permanent partnership". *waggles eyebrows*
  • Mycroft: INDEED.
  • Mycroft: They're so adorably awkward.
  • Iago: Especially at thirteen and fourteen. This is perfect.
  • Iago: And we're back to Nita considering asking Kit what he thinks about "things".
  • Mycroft: Bless her beautiful relatable awkwardness.
  • Iago: Yes, Tom, tell the magical children to go to major law enforcement authorities. That can't possibly backfire in your face.
  • Iago: planet-sized computer chip = yes good.
  • Mycroft: Wasn't it terrifying when Dairine thought she'd fried her Manual. Stranded in the middle of a distant unexplored planet is not the greatest time for that.
  • Iago: It was too far from the end of the book for her to be dead just yet.
  • Iago: Ah! She's teaching it and everything is beautiful and nothing hurts.
  • Iago: Oo! Dairine's manual is learning, too!
  • Iago: Oh god is she going to make the planet a wizard
  • Mycroft: ...MAYBE
  • Iago: Goody.
  • Mycroft: By the way, you didn't say anything about the Doctor's cameo...
  • Iago: Oh, of *course* that was him. I was wondering why he felt familiar. Which incarnation was that supposed to be?
  • Mycroft: Five. He's Diane Duane's favorite.
  • Iago: Ahhhh. Makes sense why I didn't quite catch it, then. I've never seen a Five story, and I really know very little about him.
  • Iago: oh god it was a *birthing* room?
  • Iago: "Kit, I didn't do it for you 'some'. I did it for you 'pretty much'."
  • Mycroft: YES GOOD JOIN US
  • Iago: Also, That Fucker just blew up a star to kill Kit and Nita. How rude.
  • Mycroftt: Are we calling the Lone Power That Fucker now because I totally approve
  • Iago: We totally can. I figured that capitalizing the first letters of any creative epithet I come up with would get the point across.
  • Mycroft: And it totally did.
  • Iago: Aw, Dairine's making friends with the circuit turtles!
  • Mycroft: With!
  • Iago: Is that its name?
  • Iago: Apparently not. Too bad, that would have been cute.
  • Iago: Gigo's nice, too, though
  • Iago: Mycroft I want a circuit turtle
  • Iago: Oh my god Dairine has just created a new race.
  • Mycroft: YUP
  • Iago: Good lord she *could* take over the world.
  • Mycroft: I would probably support this.
  • Iago: We wouldn't be able to stop her. We probably wouldn't *want* to stop her.
  • Iago: Oh dear god the circuit turtles are going to take over the Universe
  • Mycroft: I think it's more like... reprogramming
  • Iago: They're going to remake the whole damn thing!
  • Iago: I legitimately do not know what the Lone Asshat wants from this encounter.
  • Iago: Oh my god Dari has just used one of my favorite lines.
  • Iago: "You're so full of it that if you had eyes, they'd be brown."
  • Iago: Ah, mental contact. Solves everyone's problems
  • Iago: *flailing* Dari!
  • Iago: Nita and Kit showed up in the nick of time, and honest to god I was waiting for a, "Surprise, bitch."
  • Iago: "One might be intending to cripple or destroy that Power, but there was no need to be rude about it."
  • Iago: AND WHY NOT
  • Iago: RUDE IS FUN
  • Iago: PEACH
  • Iago: *incoherent shrieking*
You'll wait your turn, and then some.

(warning: long story)

I went to an outdoor event with my girlfriend last weekend. They had people parking on the grass near the event grounds, and there was only one way to get back out onto the main road once it was done. Since cars were arranged in rows with varying distances back to the main road, people formed lines with their cars when the event was done to get out.

You’ve probably seen this before. It’s your basic zipper merge. One person goes from one line, the next car goes from the other line. Basic stuff. It got a little bit complicated because there were several lines, however, and at varying lengths. There were a lot of car “tributaries,” but they all fed into one car “river,” essentially.

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You'll wait your turn, and then some.

I went to an outdoor event with my girlfriend last weekend. They had people parking on the grass near the event grounds, and there was only one way to get back out onto the main road once it was done. Since cars were arranged in rows with varying distances back to the main road, people formed lines with their cars when the event was done to get out.

You’ve probably seen this before. It’s your basic zipper merge. One person goes from one line, the next car goes from the other line. Basic stuff. It got a little bit complicated because there were several lines, however, and at varying lengths. There were a lot of car “tributaries,” but they all fed into one car “river,” essentially.

So there’s a woman driving a black truck behind me as we’re exiting. She is obviously not very happy about having to wait to get out. Constantly jutting forward, riding my bumper, etc. At one point I let someone from one of the tributaries in to the main river. Well, she is VERY UNHAPPY about that. She honks for a good second, signalling her displeasure at basic human decency. I don’t think too much of that truck other than that the woman driving it is an asshole. But then, oh boy.

Without warning, the truck starts pulling off to the side of us. I can see what she’s trying to do and I’m just in disbelief. She actually intends to go around us in order to get further up in the line. It’s like a kindergartner cutting in line, except it’s a fully grown woman in a 3 ton truck.

I should mention there are also people streaming through the line of cars, getting back to their cars themselves. It makes everyone go even slower. Truck lady slowly inches forward, ignoring the incredulous looks that passerby are giving her. And then she gets far enough forward that she’s side by side with our car and realizes she can’t actually go any further forward because there’s no space for her humongous tank of a vehicle between us and the car in front. I’m just staring out the window at her this entire time, and she’s ignoring us.

Finally she realizes that this tactic isn’t going to work, and tries pulling off to the side to join a different tributary. Except there’s a big stationary trailer in the way at the end of the row of parked cars. So she’s now facing diagonally to the rest of the cars, caught between us, the trailer, and the other tributary trying to stream into the river. People are now walking around her truck, making a wide berth because of the erratic things she’s doing, moving back and forth like she’s trying to wedge her truck into the line of cars, or at least signal that intention.

Nope, not today. You just blew your chance at getting out of here at a reasonable time, lady. I move to close any gap that she could possibly exploit to get back into the line of cars. It’s not like I’m holding up the line, because there’s something that’s preventing us from moving further up ahead. So no concern. I’m just inconveniencing truck lady, which I’m perfectly happy with.

She realizes she can’t get back into the river she just left to try and find a shortcut, and instead goes forward, toward the other tributary. But she hits the trailer as she’s trying to do it. I see the trailer rock back and forth as she pushes past it. Everyone around us is staring at her now. My girlfriend takes a picture of her license plate in case she does anything even more crazy.

Then a red truck in the tributary she’s trying to get in to jumps forward, closing off a gap between it and the car in front, as if to say “in your dreams, woman.”

So she’s now caught between a rock and a hard place, and I watch as we slowly move forward. Nobody is letting her in. They either saw her pull her maneuver or aren’t sure what the fuck she’s doing. Additionally, she’d have to either back into the river she just left, or make a crazy wide turn in order to align herself with the tributary. With how close everyone is in this makeshift parking lot, that’s not happening.

I hope it took her an hour to get out of there. She deserved it.  

xxxneonsoundxxx  asked:

Ah, I'm not sure if my ask went through because my internet died the moment I tried to send it ;; But if it didn't, here it is again: A kind of half sexy, half cutesy scenario of Yoosung trying to turn MC on and get down and dirty, but it's hard for him to 'cause bandages over one eye give him the dexterity of a dead cat, lol Also, let me say the first scenario I read from you was the break up scenario and it. Wrecked. Me. You write so well! I can't wait to see other amazing things you'll do <3

Ffffffffff yes I’m all for Yoosung missing an eye (that actually sounds really horrible but I haven’t seen it addressed yet in any scenarios or hc’s so I’m so glad you’ve asked me to write this I’ve been absolutely dying to explore him post-good ending) like I hate seeing him get hurt and knowing why but this is my SHIT

I didn’t get the previous ask you sent though so I’m glad you resent it, I really love this prompt! And aaaaa thank you omg omg you’re gonna make me blush~

Okay here we go I’m writing this from the perspective of MC as a girl because it’s the easiest one for me to understand being a girl and all I’m sorry if that bothers anyone. Also I kinda let some of my own personal feelings towards his situation post-good ending slip in so yeah sorry ^^;;;

It’s ever so vaguely nsfw (and also kinda long) so it’s all under the cut.

~✨Mod Honey✨

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The signs as Stress
  • Signs as stresses
  • Aries: Having too much on your plate at once, spreading yourself too thin because you feel like you have to accomplish all your goals and be the best you can be all the time. Cut yourself a break and realize you have your whole life ahead of you. You don't have to be 100% on track every single day, sometimes just taking a day to chill even if it puts you behind a little can be therapeutic and make you even better when you get back to the grind.
  • Taurus: Others changing plans when you had the whole day planned out, things not going the way you want. Trying to control every situation may comfort you, but you can't possibly know what's going to happen all the time. Be more open to new experiences and remember, putting yourself outside your comfort zone can help you grow.
  • Gemini: Trying to figure out what you want to do with your life, deciding what you want to do as a career or where you want to end up in life. Nobody knows who they are the moment they're born. Life is about growing and learning and trying new things. You are a work in progress and the best thing you can do for yourself is what makes you happy now, in this moment. The future will be there when you're ready.
  • Cancer: Losing people close to you because of something you have done or said, being responsible for rift in your relationship with someone. Sometimes, you mess up. You say the wrong thing. If it was your fault, own up to it and try to move on. If you had to step away from a friendship because you felt like it was detrimental then keep your head up and know you deserve to be happy too. No one knows how other will react to what we say and do, you can only do your best to realize when you've messed up or if maybe the break was better for both of you. You may feel empty now but things will get better.
  • Leo: putting your all into someone and being let down, knowing that you are giving everything but they are only half-assing the relationship. You can try until you're blue in the face to help someone else and be there for them, but they don't owe you that in return. And you owe it to yourself to be around people who respect you and appreciate what you do. Don't get mad at them. If you're not being treated the way deserve, maybe you need to let them go and see if they realize on their own exactly what you're worth.
  • Virgo: not living up expectations, having the bar set too high by others and not achieving what they thought you could. Maybe you were super smart when you were young but now high school is much more challenging. Maybe you aren't getting perfect grades in college. Maybe your job is proving more difficult than you thought and now you have to try, every day, just to be average. The only bar you have to reach is the one you set for yourself. Don't get disillusioned by the things other people think you can do. If you are having a hard time, give yourself a break, step back, and set smaller goals for yourself. Take it one step at a time and remember that you can do it, maybe you you just have to work up to the top. It doesn't mean you aren't as smart or amazing or great as you were.
  • Libra: Not standing up for yourself, realizing you've been letting others walk all over you or take advantage of you. Sometimes you have to speak your mind, and sometimes you have to just let things happen. The hardest part is deciding which battle to fight. Never fighting, however, is only going to leave you stuck in whatever place others put you, following in the footsteps of a hundred other feet and feeling sorry for yourself. You have the right to challenge ideas you don't agree with and make your own destiny, even if if means you have to walk solo for a while. You are strong enough to March to your own drum. You are just as important as those around you, don't take the backseat.
  • Scorpio: losing control of your emotions, having a huge outburst and feeling attacked by those you love. Not everyone is out to get you! It's difficult to expose your inner thoughts to other people, not only because they can use it as a weapon against you, but because you feel like you are lesser and weak when you express yourself. But, if you keep everything inside until you explode on your friends, you only have yourself to blame when they won't put up with it anymore. Let a little out at a time, you don't have to dive in the water, but at least feel if it's warm before you lose your cool and hurt other people. Make an effort to be more open and I'm sure they will appreciate even a little budge.
  • Sagittarius: being stuck, for whatever reason, somewhere you dislike, feeling trapped or held down. For financial or other reasons, you may be stuck in a small town, a city you don't like, or a dead end job that makes you miserable. Keep. Up. The Hustle. You are destined for great things, but everyone faces setbacks. Learn a new skill, like crocheting or making something to make money on the side. Make connections with people who want to move forward too, End relationships with people who try to hold you back. Take every possible hand that reaches out to you and keep strong, you will be where you want to be someday. Don't take the little things for granted and keep your mind grounded and you can find your island in the sun.
  • Capricorn: running behind schedule or being late due to others, having someone not put in their share of work. People are people, and they make mistakes. Yes, it's annoying when your feel like you're the only one in the world who has it together, but one of these days when you fall behind pace, you'll appreciate the slack. Being constantly dragged down by others, however, isn't okay and if it becomes more than a minor inconvenience, maybe you need to switch up your role and put more pressure on others to succeed. (In a helpful way)
  • Aquarius: the weight if knowing you can't change things, knowing you are only one person and you can't alter the system no matter how broken. There are so many unfair situations, like a school system that loads you with so many tests you can hardly get by, or maybe your town is facing an apathy apocalypse where it seems no one cares about the environment, poverty, the ASSHOLE GOVERNOR (OHIO!) You see the big picture and that's a precious gift. The first step to changing anything is to recognize the problem, and if you stay passionate, you can change the world.
  • Pisces: getting older, the steady progression of time with an unclear future. Time moves forward, and that can make you feel as though you're being left behind. Everyone has this clear cut path and you feel like you're floating through, no particular goal or destination, a ghost wandering purposeless. At some point, every person has this existential worry that they will get older and still have not found their place. Just have some faith that one day, you will find what you love and things will come together. Life has a funny way of working out, even if you don't know it's plan just yet. Be patient and stay aware and present. Try not to get caught up in worrying and trying to imagine a perfect future. You are important and you will find happiness.
  • Check your Sun, Moon and Mars.
texts with SVT (your boyfriend)
  • seungcheol/s.coups: texts you all day. will send you good morning texts and good night texts. will message you about every little thing throughout the day because he can't help but tell his most important person about it. will surprise you by talking about things you thought he forgot about. "this made me think of you" texts. sends you pictures of him being lonely without you. will take pictures hugging other members with captions like "this should be you." woozi tries to call him out on always being on his phone but that never seems to stop him, so you constantly have to remind him to work hard and that you'll text him after practice.
  • jeonghan: texts when exciting things happen, which for jeonghan is luckily all the time. "MINGYU JUST SPIT ALL OVE R THR FOROL LMAO" When the group has a little bit of rest time, you're the first person he wants to talk to. he likes hearing your stories, so he's always asking you about your day. will also ask you very personal things through text, and sometimes you have to tell him (in the sweetest way) to find his chill. expect a lot of selfies because your reactions are priceless and he loves teasing you. He's actually very laid back when it comes to texting though, and he doesn't mind when you forget to text back. Often sends texts meant for you to other members on accident and vice versa.
  • jihoon/woozi: is always worrying about you so he surprisingly texts quite often, but his texts are always straight to the point. "wear a sweater. it's cold out now." you two are always arguing over text (never anything serious just little stuff), and just when you're about to win, he'll bring up conversations from long ago that you don't even remember. on the off chance you do win, you don't let him forget it and he'll respond by sending you a really gross aegyo pic that kills you inside. But you also feel special because he trusts you enough not to show anybody else. He also likes to talk about the other members with you because sometimes this boy just needs to vent, but you know he writes those things with a good heart because he loves them. will send you pics of him working late at night and gets mad when you won't send him one back.
  • soonyoung/hoshi: is the biggest spam texter. sometimes you wonder how this boy can type so fast. It's like rapid fire, but it's okay because you'll reciprocate the speed. you two have at least three conversations going at once at all times, and what's amazing is how you both can talk about anything. He's the type to love every little detail and will text you when so much as a leaf falls to the ground, and when you text him about the smallest things he gets so happy. He likes to show the group your texts when they're funny and members are always wondering why you two talk about such nonsense, but it's like your own language that nobody else can understand, and you both love it for that reason. When things do get serious, you sometimes wonder if it's the same boy texting you because it's like a completely different aura, and you're surprised that you like it so much.
  • joshua: is most likely to emoji text. Sometimes conversations are had using JUST emojis. Joshua is always fun to text because he's such a funny and awkward person. Usually you'll talk about some weird anime he found, or Joshua will send you funny memes. Joshua texts less frequently on days he knows you're busy because he doesn't want to bother you and feels bad when he does, so you're constantly reminding him that he's never a bother. His favorite thing to do is send you random texts full of heart emojis and explaining how much he cares about you because he knows it'll make you smile. He also sends little reminders for things he thinks you might forget. "Remember to bring your flash drive to school today. Good luck on your speech! ♥♥♥"
  • junhui/jun: texts you a fair amount. He loves to send you greasy lines because he loves your reactions to them, but when you send the occasional one back he gets so flustered and kind of happy. Sometimes he'll show the other members. He especially loves to send greasy lines when he's sitting right next to you because he loves to watch how flustered you get when you read them. you both actually text the most when you're sitting right next to each other. when you both go out with the other members, you both text in a secret code only you two know and use code names when you're teasing the other members for their weird antics. when you both are apart, you're usually just talking to about your shared interests. Jun loves knowing things about you, so he's always trying to surprise you with research he did on that one subject you talked about for 5 minutes that one time.
  • seungkwan: is the most fun to text in seventeen because he always has so much to say. He's another spam texter but not as intense as hoshi. Seungkwan is only a spam texter because he separates his texts for dramatic effect. You and Seungkwan actually text a lot of mean things to each other and look like you're arguing all the time, but its how you both show you care. "Your face looks so silly in this picture, why are you making that face?" "Because I was thinking about your bad breath in the morning." "Next time I'm going to breathe right into your face." The others wonder how you both can be in a relationship like that, but it works for you both. On a sunny day when you're feeling generous, you'll tell him how cute he looks on tv, and seungkwan will almost burst into tears because you were watching him, but he'll never admit it. That's what you love about him.
  • hansol/vernon: a lot of one word responses. You often get a lot of "kk" and "lol" but that's only because you keep sending him memes. (Why are you doing that to him? He doesn't deserve this.) He actually does find them funny, and sometimes he'll show the other members when it's something he can't help but laugh out loud at. Once you guys get deeper into the relationship, Vernon opens up a lot more. When you surprise him with the occasional thoughtful message, Vernon gets to be his really shy and sweet self, and that's when he'll feel inspired and type an essays worth of stuff. Sometimes he'll make you happy cry because he actually really does have a way with words. He'll start messaging you more often too. He'll start your morning and end your nights with thoughtful messages. You'll see the real gem in him and he'll make you fall for him even more just through text.
  • seokmin/DK: always wants to give you a reason to smile so he's constantly sending cute pictures or memes or fluffy messages or funny messages. Other members will ask him why he's staring so hard at his phone. It's because he's trying really hard to send you quality material. Sometimes when he sends you stuff, you overreact because you want to make sure he knows you appreciate it. You are also always pestering him to send clips of him singing and deep down it makes him feel really happy and special that you like hearing him that much. Even if he pretends that he doesn't want to, he'll do it and your praise afterwards sends him to the moon and back. There is not a moment when this boy's texts don't make you smile. Please keep him safe.
  • mingyu: gives such an oppa vibe in his texts. He's always trying to take care of you and pretends like he's so much older than you when that's not really the case. "Let's go get some coffee tonight so you can work on your essay, but I'm not letting you stay up too late because you need rest." Which is funny because it's him that really needs to rest, but when you tell him that, he just texts back silly emojis. You get a lot of links to food tutorials with an excited Mingyu saying "Let's try making this!" He also keeps you updated on his career and likes to run his ideas through you first because he values your opinion a lot. You often send him pictures you find of him because you want to praise him but he thinks you're making fun of him so he pretends to be sad. That's when you start over-praising him and telling him he looks so good, and that just feeds his ego more.
  • wonwoo: There is so much fluff with this boy. he loves showering you with praise and supports everything you do. "Fighting!" Sometimes when you send him sweet messages telling him how cute he is, he won't respond for a few hours because he's so shy about it and doesn't know how to express that you literally just made his heart beat out of his chest. The truth is you both don't text each other too much because you both like to talk about your lives face to face. You'll spend whole nights talking instead of on your phones. Occasionally he'll send you a video message because he wants to make sure his words reach you in the best possible way.
  • minghao/the8: is the biggest victim of autocorrect. sometimes you wonder why he doesn't just turn it off. "I've got a long practice today, but the thought of our first kill last night is getting me through it." "First kill? Did we do something I'm not aware of?" "Kiss***" This is followed by a bunch of texts about how embarrassed he is. Despite this, his texts are the kind that make you smile during a bad day. The thing that will surprise you most is how funny he can be. He can say really weird things sometimes. He'll text you something weird, and you can tell from the way he typed how confident he was sending it. He'll talk a lot about the weird things the other members are doing, and sometimes he'll text you about things deep in his heart because he trusts you so much. It's very rare that minghao spam texts, but each time was because something major happened. The texts were the most precious things you've ever received. You enjoyed it so much that you have them screencapped and saved and archived on your computer.
  • chan/dino: is actually the most confident through text. Words seem to come much easier when he's texting you because he can look over it a thousand times before sending it. Often consults the other members around him before he sends fluffy stuff. Probably the member that gets his phone stolen a lot which means you get a lot of weird texts that make you think 'there's no way chan would write this.' Can sometimes be a little cocky through text but in a charming way that makes you smile. "You're so cute, but you would look much cuter next to me. Let's take a photo together next time." His favorite thing is to send you pictures of the other members when they don't look their best because since he's the maknae and they do it to him all the time. Is actually another member on the spam text list but he can't help that he's so excited, "I'm dating you after all, why shouldn't I be happy?"
Tokens that Represent You
  • Aries: Cigarette lighter. You have a lot of fuel on the inside, waiting to be put to use. When that energy comes out, everyone is drawn to it's vibrancy and warmth. It's easy for you to get overwhelmed and lash out, though, so others should take caution. You have a cool outer demeanor, and it doesn't take much for you to be a useful contribution for any situation.
  • Taurus: Flashlight. You light up the dark for so many people with your bright disposition. It brings people relief to have you around, and you find solace in this. You weren't really made to hurt others, but you can be a formidable foe. Remember to use that light inside, not only for other people, but for yourself.
  • Gemini: Shot glass. It takes other people to fill you up a lot of the time. Otherwise, you feel somewhat useless, sitting pretty. But you don't need other people's wants and energies poured into you to make you valuable. You don't like dealing with pressure, and will lash out if it gets to be too much. You have a silent strength that helps others get by.
  • Cancer: Sea shell. Though you seem like a strong, rigid person, you're actually quite fragile. Pressure at the wrong points, and you become overwhelmed. You have a beauty that can be transformed in many ways, though, and it's possible for you to end up anywhere that you want to go. Some people take these things about you for granted, but many others cherish these traits that make you up.
  • Leo: Compact Mirror. You hold so much inside. Pain and happiness, intermingled. You often reflect on to others who they are, without ever having to give all of yourself away. You put yourself to use by helping others, but sort through your own feelings by yourself, a lot of the time. You need people that will take the time to really observe your hidden compartments.
  • Virgo: Coins. You find value and worth in what you mean in regards to other people. The happiness you bring, the jobs you can do; your usefulness. You're afraid of having that stripped away, or that you will cease to be useful. People put a lot of pressure on you, at times, but you always come out intact. Never fear. You are bright, and shiny, and authenticity is always worth so much!
  • Libra: Fountain Pen. You have so many thoughts trapped inside of you, waiting to come spilling out. But it takes those around you a lot of hard work and time to get to all of those inner emotions. You can be hard on the outside, but you easily bend for those that you like. Dedication can lead you to your full potential.
  • Scorpio: Fire cracker. You like to make things interesting. You wait for someone to come along and light you up, and then put on a show. The only thing is, if people aren't careful they could end up hurt; your intentions are good but you don't always have their safety in mind. Still, people are drawn to your energy, and are always interested to see what you'll do.
  • Sagittarius: Die (dice block).You are pretty much the Swiss army knife of the signs; you are useful in so many ways, depending on the person that comes into contact with you. People seem to find out things about their own fate just by being around you. You like to have a good time, and are known for it. You are solid, but at times misunderstood. Not only by other people, but sometimes by your self. You strive to be more useful, not realizing your own versatility.
  • Capricorn: Sunglasses. While you can be the epitome of a good time, you can also spend quite a bit of your time living in a world created of your own darkness. You like to keep people at a distance, except for a chosen few that really know you. You're more fragile than anyone would like to admit, but you try to keep yourself together at all times.
  • Aquarius: Marbles. Nobody that comes into contact with you ever knows exactly what you're made up of on the inside. To find out, they'd have to tear you open. But you're pretty sturdy and that would be no easy feat! Everyone can see your beauty and oddity from the outside, though, and that's what draws them to you.
  • Pisces: Batteries. You lend a quiet power to all that you come into contact with, and enjoy what you can do for other people. Be careful, though, because people will deplete your energy, if you let them! You have to recharge sometime! You're pretty solid, but if damaged, you retaliate by causing a sick amount of pain.
  • ((Inspired by the movie Inception, where each individual chooses a token, and keeps it to themselves to discern whether or not they are in reality, Or someone else's *fabrication* of reality))
The signs as things they may or may not know they do when they have a crush (Based off of people I, an Aquarian, know)
  • Aries: You talk about your crush to your friends as if you and your crush are already dating! But then you become extremely angry and deny everything if asked if whether or not you actually like them. Ugh... There's one thing that really sets me off about you and your love life; you will get extremely defensive if someone else has something in common with your crush. Just chill fam, please.
  • Taurus: Like for real, you'll try to strike up conversations your crush wherever and whenever you can. It may be an awkward one, but that's usually because you, our stubborn bull, has already had the conversation planned out in your own mind and it has failed so you don't know what else to do/say. It's ok if things go differently than you plan or want. It's called Chaos Theory: look it up.
  • Gemini: Like Taurus, you'll most likely also talk to your crush but it will usually be WAY less awkward. You are the one who loves to talk (within reason... unlike some), or in some cases; listen. Plus, Gemini is usually an easy adapter, which comes in handy whenever the conversation starts to suddenly drift in a different direction.
  • Cancer: Heh... I hate to say this to you... But Cancer, you know you can be a little clingy; and that's exactly what you do to your crush. You can even be too shy to talk to them, and it still happens in a different form! With your protective nature, you feel as if everyone will be out to take them from you or hurt them. And if they, your crush, are also a close friend of yours, you will even help nurture them with their current relationship problem or heartbreak!
  • Leo: Tsk, tsk... Leo, you little fart, it's easy to see you're the playful one. You like doing activities that involve interaction between you and your crush, and your outgoing nature almost guarantee you'll be a bit of a flirt (even if you're shy). I say embrace it, but don't push it. You can tend to not think of their feelings and only your own, so don't be disappointed if your crush doesn't have or show their feelings towards you.
  • Virgo: When you do finally find someone it's sorta like... Hard to explain...? You're service-oriented, meaning you focus on making the other happy and knowing that you are available. This can be a gift, your crush may think it's awesome with how you almost shower them with affection, but you don't really think about yourself and how the other can walk all over you. Respect and take care of yourself first.
  • Libra: You are artistic and charming, two amazing traits to have when showing your love of something. You also apply it to how you interact with or talk about your crush. Basically, your whole way of speaking changes. You use more complex, attractive, and proper grammar. You may also think of/make up poems and stories about them (mostly in your head), and maybe doodle a lot of hearts and junk on stuff you own.
  • Scorpio: YOU ARE A LITTLE FLIRT-BALL WHO NEEDS TO CHILL. YOU ALSO ACT SHY AROUND YOUR CRUSH, BUT SOMETIMES ON PURPOSE. YOU ARE SCORPIO, YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT YOU LITTLE DEVIL. BUT THE FUNNY THING IS... You have the power to not show anyone you like someone if you choose. But you do show it to your crush. And I think that's hella rad.
  • Sagittarius: Saggie, you truly are optimistic about having a crush. You're sure everything in the end will work out and you two will be together. You may also drop subtle hints or straight out be truthful about your feelings to your crush and everyone you know, that's cool and all, but just try to be a little more carful and cautious about it... Kay?
  • Capricorn: jfc Capricorn you got all this crush shit figured out. Your ambitious to your goals but also cautious, so when you have a crush you be sure to make progress but not too much in fear of making a mistake. You may think you're doing something wrong but others could actually learn a thing or two from you bby.
  • Aquarius: M'kay, Aquarius, you may keep your emotions inside to yourself, but when that person comes along your whole world and attitude turns upside down. You'll go on and on about your crush for hours if your friends and family don't kill you first. You also have awkward conversations with them, like Taurus, and you secretly love being teased about liking someone; don't deny it! (BTW... STOP OVER THINKING EVERYTHING.)
  • Pisces: You worry about what your crush thinks of you just like you worry about every other little thing in your life. You also doubt yourself and your self confidence hits a low. It's ok bby, just be yourself. Many people try to make fun of Pisces in astrology posts, but I don't see the point; you are one of the most caring and amazing signs. Just let your true colors show and I'm sure everything will go in your favor.