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I have LITERALLY been hiding this for nearly a month, and now it’s HERE! Now gaze deeply into the THIGH-ris as this hero kicks the SHIT outta ya!

But for real, me and my bae, @g37-dunk3d-0n, came up with this idea a while back and I REALLY wanted to make it into a shirt design. So enjoy your very on Zenyatta with Mettaton’s legs. (btw the bottom one is transparent)

You know what I do when I don’t like a story? I click the back or x button. I don’t tell the author how much I didn’t like it, I don’t tell them all the ways I thought it could be better, I don’t say what I don’t like about. I say nothing and leave. Because it’s their story and those are the choices they made and they wrote it how they wanted to.

You know what I do when I do like a story? I let them know. I tell the author the parts I liked, what things I thought were really well done, that I’m excited to see more. If asked or if noted in the story they want a critique them I’m more than happy to help.

To give a helpful critique start with something you liked, the go into what you thought could be improved then end with something you liked. That’s not just to make the author feel good that’s literally how I was taught as an English major under the impression I would go into professional English work. Negativity doesn’t help the creative process at all, it blinds it and suffocates it. By mixing in what you liked with things you think need to be improved that both uplifts the author and let’s them know their weak places. It makes them go okay well I can fix that! And not God why should I bother they hated it.

Keep in mind that was for an English profession, we’re fanfiction authors. We do this for fun. We don’t get paid for word count, for our time. We do it out of passion and love. It takes a lot to write a story, even more so to weave a long chapter fic which is basically writing a novel. It takes courage to post your hard work for strangers.

So share your opinion of course but remember to be respectful. These are real people who do something to share their creativity, who do something nothing more than because they love it. Learn how to help your writers, learn to help them grow and improve. Learn the difference between a helpful critique and your own personal opinions on how the story should go cause frankly that’s not your story to tell. Everyone writes for a different reason. I do it because I love to see happiness on the tag but each one of us does it for love for a world and characters just like you love reading about them ^^