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coloring (more like editing) process

gonna use this mob to finally explain my COLORING PROCESS.. and how i go from these base colors to the final product .. 

i always start with my base colors, which are almost always the same, so i keep a color palette to choose from. I usually pick the skin tone first and then change the hue for diff colors (I sometimes change the saturation and brightness too) The example below is the skin tone i use almost Always.. and of course it can be changed later on

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thwiso  asked:

Hiii, I was wondering if you'd do a fix with no. 6 and Tommy Shelby with a fem reader 😊 thanks .

PROMPT: “I don’t want to see you with him again!”



A/N: Tommy may seem a little different in this, but that’s because I wanted to portray his relationship with the reader a little differently to his other relationships in the show. I hope it’s okay though 😊

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anonymous asked:

Could you maybe do an imagine where Kakashi is in love with Naruto's guardian/mother figure? Fluff or smut, I'd be happy with whatever you do! Just do whatever you'd like with the story. Keep up the great work! You're doing amazing! Thank you! ❤️

Sorry for the wait, anon! Kakashi is a very complex character and I wanted to do him justice. I don’t know if I really achieved that but I hope you like your 3000+ word story despite any short comings.

I might expand on this story line should we get more requests that fit its criteria as its a fun topic to explore!

~Mod Whipski

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what your favorite pokemon type says about you
  • normal: you like cute things and you aren't obsessed with being the strongest or the best -- you just want to enjoy yourself
  • fighting: you have very strong opinions and are very protective of your friends. you're the kind of person that clicks over and over on a button if nothing happens the first time
  • flying: you're very much a daydreamer. if something doesn't interest you completely you'd rather enter your own mental world than pay attention to it. also, you really like birds
  • fire: you are passionate about everything you like, including pokemon. you usually try to catch every pokemon you see that you don't already have registered in your dex
  • water: you are very chill and you like to know what's going on ahead of time so you can mentally prepare for it. you love water levels in games and don't get why everyone else hates them
  • grass: you are very quiet and don't really care what other people think of you. you're scared of a lot of things but when there's something you're comfortable with you lose all nervousness and excel
  • poison: you are a loud supporter of underdogs and outcasts. you like a lot of animals/things that are traditionally considered weird and/or gross and you want more people to see how beautiful they really are
  • bug: you're like poison except you're quieter and are already so used to people hating your favorite type you just ignore them. you know a ton of obscure trivia about pokemon and their designs/inspirations
  • electric: if someone gets you started talking about something you like, you will never shut up. you are simultaneously very logical and completely irrational
  • ground: you like to work with your hands and you don't mind getting dirty. you aren't naturally a leader but if you're forced into a leadership position you can be very good at it
  • rock: you're like ground except less down-to-earth. you charge headfirst into everything and there's a 50/50 chance you'll either do wonderfully or fail miserably
  • ice: you think you're really cool and you probably seem like you are to other people but actually you're a huge nerd. you wish there were more ice types and that they weren't almost always all at the end of the games
  • psychic: you appear to be extremely relaxed on the outside but internally you're constantly screaming. you like psychological horror and you tend to start silently psychoanalyzing anyone that talks to you for more than a couple seconds
  • dragon: you like traditionally "cool" things and you wish dragons were real. you're very patient and a hard worker, and you're still bitter about the introduction of the fairy type and nerfing of the dragon type
  • ghost: you love creepy, mysterious, and unexplained things. you prefer to stay in your own group of friends and if someone outside of it tries to talk to you they either end up giving up or joining. you think every ghost type is a sweet precious child and you want to protect them all
  • dark: you have an edgy outside with a heart of gold. you like anti-heroes and morally grey characters. you probably write and/or read a lot of fanfiction
  • steel: you're always worried about what people think of you so you try to always seem cool. you usually prefer to listen to everyone else's differing opinions rather than passionately defending your own. you also may or may not really like robots
  • fairy: you like things that are simultaneously cute and terrifying. you seem like an innocent adorable sweetheart but you can actually be quite morbid. you were very excited about the reveal of the fairy type and nerfing of the dragon type
  • ???: you like mysteries and codes, and you think video game glitches are really cool. you like older games and like making all sorts of weird shit happen by corrupting them or otherwise messing with them. also, ??? technically isn't even a type, so you like to think outside of the box. you didn't even expect me to put this one on here, did you?
  • FeatherWriter: ...headcanon
  • FeatherWriter: Navani helped design the box for Renarin
  • Kogiopsis: headcanon accepted
  • FeatherWriter: I think Navani knowing what people need and getting it for them should be like, a main character trait of hers
  • FeatherWriter: She's the one who gets Adolin a gift for his girlfriend too
  • FeatherWriter: Does the research to find out what she wants
  • FeatherWriter: Maybe she noticed Renarin's stimming and made him something small to help
  • Kogiopsis: ahhh that would be so sweet
  • FeatherWriter: I feel like Renarin might be confused at first
  • FeatherWriter: "What is it for though?"
  • And she just smiles and maybe clicks it a few times and then says "whatever you'd like, dear"
  • Kogiopsis: yes this is good
  • Kogiopsis: I like this greatly
  • FeatherWriter: Adolin comes up to him later and is like "what is that" and Renarin doesn't look up and just says "One of Aunt Navani's inventions" just to watch Adolin jump back like five feet because Adolin has been around one too many of Navani's ‘inventions’
  • FeatherWriter: And Renarin just grins and says "It isn't a fabrial, Adolin. You shouldn't be so jumpy." Adolin just glares at him and then comes over and ruffles his hair. "Yeah yeah, you're hilarious."
  • Kogiopsis: fjsh
  • Kogiopsis: yes good
  • FeatherWriter: Kaladin and Adolin start bickering one day and Kaladin just out of the blue says "At least I wasn't scared of a tiny box" and Adolin just "RENARIN. YOU ARE LUCKY YOU HAVE SHARDPLATE NOW."
  • Kogiopsis: ...kaladin borrows it from renarin and waves it in adolin's face
  • Kogiopsis: adolin wants to smack it out of his hand but can't because that is Renarin's box and Very Important
  • FeatherWriter: yes yes good
  • FeatherWriter: I think Renarin likes teasing Adolin sometimes, because he likes Adolin doing the aggressive big brother thing. It's nice to be roughhoused with a little bit because it's one of the few times that he's not being treated like glass.
  • Kogiopsis: ahh yes
  • FeatherWriter: Affectionate headlock + hair ruffles
  • FeatherWriter: "Adoliiin. Stop it! You'll make my hair look like yours!"
  • FeatherWriter: Kaladin- "That would be a travesty."
  • FeatherWriter: Kaladin- "One of those hairstyles is more than enough."
  • Kogiopsis: snrk
  • FeatherWriter: Adolin just stops and lets go of Renarin and looks at Kaladin. "Did you have something to say about my hair, bridgeboy?"
  • FeatherWriter: "Oh no, Princeling. I'm just surprised that the heir to the Kholin Princedom can't afford a hairbrush."
  • Kogiopsis: fjslkdhg
  • Kogiopsis: (adolin spends at least half an hour in front of the mirror every morning getting his hair Perfectly Dissheveled)
  • FeatherWriter: Renarin just leans over to Kaladin and whispers, "He thinks it makes him look like a bunch of girls have been running their fingers through it all day."
  • FeatherWriter: Kaladin nearly loses it.
  • FeatherWriter: Adolin's just "RENARIN WHAT DID YOU SAY"
  • FeatherWriter: Renarin just, "Nothing ridiculous."
  • FeatherWriter: Somewhere far away, Hoid feels a surge of pride for no reason.

Game of Thrones AU – Margaery & Sansa live happily ever after at Highgarden….


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I have LITERALLY been hiding this for nearly a month, and now it’s HERE! Now gaze deeply into the THIGH-ris as this hero kicks the SHIT outta ya!

But for real, me and my bae, @g37-dunk3d-0n, came up with this idea a while back and I REALLY wanted to make it into a shirt design. So enjoy your very on Zenyatta with Mettaton’s legs. (btw the bottom one is transparent)

Things The ENTJ said while playing Pokemon Go
  • ENTJ: Don't you hate it when crappy pokemons think they're the shit?
  • ENTJ: (to INTP) If you were a Pokemon, you'd be terrible. Rare, but terrible.
  • ENTJ: I'm gonna beat all the kids.
  • ENTJ: *clicks a pokestop* Gimme balls!!! I want my frickin balls!!!
  • ENTJ: I just want my thing to hatch, you know?
  • ENTJ: Claim a gym so I can fight you.
  • ENTJ: I'm not addicted. I can quit at anytime.
  • ENTJ: F***!!!!!! (multiple times, when pokemons escape)

anonymous asked:

I wanted to ask if there's a part 3 to that prince Jungkook, and if there's not I'm gonna be cheeky and ask if you'd consider writing one cause I just fell love 😍 x

There is most certainly not a pt 3… so I’ll just write one now! Here you go!~~
Click HERE for pt 1, and HERE for pt 2!!!!! Sorry there’s so much cheese here, but I couldn’t help myself~~
- Devi :D

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crowns & a rose (pt 3)

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I’ve never been good with change. I’d always been better at living my life in a boring cycle of day to day activities. But, after my mum found a new husband, change seemed to be a never ending aspect of my life. My mum met CEO Jonathan Parker at a Christmas party a few years back, and after two years of dating and traveling the world together, he’d proposed to her. I was happy for my mum, but moving from London to New York City wasn’t exactly my idea of fun. I’d said my goodbyes to my few friends and packed all of my things, but I felt empty now that I wasn’t home. After a long plane ride, I now found myself in the back of Jonathan’s personal driver’s car. Names of streets pass by the car in a blur. I’d touched down in New York City over an hour ago, but thanks to the traffic, we were barely moving. I take a deep breath as I look from the window to my clasped hands in my lap. My mum had left to find her fiance the second the plane landed, sending me off on my own. We’d barely spoken to each other, but I didn’t blame the man driving for the silence. I wasn’t good at small talk, especially when the person I was spending time was someone I didn’t know.
“We’re almost there.”
He shouts glancing over his shoulder for a second to give me a small smile. I nod my head, but I continue to not say a thing. I don’t know what to say. I am an 18 year old girl, who was almost done with school back in London, but now that I was in a in New York City, I would have to finish off my schooling here. As if moving to a new country wasn’t hard enough, now I had to go to a new school and make new friends. My stomach turns at this thought. Meeting new people? It was my own personal nightmare; I would most likely finish off my schooling without any friends. No.. I would just hide in the library with the books because at least they won’t be mean to me. I feel the car come to a stop as the car pulls over. I’d been so lost in thought that I hadn’t realized we’d arrived. I look back out the window before tucking some of my long blonde hair behind my ear.
“Thank you.”
I whisper as I open the door. The house I would now be living in was a town house. It is far nicer than any of the homes I’d lived near back in London. My mum had money, but not this much money. I take a step out of the car, my head craning back to take in the full view of the home. It is a lovely home, so nice that it felt weird knowing that this would be the place I’d live in for the rest of the year.
“I’ll take your things in, you can let yourself in. Mr. Parker left the door unlocked for you.”
The nameless driver says this to me, his tone friendly. I glance back at the driver and nod.
“Thank you.”
I state once more as my shaking limbs move forward. I’ve never even been to this place before… And now I was expected to just walk through the front door? My trembling hand reaches for the railing on the front steps. I cling to it with all my might, each step I take seeming to be harder to make. When I reach the top of the stairs, I hesitate at the door. I can hear music coming from the other side of the door. My brow furrows as I open the door. When it swings open, the music blares even louder. I take a step inside, my eyes darting around my new surroundings. I didn’t know that someone would be home.
I shout over the music as I close the door behind me. It sounds like a party is going on. I go to move forward, but when a boy emerges from the foyer I freeze in place. He’s tall, and his leather jacket is the first thing I notice. He’s holding a bottle of some sort of liquor, a smirk moves to his face as he notices that I’m standing in the room with him. His eyes scan me as mine scan him. He’s wearing skinny jeans and a plain white tee. He’s handsome, the kind of handsome that’s dangerous. He looks like the kind of boy that could talk you into doing anything.
“Who are you?”
He asks, his voice laced with desire. No one had ever spoken to me like that, but I’d seen enough guys flirt with my friends back home to know what lust sounded like.
“I’m Elena… I’m moving here. Who are you?”
When I say this he rolls his eyes. He takes a swig of his liquor.
“That’s rich… He didn’t even tell you about me…”
I raise my eyebrows in confusion.
“… I’m his nephew. I live here.”
Jonathan had a nephew? I mentally think back on what my mum told me about this place. Had she mentioned Jonathan having a nephew? Realization moves through my head as I recall her telling me of him. Jonathan had a sister who’d had a son when she was young. She’d passed away when he was just a little boy, passing away from a drug overdose. Since Jonathan was the boys only living relative, he’d decided to take the boy in. What was his name… Sebastian?

I ask him. He nods, taking another sip of his drink.

“So he did tell you about me. I didn’t know that his money-hungry fiance had a daughter around my age. I pictured you to be much younger.”

When he refers to my mum as ‘money hungry’ I feel rage move through me. He didn’t know my mum, so why did he feel the need to say such a thing about her? I clench my jaw as I fold my arms across my chest.

“Watch it.”

Is all I can manage to say. I don’t want to fight with the boy I’d just met, especially if we were going to be living together. He rolls his eyes as he moves his hands to his pockets, he pulls a small remote from his pocket. He points it at the source of the music, and silences it.

“Have I offended you love?”

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INTP and INTJ play "Will You Press The Button?" pt2
  • question: you write the best horror fiction of all time in your lifetime, but you have to live the story whenever you want to share it with someone.
  • INTP: i...probably...
  • INTJ: won' that button......
  • INTP: yeah... knowing my mind...
  • INTJ: knowing my mind... i'd write..
  • INTP: something..... pretty gorey..
  • INTJ: blood will be shed....
  • INTP: there will be alot of bloodshed...
  • -INTP clicks "I Will Not" and reads the comments.-
  • INTP: "i can be the monster right? i'll just write one of those ones with 'the monster wins' endings."
  • INTJ: ...oh yeah
  • INTP: i didn't think of that one
  • INTJ: but you'd still be in one very violent experience
  • INTP: i could make my monster deaf and blind
  • INTJ: is your monster going to kill
  • INTP: i could make it not kill at all
  • INTJ: yeah i don't think your monster would be..
  • INTP: yeah i guess a deaf and blind monster that sits infront of the computer all day won't make a horror fiction
  • INTJ: *laughs*
  • INTP: like using braile on the keyboard
  • INTJ: yeah no


These were the sketches I posted the other day - I made this for a little project in school. :D I hadn’t tried half of these styles before, so the outcome was interesting! Anywho… um… yes. *flies off*

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  • Me: So this tumblr user savanaugh is on a mission to follow every single person on tumblr.
  • Roommate: But why?
  • Me: To get some good diversity on his dashboard? I kinda want to try to do the same
  • Roommate: That's so dumb. You'd be wasting every day scrolling through notes and clicking 'follow' on every single url. It would take forever!
  • Me: ...I really don't want to write my essay.
  • Roommate: Oh. Ok then.
Fights (Malum)
  • Michael: You sighed, watching the clock pass to another hour as Michael battled away on his new video game. You had told him the night before (after almost a whole day of him gaming) that today would be a nice day and you wanted to do something with him. Now it was nearly three in the afternoon, and he was still lounging in his pajamas on his video game. "Michael," You said, trying to get his attention. Nothing. "Michael," You repeated louder. "Hm?" He hummed, his attention still obviously on the game. "Michael!" You exclaimed, frustration and anger lacing your voice. "What?" He yelled back, taking two seconds to look over at you before facing the tv screen again. "C'mon babe, just let me finish this level then I'll get dressed." "You've been using that excuse for the past three hours, Michael." You sighed, standing up and walking towards the gaming system. "(Y/N)," He warned as you neared the power button. "Don't you dare." You raised an eyebrow at him, he wasted your day, so he could spare replaying a level or two. You clicked the power button and watched his eyes go wide as the tv turned to black. "You did not." He muttered. You pointed to your bedroom. "Go get dressed, you lazy ass." Michael sat back and crossed his arms. "No." "Are you kidding me?" You exclaimed, throwing your hands up in the air. "All I wanted to do was spend a nice day with my boyfriend, not babysit a fucking child. Had I known you'd be like this all the time I probably wouldn't be sitting here now!" Those hurtful words were out of your mouth before you had time to comprehend them. You watched as Michael's face transformed from stubborn anger to defensiveness to sadness. His eyes fell and his bottom lip trembled. "Mikey, no I didn't mean…" You trailed off as he stood up, shuffling back to your bedroom. He closed the door softly behind him, clicking the lock. You fell onto the couch, tears falling from your eyes.
  • Calum: You and Calum danced around the kitchen in your pajamas, jamming out to the first One Direction album. You laughed as he spun you around, dipping you and kissing your lips. Suddenly, there was a banging on your front door, and Calum immediately let go of you, causing you to almost fall to the floor. You caught your balance in a huff as he raced to see who was there. "The boys are here, (Y/N)!" He hissed. "Turn that shit off." You frowned at his sudden switch of behavior, but obliged and clicked off the speaker. You heard him open the door and the boys pushed into your kitchen. "Smells good!" Ashton exclaims, leaning over the the pan of cinnamon rolls you'd baked earlier. "Thanks," You grinned, passing out plates for the boys to serve themselves. "She didn't make those." Calum grumbled, rolling his eyes. "I frosted them!" You protested. He scoffed, going to take one for himself. You took one for yourself and sat down next to your boyfriend. Calum turned towards you, eyeing up and down your body before frowning. "You should go get cleaned up." He told you. You looked down at what you were wearing, one of his t shirts and plaid pajama pants. "She's fine, man." Ashton says, digging into his cinnamon roll. "Great frosting job, babe." Calum's eyes narrowed at his friend when you sent him a large smile. "I just don't like my girlfriend looking like a slob in front of my mates." You looked over at him in shock before standing up, your chair knocking back loudly. The boys went silent and watched you as you looked down at Calum, your eyes narrowed in annoyance. "Fine." You hissed. You pushed his chair out of your way angrier before stomping upstairs, confused and annoyed at your boyfriend's sudden change of behavior.
"Safety Tips for Living Alone" by Jim Shepard

Recommended by Joshua Ferris

Issue No. 133

Original Fiction

Twenty-five years before Texas Tower No. 4 became one of the Air Force’s most unlikely achievements and most lethal peacetime disasters, marooning each of nineteen Air Force wives including Ellie Phelan, Betty Bakke, Edna Kovarick and Jeannette Laino in their own little stew pots of grief and recrimination, the six year-old Ellie thought of herself as forever stuck in Kansas: someone who would probably never see Chicago, never mind the Atlantic Ocean. Her grandfather wore his old brown duster whatever the weather, and when he rode in her father’s convertible always insisted on sitting dead center in the back seat with a hand on each side of the top to maintain the car’s balance on the road. This was back when the Army was running the Civilian Conservation Corps, the Navy exploring the Pole with Admiral Byrd, and the Air Corps still flying the mail in open cockpit biplanes. Gordon had reminded her of her grandfather, in a way that stirred her up and set her teeth on edge—she’d first noticed him when he’d stood on the Ferris wheel before the ride had begun to make sure another family’s toddlers had been adequately strapped in—and her first words to him when they’d been introduced had been “Who made you the Ferris Wheel Monitor?” And when he’d answered with a grin, “Isn’t it amazing how much guys like me pretend we know what we’re doing?” she’d been shocked by how exhilarating it had been to catch a glimpse of someone who saw the world the way she did.

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About the Author

Jim Shepard is the author of seven novels, including the forthcoming The Book of Aron, and four story collections, including Like You’d Understand, Anyway, which was a finalist for the National Book Award and won The Story Prize. His short fiction has appeared in, among other magazines, Harper’s, McSweeney’s, The Paris Review, The Atlantic Monthly, Esquire, Tin House, The New Yorker, Granta, Zoetrope: All Story, and Playboy, and five of his stories have been chosen for The Best American Short Stories, two for the PEN/O. Henry Prize Stories, and one for a Pushcart Prize. He teaches at Williams College.

About the Guest Editor

Joshua Ferris is the bestselling author of three novels, Then We Came to the End, The Unnamed andTo Rise Again at a Decent Hour. He was a finalist for the National Book Award, winner of the Barnes and Noble Discover Award and the PEN/Hemingway Award, and was named one of The New Yorker’s “20 Under 40”writers in 2010. His fiction has appeared in The New Yorker, Granta, Tin House, and Best American Short Stories. He lives in New York.

Copyright © Jim Shepard 2014. All rights reserved by the author.

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