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Prompt: newly pregnant Amelia, Owen, Meredith and Arizona get quarantined inside an OR when there's an outbreak of something in the hospital, Amelia has morning sickness. I'd love to see how you'd do this xxx 🌞

This is the continuation of ‘ Bean.’ ( do check it out if you haven’t ;)  )

Amelia is in her second month of pregnancy here.

Since I can’t think of what outbreak would cause several surgeons to be quarantined in the OR- except for smallpox which has been eradicated, I’ve decided to go with something radioactive instead. Thanks @jordan202 for the suggestion! <3


12:30 pm

 ‘ What’s the case?’ Amelia asked as she approached her husband. She had rushed to the ER,  answering a page from him.

 Owen was busy tending to a patient who seemed to have sustained multiple injuries.

 Barely looking up at her, as he answered ‘ 35 year old male- one of the 5 mine workers involved in the coal mine accident. He was barely conscious when brought in and whispered about something hitting his head and having a bad headache. He just slipped into unconsciousness and I’ve just intubated him. I’ve also inserted a chest tube because the xrays showed pneumothorax. I’m also suspecting internal abdominal bleeding.’

 Earlier that morning, when Owen had just started his shift, 5 coal mine workers were brought into the ER after a coal mine accident caused the the coal mine roof to collapse on them early that morning. It took several hours for the rescue workers to extricate them from the rubble- and they were all weak and dehydrated by the time they were rescued. But miraculously all 5 of them survived, and were rushed to Grey Sloan Memorial. It was all over the news and now there were reporters standing in front of the hospital waiting for the latest updates. But none of the doctors had the time or mood to entertain the reporters.

 Amelia examined the patient’s pupils which were unequal.

 ‘ Well- since you’ve done all the necessary resuscitative measures and stabilized him already, we can get him a brain and abdominal CT’. said Amelia as she placed her pentorch back in her labcoat pocket and walked back towards Owen.

‘ From what I see- it’s an intracranial haemorrhage- but we need a CT to be sure. And make sure to page one of the general surgeons to take a look at his abdomen too.’ She said, pressing on his abdomen. ‘It seems rigid, there is guarding.’

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