you'd think i'd be done


tattoo artist!luke letting his hands wander a little more than necessary while he tattooed you. the two of you were merely acquaintances - introduced through calum a few years ago but never really exchanged numbers, only interacting when you run into each other at parties - but you’d always known you wanted luke to tattoo almost as much as he wanted to tattoo you. he’d work on many of your friends and you’d spent nights out with him by the pool. drinking your beers as he talked about which tattoos he’d designed, so you were more than aware of his level of skill and you were ecstatic when he immediately agreed to do your tattoo, fitting you in as quickly as possible. the process wasn’t as uncomfortable as you thought it’d be, your shirt pushed up just below your breasts so he could easily reach your skin, and he kept the conversation going smoothly, distracting you from the pain. but luke couldn’t help but let his fingers slid along your skin softly, feeling the curve of your waist. he splayed his fingers out as he held your skin in place, hyperaware of the way goosebumps that appeared on your skin. he was sure it was only because he kept it cold in his shop but, damn, it caused his mind to wander. he wished the rubber gloves were gone and he was able to feel your skin against his fingertips. he wanted to believe that it was his touch that was causing your body to react that way but he knew better. he fell into his reputation of sleeping with a ton of girls and he felt that you deserved better. as much as he wanted to believe that he’d be able to be with you, he knew he’d fuck up. he always does. besides his art, he ruined everything else in his life and he refused to add you to the list. so instead he wanted to make it the best tattoo experience, hoping that you’d at least come back to him next time you wanted a tattoo.