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     I’m not going to lie, I’m shy. I’m incredibly shy. Although would personally love to interact with all of you lovely people who follow me ( seriously, you’re all so amazing, i can’t believe all of you follow this silly blog what ), I am an anxious writer who is forever doubtful of who’d genuinely like to interact with me as well, or who wants to see me in their inbox or IM’s, ect. So! With that said, here’s a permanent starter call. By liking this, it will mean that you are comfortable with giving me all of your rupees me jumping into your IM about plots, sending you memes or even just random things, writing you random starters when inspiration hits, tagging you in posts, & all that fun stuff.

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plan a: punch it plan b: blow it up plan c: panic

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ohc ask game

sparkles - what’s your favorite item of clothing?

custard - what’s your most embarrassing memory?

orkestral - do you play any instruments?

tower - what’s a phrase you say frequently?

doll - what’s something you feel guilty about?

platypus - what’s a fond memory you have from your childhood?

“I do not talk to Nephilim about Downworlder business,” Lily said severely.
The Lightwood parents stared at her, and then swung their heads in sync to stare at their son.
Lily waved a dismissive hand in their direction. “Except for Alec, he’s a special case.”
- Born to Endless Night

Can we talk about this scene??

Lily, the head of the New York vampire clan comes barging in screaming for “LIGHTWOOD!”. Robert Lightwood, as the Inquisitor, assumes she’s addressing him. To which her reaction is basically “WTF dude, who are you? I need Alexander Lightwood, obviously.”

She then proceeds to launch right into telling Alec the story of the latest drama in vampire land, ignoring anything Robert tries to say. When Maryse points out that they should report to her as she’s the head of the New York Institute, Lily says flat out that she does not talk to Shadowhunters about their problems. Except she’s already there telling the whole thing to Alec, having sought him out specifically for this purpose. And the way she talks to Alec makes it obvious to everyone present that they’ve done this many many times. She trusts him and knows that he’ll help her sort it out. In fact, he’s already taken steps to sort out the situation before Lily even showed up.

So the Lightwood parents are standing there witnessing this conversation go down, and they realize two things: 1) their son knows everything that’s going on in the Downworlder world and didn’t tell them anything about it, and 2) somehow he has managed to do what no other Nephilim has, i.e. build a good and functioning working relationship with the leaders of the vampire clan and werewolf pack. Basically, Alec is boss and they had no idea.

I mean, did you SEE this part?

“Alec looked at his family over Lily’s head and shook his own head in a small, firm gesture.”

That right there is how he did it. Using his subtle authority and showing respect for others. Lily was cooing over the baby and the rest of the Lightwoods were ready to draw their weapons and attack her when she did something so innocent as making faces at a baby. Because she showed her vampire teeth. She’s a vampire, so they’re not willing to give her the slightest benefit of doubt here, even though she’s clearly friendly with Alec and he’s clearly fine with her approaching the baby. But Alec’s been willing to set old prejudice aside and he’s built a relationship with Lily that is based on mutual respect. He’s doing what no other Shadowhunter could by treating Downworlders with respect and not thinking that he’s superior to them from the start.

At first it killed me a little that Alec won’t be the next head of the New York Institute, but now… I’m thinking he’ll do us one better. He’ll do even better work by being the link between the Institute and the Downworlders. I can’t wait to see what changes they’ll all be able to do together.

i dreamed about you last night. we sat on a couch overlooking the city. i said, “i’m scared of this whole thing breaking,” and you looked at me with those eyes that hold forests in them and said, “i have control, don’t worry,” and i said, “i’m falling,” and you said, “i’ll catch you. i’m ready.”

i want to hand all of my fears over to you in your small beautiful fingers so you can break them to pieces. the first time you looked directly at me, i forgot how to breathe. it was a good thing.

out here in the real world, it is raining and you’re not around to taste it. out here in the real world, i drown every time you’re in his arms. out here in the real world, pretty girls with faces like fairies don’t crawl into bed with the likes of me. i want to sign over my soul and body. out here in the real world, you’d drop me.

i want to tell you all my secrets. i want to tell you all my stories. i want to tell you i’m falling.

please let me down gently.

My Girls - Animal Collective (Cover)
  • My Girls - Animal Collective (Cover)
  • Christofer Drew

I really love his version of this already amazing song~

“I don’t mean
 to seem like I care about material things
like a social status
 I just want
four walls and adobe slabs
 For my girls” 

If 12 year olds were written too realistically, nobody would be able to read the work due to powerful second hand embarrassment 


She hates the marks at first.

The angry red lines etched into her skin from the claws of a dragon so eager to mark her territory. They make her feel cheap. Like there’s yet another over-entitled royal who thinks her body is their property, and if only she didn’t make Regina quake with pleasure every time she made said marks, the Queen would demand she stop.

But the Dragon ignites a fire in Regina that she didn’t think possible - has never felt before, and each etch she tattoos in her skin, each time her claws draw blood, Regina decides in some far off corner of her mind that it’s worth it.

Maleficent’s need to press patterns into her skin is worth the pain it comes with. Worth the extra inconvenience of finding another excuse to hide her body from the King because with those marks, with each scratch she leaves behind, ugly and red against the silky smoothness of Regina’s skin, comes the only bit of light left in her miserable existence.

It comes with passion, with dancing tongues and lips that suck her skin, ones that leave yet more marks on her body in the form of small bruises and rigid teeth marks. It comes with the type of life Regina has never had before, the kind of pleasure she’s only ever dreamed of feeling in the forgotten life she’d mapped out with a stable boy so long ago.

It’s in the dead of night she realises she’s wrong. When she’s still twitching and left shaking as her blood pulses around her body, lying naked in the fur throws draped over the Dragons’s bed, one offhand comment on the part of Maleficent that makes the young Queen realise she doesn’t do it to claim stake on her body. She doesn’t do it because she thinks Regina belongs to her.

“Has he seen the nail marks?” She asks, and what else can Regina say but yes? Of course he has seen the marks the blonde leaves behind, as a souvenir of their dalliances. A smirk flits across the older witch’s lips, and she pushes her fingers into Regina’s hair. Presses a sweet kiss to her lips.

“Good. At least he knows-”

“At least he knows I’m yours?” Regina bites, snaps, suddenly angry and unable to swallow it down that she’s made herself belong to someone other than herself once again.

Maleficent’s hand drops. “I don’t leave those marks for me, dear. I leave them for him.”

That’s when the penny drops.

Maleficent doesn’t use her claws as a means to stake claim. She uses them to show the King that she’s doing something he will never be able to.

Satisfy the Queen.

After then she finds she doesn’t hate the marks quite so much.

How about an SnK Crack Theories Week?

I’ve been chatting with a certain meta-writer-who-shall-not-be-named-but-is-actually-snkception about the possibility of doing an SnK Crack Theories Week. 

 The shippers have their weeks, why not us? We have tremendous talent in this fandom and SnK gives us no shortage of theme possibilities. Daily theme ideas could include:

  • Why a dead character is really alive
  • Beast Titan
  • The SnK world is located in ________
  • Grisha
  • Ymir
  • ________ is ________’s parent
  • World Building
  • Other suggestions?

Nobody judges. Everybody wins. It would just be a great reason to write some wildly speculative, fully justified and totally ridiculous SnK crack. 

But first I need to know, would anyone be interested in participating?