you'd never like me

angsty starters ( + sad qoutes / song lyrics. )
  • "I love you enough to let you go,"
  • "I heard you moved on,"
  • "I didn't come here to hurt you,"
  • "Where did you go?"
  • "I'm sorry we fell in love."
  • "We'll do everything on our own."
  • "I'm so sorry,"
  • "You'll never understand."
  • "Please don't go,"
  • "I still love you,"
  • "I don't love you anymore."
  • "I never loved you,"
  • "I can't do this."
  • "We can't be together!"
  • "Will I ever see you again?"
  • "May we meet again,"
  • "I promise I'll do better,"
  • "I just want to see you, one more time."
  • "I'd give anything to see you one more time."
  • "One last time?"
  • "I don't deserve you,"
  • "You don't deserve me,"
  • "People like us don't get happy endings,"
  • "You still love me?"
  • "I never meant to hurt you,"
  • "I understand..."
  • "If you want to go, it's okay."
  • "I gave up everything for you!"
  • "I really need you to trust me,"
  • "Can you listen to me for once!"
  • "I cheated on you,"
  • "You cheated on me?"
  • "Don't expect me to come crawling back,"
  • "Shame on me, you fooled me twice."
  • "You said I wasn't just like anyone."
  • "Did I even ever cross your mind?"
  • "Can we pretend that we're in love?"
  • "I can't lose you,"
  • "Please go,"
  • "Don't you dare die on me!"
  • "I'm not losing you again!"
  • "I'm incomplete without you,"
  • "I will love you for the rest of my life,"
  • "So this is goodbye?"
  • "Kiss me goodbye."
  • "I loved them and they died."
  • "I was a bet?"
  • "You were nothing but a bet."
  • "Can you hold me?"
  • "I loved and I lost you."
  • "It's okay,"
  • "The worst day of loving someone is when you lose them."
  • "It hurts like hell,"
  • "I'm not coming back."
  • "You're never coming back?"
  • "What do you mean you're dying!"
  • "Come back to me,"
  • "What happened?!"
  • "They're dead!"
  • "Where's my love,"
  • "Don't do this,"
  • "I'll see you again."
  • "There's nothing we can do to bring them back."
  • "I don't want to be alone anymore,"
  • "You promised you'd never leave me."
  • "First love, you remember what that's like?"
  • "If I don't have you I have nothing at all,"
  • "I'm not going to fight you,"
  • "You're my friend."
  • "It's too late to apologize."
  • "You left me!"
  • "You left us!"
  • "You chose them over me,"
  • "I need you,"
  • "I was hoping that you'd stay."
  • "I never lied to you,"
  • "You said you might die so what the hell?"
  • "It's a bad joke,"
  • "We can never be the same again,"
  • "You don't need you,"
  • "You're not alone."
  • "You broke my heart."
  • "It made me think of you."
  • "You're my world."
  • "Do I wanna know?"
  • "So sad to see you go,"
  • "This is it, isn't it."
  • "Now I just sit in silence."
  • "Are you okay?"
  • "Are you hurt?"
  • "I'll go with you."
  • "How bad is it?"
  • "My feelings for you are real, they always have been."
  • "Someday you'll understand."
  • "Because I love you,"
  • "There was just something about them,"
  • "I'm sorry for breaking your heart."
  • "It wasn't an act."
  • "Time doesn't heal everything."
  • "This is your fault!"
  • "Tell me what to do!"
  • "I didn't mean for this to happen."
  • "Everythings a mess."
  • "You ruined my life,"
  • "Do you still love me?"
  • "You gotta get up, we have to go."
  • "It's okay,"
  • "It was nothing,"
  • "I'll do something."
  • "You're safe here,"
  • "Don't forget me."
  • "I ruined this,"
  • "You ruined this."
  • "Quiet is violent."
  • "You promised me!"
  • "Stop lying with those words."
  • "If this is some kind of sick joke, you better tell me!"
  • "You're all I have!"
  • "I'm not ready to say goodbye."
  • "I don't want to go,"
  • "I loved you,"
  • "You don't have to do this,"
  • "I'm afraid it's never going to be okay again."
  • "I'm terrified,"
  • "You're a monster."
  • "You're all I have!"
  • "I'm a monster."
  • "Only fools fall for you,"
  • "Everything comes to an end,"
  • "I thought I loved you."
  • "Now I just sit in silence."
  • "It's unbearable."
  • "You're my first love."
  • "I never wanted to hurt you,"
  • "I was here,"
  • "Help me,"
  • "They won..."
  • "You don't love them."
  • "You're breaking my heart,"
  • "I hate you!"
  • "It's a waste of time,"
  • "You're all I want."
  • "I've always loved you!"
  • "I can pretend anymore."
  • "i didn't have a choice!"
  • "What if it's agony now and it's hell later on?"
  • "Love I will let you go,"
  • "I left behind something great."
  • "I want you back,"
  • "I don't regret any of it, not if it kept you safe."
  • "Get over yourself,"
  • "You'll be the death of me."
  • "Everything just fell apart."
  • "What the hell am I doing here?"
  • "I want you so much but I hate your guts."
  • "I found love where it wasn't supposed to be."
  • "You still like them, don't you?"
  • "What are you doing?!"
  • "I did this to protect you!"
  • "Don't cry,"
  • "I'm not crying,"
  • "I'm dying,"
  • "A-Are you alright?"
  • "I'll come back for you."
  • "I've never felt so alone."
  • "You don't love me! You don't even know me!"
  • "I don't even know who you are anymore."
  • "I don't even know who I am anymore,"
  • "Please let me do this for you."
  • "You're one of the lucky ones."
  • "It's never going to be okay."

Star Wars photoshoot!

@catslock as Obi Wan (I believe the one w the fly ass shades)
@revyyourengines as Anakin (RotS version)
@punsbulletsandpointythings as Qui Gon
as Obi Wan (far left in the bottom-left pic!)
as Hux
draco x hermione
  • draco: meet me at the library in ten minutes, bring no one
  • hermione: i'd never go anywhere with you!
  • draco: you'll have to or else
  • hermione: i refuse, unless you have an explanation on why, then I won't do it
  • draco: please hermione, we need to talk
  • hermione: fine, you get five minutes
  • *ten minutes later in the library*
  • hermione: what do you want draco?
  • draco: make me stop feeling things for you
  • hermione: what!
  • draco: you heard me, make me stop feeling things for you
  • hermione: but why?
  • draco: cause you'd never like me back, so what's the point of liking you?
  • hermione: then you have to make me stop feeling things for you too
  • draco: what!
  • hermione: you heard me
plan a: punch it plan b: blow it up plan c: panic

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kane52630 tumblr com/post/146751580234 this post made me wonder-if the 60s Batman series existed in your version of DC, what would Bruce Wayne think of it? (I assume it'd be a contemporary Netflix thing.) (sorry if this sends twice, Tumblr was being weird.)

I love trying to imagine how Bruce Wayne would respond to various Batmen and I think he would probably find 60s Batman fucking hilarious.

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“Dick. Why are you laughing. I don’t see what’s so funny. This is a completely accurate representation of our lives. Someone is spying on us. This is very serious. Dick. Stop laughing. You’re missing important plot points.”

I also like to think that the Robins would lose their shit over Lego Batman and Bruce would catch them watching it and they’d be like SHIT SHIT SHIT and he’s just >:| and they are terrified waiting for the hammer to come down because of their disrespect but secretly Bruce thinks it’s fucking great. Or maybe I just think this because the idea of Bruce Wayne having to resist the temptation to sing “darkness, no parents” at inappropriate times is great.

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Is this brendon

How about an SnK Crack Theories Week?

I’ve been chatting with a certain meta-writer-who-shall-not-be-named-but-is-actually-snkception about the possibility of doing an SnK Crack Theories Week. 

 The shippers have their weeks, why not us? We have tremendous talent in this fandom and SnK gives us no shortage of theme possibilities. Daily theme ideas could include:

  • Why a dead character is really alive
  • Beast Titan
  • The SnK world is located in ________
  • Grisha
  • Ymir
  • ________ is ________’s parent
  • World Building
  • Other suggestions?

Nobody judges. Everybody wins. It would just be a great reason to write some wildly speculative, fully justified and totally ridiculous SnK crack. 

But first I need to know, would anyone be interested in participating?

i dreamed about you last night. we sat on a couch overlooking the city. i said, “i’m scared of this whole thing breaking,” and you looked at me with those eyes that hold forests in them and said, “i have control, don’t worry,” and i said, “i’m falling,” and you said, “i’ll catch you. i’m ready.”

i want to hand all of my fears over to you in your small beautiful fingers so you can break them to pieces. the first time you looked directly at me, i forgot how to breathe. it was a good thing.

out here in the real world, it is raining and you’re not around to taste it. out here in the real world, i drown every time you’re in his arms. out here in the real world, pretty girls with faces like fairies don’t crawl into bed with the likes of me. i want to sign over my soul and body. out here in the real world, you’d drop me.

i want to tell you all my secrets. i want to tell you all my stories. i want to tell you i’m falling.

please let me down gently.

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Wow how did you make Anti silverhaired?? I love it!! Can you maybe do a tutorial on it?

Hoo boi.
I could try? The way I made it was just going the easy way, to be honest xD And that means it’s not exactly the right way? Idk xD I’ll maybe do one tomorrow even though it’s mostly playing with settings xD 

“I do not talk to Nephilim about Downworlder business,” Lily said severely.
The Lightwood parents stared at her, and then swung their heads in sync to stare at their son.
Lily waved a dismissive hand in their direction. “Except for Alec, he’s a special case.”
- Born to Endless Night

Can we talk about this scene??

Lily, the head of the New York vampire clan comes barging in screaming for “LIGHTWOOD!”. Robert Lightwood, as the Inquisitor, assumes she’s addressing him. To which her reaction is basically “WTF dude, who are you? I need Alexander Lightwood, obviously.”

She then proceeds to launch right into telling Alec the story of the latest drama in vampire land, ignoring anything Robert tries to say. When Maryse points out that they should report to her as she’s the head of the New York Institute, Lily says flat out that she does not talk to Shadowhunters about their problems. Except she’s already there telling the whole thing to Alec, having sought him out specifically for this purpose. And the way she talks to Alec makes it obvious to everyone present that they’ve done this many many times. She trusts him and knows that he’ll help her sort it out. In fact, he’s already taken steps to sort out the situation before Lily even showed up.

So the Lightwood parents are standing there witnessing this conversation go down, and they realize two things: 1) their son knows everything that’s going on in the Downworlder world and didn’t tell them anything about it, and 2) somehow he has managed to do what no other Nephilim has, i.e. build a good and functioning working relationship with the leaders of the vampire clan and werewolf pack. Basically, Alec is boss and they had no idea.

I mean, did you SEE this part?

“Alec looked at his family over Lily’s head and shook his own head in a small, firm gesture.”

That right there is how he did it. Using his subtle authority and showing respect for others. Lily was cooing over the baby and the rest of the Lightwoods were ready to draw their weapons and attack her when she did something so innocent as making faces at a baby. Because she showed her vampire teeth. She’s a vampire, so they’re not willing to give her the slightest benefit of doubt here, even though she’s clearly friendly with Alec and he’s clearly fine with her approaching the baby. But Alec’s been willing to set old prejudice aside and he’s built a relationship with Lily that is based on mutual respect. He’s doing what no other Shadowhunter could by treating Downworlders with respect and not thinking that he’s superior to them from the start.

At first it killed me a little that Alec won’t be the next head of the New York Institute, but now… I’m thinking he’ll do us one better. He’ll do even better work by being the link between the Institute and the Downworlders. I can’t wait to see what changes they’ll all be able to do together.

My Girls - Animal Collective (Cover)
Christofer Drew
My Girls - Animal Collective (Cover)

I really love his version of this already amazing song~

“I don’t mean
 to seem like I care about material things
like a social status
 I just want
four walls and adobe slabs
 For my girls” 

In which Levi's favourite animal is a giraffe and Mikasa is also a fan of giraffes...
  • Mikasa: Do you like giraffes because you're short and want to be like them?
  • Levi: ... Do you like them because you're tall? You're practically a giraffe.
  • Mikasa: If I was a giraffe, that means you'd like me.
  • Levi: ... Never said I didn't.
  • Mikasa: ...
  • Levi: ....

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infp and an intp relationship?

INFP: Fi - Ne - Si - Te

INTP: Ti - Ne - Si - Fe

In theory, it would be easy for INFP and INTP to bond over their shared functions. Both will feel attracted to the other because of an innate sense of understanding, and both may be surprised to find out that the other can “keep up” with them and their ideas, and has a multi-layered personality that they usually keep hidden.

INFPs would love to just sit and listen to INTP simply rant about all the things they are passionate about and may come to realize they can learn a lot from them. At the same time, INTPs would be captured and amazed by INFPs’ genuine nature and self-sufficiency. Two well-developed representatives of the types could form a long-lasting relationship based on true understanding and trust.

However, unhealthy INTP x INFP is a big no-no. Inferior Fe will tear INTP apart around an INFP that is too private and keeps their feelings to themselves. INFP’s unhealthy inferior Te will have them grow increasingly annoyed with INTP’s constant theorizing and, in INFP’s eyes, inability to make decisions.

All that being said! In my opinion, more often than not INFP and INTP make great partners, be it romantically or platonically. Also, I really ship it. Beware though, if they aren’t careful they might never leave the house again…

If 12 year olds were written too realistically, nobody would be able to read the work due to powerful second hand embarrassment 

If You Give a Girl a Star God
  • Zyglavis: your place is a mess
  • Zyglavis: omg that's not how you pack a suitcase
  • Zyglavis: when was the last time you dusted in here
  • Zyglavis: really REALLY you're not folding your pants the right way for maximum packing space omg do I have to SHOW you
  • Me: I asked for a god and they gave me a nagging mother-in-law wonderful
  • Zyglavis: did u say something hoomann
  • Me: no
  • Me: you know what you're right i must be an idiot goldfish cracker why don't you just SHOW me
  • Zyglavis: I THOUGHT YOU'D NEVER ASK so first you fold along this side like this-
  • Me: *listens to him yammer away while doing my packing for me*
  • Me: (sucker)
Panic! at the Disco {Sentence Starters}
  • "It's better to leave than to be replaced."
  • "Well, I never really thought that you'd come tonight."
  • "If you love me let me go!"
  • "These words are knives and often leave scars."
  • "So, let me save you!"
  • "Don’t try to sleep through the end of the world."
  • "I won’t give up without a fight!"
  • "I've lost control and I don't want it back."
  • "Don't let me do this to myself."
  • "Haven't you people ever heard of closing the damn door?!"
  • "Cold hearts brew colder songs."
  • "What a beautiful wedding!"
  • "We're far too young to die."
  • "You're guaranteed to run this town!"
  • "There's nothing wrong with just a taste of what you've paid for."
  • "And truth be told, I never was yours."
  • "You never could control me!"
  • "I'm exactly where you'd like me, you know."
  • "If I ever leave, I could learn to miss you."
  • "Well this calls for a toast, so pour the champagne!"
  • "You were all I've ever known!"
  • "And, yes, but what a shame."
  • "It's much better to face these kinds of things with a sense of poise and rationality."
  • "Everything's gone missing!"
  • "Show them all you're not the ordinary type."
  • "I'd pay to see you frown."