you'd kick him out of bed

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Castiel's and candy's interaction when Castiel found out Deborah was using him? I know ask-Castiel-mcl did something similar to this, but I wanted to see how you'd write it!

((Oh wow…I’m a big fan of ask-castiel-mcl so I hope mine is alright! I decided to make it at the end of the day, hopefully a bit different than other, similar, drabbles))

Castiel swore violently as he tore of his brown jacket and threw it in the corner of his room. “That bitch!” He yelled, kicking the foot of his bed before slumping down onto the mattress. The events of the last few days played like a movie reel as he lay there staring at the ceiling.

He couldn’t believe how wrong he had been, not only about Deborah and Nathaniel, but especially about Candy. If he let himself admit it, she was the first girl who had cared for since Deborah and he had treated her terribly. “I should’ve known she was just looking out for me,” he sighed, running his hands through his hair roughly.

Just then his phone rang. With a groan Castiel pulled it out of his pocket and put it to his ear. “Yea, what?” He said gruffly.

“Cas?” A soft voice said from the other end.

In a split second he was sitting upright, his eyes wide. “Candy? Hi, sorry, I didn’t look at the caller ID.”

“That’s alright,” she said, although he still felt like a dickhead for snapping, “I just wanted to check how you were?”

Castiel smiled and closed his eyes for a moment. Even after all he’d put her through, everything he’d said, she was still looking out for him. “I’m okay, Little Girl,” he murmured.

The line was silent for a few seconds and he wondered if he was supposed to say something else. He had never had a problem with what to say to Candy before, but now he wasn’t sure. Although her calling made him less scared that she hated him.

“That’s good, well I should probably let you go,” she whispered finally.

Castiel could’ve sworn there was still pain in his voice and it made him panic. “Wait!” He said desperately, shooting off his bed and earning himself a look of confusion from Demon, “I’m really sorry, okay? Are we, you know, gonna be alright?”

“Of course, Cas, we’ve always been alright.”

#160 He can't fall asleep until you do
  • Louis: He knows -- that if he falls asleep before you, you have a harder time going to sleep. It's almost like a safety net for you. Knowing that when you pass out someone is watching to make sure none of your irrational fears come true. "Go to sleep babe." His voice scratched up his throat, full of sleep, and reminded you of car tires running along gravel. His arms securely on your waist, not letting you go anywhere.
  • Niall: Because he snores, and if he goes to sleep before you, you'd be up all night trying to stir him awake. And nothing was more troublesome then waking up at four in the morning to an empty bed, and a lovely girl sprawled out on the couch because he wouldn't stop snoring so loud. "I promise I'll try not to snore." "I might have to sleep on the couch again if you do." You joked, he groaned nuzzling his nose in your neck. "Just go to sleep you booger."
  • Harry: It's his protective side kicking in. He wants to make sure you are good and taken care of before he decides to rest. He'll go through a mental list, make sure he remembered to lock all the doors, feed the cat, and turn off the tv downstairs before giving you a gentle kiss right below the ear. Allowing himself to be the big spoon because he wanted to protect you in his sleep. "Goodnight love."
  • Liam: By the time its ten or so, he's so wound up from the day it takes hima while to go to sleep and calm himself down. He'll hold you with one arm around your shoulders. So, your head is lying on his chest -- sometimes you slobber -- while the other arm is under his head. Propping himself up while his head goes rapid, and you usually fall asleep first and he doesn't mind a bit.
  • Zayn: He'll peek around the hair that had fallen from behind your ear that now covers your face to make sure your eyes are sewn shut. He wants to make sure you are comfy first so he can form his body in around you. Fitting to your needs because no matter how many times you tell him that it doesn't matter how comfy I am, I can fall asleep anywhere. He still doesn't listen.