you'd have to be deaf

Okay but some deaf!Mikasa au things (on mobile so pardon the format)

- Mike and Levi taking her to an aquarium on her birthday
- Mikasa being so excited because she’s never been but she ADORES seahorses and turtles and thinks sharks are the bomb
- Levi getting her dressed in a puffy pink parka and mittens and a white scarf and hat because it’s so cold and she doesn’t like being cold
- Mikasa asking for Mike’s hat by pointing and roughly saying “papa” because she can’t sign with her mittens
- The hat being WAY too big for her lil’ head but she loves it
- Mike and Levi holding her hand on the way in/around and letting her hold their tickets before they go in
- Mikasa running up to the turtle exhibit and smooshing her face against the glass as she stares, entranced
- She stands there for at least five minutes just watching
- Mike picking her up so she can see an exhibit because it’s a little crowded in front of it
- Going to the sharks and Mikasa just being so freaking happy and clapping her hands as she watches them swim around
- Mikasa being scared by the rays in the touch pool, but Levi hugs her and tells her they’re harmless and to prove it he puts his hand in the water and she follows in suit
- Mike signing to her that he likes the jellyfish because they remind him of Levi - beautiful and dangerous, and Mikasa agrees while Levi flicks Mike and smiles
- Levi and Mike watching as Mikasa runs from tank to tank, trying to take everything in and staring with wide-eyed wonder
- Taking Mikasa to the gift shop, where she’s confused when they ask her if she wants anything because she’s not used to gifts
- Buying her a stuffed jellyfish, turtle, and shark, and some candy
- Going out to eat after, Mikasa signing insanely fast because she’s so happy
- Levi wiping her mouth off because she’s rushing to eat so she can sign more
- Mikasa being freaking happy
- Mike and Levi tucking her in bed that night with her new stuffed animals and she sleepily signs that she loves them - the first time she’s done so
- Levi having to leave because it made him cry because she’s so precious and he’s so happy
- All of them being happy and content

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I mean, it's The CW. They have a rep for being tone deaf. You'd think the actors' agents would know this and assign them at least semi-competent handlers, though.

I feel like actors need to just be like “oh you ship that? Sure why not!” to every possible pairing so long as its not like adult and child. Genuinely, just. be supportive. it doesn’t matter to you but it matters to your fans, just be like Katie when she was on merlin and was like “if the fans see it then of course its real!”