you'd be blinded

This is for the beautiful @stylesforinfinity who is an absolute babe and who yesterday was super sweet about my writing, so this is the only form of thank you that seems adequate. 

This isn’t how Andrew expected the day to go…

The day starts normal enough. Or as normal as it can with house guests. He and Neil picked up Nicky and Erik from the airport yesterday, and with the jetlag, both are up especially early. It’s them puttering about in the kitchen–the gurgling of the coffee maker, the clinking of mugs, and their whispered voices–that wakes Andrew. Andrew opens his eyes to Neil still fast asleep beside him. The striker’s cheek is creased from where it’s pressed into the pillow, and his bangs have curled over his eyes. Andrew’s fingers twitch to fix it. 

It’s only a few moments before Neil’s eyes flutter open, the blue of them softened by the early morning sun bleeding in through the curtains. 

“Morning,” Neil mumbles, a lazy smile tugging at his lips. 

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so like a minute ago there were a bunch of dudes standing somewhere very very close to right outside my window / fire escape door banging on shit yelling ‘open up’ ‘should we open the door’ ‘im gonna open the door’ ‘open up you little bitch’ etc etc.
at first i thought they might’ve been talking to/about me but i think it was my neighbor’s door they were referring to. i ? hope they are acquaintances and it’s fine (it …. didn’t sound fine… but… not my business?)
anyways they’re gone now but i was v v close to calling the cops and im … kind of freaked out.

Arrow Fic: Blinded by Love and Daring Epilogue

Blinded by Love and Daring Epilogue
Author: dettiot
Rating: E
Summary: Five years have passed since Oliver Queen or Felicity Smoak published anything.  The world thinks it knows why–a shipwreck and an attack.  But the truth is much more intense than anyone realizes … not unlike the connection that exists between Oliver and Felicity.  Publishing/writer!AU slow burn Olicity.  Third in the ink in my pen ran dry series.       
Disclaimer: I don’t own Arrow.  No copyright infringement intended.
Author’s Note:  Surprise!  Who wants a rated-E epilogue about Oliver and Felicity’s first time?  [waits for the reaction]  Yeah, I was really hoping it would be something like that.  :-)  

This is my first time writing something this explicit for Oliver and Felicity, so I hope you enjoy it!  Many thanks to mersayseh for reading this over.


It had been so long since Oliver Queen had been really happy that he wasn’t prepared for just how good it felt.  He thought he had been happy in the year and a half since he returned from the island, but … he hadn’t.  Not like this.  

Not with Felicity in his arms, kissing him hungrily as he pressed her against the door of her apartment.  He rocked against her, his hands moving down, wanting to lift her legs up around his waist, wanting her closer.  

“Oliver–Oliver, gotta unlock the door … ohhh …”  

Groaning, Oliver lifted his head.  “Keys?”  

Felicity shoved her keys into his hand and then attacked his neck, kissing and licking the skin exposed over the collar of his t-shirt.  

He was going to fall apart if she kept doing that.  Oliver shifted enough to put the barest amount of distance between them, enough to clear his mind and let him get the right key into the lock.  

“Come in, Oliver,” Felicity said, reaching behind her to open the door with one hand while the other pulled him down for another kiss.  

“Yes,” he muttered against her lips as he kissed her, wrapping his arms around her and lifting her up against him. 

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