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7, 19, 29, 25, diamari and youriko

pull the triggr piglet that’s a lo,t to think abt 7 What’s the first thing that changes when they realize they have feelings for the other?

diamari: u could very easily say that dia gets harsher, on herself or on others, without even realising it. that did kind of. happen. im also torn between saying that mari represses and avoids or makes more excuses to chill w dia or rile her up and honestly it probably depends on when it happens in canon

youriko: you isn’t exactly emotionally savvy so she’s probably still figuring out herself while riko goes through the five stages of grief and the whole cycle of having a crush before you finally comes around enough to ask her out. so like. probably not a lot aside from the natural progression of their friendship (noah fencing but i

9 Who worries the most?

at a first glance it’d be dia and riko, respectively. mari and you are much better at internalising things, aren’t they though. much worse when it comes to a big personal emotional problem, i think.

25 Who needs the most assurance?

dia is surprisingly good at reassuring herself, I think, so surprisingly mari? like obvs they both work well enough without that external assurance so neither of them need to be incredibly overt about it, I think (perks of being childhood friends) and we’ve literally seen riko emotionally supporting you….she needs it…..especially if chika isn’t gonna be there to do it…… riko just needs someone to hold her hand and tell her it’s alright in times of stress

29 one headcanon about this otp that breaks your heart?

everything abt the third years breaks my heart but the idea of dia fending of loneliness for a good portion of the season (her sister has new friends now, mari is off with kanan again, dia is once again alone in the stuco room like always) makes me incredibly sad. it’s not even diamari related it’s just dia being sad :(:(((( let her live,. , im not even gonna talk abt the seven hundred ways the second year love triangle could go and break my heart so. with youriko? i have absolutely no idea. sorry. im bad at headcanons !!!!


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Could Arima be deliberately letting Kaneki be?

The following is a mini-thought I got while reading the last few chapter of TG:re. I may be misreading things, or even, over-reading things. This is exactly why I am offering this issue for discussion. 

This post can be summarized as my own assumptions based on the previous chapters, as follows:

  1. Arima knew all along Kaneki’s plan.
  2. Arima is allowing Kaneki to proceed with his plan. 
  3. Arima is doing so for an ambiguous reason that we (fans) do not know. 

My question to you is: What might be the reason in #3? 
Edit: This reason may be good or bad, ie it does not necessarily mean Arima cares about Kaneki now. It could be that Arima is preparing to ambush Kaneki some other time or something…

For the time being, I am going to elaborate assumptions #1 and #2.

Some time ago (I am sorry I cannot find the exact link to the post), @makyun pinpointed that in TG:re chapter 31, it is actually Arima who said: “He lied”, and not Kaneki/Sasaki who said “I lied”.
@makyun was able to infer that because of her Japanese skills (Thank you) and also highlighted Arima’s behavioral change that supports him realizing Kaneki/Sasaki lied to him about Hinami. 

As such, Arima, who is smart (and careful) enough to previously anticipate Sasaki’s reversion to his ghoul  self, could have started doubting Sasaki’s behavior at that point. 

In chapter 67.. Arima told Kaneki he is leaving the building. However, it is possible that Arima lied to give Kaneki a chance to do what Arima thinks he is planning to do. 

Arima could have indeed left the building and went back when he heard the sirens… but did he really have the time to do so? Let us assume that he was not lying and indeed left the building and did come back… In chapter 68, why didn’t he just head to Kaneki’s location asap, especially that all CCG members in Cochlea now know that Sasaki is responsible for the ongoing chaos. Surveillance cameras can easily pick up Sasaki’s location. He is now on the 3rd floor. 

Arima is on the second floor with Ayato. Why didn’t he head straight to the third floor, knowing that Kaneki is the real threat here? 

Now of course, Arima would have known Kaneki must pass by the 2nd floor on his way out, so he is meeting him, and potentially stopping him anyway… but, again, knowing that Kaneki is the major threat at this point, not Aogiri, I find it troubling that he did not make Kaneki his priority. 

I may be reading too much into this…. Any thoughts?

People who talk about how Darcy’s response to rejection is romanticized and unrealistic and an impossible standard to live up to … are kind of creepy, honestly. A man having the decency to respect a woman’s wishes and accept that she means what she says - and, moreover, that there might be value in what she says - should not be some wild romantic fantasy. It certainly should not be that difficult to find it outside the pages of a two-hundred-year-old English novel.
But it is difficult, particularly within the courtship plot genre. So Darcy’s respect for Elizabeth ends up looking like a major virtue rather than a basic standard of conduct that should be expected of everyone, and it remains a significant part of his appeal. And if y’all can’t live up to that much, the problem isn’t with a fictional character invented in 1796, it’s with you. You might want to think about it the next time you sneer at some woman talking about how she’s holding out for a man like Darcy
—  Why Men Need To Stop Whining About Fitzwilliam Darcy by anghraine 

I’m pretty sure imperial may have mistranslated this. Because according to Michi this part said something along the lines of “After Kaneki was badly injured”. But I can’t really read the raws and so I can’t be 100% sure. Could someone who can let me know and if it is wrong and maybe shoot Imperial an email?