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The Kings and Queens of Winter (original)

Their father once said that in winter, they must protect one another, keep each other warm, share their strengths.  So they shared their strength, and their crown as well.

Brandon, King of Winter
↳ King Brandon was King Robb’s true heir, and Lord Eddard’s before him.  When the crown passed to him, it was he that bade his siblings share its responsibilities with him.  Though some of the lords bannermen of House Stark thought this meant that Bran–a cripple since the age of seven–was weak, they soon learned the strength of the decision.  A true king of winter, Brandon said, is one who prepares for winter, not just endures it.  And the best way to prepare for winter was to make sure that all needs were being met, and thus that each was given the full attention of a member of his house.  (It is also said that when there was strife in the North, King Brandon knew about it long before word officially reached Winterfell.  He was blessed by the Old Gods, it was said, with magical sight and hearing, and understood the language of brooks and trees.)

Arya, Queen of Justice
↳ Queen Arya took it upon herself to protect the smallfolk.  She had seen, she told her brothers and sister, their suffering and lived it during the War of the Five Kings, when Lannister and Stark warred in the riverlands.  She had seen what evil men could do when left unchecked and found such evil intolerable in the lands of her blood.  When justice was needed, it was Queen Arya who rode out from Winterfell.  Though songs are sung of Queen Arya’s justice, it was known that her mercy was far more powerful.  Justice, she had been known to say, was nothing without mercy–true mercy, the gift of mercy.  Though far more celebrated for lives she took in the name of her house, her justice was not merely the enforcement of the law but the weighing of it.  If she heard a man’s final words and thought he did not deserve to die, he did not die by her blade.  (Though there were songs sung of Arya’s justice and her mercy, the more celebrated songs are ones of magic.  The most creative of these songs are ones that say she wears the skin of a direwolf and heads a pack of thousands.  Such songs are songs, however, and should never be misconstrued for fact.)

Jon, King of Peace
↳ King Jon was not a Stark, though when the doom of the world was nigh, the lords of the North crowned him king.  He gave his crown to Brandon, Lord Eddard’s trueborn son, when the war ended, and King Brandon shared it with him in return, calling him brother though they shared neither father nor mother.  King Jon fought for the living, and fought for peace, and though he was known as the king in the north who led armies in battle, he knew success by how infrequently he was called upon to fight.  When Jon was home, the realm knew peace; when he rode forth, it would know peace again soon.  (There were whispers that King Jon could not be killed for he had no beating heart inside his body.  Any wound he took remained with him until the time of his passing.  Such tales, however, could not possibly be true for what man can live without a heart?  And while it is known that King Jon rode a dragon into battle at least once in defense of the North, that he had no heartbeat could not possibly be true.)

Sansa, Queen of Prosperity
↳ Queen Sansa learned coin from Lord Baelish, who helped her return to the North following a period of captivity in King’s Landing.  If Lord Baelish was one of the more clever masters of coin that the realm had ever seen, under his tutelage, Queen Sansa came to know the power of gold and markets–vital to the recovery of the North following a long war and a longer winter.  Queen Sansa knew when sternness was required, but the realm knew her to have a generous hand, and through her guidance the North came to know prosperity again.  Artisans flocked to Winterfell, for Queen Sansa dearly loved music, and bakers competed in making the best lemon cakes for her.  (Rumors plagued Queen Sansa for most of her days that Lord Baelish’s untimely demise–an illness that tore through him and slew him in his sleep–was wrought from poison she slipped into his glass of Arbor Gold.  Rumors of poison have followed Queen Sansa ever since the death of Joffrey Baratheon, and thus cannot be trusted to hold any merit at all.)

Rickon, King of Reaping
↳ King Rickon was the youngest of his siblings, and barely more than a babe when his parents died.  He lived his early days among the people, and in fear that Boltons or Greyjoys would find him and slay him in his sleep.  Though many believed that he had died at Theon Greyjoy’s hands when the Prince of Salt and Rock took Winterfell, it soon became known that Greyjoy had slain two farmer’s boys and passed them off for the young princes of Winterfell.  Though King Rickon was likely too young to remember such an event, he was known to mention it often in his work, for he turned himself to the reaping every autumn when the harvest moon rose, making sure that no farmer felt unable to tend to his fields, and that the North was prepared for the oncoming winter.  (As with his brothers and sisters, there are flights of fancy that have entered the realm of myth for King Rickon as well.  If Queen Arya headed a pack of a thousand wolves, it is said that King Rickon wore the skin of a great black wolf that would use his size and strength to protect the smallfolk from smaller packs who would set their eyes on livestock.  Such tales are merely tales, though, for no man can wear the skin of a wolf.)

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Sometimes after reading big whump fics I wish for some fics of Dad!tony freaking out on a coughing, sniffling wrapped up in about 10 blankets Peter. He laying on the couch and watching tony walk back and forth telling Friday to call in the best doctors and medicine and peter has enough time to call May and get her to talk some sense into tony. She calls and is like calm ur tits Tony make my baby boy some chicken noodle soup put on some Star Wars for him and pat his hair til he falls asleep

ask and you shall receive. this is horrible and rushed bu enjoy while i procrastinate studying for finals

Peter may have spidey powers, but that doesn’t make him invincible. He can still get sick. He can still get the stomach flu, sore throats, and the flu. Peter has always been that kid that will get sick if he is exposed to even the smallest amount of germs. 

So, it doesn’t surprise him when he wakes up one morning with a really bad head cold. His ears feel like they’re stuffed with cotton, he can barely swallow without his throat burning, one nostril is clogged while the other continuously drips snot down his face, and his head is pounding. 

It sucks, but it’s not the end of the world. 

Tony, however, has different ideas. 

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Surprisingly, it was Yukio who was talking and babbling random words first. Rin actually didn’t say any words until he was 2 and a half years old; his first word was “daddy”, followed by “can you please get that book off the shelf for me?”

Rin seriously waited to start talking until he was able to spit out full blown sentences. Shiro damn near had an aneurism on the spot.

-Admin Caspar

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Moira with fem! Reader who is an anime weeb. Like her room is full of posters and figurines.

a/n: here you go, sweetie! hope that the little hc’s i came up with are okay!

  • Moira finds your room to be a very interesting one when you allow her into your room and private space for the first time. 
  • Posters are covering your wall, each placed expertly on the wall as to allow another one to be placed next to it, under it or above it. 
  • Your figures have their own cabinets, she takes note that you have several styles of one since a new one comes out every year for it. Your desk has some smaller mystery box figures on it. 
  • And you have one of those cute little mouse pads where a characters pecs are blown up, soft and squishy to the touch. 
  • The entire time you are standing in a corner, looking like one of those anime characters who is praying that they are not seen or judged for how their room looks. 
  • With a smile and a chuckle, Moira watched how your body jumped in response, before she said aloud, “This is to my liking.” before jumping into a conversation with you about her favorite animes. 

Rin’s ears twitch according to his emotions. It’s difficult to see and you have to be paying attention to witness it, but they 100% do.

It’s far more noticeable when the Kōmaken is drawn as his ears become elongated in such a state. On rare days, when he expresses emotions such as flattery, embarrassment, or arousal, they may even make a fluttering/wiggling motion like you see the tiny creatures do in Arthur and the Invisibles.

paper loving

prompt: paper planes
wordcount: 1.5k
fandom/paring: Gangsta/Nicolex
summary: The silence that hovered over the pair at the table wasn’t uncomfortable. It wasn’t even empty.

Happy Birthday my beloved Neena!!!!!
Since we’re both lost in the hell that is gangsta now, and you recently had your Nicolex fanfiction debut, I thought I’d join you with my own first try ;)

Guys, go wish toxineena a very happy birthday!!!

There will also be art by good old amazing n-a-d-h-i-e a little later!!!! Link will follow when she posts it!! We had a lot of fun coming up with this omg. It was originally supposed to be all happy-go-lucky but then when I wrote it I just… oops? :D So Nad’s comic is a little happier, haha. But the main idea is the same. ;)

“If you can’t love me now, don’t love me later, when my later is much greater…”

The knife rested unsteadily in Alex’ hand.

Cutting vegetables had never been a harder task than now, with Nic’s stare digging into her back. Nervously, she continued chopping the potatoes in front of her.

It felt weird, being alone with him. Lately, he had not been avoiding her presence as much as he used to, as if he was slowly warming up to her, trusting her and himself more each day.

With Worrick out on another small job, she had been left alone in their small flat. She hadn’t expected Nic to join her, hadn’t even known if he was home or not, but when he’d stepped out of his room and had wordlessly settled on the couch, her heart had jumped into her throat.

It was a little unsettling to be alone with him, but she’d be lying if she said it didn’t make her very happy.

But now he was just sitting there. Staring. Silently.

Not like he ever did much else. But the silence in the room stretched like an old chewing gum, and the longer nothing happened, the staler it tasted in Alex’ mouth.

The potatoes were cut. The restlessness stuck to her teeth, stringy and chewn-out.

She needed to get it out, spit out the words, any word, to be able to taste again.

“Nic,” she said, even though she knew he wouldn’t hear her. She almost laughed, though, because it helped. Nic was here with her, keeping her company because he wanted to.

She wasn’t alone.

Decidedly, she put down the knife, spinning around with a small smile before she could think better of it.

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Keith being touched by Hunk + others: Here i am with my autistic ass gettin hugged by near-strangers, its a bit uncomfortable and i dunno how to react, its okay though, they mean well and i dont wanna have to make a huge thing out of it, my autism is a private topic i don’t feel like bringing up just yet, they just wanna show me love, they arent always getting in my personal space when i don’t like it and they’d let go if i asked so i wanna try meeting them halfway, i’ll let them hug me, I like hugging Shiro so i’m sure i’ll grow to like hugs from the others too if we’re all patient with eachother