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Prove To Me Pt. 2

“Jeff isn’t like that!” He just shook his head,

“Fine, he has to prove to me that he isn’t like that.” He walked away. You walked to your room and texted Jeff,

“Tony’s still giving me shit🙄”

“Sorry to hear that☹️💓”

“He said you just wanted to get in my pants…please tell me that isn’t true..”

“I would never, I happen to think you’re really beautiful. I would never just use you like that.” You had the biggest smile on your face just reading that. He called you beautiful again, the butterflies came back and they were going crazy.

“When can we hangout again? I already miss you.” Was that too much? Did that seem too clingy? You asked yourself, you risked it and hit send.

“I miss you too:( how about tomorrow and Monet’s again?”

“Sure, maybe we can go to the park afterwards.”

“Will Tony allow that?”

“Forget about him, I need to have some fun in my life without him babying me.”

“It’s just, I want him to like me.”


“Look Y/N I like you a lot, and I want to ask you out but I need to get Tony to like me or if not he’ll never let us hang out again.” You started jumping your bed, you ran around you were so happy. HE LIKED YOU BACK!!!

“I like you too, and yeah he kinda said that you have to prove to him you just don’t want me for sex..”

“I’ll do anything to prove that to him, anything for you princess.” MAH HEART HE STARTED WITH THE NICKNAMES!

“We’ll see you tomorrow in school, I have to do some homework and then go to bed💓”

“Goodnight beautiful💕” You smiled, but then frowned remembering you had to do homework. You groaned, as you took out the homework.

You finished after two painful hours of trying not to procrastinate. You went to go shower and once you got out you went downstairs to go get a snack.

“I’m hanging out with Jeff again tomorrow, we’re going to Monet’s and then the park.” You said as soon as you saw Tony, he just looked up and nodded.

“Don’t follow us this time,” you have him a cold glare,

“I’m just looking out for you Y/N,” he sighed while running his eyes.

“It gets annoying, Tony trust me Jeff isn’t going to hurt me!”

“Fine, do what you want but don’t come crying to me when he breaks your heart and just uses you for sex.” He walked out. You walked back to your room and laid on your bed, before you knew it you knocked out.

“Fuck off!” You muttered at your alarm clock, you threw it across your room. You remembered that you had plans with Jeff so you jumped out of bed looking for an outfit. You chose some ripped high waisted pants and an off shoulder bodysuit, you walked out of your room and you bumped into Tony,

“What are you wearing?” He asked looking at your outfit,

“Clothes duh,” you said walking into the kitchen,

“It’s too revealing, it’ll make it easier for him to get in your pants,” he said following closely behind you.

“I honestly don’t care about anything you have to say now,” you grabbed a granola bar and sat at the counter. You received a message from Jeff,

“Want a ride to school?” You replied with a yes and looked up at Tony,

“You don’t have to give me a ride today,” he shot you a confused look so before he asked you answered,

“Jeff is giving me a ride,” he sighed annoyed a couple seconds later there was a honk coming from the front. You grabbed all your stuff and walked out Tony following behind you,

Jeff got out of the car and went to the other side to open the door for you, Tony keeping his eyes on him. As soon as you Jeff got on the other side you looked at him,

“Sorry about him,” he just looked back at you,

“Stop apologizing,” he placed his hands on your shoulders and made you face him, you just smiled. He started the drive and you guys soon arrived at hell.

You guys met up with Hannah and Clay,

“I told you, you too would be good friends,” Clay said after seeing you both coming out of Jeff’s car. Both of you just smiled at each other,

“See you after school,” you said hugging him,

“So are you guys like a thing now?” Hannah asked smiling you just smiled and walked off. That day again, you did not pay attention. How are you not failing? You walked out and saw Jeff with Clay,

“Where’s Hannah?” You asked walking up to them,

“She’s still not out yet,” Clay responded, Jeff put his arm around you. You just smiled, Tony just glared at Jeff and you just rolled your eyes. Hannah soon came out and you and Jeff departed from the group. You and Jeff just laughed during the whole drive to Monet’s. He held your hand during the whole drive as well which made you smile even more, you felt comfort in his grasp.

You two got out and sat in the same table as last time, and like before you two ordered hot chocolate again. He stared at you the whole time,

“You’re so adorable,” you blushed and tried hiding it with your hands. He removed your hands from your face,

“Don’t, you look cute.” You could feel your face burning and as much as you wanted to cover your face you couldn’t because Jeff was holding onto your hands. You two finished your hot chocolate and headed to the park.

“Push me!” You said as you ran to the swings, he began pushing you. After a couple minutes you two went for a walk, it was extremely peaceful. The sunset looked so beautiful,

“Cmon let’s get you home,” Jeff said while putting his arm around you. You frowned you didn’t want to go home, but you knew you AHS to. The whole car ride you and Jeff held hands which made you so cheesy. He walked you to your front door,

“I had a wonderful time with you, babe.” BABE? BABE HE IS NOW CALLING YOU BABE!!!! You tried not to freak out, breathe, breathe, breathe. You smiled at him,

“I had a wonderful time as well.” You hugged him. Once you two pulled away, he looked at you. His eyes kept going from your eyes to your lips, he licked his lips and started leaning in,

“Y/N come in.” Tony interrupted, Jeff quickly stood up straight, Tony shot him a glare. You rolled your eyes and hugged Jeff one last time and went inside avoiding Tony for the rest of the day.

Sorry if this is bad, it’s rushed :( but expect a part three and it might make you cry..

“This was the most fun I’ve ever had” 

This is still my favorite Phan moment ever. <3 <3 

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**I got you mah dude**

“What did you think?”

“Was this the song you were telling me about?”


“Anxiety that was beautiful.”

“Why are you crying?”

“B-Because you m-made something s-s-so beautiful just for me-me, and you’ve been p-practicing so ha-Ard you even hu-urt your fingers.”

“Stop crying- you’re gonna make me cry!”

“C-Can I ask you one thing?”


“Will you please s-sing it again?”

(Part 2 end)

**Come in my inbox and scream about something you like, and I will write a ten sentence pure dialogue chat for Prinxiety reacting to your interest**


Ever seen the Lin Kuei with loaded guns?

The most weird yet beautiful friendship…
(I think I use too kuch sparkles and light balls…. not regretting though :3..I think I need to practice more lineart… masanay nga para di mahirapan…)
Anyways sorry for the weird drawing if you found any mistakes… I made this in fudging 3 in the morning found tons of unproportions and weird posing and shit *shiver… need to rest as fudge…

Anyways here is what I’ve been working on… the friendship of @arakicanaria, @immaurfrienemy, @roch6103, @cezlovesart and @bloglilystarlight
All I can say is that your friendship is weird BUT beautiful… first of all… all of you haven’t met exactly in person yet you all talk like sisters.. you all talk even you are all too far part away from each other its like I never seen before…its just so beautiful that you all got along soooo sooooo well like wow.. this is just soo beautiful and I musn’t ruin it XD welp hope you love it and enjoy it…
(I don’t even know what I am saying but yah you get mah point… welp time to do april appreaciatikn proj.)

EDIT: I put the highlights on lily’s hair and also more shadowing that you can’t even see

YouTube Sensation Pt. 8 - Mystery Solved

Characters: Reader, Single!Jensen Ackles

Pairings: Reader x Single!Jensen

Warnings: fluff, angst, self-doubt, hints at memories of emotional abuse

Word Count:  2,200

Summary: Jensen reveals how he made it to Boulder before the reader and reveals another surprising not so surprising bit of information. The reader wants to believe everything that Jensen tells her, but the voice in the back of her head is determined to make her doubt.

A/N: Catch up here So, I’m not sure if you’re even going to like this part, but it’s setting groundwork for later. I’m not sure if that is spoiler material or not, but I had to start planting seeds if I’m going to take this where I want to. I hope you don’t totally hate it. I know you’ve waited for what seems like FOREVER for this part. Feedback is always appreciated.

You stretched out your tired muscles, your arms searching for Jensen in the empty space beside you. You were disappointed when you discovered the bed empty. You immediately sat up and wondered if you had dreamed the whole thing, Jensen sitting outside your apartment door, Jensen coming in and staying with you. You looked around the room and ran your fingers through your tangled hair; you realized it was standing on end when you looked in the mirror across the room.

You noticed Jensen’s jeans and shirt on the floor at the foot of your bed which confirmed that last night hadn’t been a dream. You sighed in relief. This whole situation was insane. You had gone to Vancouver five days ago to perform at a concert and attend VanCon. You couldn’t have possibly imagined the events that would unfold. At the Louden Swain concert Friday night, Jensen had performed, and you had received back stage passes, from Jensen it turned out. Jensen had fangirled over you and asked you to sing with him. That night, you realized, changed everything.

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HEY THERE I MISS YOU. Just popping in to say that damn that icon 😍👌💕👅💦😘😂 mah boi is so beautiful I'm crying ALSO HOW ARE YOU ? I'm posting a Zach thing later, so I'm letting you know as you're Zach trash😂

Thank you so much babe! I made it myself 😂😂 aww thank you definitely gonna read 💙💙💙💙

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Originally posted by jacksepticeyegifs


The second time this had happened, the churring thing, you weren’t with him.  He was on his bed relaxing after a training session, completely wiped, so it didn’t take him long to doze off. But it also didn’t take long for the dreams to come to him; suddenly there you were, in a white dress, your beautiful smile wide and happy, leading him deeper into the misty forest that surrounded him.  You had your hand in his, leading him deeper into the green until he found himself staring down at you; you leaned in and…

He woke up to a rather odd noise; it wasn’t coming from outside his room or anywhere around him, rather than he was making it himself!  This was the second time he had done this churring thing and it made him redder than a tomato!  He sits up abruptly and rubs his face with his hands and starts talking to himself.

“What the hell am I doing?!”

Nothing he does helps him get you off his mind, and he’ll catch him making that same noise often.  It was gonna be a long day.


He was playing basketball in a small area they have in the lair, Mikey was with him.  He had only one thing on his mind and that was to get the damn ball in the hoop; or at least until Mikey mentioned your name.

“I wonder if (y/n) has made—”

Raph’s heartbeat quickened and his pace became slower; images of you instantly flooded his mind and his pace became even slower.  The ball missed the hoop, and he NEVER misses.  Then that damn noise came from his throat, and Mikey heard it loud and clear.

“Was that you?” he said.

Raph was quick to defend himself.  “NO!”

Mikey knew what the sound was meant for.

“What'cha thinkin’ ‘bout bruh?”


Then a cheeky grin made it’s way onto Mikey’s face.

“Or should I ask, WHO are you thinking about?”



You were with him when it happened again.   You were sitting beside him on a stool and watched as he messed with one of his small little gadgets, focus intense and barely talking; then he felt your arms wrap around his bicep, and your head rest on his shoulder.  Immediately your scent, your perfume, your lotion, all in one fill his nose and he can’t help but feel his chest tighten up from how good you smell.  His whole body tenses, and as he feared would happen,
that same noise as last time eminated from his throat, and he immediately began to burn at his cheeks.  

You noticed how stiff he had gotten.

“You ok?” you ask, and he gives you a quick nod before setting his tools down.

“Y-yeah… I-I’m gonna go grab a snack, ok?”

He’s quick to leave; he doesn’t get a snack, he paces back and forth for a good five minutes before coming back to you.  He stuffs a poptart in his mouth, hoping that it will distract him from how delicious you smell.


He was sitting on the pizza box couch they made playing a racing game, and he was quite into it.  Tilting his controller, sticking out his tongue and moving as if it would help control his vehicle.  Then you suddenly came up behind him, placed your hands on his shoulders and bent down the kiss his on the cheek.  He immediately stopped and dropped the controller in his lap, his car crashing into a sidewall and going into 7th place.  His cheeks began to flush and his body tensed, your scent getting to him; he always loved your surprise kisses.

“Love you,” you say soothingly.  He smiled sheepishly and watches you walk off to talk with Splinter or do whatever.  It was then that sound emitted from him again, and it came out of nowhere and surprised him.  You heard it from way over where you were.

“Was that you?” you say.

“Umm… my stomach!  I’m…hungry.”

“But you ate like ten minutes ago.”

“Apparently it wasn’t enough…”

He then scrambles out of the room to get some air because WOW… looking at you makes it hard for him to breathe.

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What's your favorite feature or characteristic of Hanzo from Overwatch? I'm just curious. :)

Good question, Nonny. This is just my opinion, but I have to say that, even though his entire appearance is great-looking (understatement of the year X3), my favourite feature - physical feature, to be specific - of Hanzo’s has got to be his face. It sounds silly, but I remember when I first saw him in a promo pic (that one where he’s holding his arrow), I was instantly drawn to his face: it was so beautifully handsome, more so because of that broody, sombre expression that it held. It made me want to know why he was looking like that (and he was an angsty archer, so it made me all the more intrigued with him).

In a way, his facial expressions are a kind of gateway into his personality/mentality. Take, for example, this scene between Hanzo and Genji from the “Dragons” short:

I mean, damn, this man’s got a stunning face, that’s for sure (I can literally look at him all day). :) But in this moment, Nonny, I was able to see beneath that angry, bottled-up exterior and see a mixture of his pain, his disbelief and his wonder upon finding out that Genji was alive - his brother whom he thought he had dutifully killed, whose “killing” made him become remorseful and leave behind his clan and its activities in search of redemption. He carried these emotions for so many years (no doubt it weighed heavily on its mind), and in these few seconds we’re able to see these emotions conveyed through this single look of disbelief. It actually makes him look vulnerable, something that he probably rarely shows because he has to be the responsible older brother/leader/skilled, nonsensical warrior. Hanzo seems more human, more relatable, as a result.

I’m also quite fascinated by his eyes:

Again, same story: Hanzo’s too pretty for this world his eyes convey his emotions clearly. In that brief flicker of recognition when he sees Genji half-unmasked, we see his sadness borne from what he had to do to Genji in the past, and - when the eyes narrow a little bit - perhaps maybe a little relief and affection when he realises that his little brother’s alive. I think we also catch a glimpse of disappointment and tinges of regret, because for Hanzo it’s like, “Genji’s actually alive and has become this cybernetic thing, and I left my old lifestyle behind and spent all this time grieving over him.”

If we don’t see those two emotions there, then we definitely see it here:

Hanzo’s face beautifully shows how he feels when he asks Genji (possibly also asking himself), “What have you become?” He’s still reeling from his shock, but it seems as if he can’t digest the idea that Genji is alive but in a different form, as if he’s disappointed/saddened/regretful that he did this to him and/or that he threw his old lifestyle away for redemption’s sake but now it all seems like it was pointless.

Like I said before, Nonny, I can look at Hanzo’s face all day because I can’t believe that he has such a gorgeous face (I can’t understand how a cute man like this exists, bless him McCree, you lucky bugger T33T), but the way his facial expressions exposes his emotions, his personality, his current state of mind … just things like that make me want to learn more about Hanzo’s character, his motives, his fears, etc. I love him for his abilities and bruh, is he beautiful, but his character and background story are fascinating, and I’m always drawn to characters with an angsty past/bad boy tendencies because it makes me wanna dig beneath their surfaces and see their hidden humanness.

Hope that answers your question, Nonny, thanks for asking! ^3^

The wedding of roch

hehehehehe no regrets roch XD also this if FANFIC Base on what is currently happening in @roch6103‘s blog. I’m blaming that anon XD

Roch is @roch6103

Cez is @cezlovesart

Itup and gen is @yume-gen746

Poonik is @immaurfrienemy

Alexander is @insane-lj 

Ara is @arakicanaria

Lets start (appreciate the sketch since i plan to make this comic at first XD)

(The wedding is commenced because of Ara’s fear that her child might be stuck in a force field away from her forever and Roch’s fear that her mama might be killed or spammed by the anon. So the visitors are Roch’s followers… the bridesmaid is Poonik and best man is Cez(?) eh… who knows )

At the Aisle:

Roch: I HATE this… this is a total Nightmare

Poonik: Why did you agree to do this again?

Roch: I actually DON’T.. BUT if I don’t agree to marry them… there’s a chance that they will kill Mama Ara…

Poonik: … oh… hmmm..

            : Don’t worry I have a plan =)

Roch: hmm?(I have a bad feeling about this..)

During the ceremony:

Itup: Today we are gathered for the Marriage of Anon the anonymouse and Rochelle…

       : Does anyone object?

(total silence….. Poonik raises her hand)

Poonik: I object!

(Everyone looks at Poonik)

Roch: (Oh seriously this is your plan)

Poonik: Please accept me Roch and Marry me instead

Roch: Fuk u poonik

Poonik: I can everything with you my love, no one shall take you away from me.. I’ll take care of our kids.. I’ll do everything for you IF you marry me..

Roch: Poonik Fuk U (,l,)

Poonik: But it’s true love!!!

Roch: Love is to Level of Violence 

Poonik: I’ll protect you… I’ll show you my love for you I will KILL those people who wish to take you from me

Roch: for the last time NO! So STOP!!!

Poonik: May I have the hand of your beautiful daughter, Roch?

Ara: NOPE! 

Poonik: (Welp I tried..)

(Insane-lj raises his hand)

Insane-lj: I OBJECT!!

Roch:(not you tooo..)

Ara: (Why does everyone want to marry mah child)

Insane-lj: May you marry me mi amor? *pulls out a ring pop

Roch: T^T NO

Insane-lj: I’m Alexander and we are meant to be~  Te amo

Roch: *pulls out spanish dictionary…*translated to english means “I love you” :/ (why?)

Insane-lj: Te amo tanto, mi amor, eres mi alma, eres mi aire y respiracion. tu eres todo lo mas importante en mi vida, te amo mi princesa

Roch: (Why?! DO YOU DO DIS TO MEEEEE!!!!!)

Ara:(*internal screeming)

Poonik: *stares at Alexander… a stare that is planning to do something… bad…

Hundreds of rejections later…

Itup: Does anyone still want to object?

       : Anyone?

       : …. (ughh I just want to go home)


Itup: No one well the-

(Cez raises her hand)

Roch: (oh no NOT AGAIN)

Ara: (Roch… What did you do to make this people fall in love with you…)

Itup: State your statement..

Cez: First of alll Roch is too young to marry..


Ara: (finally…)

Cez: Roch has too much to live for… I mean I think most of you haven’t met her in person and your already proposing… you people are weird

       : *walks in the middle of the aisle* So Roch…*lends her hand* will you ur life being single exploring with me and ofcourse your friends

Roch: *takes Cez’s hand*… Yes.. I would love that

She threw the flowers and run towards the aisle fleeing the marriage..

Ara: Roch wai-

(Anon catches her hand)

Anon: Finally this is over..

Ara: huh?

*Anon removes their mask

???: Atleast I know what she would wish for..

Ara: *gaspu!!!* Yum-

( the woman behind the anon mask flips Ara bridal style…)

Gen: Yah it’s me


Gen: (y) yep

Ara: Bu-but Itup is -

Gen: Potion of illusion.. besides she just says those words repeatedly… don’t you notice

Ara: Why did you do this..

Gen: So we can show each other what we really want in our life…

Ara: huh?! (////)

Gen: And I want you 

Ara: (*internally screeming*)



Itup: Where did you get this movie?!

Miti: uhmmm from an AU ( Actually its your fault for changing fates and timelines because you got “bored”) Don’t worry it won’t happen in real life..

Itup: That anon is sadistic I hate her

Miti:( like i said your fault… you were in charge that time… )

Itup: sooo is your friend okay with it?

Miti: I guess so (?)

Bridget: …..

Miti: Meh I dunno..

Itup: So this really didn’t happen? and they are just acting?

Miti: well yah kinda…

Welp that ended it XD… And yas I starter XD I am (not) sorry Roch and Ara…being an Anon and stufff XD No regrets and please don’t hate me for this Roch and ara XD Anyways.. The bonus part is canon in yume-sekai but the fafic is not XD Anyways it was fun playing with you XD 

(atleast roch’s ship and my ship sailed there also atleast Lily isn’t in the situation)

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S coups 15

(you know what fuck it i havent written one for mah boy coops yet lets go)

S.Coups (Seungcheol) + Overstimulation

A puddle. That was the only word to describe you right now. A puddle of sweat; a puddle of weakened muscles; your cunt a puddle all in it’s own. Well it had been like that since he had walked in the room. Now you were lying on top of him, him still hard inside you, running his fingers through your sweaty hair as you came down from another orgasm. 

“You look so damn beautiful like this,” He spoke against your forehead. When he shifted his hips against you, you whined pathetically and he laughed. He fucking laughed. “Do you wanna stop?”

You shook your head weakly and he thrusted again, his pelvis rubbing raw against your clit. 

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DEAR GOD YOUR ART IS WONDERFUL. I have been looking through all of you art and it it SO GOOD. I love the colors you use when you draw and your style is so beautiful it just warms my heart. My request is maybe... if you are feeling up to it (you don't need to and i'm sorry if i'm bothering you) if you could draw something? Anything really... I know you like pewdieken, Pewdiejack, and Septiplier (Me too you are not alone ;) If you don't want to thats completely ok.*Gives you the biggest hug ever*


THANKS A LOT.  (⑅´•⌔•`)*✲゚*。

Iimah rly flattered that u like mah art ,i will try to keep ur kokoro in fire //wink wonk//

I was about to draw pewdieken instead of pewdiejack but well,mah hand slipped and hello jackaboy.

I had some sort of those comical light-bulb over the head thing when I saw this picture, so I decided to write a little snippet of a conversation that I imagined the scene to be.  


‘What was mama like?' 



There was a pregnant pause, the only sounds penetrating the crisp air was the slight crunching of snow under their feet. 

'She was…she looked like you.’  


'Yes, she was beyond beautiful, just like you.' 

'Eh? Really?’  

'Yes, and just like you, she meant the world to me.’

There was yet again silence, this time cut short by the young child’s loud huff of exasperation. 

'The world? That doesn’t even make sense.  I hate snow and that’s part of the world so that means that you can’t love someone like the world, you’ve gotta have something you hate, Papa!’

A small chuckle resonated throughout the cold expanse.  

'Mah, mah, child, one day you’ll understand, but not too soon I hope.’

'What did you say, Papa?’

'Nothing, child, nothing.' 

ASSFGHHJFDS I forgot to click the anon box thing, so much for making a surprise 😂😂😂 how embarrassing! Oh, I also have another surprise (ish. Maybe.) Remember that anon who asked for your bday? Yea that was me as well HAHAHA dont worry bruh I didnt do any curses on you :3c (hope you werent creeped out too much orz)

I originally wanted to draw all of the fatesonas but was overwhelmed when i checked the actual tag 😂😂😂 i lost count and decided to just finish what ive already started *lays on ground*

Just wanna say that you’re such an inspiration to me and a lot of other people and I swear I always look forward to whatever you post! You’re such a fun, sweet and talented person and akdkdkaksf i actually look forward to more liefe/kai 😶😶😶 LMAO JK JK

dont feel bad about getting older, I’d like to think that everytime we get older, we actually level up! Hehe! Oh, and I hope you like this drawing I made for ya! Happy Bornday!! :D

YURUYAAAA!! ;___________; THIS IS SO GORGEOUS~!! THANK YOU SO MUCH, BEAUTIFUL~! And ohhhhhohohoh So YOU were the culprit asking for my b-day~! xDDDD *huggles* No worries, I wasn’t creeped out since my b-day was pretty much public on my twitter anyway~ Hee hee~

And I feel you~! There are so many fatesonas now! The ones you drew are like the first few ones before the baby boom of fatesonas~ And you even drew Liefe~! MAH WAIFU!!! ;_____; *whispers* I’m also looking forward to more Kai/Liefe ufufufuf~ *whispers*

AHHHH I need to print this along with the other birthday pics everyone has drawn for me~ *cries*

Please beautiful, you’re making me blush! I’m honored to be an inspiration to you and so many others~ And although you may not know this, I secretly stalk all of your wonderful drawings too~  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)bbbbb



Strange Magic Wedding Prompt: That Moment When Bog First Sees Marianne Walk Down the Isle

My heart flutters at the thought of him swooning, tearing up, having to keep it together and doing so by the barest thread of his own will, watching her float like mist on water. 

Watching her wear a gown of Dark Forest petals and wonder if it was jealous of the comparison and competition when brought up next to her eyes that he could swim poetry in. 

Watching her ease towards him on a walk far too long but not long enough- for if he could just pause this moment and watch it over and over again… but no. For even in its perfection -watching her and only watching her- there is nothing quite like her joining the space beside him as they bond their lives together in something already complete. 

For marriage is not another step. They’d been married for so long. And yet it was different, then… watching her… 

…his Princess… 

…his Queen… 

…his wife… 

And it would be perfect.

And then my brains just like, lol, nah, you know it wouldn’t even be like that because dorks be dorks. 


And Marianne is just like “you are the man I’ve chosen to love…”

All in all it’d be a wonderful wedding. Either way it turns out. 


The gorgeous lovelies sparkylovesbooks traveltheworldwithaflaskoftea and mychemicalbooks tagged me to post some selfies for the 20 beautiful women thingy! I already did it before but I thought ‘why not do it again?’ and took a few *cough* 40 *cough* pictures with my webcam. :D Thank you guys for tagging me! ily <3

I’m tagging: pollyandbooks alibraryismyparadise buttermybooks aqueenofbabble knbi book–hugger books-and-cookies cat-thecatlady freshface-blankpage longlivethebookqueen mariethelibrarian ifangirlaboutbooks introvertedbookworm24 meanstoabookend tilly-and-her-books <3

Obviously, you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to. Or if you’ve done it before or if you’ve done it twice or trice or whatever how many times and don’t want to do it again. But I would love to see all your beautiful faces and I don’t care if you guys have done it 50 times already. Still wanna see your faces, because you are beautiful! <3