you you you you you you so beautiful mah

“This was the most fun I’ve ever had” 

This is still my favorite Phan moment ever. <3 <3 


Ever seen the Lin Kuei with loaded guns?

a-ginger-writer  asked:

wAIT WHAT??? OKAY THAT'S IT!! MAMA SOPHIE IS OUTTA THE BAG!!! YO ANONS!! IF YA GOT BEEF WITH THIS BEAUTIFUL AND TALENTED WOMAN, BRING IT TO /M Y/ INBOX!!! I don't know /who/ you think you are, but you just crossed a line!! This woman has /tried so hard/ to write these beautiful fics and YOU CALLED HER A LIAR AND A THEIF?? NOT TO MAH FAMILY YA DON'T!! Bring your bs to me when you wanna shit on Sun. Don't touch my family.

This is not the only time I am glad we bond over my fanfic Pick Up The Phone. Thank you so much! 

(But I definitely was not glad when you told me your story. :((((((( THERE WERE ACTUAL TEARS)

EXO reactions: to their crush being nervous on their first date

Hellooo mah tacoo what ~Sure:D


*shyly stutters* “Y-you don’t have to be that nervous!” *smirks*


“N-no need to be shy!” *thinks: “she’s so cute”*


*chuckles* “You’re so cute when you’re shy”


“S-so..” *giggles, amused by your nervousness* “Y-you don’t have to be nervous!” *shyly smiles*


“Your cheeks are red..”  *chuckles while avoiding eye contact*


*stares at you and chuckles quietly at your nervous reactions* “Y-you’re… so beautiful today..” *gets embarrassed*


*Shyly stutters* “Why do I feel so nervous watching you like that~” *laughs to break the awkward silence and to make you feel comfortable*


*gazes at you* “You’re so adorable but please don’t be so shy!” *gets embarrassed*


“Y-you’re really cute” *shyly stares at you*


“F-feel comfortable around me!” *winks awkwardly*


*gazes into your eyes* “Are you always so shy.. and cute..?” *chuckles*


*shyly looks at you* “You… you’re so cute when you’re shy..” *looks away and clears throat*


The gorgeous lovelies sparkylovesbooks traveltheworldwithaflaskoftea and mychemicalbooks tagged me to post some selfies for the 20 beautiful women thingy! I already did it before but I thought ‘why not do it again?’ and took a few *cough* 40 *cough* pictures with my webcam. :D Thank you guys for tagging me! ily <3

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Obviously, you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to. Or if you’ve done it before or if you’ve done it twice or trice or whatever how many times and don’t want to do it again. But I would love to see all your beautiful faces and I don’t care if you guys have done it 50 times already. Still wanna see your faces, because you are beautiful! <3