you you dark forest

through the
darkness; hoping,
Someday, to trip on your feet.

Read in 2016 » The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black

“Once, there was a girl who found a sword in the woods. Once, there was a girl who made a bargain with the Folk. Once, there was a girl who’d been a knight in the service of a monster. Once, there was a girl who vowed she would save everyone in the world, but forgot herself. Once, there was a girl… Hazel”

Warm Hands and Gentle Voices

Requested by Anonymous: “12, 13, 14, 10 with Peter pan plz”

Thanks to @words-amid-stars for the prompts: “I heard you scream. Nightmares again?” “Hey, just look at me. Breathe” “Hold my hand. You’re going to be fine” “Please don’t leave me alone”

Summary: OUAT Peter Pan x Reader. You wake up screaming after a particularly bad nightmare, but Peter is there to calm you down again and send you off to sleep with sweet dreams.

Word count: 957 Words


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Thieving Hearts - Breadcrumbs (KRIS, pt.1) [Chronicles of the Wolf series]

A/N : Welcome, Alpha! ♥

[ Yifan | Thieving Hearts ]

  \ Breadcrumbs


It was the middle of the night as you stumbled your way through the dark forest. You shook the guards off within minutes after you waited long enough for the werewolf and the two girls to get to safety.

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“Why don’t you go ahead and tell me what you really said?”

“Forget tomorrow’s worries and relax with me.”

“Didn’t anyone ever tell you that following mythical creatures into dark forests is what gets you killed?”

“I’ve been planning this surprise party for six months. You don’t get to rat me out and ruin it.”

“Stop laughing at me. Don’t pretend like this hasn’t happened to you before!”

“You look so much better in the light of the rising sun.”

Until the end starts

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Fandom: The Hobbit
Pairing: Thorin x (human)reader
Genres: angst, fluff
Words: 1.304
Summary: While imprisoned in Mirkwood, reader is on the verge of breaking down. Thorin is there to console her, which leads to confessions - requested by Anonymous

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It's A Different World (Supernatural AU Leo)

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Type: Fluff Angst

Request: (this is for VIXX) If you are feeling more of a reaction, how about how they would confess their true forms? Or, preferably, if you are feeling like writing scenarios ~ Reader lives in a strict, rule based village. Mythical beings are seen as demons and must be avoided and or killed. Reader, however, falls in love with one and sneaks of frequently

You had been told from a young age not to venture too far away town. “Demons” roamed the land. It was a bit of bull to you. Your dog didn’t know the rules and during one of your daily walks had managed to pull its self from the leash and take off into the woods. You looked around for anyone who may have been near to see you but smiled as you could successfully enter the woods. It was dark and creepy even though the day was rather bright. The silence was deafening to you. You could hear every now and again a branch snap before long you could hear rapid movement.

Your head seemed to start spinning as you search rapidly for the sound and your dog. Not paying attention to where you were going your back smacked onto the ground after you tripping on a root that had made its way from underground. You didn’t even realize you closed your eyes until you looked up into the tree tops. You laid there silently as you were so curious how a place like this stayed so dark. You could even see the sky yet you could not see the sun. It was like it was the middle of the day on a rainy day.

Is this what the supernatural was capable of? Always having a dreary day? As you started thinking more a sudden wave of fatigue hit you as you could hear footsteps. As your eyes closed a dark figure came into view before they shut completely.


You awoke to an odd warmth and a light musky smell as you sat up. Your eyes widened you were in a room, a room you had never seen before, a room that seemed to be stuck permanently in the Victorian era. Panic washed over you as a echoy voice became apparent in the room. “You’re awake” you hear as you look around “over here” a voice called as you turned again to see well a rather transparent male there. You let out a scream as his eyes widened, his body became solid as his feet touched the ground lightly. “Right humans aren’t used to the whole ghost thing” he spoke as looked at you. “Hello I am Hongbin, welcome to our home” he spoke giving you a bow as you fell off the bed and scooted to the fall back wall. “Ya! So mean” he spoke as he went transparent and began sinking downwards as his figured went through the floor.

You could hear footsteps against the dark wooded floor as the bedroom door opened and you dog came quickly towards you. “Benz?” you spoke as the medium sized dog happily licked your face. A pair of shoes came into view as you looked up. A rather menacing figure stood there “A human should not venture far from the safety. Or the bad will come and they’ll be dragged into the dark by the dark hands. Consumed and never seen again the dear one would be” he spoke as he recited the little speech you learned in kindergarten. He knew it? How would he know it? “You shouldn’t venture into the woods when you have no idea what’s out there” he spoke. You looked at him closely he didn’t seem like he was a “demon” he wasn’t trying to kill you or hurt you, he seemed rather peaceful and gave off the vibe as well.

“Are you listening?” he asked as you snapped out of your thoughts “you’re not supposed to leave the boarders of the village. It’s been that way for a thousand years and very few of you are dumb enough to break that rule” he told you as you sent a glare at him. “Be lucky I got to you before the ghouls did. You wouldn’t be able to go back home if I did not” he told you. “Where am I?” you asked as your voice cracked out in a dry tone as he waved his hand lightly and a bottle appeared in his hand. “Drink” he spoke being down to your level as he broke it open. You have him an unsure look as he waterfalled the drink “water. You know water?” he spoke as he shoved it at you. You nervously took it.

“Hythe” he told you as you drank the water. “Its the town passed the dark forest inhabited by the ‘demons’ that your kind hate so much” he spoke as he pulled you up. Your body smacked off his strong frame as the drink fell from your grip. There wasn’t a splash or anything as the bottle and water froze in the air. You looked at him as he looked at you. “Don’t be stupid again do you understand?” he asked as he didn’t let you go. Not that you wanted to leave his arms. It was a rather safe feeling in them. “Wolf boy is here” Hongbin spoke as his head popped up from the floor. “Oh I’m interrupting your moment with your little human” he spoke as he sunk back down. The man in front of you pulled a long chain from his neck that had a small vile of something attached to the end. He placed it around your neck and it began to glow he sighed. “This will not be the last time we meet” he told you as the substance stopped glowing.


You did see him again and even leaned his name. Jung Taekwoon or as he preferred Leo, he was the charming warlock. You met his other friends as well Ravi a werewolf, Ken an elf, Hyuk a werecat, N the kitsune, and you had already met Hongbin the ghost. They were rather harmless beings who told you that you had to watch out for the darker ones who fed on humans. Vampire, ghouls, etc. They were the bad ones that gave them all the harsh reputation your village labeled them all with. The world seemed so much brighter as you stepped from the teachings of your village. You could see that some of the nicest people you had met weren’t even human.

You and Leo had done something that was very much forbidden for humans. Fall in love with a “demon” but you didn’t care he was the man of your dreams. His lips were quite magical, pun intended. He let you walk through the town and even met the beings that inhabited the supernatural town. They all were so kind to you. Then every night Leo had used his powers to have you two appear behind the fence of your home.

He smiled lightly as he leaned over and placed a kiss onto your lips. As you gave a deeper one back “I want to stay with you” you whisper to him as he pulls away. “We can’t” he spoke stroking your face. The sad look on it made him close his eyes “I can’t keep staying here. They know nothing about you all” you told him, moments later your back was against his soft mattress as he held your phone out. He sent a text to your mother claiming to be with friends before he climbed into the bed beside you. You smiled leaning over pressing another kiss to his lips as he pulled you lightly over him allowing the kiss to continue as it grew into a passionate night for the two of you.


Your mother looked at you like you were crazy as you had spoken out to your guests and your parents colleagues. ‘What if we’re judging a whole group by a few bad ones’ you simply said. “These new generations” your mom joined as the table broke into laughter. “I’m pregnant” you spoke up as you played with your food as a light smile came to your face as you thought about Leo. Your hand grabbed onto the necklace as it started lighting up again. “He’s a handsome man. Leo, he’s a demon” you spat out as the table looked at if you were speaking another language. “You’re mad tonight child” your mother spoke as you rolled your eyes. “I’m not crazy mom. I’m in love with a sorcerer” you tell as she looked down at your stomach.

“You’re carrying a demon” she hissed as you smiled at her “they aren’t bad people well creatures. Not all” you continue “the dark forest holds ghouls, the cave by the river its a common place for vampires those are bad ones” you tell him as you clutched the necklace tighter. “We have to get rid of it. That thing is going to destroy us all” one of the people at the table spoke as you clutched your stomach “stay away from my baby” you hissed. “This creature has brainwashed you and is trying to infect our village with demon spawns” your father spoke. “Leo” you whispered standing up ready to run as a warm feeling came around you as Leo held you protectively.

He looked up at the wide eyed folk with a blank look. “How’d it get into our town we protected it from them” one of the other people spoke as he simply lifted your necklace up. “A gift from a vampire. I’d watch out for the night crowd they’re not all human” he spoke as you two were warped off again. You stood in the town square of Hythe once more as Leo cupped your face and pulled you in for a kiss. “Welcome to your new life” he whispered as he tugged you close. You smiled as you snuggled into him not caring who was watching your affections with one another. “We’ll welcome new life here as well” he continues as he rubbed your tummy. “You’re the first human to stay here” he finished linking your fingers to his. And that’s how your world opened up, how you fell for the “demons” you were taught to hate, and why you were willing to throw them all away for the warlock who stole your heart.

Dark Secrets - Part 2

Context: You are a Slytherin who enjoys long walks in the Forbidden Forest, keeping dark secrets, and falling for a guy you never thought you’d fall for.

Warnings: This talks about spiders for all my arachnophobes out there.

Part one

A week passed before you took another trip out to the Forbidden Forest. The last time was when you stumbled upon Draco’s dark secret. After you two left the forest, you checked on him daily to make sure he was okay. Today was no different, except he was nowhere to be found, so you decided to take a quick stroll through your favorite forest to clear the clouding thoughts and memories in your overflowing mind.

It was pitch black out but your wand was your guide, giving you light while you brushed through trees and bushes, finding a good spot to sit down and stare up at the dark shapes the trees made. You reminisced about the times before terror took hold of Hogwarts and how easy it was to sneak through the quiet corridors and out into the silky night. The dangers that lay before you were nothing but adrenaline rushes that kept you moving, never stopping to rethink your decisions. If you got caught, it could mean life or death, but you had no intentions of chickening out. Your thoughts traveled to last week and how Draco held onto you, needing someone to comfort him. Your mind reeled at the thought of his blonde hair soft against your cheek as you rocked him back and forth, his scent still lingering in your senses.

You shot up from where you were laying, shaking your head vigorously trying to forget what you just thought, but the feeling you just experienced lingered. A branch snapped and you shot your eyes in the direction of a tall figure. You stood up with your wand at ready.

“Who’s there?” You demanded.

Draco stepped out of the darkness and into sight and you sighed, letting your wand fall back to your side.

“You scared the living daylights out of me.” You said, sitting back down onto the fallen tree.

“Sorry.” Was all he could manage before sitting next to you. There was a piercing silence before he spoke.

“I just wanted to thank you for being there for me.” He said, twiddling his wand in his hands. “I didn’t think that I could go through with it and I still don’t, but it’s nice to know that someone cares for me and doesn’t see me as a monster.”

You looked into his pale blue eyes, finding truth behind his words. “I could never see you as a monster, Draco. You have a heart like everyone else, it’s just the way you show it is a bit…different.”

He smiled and you felt your chest tighten. Why did you feel these things? Surely you hadn’t started to like him.

“What are you doing out here?” He asked.

“I like to take nightly walks in the woods when my anxiety is high to clear my head. I can’t sleep when nights like these are upon me.”

“It’s dangerous out here. You sure you know what you’re doing?” He gave you a sloppy smile and it made your heart skip a beat.

“Of course. Danger is my adrenaline rush and I guess I’m a junkie for it.” You said, relaxing a little. You weren’t aware of how tense you were. “What are you doing out here?”

“I saw you leave the castle and decided to follow you. I was curious as to why you would leave all alone at night and enter a forest with a reputation.” You both smiled.

“It’s like a comfort for me. It sounds weird, I know but I really enjoy coming out here, surrounded by the mysterious.” You felt him move and looked over to see him straddling the tree, facing you, his eyes intently watching you.

“Well, I can see why. You’re a mystery yourself.” He said. You too turned to straddle the tree, facing him.

“Am I? What makes you think that?” You asked, giving him a cheeky smile.

“Well, most people would run after seeing the dark lord give someone a dark mark.” He paused, pain washing over his face for a split second before it disappeared. “But you didn’t. You stayed and helped me and took care of me and I really do appreciate it.” He touched your hand lightly.

You felt a shiver run through your spine as his cold fingers gracefully trailed across the back of your hand. “Why weren’t you in your classes today?” You asked him, distracting yourself.

He shrugged and looked away. “’S nothing.” You knew he was doing deeds for that vile beast and you understood. He was Voldemort’s property now and had to obey his every command or his family and his friends lives would be in danger.

“I’m sorry.” You said. “I can understand if you don’t want to talk about it, but please don’t forget that I am here for you.” You reached out and touched his cheek, not knowing that you had the ability to do so, but you felt the urge to comfort him.

There was a moment, between the two of you, that sparked a fire deep inside you, and for some reason, you both started to lean towards one another as though gravity was pulling you both into a space between the two of you. Your hand was still on his cheek and his hand was still on your other one. You were inches apart when you heard voices in the distance. Breaking the trance, you both quickly got up, Draco pulling you to his side.

“We have to hide. If they find us, both of our heads will be on the headmasters desk for display.” You said, taking Draco’s hand and running. You didn’t stop running until you felt as though your heart would beat out of your chest. You paused and bent over, hands on your knees trying to catch your breath. You glanced over to see Draco doing the same.

“I didn’t know you could run like that.” He said, in between breaths. You let out a small laugh before straightening back up.

“What can I say? I have a knack for adrenaline.”

He smiled at you before you both started to take in your surroundings. You hadn’t been looking where you were going and ended up in a part of the forest you hadn’t seen yet.

“Well this is new.” You said, trying to lighten up the mood. He side eyed you before taking out his wand and lighting up the area. You felt the air tense as things started to take on shapes.

“What the hell..” You said, trailing off before gasping.

The biggest damn spider you ever did see was standing only feet away. You felt fear rise in your chest as your anxiety overtook you. You backed into Draco, never taking your eyes off the giant.

“Y/N, you alright?” Draco asked you, taking your hand and pulling you behind him.

You weren’t aware of your body literally vibrating with fear. “Have I ever mentioned my biggest fear is spiders? Like biggest fear?”

“Well, now was a great time to have told me.” He said, pushing you back until you both hit a tree.

The spider started to delicately move towards you, taking light steps before you both decided that now was a good time to book it.

Taking off into the woods, holding hands, you both ran without a real destination in sight. You peeled behind you to see if the giant was still following only to realize it was right on your heels. You screeched, running faster than your body had ever gone before, dodging branches and fallen trees.

If you had really been paying attention you would have noticed the giant person standing in front of you before you and Draco both slammed into him.

“Whoa there, what are two kids like yourselves doing this deep in the forbidden forest?” You heard Hagrid’s voice and immediately stood up from the spot you had fallen to get behind him.

“Hagrid…Sp..SPIDER!” You screamed. Hagrid looked up to see the giant spider standing there.

“Oh this fellow? Hey, go on back to your pack. They’re not food. Sorry.” He said to creature before it turned and sulked back into the darkness.

Draco was stunned as he sat at Hagrid’s feet.

“Now, mind telling me what you two are doing out here? Hope no funny business, if you know what I mean.”

Part Three

A/N: I have the biggest fear of spiders on the planet earth. I hated writing the part but I literally wrote it as if it were me facing the big spider. Also, i locked my keys in the car the other day and there were some really nice people to help me unlock it. But turns out they messed up a locking mechanism in my driver door and now my driver door doesn’t work so i literally dukes of hazard my way into the front seat. Moral of story: Have a spare key located on your car for reasons like that.

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