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50 Halloween Questions for Muses

I already did a version for the mun, but here are some Halloween/Autumn-themed questions for the muse. Send one or a few for my muse!

  1. What’s your favorite thing about the Halloween/Autumn season?
  2. What’s your least favorite thing about the Halloween/Autumn season?
  3. Is Halloween your favorite holiday? If not, what is?
  4. If you could be anything for Halloween, what would you be?
  5. Do you celebrate Halloween or just let it pass by?
  6. Do you remember what you did on Halloween last year?
  7. Do you have a favorite Halloween memory from childhood?
  8. Did you get to choose your costumes as a child or did someone else choose it for you?
  9. What do you prefer: carving pumpkins or handing out candy?
  10. Do you ever buy candy in excess so there’s some left over for you to keep?
  11. Have you ever been on handing-out-candy duty?
  12. Do you attend Halloween costume parties?
  13. Would you ever hang out in a cemetery on Halloween night?
  14. Do you believe the superstitions surrounding Halloween?
  15. Have you ever had a spooky experience this time of year? If so, what happened?
  16. Do you enjoy horror movies/literature/games?
  17. Did you grow up with any Halloween traditions? (like decorating the house or carving pumpkins, etc)
  18. What do you think about people who trick-or-treat as teens or adults?
  19. What do you think about people who go trick-or-treating with babies?
  20. Would you give candy to someone who didn’t dress up in a costume?
  21. Do you enjoy, or have you ever been through a corn maze?
  22. Have you ever been to a haunted house?
  23. Would you go to a real haunted location on Halloween just for fun?
  24. Have you ever performed a prank?
  25. Has anyone ever performed a prank on you?
  26. How enthusiastic would you say you are about Halloween?
  27. Do you like bonfires?
  28. Do you believe in witchcraft?
  29. If spirits were to return to the earth on Halloween, whose spirit would you want to show up on your doorstep?
  30. If you were a ghost (or are a ghost), who would you haunt and how would you pester them?
  31. Do you hate raking leaves?
  32. When you see a leaf pile, are you automatically tempted to jump in it?
  33. What are your thoughts on candy corn?
  34. If you enjoy Halloween parties, do you prefer to attend one or host one?
  35. Tell one story about something creepy or eerie that’s happened to you.
  36. Would you prefer a professionally-made costume or one that you’ve made yourself?
  37. How much do you know about the history of Halloween, and do you have a favorite fun fact?
  38. In the spirit of Halloween, what is your favorite monster or villain from horror culture?
  39. Do you carve basic faces on your pumpkins or do you use patterns?
  40. Where would you rather be stuck on Halloween: a dark forest, a haunted house, an old abandoned hospital, lost in a cornfield, or a cemetery?

For non-celebrating muses:

  1. When did you first learn about Halloween?
  2. Do you like the concept of Halloween or do you think it’s overrated?
  3. Do you know anyone who celebrates Halloween?
  4. Is this the first Halloween you’ve ever experienced?
  5. Are there any similar holidays or events you practice? (for muses from various cultures/species)
  6. How would you explain Halloween to someone else who has never heard of it?
  7. How do you typically spend your 31st of October?
  8. Could you be best friends or the significant other of someone who is obsessed with Halloween?
  9. Have you tried traditional Halloween candy (candy corn, sugar pumpkins, orange and black taffies) and if so, what do you think of it? 
  10. What is your opinion on people dressing up in costumes? Would you enjoy it?

陸奥守 吉行Mutsunokami Yoshiyuki

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For Nima // @musso-musso-black-forest


Read in 2016 » The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black

“Once, there was a girl who found a sword in the woods. Once, there was a girl who made a bargain with the Folk. Once, there was a girl who’d been a knight in the service of a monster. Once, there was a girl who vowed she would save everyone in the world, but forgot herself. Once, there was a girl… Hazel”

Summer Heat Part 5

I’m not sorry.

Synopsis: A fic where you and Shawn are camp councilors and you hate his guts. Sexual tension ensues.

Part 1  | Part 2  | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 (you are here

After the storm hit there had been a lot of clean up. It took two full days of everyone pitching in to get everything cleaned up and sorted out. Thankfully the damage done to Beaver Cabin was not irreparable and really only meant one window had to be boarded up. The way the tree fell, it missed the roof of the cabin but a large branch had gone through the side window on its way down. The groundskeeper and Ms. Miller nailed up some pressboard and called a company to come fix it. Until then the councilors in that cabin would deal with the ugly window covering.

You were tired from cleaning up for two days and then entertaining kids out in the woods on the third day, today, because they hadn’t really had a chance to leave the main hall very much during clean up. They were all full of pent up energy and they were chasing every bug they could find, climbing trees, catching frogs and just being wild little kids. It seemed every time you and Shawn turned around someone was doing something they should not be. Thus causing you to have to stop the activity, reason with the child, and then find something more constructive for them to do.

You grab your beach towel and your flip flops and head for the cabin door. It’s after 10 o’clock at night, which was after curfew, but you really don’t care. All you wanted was to head down to the lake shore and have a nice quiet swim sans kids. Shawn was asleep, sprawled out all over with one arm hanging off and a foot propped up on the frame at the foot of the bed.  The two of you hadn’t talked about what happened the night of the storm. Which suited you just fine. You wanted to deny the attraction until it disappeared.

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The Ribbon

Request: Hi! Can i please request a legolas imagine where he and his s/o makeup after a big argument?

A/N: So here is a try on this request, I kind of focused more on the argument than the make up part but I hope that is ok! This is very long as well so a heads up there. Other than that, simply enjoy!

Word Count: 1604

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×my power is my freedom×
×don’t touch my freedom or you feel my power×

Preference - How they react to meeting someone from the future


His eyes were watchful, wide awake and ready. At first glance you might have thought he was relaxed as he stared you up and down, taking in the strange and foreign clothing you wore but his grip on his axe was so tight that the white around his knuckles was visible.

“I know most of the people who live here and I don’t recall seeing you before.”

His accent was heavy and you were barely able to understand him. Frightened, you try to take a step back but as soon as you move the axe lands only millimeters besides your head in one of the trees.

“Don’t move.”

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