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Here With You: A Feycien Fic

This fic is an alternative look at how Feyre and Lucien might have returned to the Night Court in ACOWAR rather than being flown in by Cassian and Az. I hope it adds an extra layer to their friendship that I know a lot of us feel was missing in ACOWAR.

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Summary: Just as the confrontation with Eris is reaching a climax in the Winter Court, Feyre discovers she has enough magic back to winnow her and Lucien to the safety of Velaris where her family waits. But before Feyre reunites with Rhys, she and Lucien share a moment together that could make or break the future of their friendship.

Here With You

All I could feel as my fist met flesh in the snow and I saw the white stained with a spray of brilliant red was the spark of power suddenly thrumming at my fingertips. I whirled to find Lucien staring at me not ten feet away and knew from the widening of his eyes that he felt it too.


Before Cassian could protest, I was out of his grip and sprinting until I’d taken hold of Lucien’s worn down tunic and winnowed into the mist. The bright red-hot sun and scent of the sea greeted us as we crashed against the hard cement. Instantly, my back ached. But I felt like I could somehow breathe again.

But Lucien…

“Are you… are you okay?” I breathed, turning my neck just enough to get a look at him. His face was pinched beneath his hands blocking out the sun.

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bluewinseverytime  asked:

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This one’s for you babe, because you put up with so much of my drama and still you answer when I call.

Special thanks for @smittenwithsugden for the quick beta.

Take All That I Am

Robert didn’t know what he should do, they’d been avoiding each other for weeks and now Aaron was heading straight for him.

Robert didn’t want to give in or give up but it hurt too much seeing Aaron around the village every day. Rebecca clearly wasn’t going anywhere and Robert couldn’t be responsible for Aaron self-harming again, so he’d rung his real estate agent and asked him to look for a cheap flat in Hotten.

The agent had tried to push him towards something fancier, ‘a more secure investment’ he’d said, but Robert didn’t care what the place looked like and he didn’t need a bunch of empty rooms mocking him. He just needed to get away because he was glad that Aaron was happier, he was. That it had happened because Robert was out of his life hurt like hell, but Robert knew he couldn’t hang around and watch Aaron move on with someone else. He wanted Aaron to have everything, he’d just clung to the thought that it might one day include him and it was long past time to let that fantasy go.

He’d given Rebecca a hundred thousand pounds for the baby. He’d kept a bit for the purchase of the new flat and some start-up capital for a new business, for when he finally pulled himself together, it might happen one day…maybe in like ten years or something. Robert had done all this and the rest with his solicitor shaking his head over what he called Robert’s 'bone headed stupidity.’ In the grand scheme of things he’d been called a hell of a lot worse.

He’d signed all the paperwork and then gone back to Diane’s and sobbed with his head buried in her lap like he never ever remembered doing in the past. She was the only one who seemed to notice Robert withdrawing into himself, the only one who knew he was leaving.

“I understand, pet, but I wish you’d stay close where I can keep an eye on you,” she’d said running her fingers his hair.

“I…can’t. Liv will be home soon and it’s bad enough Aaron hates me, I couldn’t stand it from her too, we were meant to be a family. Her and Aaron, they were meant to be mine,” Robert had said, feeling more alone than ever.

And now here he was, standing outside in front of Jimmy and Nicola’s with Aaron heading for him with what looked like anger on his beautiful face. Robert didn’t know what to do, didn’t know what he’d done to upset Aaron this time, but it was the first bit of attention Aaron had shown him in weeks. Something other than blinding pain and emptiness swirled around in his belly and it hurt to breathe.

“What the fuck is this, Robert?” Aaron spat out when he got close enough to fling an envelope at Robert that he hadn’t even realised Aaron was holding.

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If I Didn’t Have You

Characters: Clint x Reader

Word Count: 1387 words

Request: From Anon. Can you write a Clint x reader where she’s fresh out of an abusive relationship and she’s friends with Clint? I’m not posting the rest of the request as it will give too much away.

You swore to yourself that this was the last time, you wouldn’t let this happen to you again, but just like every time when he started blowing up your phone you felt the fear take a firm grip of your heart and you knew it wouldn’t be long before you folded.  You just weren’t strong enough to walk away forever.  Standing on the sidewalk with your bag in hand, bruised and sobbing uncontrollably you called the only person you could think of, the one who would come get you no matter where and no matter what time of day. “Hey beautiful.” He sounded so happy to hear from you and you tried your best to speak but all you managed was a strangled sob. “Where are you?  You in the city?  You home? Tell me where and I’ll come get you.” You could hear the mild panic in his voice and you managed to tell him before the sobbing took over again.  Sinking down onto the sidewalk you waited for the one guy you could always count on.

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@Zayn you are not a voice among millions

So I debated writing this but I kept thinking about that vogue interview and how Zayn said he was one voice among millions especially about certain issues and I knew i had to say something so here goes.

Zayn, you are not one voice among millions, do you know how much of an impact your very existence has?
Especially for the British Asians constantly stuck in a loop of stereotypes and struggling to break out of certain boundaries society has put them in.
They were seeing these celebrities with their standard names and faces and never feeling a sense of belonging or representation - feeling like they were outsiders and if they were ever noticed in mainstream media or pop culture it’d probably be negative or dismissive.

Until a boy named Zain Javadd Malik with his brown skin and thick Bradford accent stepped on an X Factor stage and became part of a Global Phenomenon.

A boy who just wanted to sing and give back to his family, a boy who liked art and comics, a boy who struggled with being mixed race and just wanted to make his mum happy.

The same boy grew up facing hatred, islamaphobia, racism and double standards that the people around him didn’t.

The boy never realised that hearing a name like Zayn Malik in the mainstream media meant so much to a huge community.
That because of him people went:
‘hey a brown kid is a famous popstar now, so why can’t I become a footballer?, why can’t I live my dream?’

Finally the youth that had someone to look up to; even of you weren’t talking about these issues directly, the fact that a brown muslim was thriving with success in an industry like that with the hate that he’s received had a massive impact - I’ve seen it first hand.

The same boy had a whole goddamn song named after him by the Swet Shop Boys saying what a role model he is to the youth that is struggling to find itself, in the very same community that the boy left behind.

So that boy, now grown into a kind hearted man, does not get to say that he’s a voice among millions, no not when he’s inspired so many people, not when he’s the first southern asian on vogue and that speaks volumes to so many.

Mr Zayn Malik, you are not ONE voice among millions, you are THE voice of millions and we are damn proud of you.

Louis XIV’s mother, Queen Anne of Austria, had a famous flirtation with George Villiers, 1st Duke of Buckingham (James I’s boyfriend). It was acceptable for a queen to have little flirtations with handsome men, especially in an age when the concept of “galant” had many different meanings and could be applied to men and women in various ways. Buckingham met Anne when he arrived in France to escort Louis XIII’s younger sister, Henrietta Maria, to England to marry Charles I. There was a famous scene in the palace gardens where Buckingham openly flirted with the Queen as she admired flowers; he was brazen with it, some even said he “blatantly made love to her” in public (which doesn’t mean what it means now: it just means he didn’t hold back with his attentions). Buckingham’s wife was distressed by the scandal of the flirtation and as for Buckingham himself, he constantly attempted to see Queen Anne, even when things had frittered out on her side.

I don’t think Anne would’ve gone any further than flirting. I mean, you have to remember that this was before she’d given Louis any children after over a decade of marriage (she was in her late 30s when Louis XIV was born, and a little older when she had Philippe). She was getting older by contemporary standards and all of this was grounds for an annulment of her marriage, enough to get her sent off to rule the Spanish Netherlands for the rest of her life. So, she had far too many other things to think about than taking a lover. Her ladies vouched for her virtue, although one of them said that whilst she could answer for the Queen’s virtue below her waist, she couldn’t answer for her virtue above the waist. In any case, I doubt Anne would’ve gone further than a few kisses and caresses, if anything at all. Anne was super devoted to Catholicism, too. For example, she took communion on a much more frequent basis than others at the time did. She visited relics and convents often. She took it seriously. Any extra-marital sex would’ve been enough to jeopardise her soul (hence why I don’t believe she carried on an affair with Jules Mazarin later on in her life, no matter what historians say).

Louis XIII himself, Anne’s husband and King, seems to have found the whole thing rather amusing. He would often harmlessly tease Anne about her obvious crush on the handsome Duke of Buckingham and when a young-ish Cardinal Jules Mazarin came into the service of Louis’ chief minister, Cardinal Richelieu, Louis said to Anne “He is handsome like Buckingham. You will like him.” Anne ended up liking Mazarin very much. He rose to be Louis’ chief minister and then, Anne’s chief minister when she was Regent of France for the infant Louis XIV. I believe it was simply platonic, a lonely woman seeking friendship and tenderness for the first time, but some genuinely think that the two were married (before you recoil and say “Olivia, cardinals can’t get married!” Mazarin hadn’t taken full orders so there was a little loophole that would’ve allowed him to be married. Confusing, I know).

campfire smoke (the hinges creak)

Fluff Friday: July 28 — Rusted/Summer

hahahahaha. um… fluff. right. thaaaaaat stuff. yeah… there’s not a lot of that here.

smol!kakashi installment (masterpost). sakura remembers and kakashi doesn’t and— sakura doesn’t remember what it is to have her dreams become true.


It shouldn’t be a surprise when she notices that he’s walking at her side, his arm not quite brushing her shoulder.

It’s— It’s not that she didn’t sense him the moment he came within her limited range, it’s not that she didn’t hear the familiar rhythm of his step and his breath and his pulse, it’s not that she didn’t almost lean into the heat of him, shocking along her side, it’s just—

She hasn’t seen him in a while is all.

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so here’s a little off-top - my simself!! i am actually proud with how she turned out tbh, she’s even wearing the clothes i would wear lmao. if you’d like to use her for sth, just credit me and believe me, she will serve you well!! hope you’ll have some fun c:

she’s available on my origin - the id is nullxmoon

cc under the cut!

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Behind Every Studyblr There's a Person

erHello! With a lot of people getting ready to head back to classes, I figured we all needed to take a moment and remind ourselves why we’re here. So just copy and paste these questions, answer them honestly, and tag 5 other studyblrs that you want to get to know a bit better. Share your stories, your inspirations, and let’s get to know our community a bit.

I was tagged by the lovely @sydneystudying ! Thank you so much for tagging me in this. Really got me thinking about why I started my blog in the first place.

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…guys i kinda just put suffer fox on there as a joke

i’m a little concerned by how he’s far and away the most popular choice 

earlier today me n my boyfriend were talking n like… ok take the fact were both gay n tired of seeing straight ships aside for a moment. the problem with samsie possibly being canon is that, this often happens too much, in which a female character is used as an accessory for a male characters man pain n therefore doesnt get developed much further other than being a romantic interest. n that SUCKS bc we need more than that for female characters!! what r her motivations, her dreams, her personality!! we need to know about her ideally just as much as about sammy. if not, it feels like a cheap cop out to have most of her backstory revolve around a man, n in a world in which women r receiving more  more opportunities to be able to be themselves without being defined by a man it feels specially disappointing to have batim take this route with susies character.

thats why im hoping she rather has something more to do with alice lol, maybe trying to merge with her out of admiration, bc were often lacking in media of women having interesting relationships with women n having that be a part of their backstory. if not batim might as well just fail the bechdel test which is one of the lowest bars set in media history.

i. they tell so many stories. an entire lifetime of a person could be told from on touch of a rough tip of a finger. from one feel of a smooth wrist, sliding downwards till a palm touches another and digits entwine. you could sense a person’s rebellion because the intricately tangled threads of their resistance fill the cavern beneath their skin instead of the sharp white jewels that fill ours.

ii. shades of skin on hands could tell you secrets. the pure, unblemished ivory of a boy’s locked in a choking hold of an another’s whose hands are a shade of brown that only the golden rays of the sun could conjure from the depths of its heated body. a blessing that is enchanting to look upon but gifts him with closed doors and nights of terror walking past an authoritative figure’s office.

iii. rivers could flow from someone’s fingers. gardens could grow in the rich soil of a soft but well placed touch. a simple squeeze, the slightest placement of pressure could save a diminishing life. a symbol or discomfort, of how much they ache to leave the cluttered roads of a house party. of how much they desperately need the cool kiss of air upon their face.

iv. i only know this much of touches, of hands because this bit of knowledge is what i learned from yours.

for @loqhart

second meetings

A chance meeting in a musuem between two friends who lost touch years ago turns into a second chance for something new.

a fluffy Bill x Rose piece for @keepcalmandf-ckoff

Bill couldn’t believe her eyes as she walked into the room. It’d been years since she’d last seen her but right there in front of her was Rose Tyler sitting on a bench in the National Gallery, completely involved in sketching something. Her blonde hair was pulled back into ponytail and her lips were pursed as she concentrated and Bill thought she was even more gorgeous than the last time she’d seen her.

She walked up next to Rose, hands stuck in the pockets of her jacket and a smile on her face. “I know we’re not supposed to touch the masterpieces, but I think I’m going to have to make an exception for you.”

Rose’s head snapped up and her eyes went wide as she spotted Bill, smile spreading over her face.

“Oh my god, Bill!” Rose popped up and had her arms around Bill in half a second, crushing her in a hug. She pulled back and pushed at Bill’s shoulder. “Haven’t seen you in seven years and you say hello with a pick up line?”

“I live in eternal hope that they will work one day.”

“You never know, it just might.” Rose shot back.

“Brilliant. So, are you busy today or do you have time for an old friend?” Bill answered, trying to ignore the way her heart sped up at the sight of Rose’s teasing smile, the one with the tip of her tongue peeking out that had always driven her mad.

“I’m yours, Miss Potts.”

“Mmm, don’t get my hopes up.”

Rose stuck her sketchbook in her bag and reached for Bill’s hand. “Let me show you some of the art? I did what I always said I was going to, I’m in art school right now.”

“That’s brilliant! I just finally started uni, actually.”

She was explaining the roundabout way she’d ended up an official student as Rose led her away by their clasped hands to show her all the masterpieces that could never hold a candle to her smile.

Bill smiled while Rose started telling her about her favorite pieces and art school and didn’t bother to hide the sappy hope that this was a bright, new beginning that was shining out of her every expression.

The Screaming Butterfly

Steadily, steadily I was walking,
Keeping to myself in time.
When I heard a murderous wailing,
A Scream beyond the forest line.

I ran into the woods to see,
a lovely women in despair,
Instead I saw a butterfly,
Fastened to a rock, just lying there.

I stopped for a moment just thinking, how?
How would a butterfly produce a scream?
How could this small and gentle being,
Vocalize pain in any scene?

I thought myself a mad-man,
And began to walk away,
When I heard a scream from the butterfly,
Yell to me “Sir, please stay!”

“Do you speak to me oh gentle creature?
Surely my mind is filled with malady.
For I could’ve sworn I heard your voice,
Speak out and yell back at me.”

“Yes It was I who yelled to you man,
I cannot endure the loneliness.
For I have called a thousand men,
And not one has come and given me bliss.”

“Oh you wretched butterfly,
Why is it that you scream in pain?
For a beautiful creature such as you,
Life should never be this way.”

“I have only a short time before me,
And it saddens me very much so,
To know my life is ending,
But life, I’ve hardly known.”

“What is it that you long to know,
My sweet and dear friend,
To give your life true meaning,
until the very end.”

“I long to know the love of a friend,
Friendship in my current condition,
But I wish of you to act freely,
To act upon your own volition.”

“Fear not dear butterfly,
Come to my side and stay with me.
I will give you a life worth living,
So you may leave behind this misery.”

Once you graduate high school, you see who your real friends are. People change. Someone who you thought was your best friend will cut you off completely. Some of us enter high school with plenty of friends and end with only a few close ones. Others of us enter high school with only a few close friends and end with no friends at all. It’s just how life is. It’s like that sometimes. It sucks but it happens to almost everyone.
—  real friends // excerpt from a book I’ll never write #14
my favorite blanket just came out of the dryer, and i dont care how hot it is outside or how many aliens are invading, im gonna go have a Warm Blanket Nap and nobody can stop me