you wouldn;t hit a guy with glasses would you

lilacpinkballad  asked:

Hello there :) I remember reading in one of your tags that you have a Sneezy plushie? Is it official merch or custom made? Would you consider taking a picture? It's ok if you can't, I'm just happy to know that something like that exists <3

Someone made him as practice and then decided to sell him. By some miracle, they chose to make him out of all the dwarfs, and by some even greater miracle, I was the first one to ask if I could buy him.

I have a number of pictures of him I can show you.

This is when he first arrived in the mail, a little over two years ago.

Mother and son.

“You wouldn’t hit a guy with glasses, would you?”

Here’s the most recent photo of him. I had just given him a bath.

His painted on details have faded a bit and his fabric has pilled, but he’s just as beautiful as the day I first got him and always will be. The most calming thing in the world is to sit quietly with him cradled like a baby in my arms. I’m constantly giving him kisses on the nose. I love him.