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Okay guys, for writing/general reference, a bit about what a ‘blacksmith’ is and isn’t:

A blacksmith is a generalist, a person who uses tools and fire to work iron.  Some blacksmiths work more specifically, so you get, say, an architectural blacksmith, who focuses more or less exclusively on things like gates, rails, fences, or an artist blacksmith, who makes wacky sculptures or what have you.  These days, though, that’s a pretty blurry line.  ‘Blacksmith’ is a pretty damn broad term, but it’s nowhere near broad enough to cover everything encompassed in ‘metalworker’, which is how I often see it used.  There are a LOT of different skills for working metal, and no one knows them all.  Some other terms:

A farrier shoes horses.  They may make the shoes, or they may buy them and then size them, but they actually do the shoeing.  Unless the blacksmith is also a farrier, they don’t know shit about horses’ hooves and are not qualified to deal with them and probably don’t want to.

A blacksmith works IRON (or steel), usually almost exclusively.  They might work with bronze or do a bit of brazing, but those are really separate skillsets.  If you work, say, tin and/or pewter, you are in fact a whitesmith.  You could also be a silversmith or a coppersmith, and so on.

Knifemakers and swordsmiths have their own highly specialized and fairly complex specialties, and usually a blacksmith wouldn’t mess with that unless they want to pick up a new skillset or if they’re really the only game going for a long way around.  By the same token, a swordsmith might never have learned the more general blacksmithing skills.  They’re not the same thing is what I’m trying to say here.  Likewise armorers.  There’s overlap but it’s not the same thing.

If you make metal items via molds and casting, you work at a foundry and are a foundryman.

Look, when metalworkers and individual shops and masters were the height of industry, this shit got REALLY specific.  There were people who spent their whole lives making pins.  Just pins.  Foundries specialized and made only bells, only cannon, only cauldrons, etc.  This is scratching the surface, I just wanted to make the point that ‘blacksmith’ is not the same thing as ‘magical muscly person who knows how to do everything related to metal’.

Some calming videos and music I’ve been using

In case anyone needs something to help relax:


 Dead or Alive | Flint  

Starz season 1 promo

  • Marinette: *playing Mystic Messenger* See Alya? This boy is the cutest one!
  • Adrien: *overhearing the conversation* Oh, who are girls talking about?
  • Marinette: *flustered* Oh,'s this dating sim app...where you try to get guys to like you...I'm trying to get this boy to date me right now...*shows Adrien the app*
  • Adrien: *sees Yoosung* Oh wow, he looks a lot like me!
  • Marinette: *screams internally*
  • Alya: *stares into the camera like she's on the office*

This is exactly what happens when you vote for a 3rd party or not vote at all: every vote that isn’t for Hilary is a vote for Trump.

I’m all for 3rd parties and shit, but this was not the election to do it. 

Bucky teaching Steve to dance is one of my favourite things ;-;

ok this has been bothering me a lot so i’m gonna say it:

You are not entitled to someone else’s personal experiences, especially when they’re being harassed. Stim blogs aren’t some monolith or machine that you put requests into and get gifsets out of. We are actual human beings on the internet and we don’t owe you anything. If a blog says “don’t interact if [x]”, don’t fucking do it. It’s not that hard to respect someone’s boundaries.

We also don’t run our blogs for other users. Stim blogs are mostly personal blogs, so telling us you’re unfollowing for whatever reason or doing other rude things will just get you a block. If a blog trigger tags or caters to you, that’s great! They’re a great person! However, it doesn’t give you the right to harass a blog that doesn’t or can’t. They are not you, their blog is not your property. Sending manipulative messages in order to guilt users into doing something for you is not okay either. Prioritize yourself and follow blogs that can be accessible to you.

And lastly, we deal with life too! We get overwhelmed! Don’t send us messages telling us to be kinder during unwanted interactions, especially when you know the blogger is getting swamped with hate messages. It costs nothing to be nice and show other people kindness (or straight up leave them alone) when they’re clearly overwhelmed. PLEASE don’t purposely hurt someone just because you can. Nobody thinks it’s cute or “bratty”, and they definitely don’t think it’s endearing. It’s cruel and it just makes you look childish.

  • Kenma: Kuroo can you come find me I think I'm lost
  • Kuroo: If you got yourself lost playing Pokemon Go I swear--
  • Kenma: I caught an Eevee, I'll name it Kuroo if you come get me
  • Kuroo: I'm on my way

Such Great Heights // Prologue // Coming before the end of the month

Listening in carefully, Harry tried to make sense of what was being said and what exactly was happening, but it was far too confusing for him and his six-year-old brain. Instead, he glanced around the room to see if there was anyone else he knew — a few older ladies from some of his favourite places, like the bakery and the library, were in his sight, but the second he spotted another young girl around his age and how she was practically bouncing in her seat, she was all that took his focus.


Jared talking about who he freaked out the most on set + bonus Joker voice ;)

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after being completely blindsided by hillary's loss and now sherlock...i'm beginning to wonder what is real anymore.

I know this is like LITERALLY LITERALLY some 2+2=5 level shit but remember making an analysis and being 90% sure of something still means the other 10% is possible. it happens sometimes. you gotta live in the 90% though and trust the weight of the evidence because it would be torturous to not trust your own senses. you trusted the smart ending and usually the smart ending is right


└ Aiba-chan, bite size does matter afterall~

Cr: Aiba Manabu 30.10.2016 (Koichi Ginger)

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do u know why jack has gotten so fat recently? I just feel like he's really letting himself go

That’s none of our business? If he feels just fine the way he is then why judge him for it? What if he’s at his happy weight? Fitness and slim bodies don’t always equal happiness, and I’m sure he doesn’t give a shit about what anyone thinks because he can proudly take off his shirt and show his body. Honestly, just leave Jack alone.

headcanon where abby bandages kane’s hand after he burned it crawling through the maintenance shaft to save her in 1.11