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prompt 75 // “Just leave me alone”

Ryan’s echoing sobs haunted his bedroom. He lie on his bed, curled in the fetal position, crying into his pillow. He didn’t know what he was crying about anymore, nor did he care. He just had so many pent up feelings and emotions that it hurt.

It hurt that he had to go to school the next day.

It hurt to see his best friend.

It hurt to be around the guy he was in love with.

Ryan didn’t know why he was so in love with Shane. He tried to repress his feelings for so long but there was only so much his poor heart could take before they all came gushing out like a volcano, destroying everything in it’s path. In this case it destroyed Ryan.

All it took for everything to come crashing down was Shane bouncing up to Ryan before the last period of the day and announcing to him, and the rest of the hallway,

“Sara Rubin just said yes to going on a date with me!”

Ryan froze midway through grabbing his psychology book. He didn’t know what to do, it was like he was paralysed. His world had began falling apart around him.

Shane’s electrified voice bought him back to reality, “Ry! Hello ghost boy, did you hear what I said?”

It took a second for Ryan to compute what Shane had said and snap back to life. He muttered how excited he was for him. Shane’s excitement falted slightly as Ryan slammed his locker door shut and bolted to the nurses office. It was like the world was in slow motion and the people around him were blurred figures, unidentifiable to the tiny kid pushing past them.

Ryan’s mom picked him up 10 minutes later and he was silent the entire time. No one could get a word out of him. But really who could blame him? He’d been in love with his best friend for 4 years and he finally had confirmation that there was no chance they could ever be together. No chance of them being the high school sweethearts that stay together after school and get married. No chance of them making the best power couple halloween costumes. No chance of Ryan ever feeling Shane’s soft lips against his own. His dreams were crushed.

“So fucking stupid..” Ryan sniffed to himself.

He was mad. Mad that he thought he could ever be with Shane. Mad that his innocent crush turned into something so much more. Mad that he was going to have to explain his shitty actions tomorrow. He was mad.

There was a soft knock at the door and that made him more mad. Wasn’t being completely silent enough for his mother to know he wasn’t in the right state of mind to talk right now?

He threw one of the toys sitting on his bed at the door as a sign of protest to anyone coming in. It hit the door with a thump and fell silently on the ground.

“Ryan…” An quiet voice said on the other side of the door.


What was he doing here?

He sounded almost apprehensive and..fearful? Well Ryan did shutdown earlier, he supposes he’d be anxious too.

“Go away, Shane.” Ryan’s voice was horse. He sounded like he had been hit by a bus.

“I’m gonna open the door-“


“Okay I won’t,” The door stayed closed and Shane leaned his back against it. “Your mom let me in..She um, she was worried. So was I. You kinda just vanished into the hoards of people. Was it the Sara thing?”

Ryan flinched at her name.

“I’m sorry if it hurt you..I guess you’d be worried that I wouldn’t have time for you anymore? That I’d ditch you or something, but I won’t. You’re always gonna be my best friend, I’m not gonna drop everything for her and be with her 24/7.”

‘You’re always gonna be my best friend.’

The words echoed in Ryan’s mind. Nothing more. Nothing more ever. Just best friends.

“Just leave me alone, Shane!” His voice cracked when he said Shane’s name. It was all too much. His heart hurt. His head hurt. He needed to get his shit together before he could even consider being around his best friend.

“Ryan I really don’t want to leave you while you’re like this I think-“

“Fuck. Off.” The venom in his tone stung Shane. He was taken aback by how harsh Ryan’s words were. He got up from where he was leaning on the door and started to walk away, but not before he heard his friend scream into his pillow and start bawling.


Alec & Magnus || Find My Way Back To You

woooooowzers. tbh, i can’t believe it took me this long to make a video of them. I’m ashamed. but enjoy my trashy trash of a video. my feels are all over the place. slkfjsldjfd. my smol beanie babies. i’m so happy they found their way back to each other. 


No general now, Leia took the young girl’s face in her hands. Though brokenhearted at the deaths of Han and so many brave pilots, Leia was grateful for the deliverance of the Resistance. In spite of the presence of the crowd that was looking on, the two women embraced without embarrassment or hesitation. Then, with tears falling, they moved inside.