you would think he would be some mutant

I devour the lit dusk with my own hands.

Fistfuls of moonlight lace carried like silt through the slow-furling waters.

Everything seems to glow unnaturally here,
the lucky horse-shoe on the door, the canaries with their bulbous blueberry eyes,

the mutant bridesmaid with her bloodsoaked tiara sitting askew atop her midas-touched curls,

the boy with the champagne flute who inhaled all his mother’s nicotine when he was nine.

The sun’s carcass laid out on the porch and the shrine in between your thighs. Rendered holy and catering to some lost boy’s worship.

And you would think, it would hurt less. That we’d swallow our own tails to make ourselves whole again.

That the sky would pincer our skins and we’d dance in slow-motion to flamenco music.

And you’d say something romantic & juvenile, about how my laugh sounds like church bells or icicles crinkling underfoot.

My white enamel love and how it reminds you of a house with all six functioning senses, a kennel for our dog and piña coladas daisy-soft and splashing like snowflakes against our parched tongues.

Everything quiet & pink in the drunk afternoon light splitting open the mouths of windows and our cardboard cut-out wrists.

—  Ouroboros || j.r


 Some fanons really confuse me. They start out as theories or opinions, but somehow get canonized as fact. The Solas “plans genocide” is one that baffles me the most.

Nowhere does Solas state in Trespasser that he wants to kill every living thing not elven. There are mentions of “your world burning”, and “your world dying” and “keeping innocents comfortable for now”….but I believe it’s a play on words. If he tore down the Veil, the world of Thedas as we know it, would end, and probably end badly…with fire burning somewhere - because people who didn’t have magic would die, or suddenly have it. Possibly even dwarves. Can you imagine the chaos? It’d be like everyone becoming a mutant in X-men. Crazy powers flying everywhere. Sandal’s prophesy in DA2 mentions all magic will come back, and everyone will be as they were before - and no I don’t think he’s speaking of only elves (as some believe). If Sandal meant only elves, he wouldn’t have said everyone.

It’s implied in Codex entries that human and dwarves (qunari?) were around before the Veil. So it’s not a giant leap in logic to assume they would be around after the Veil. Tearing down the Veil will not kill everyone, it will change everyone.

Hate his character for whatever reason, but not for planning genocide. There’s nothing I see in canon that supports this theory.