you would slow her down she said


“I’ll never forget the day Marilyn and I were walking around New York City, just having a stroll on a nice day. She loved New York because no one bothered her there like they did in Hollywood, she could put on her plain-jane clothes and no one would notice her. She loved that. So as we we’re walking down Broadway, she turns to me and says ‘Do you want to see me become her?’ I didn’t know what she meant but I just said ‘Yes’- and then I saw it. I don’t know how to explain what she did because it was so very subtle, but she turned something on within herself that was almost like magic. And suddenly cars were slowing and people were turning their heads and stopping to stare. They were recognizing that this was Marilyn Monroe as if she pulled off a mask or something, even though a second ago nobody noticed her. I had never seen anything like it before.” - Amy Greene, wife of Marilyn’s personal photographer Milton Greene

Proximity (00)-Prologue

Prompt: Sebastian meets his newest neighbor and immediately finds her to be an interesting and genuine person. Before he knows it, he’s developing feelings for his much younger friend that he tries not to act on because of their age difference, only the proximity of their lives has other things in store for the couple.

Warnings: some language

A/N: Here is the prologue to the new Sebastian series I’m starting. Please let me know what you think. I hope this is something you’re all interested in.

Proximity (01)-My Place at Six, Proximity (02)-Just My Neighbor, Proximity (03)-Forty Percent, Proximity (04)-Writing My Goodbyes, Proximity (05)-If You Want, Proximity (06)-OblivionProximity (07)-IDFCProximity (08)-Last Night, Proximity (09)-Boo at the Zoo pt.1

New York City was a much bigger place than (Y/N) had imagined it would be. She had been living in the city since she started her undergraduate degree but had been staying in a dorm throughout most of those years. It wasn’t until she contemplated continuing her education in graduate school that she actually decided it was time to find an apartment. She didn’t want to be one of those people in her early to mid twenties living in a dorm filled with eighteen and nineteen year-olds away from home for the first time in their lives. After searching endlessly for a descent place in a nice neighborhood and then a nice place in a descent neighborhood, she was given the opportunity to teach undergraduate survey level English courses at her university while she completed the department’s graduate program. With the extra source of income on top of her part-time job at the bookstore, she was able to afford rent on a nice place in a nice neighborhood; there was just one small problem.

For a steady month an a half, at the same time every night, without fail, the person who lived above her watches Netflix on a volume so loud it should blow the person’s eardrums out. At first she tried to ignore the inconsiderate individual above her, then came anger and she started poking at the ceiling with a broomstick or standing on a table and pounding her fist against her ceiling. After anger comes a long stint of passive aggressiveness where she would turn her TV on equally loudly or blast her music until she can’t hear the person above her anymore, but this only lead to people coming to her door and complaining about the volume of her electronics, which lead her to the most rational way to handle her problems.

Aggravated, (Y/N) stood in a pair of loose jogger sweatpants and a cropped shirt that didn’t expose any of her midsection. She was comfortably tasteful and would soon regret her choice of schlump clothes. Her fist pounded against the door, begging to be heard over what appeared to be prerecorded audience laughter. She quickly folded her arms over her chest and started tapping her foot, her impatience growing by the second. Just as she was about to bring her knuckles to the door again, she heard heavy footsteps making their way toward her.

The door crept open to reveal a tall man with thick brown hair and eyes so bright they outshines stars. “Can I help you?” a low, articulate voice flowed from the apartment and toward her ears.

“Um, hi,” she stated in a rather unsteady manner. Oh, fuck! That’s Sebastian Stan, her mind shouted as her eyes gapped at the man in front of her. “I’m (Y/N), I just moved in below you–” the man immediately nodded his head and offered her a small smile.

“You’re here about the volume aren’t you?” he grumbled with a laugh.

“Guilty,” she muttered in response, trying not to draw too much attention to the fact that her heart was pounding in her chest.

“I wish I could tell you there was something I could do about it, but I lost the remote and it’s one of those stupid new televisions that don’t have any buttons,” he sighed.

“How dare technology make TV buttons obsolete!” she scoffed, earning a small laugh from the she had admired from afar for so long. “If you have a smart phone I can show you how to program your phone to act as a TV remote.”

“Even if I have a Samsung TV and an iPhone?” he asked.

“Yes,” she chuckled, “even then.” Smiling, he stood aside and allowed the door to creep open even more.

“Please, come in,” he said with a warm voice. “I’ve gotten complaints from everyone around me already. I figured that the person below me would be next.”

“I tried to just ignore it, then I started to try annoying you by doing the same thing, but that just got me yelled at by my neighbors,” she admitted as he unlocked his phone and handed it over to her. She quickly downloaded an app to fix all of their problems and synced it with his television. When she handed it back to him and pressed the volume buttons to test her skills, he couldn’t help but laugh at himself.

“I would never have thought to do that,” he sighed. “Thank you so much, (Y/N).”

“It’s no big deal…” she paused, not sure if he had mentioned his name in passing or not and definitely not wanting to seem like a creepy stalker.

“Sebastian,” he hurried to fill in the blanks.

“It was not a problem, Sebastian,” she finished, not being able to control the blush rising into her cheeks.

“How can I repay you?” he quickly asked as she shifted on her feet.

“The silence is a gift in itself,” she couldn’t help but joke as another adorable smile slid across the man’s lips.

“Have you eaten yet?”

“Um, no?” her voice inflected upward as he stared down at her with a breathtaking smile.

“I just ordered a mountain of shrimp fried rice and some take-out—would you like to join me? It’s the least I could do.” She hesitated, not wanting to shoot down his offer entirely, but still wary about the dark realities of the world.

“I could be a serial killer,” (Y/N) stated with a playfully dry tone in her voice.

“I’m pretty sure that female serial killers make up less than one percent of the population so I’ll take my chances with that,” he laughed.

“So do women who score INTJ on the Meyers Briggs and yet you’re talking to one.” She couldn’t help getting cocky. In a normal situation, she would be retreating back to her apartment by now, curling up in bed and eating Chinese food alone but since when is accidentally realizing Sebastian lived above her normal? Conversing with him seemed almost second nature to her, as if she had done this before and they were old friends catching up.

“I can’t force you to eat Chinese food and watch Parks and Rec with me, but I can say that it would be fun,” he said with a smirk on his face. (Y/N)’s heart started racing; is…is he flirting with me right now?

“You’re watching Parks and Rec tonight? Hell yeah, I’ll stay,” she smirked at him as he grinned and shook his head at her while laughing.

“Tonight? What do you mean tonight?” he huffed through his fake insulted expression.

“I’ve been here for almost two months and you’ve yet to actually binge watch a single show,” she accused.

“That’s because I lost my remote, remember,” he said with a laugh as he waved his phone. She couldn’t help but smirk as his large blue eyes widened from their banter. “Are you in or not?” he asked, changing the subject.

“I don’t want to impose on you and your home,” she stated more honestly and her timid nature returning.

“I promise you, (Y/N), it would be a pleasure.” Something about his voice and his smile made it impossible to turn down such a generous offer and she agreed. 

Five episodes into Parks and Rec along with their mutual hunger and agitation toward slow delivery led (Y/N) and Sebastian to enter a state of friendliness neither of them really reached upon knowing someone for roughly two hours. Maybe their more outgoing natures were the result of drinking a few beers on empty stomachs, or maybe it was a connection between the two that neither of them wanted to address that made things like awkward conversational pauses and the occasional difficulty they each faced in starting a conversation disappear.

“Gosh damn it, Sebastian!” (Y/N) huffed as Sebastian flopped onto the couch beside her dropping his heavy legs onto her as she sat cross-legged on the couch. He couldn’t help the loud chuckle that escaped his lips. “What’s so funny?” she grumbled and narrowed her eyes playfully at him.

“You curse like Robin in the nineteen sixty-six Batman movies,” Sebastian continued to laugh as (Y/N) shoved his feet from her lap. “Golly Gee Willickers, Batman.”

“Oh, really,” she huffed and tossed a decorative pillow toward the man across from her on the couch. “Shut the fuck up! How’s that for cursing?” Sebastian continued to laugh at her as her eyebrows narrowed in on him and her lips pursed.

“I think you just don’t look frightening enough,” he said while turned his body to face hers. 

“And you’re so menacing,” she huffed with a smirk, glad to see his goofy grin still plastered on his face. Just as he was about to pull a blanket over his feet, there was a knock at the door. “Finally, our food!” They called out. (Y/N) jumped and followed him to the door, lingering in his kitchen as he opened the door to tip the delivery driver. A huge gasp caught her attention and she quickly turned toward the men in the doorframe.

“You-you’re Captain America’s best friend!” the man’s voice was slurred as he stammered his statements. “You’re Sebastian Stan.”

(Y/N)’s eyes widened and she turned her back to the door in hopes that she could pretend she hadn’t heard what just happened, only to hear the door click closed behind her and Sebastian’s deflated voice engulf the room.

“I’m so sorry about that,” he said as he passed by (Y/N) to place each of the containers of food on the coffee table.

“Does that happen a lot?” she asked quickly trying to play it off.

“More than I’m comfortable with,” he sighed. “Why, are you going to start acting weird around me now?” She could see the apprehension in his eyes as he waited for her answer. Of course at the beginning of the night she thought it was weird to just casually hang out with your favorite celebrity, but she knew that making it weird would cause the situation to not exist, which she didn’t want to happen.

“Why would I start acting weird around you?” she asked while quickly filling up her bowl with fried rice and vegetables.

“Because I’m Sebastian Stan and that’s apparently a big deal,” he sighed, conflicted that her knowing who he was would hinder whatever friendship was forming.

“Slow down there,” she said as she tried to swallow a mouthful of food. “Not everything’s about you now. Remember who you’re talking to: less than one percent of the population.” (Y/N) felt the corners of her lips curl into a smirk as Sebastian smiled across the couch at her.

“That you are,” he said in a low sultry tone he had hoped she didn’t hear. (Y/N) was truly a genuine person and he was thrilled to have met her. Her ability to make him feel like just another guy, someone without millions of Instagram followers, someone who’s life isn’t constantly under a microscope, someone normal is something he had been looking for in another person for a long time. For a while he thought he could find that solace in another person in his field of work. Surely they would be able to understand the crazy life he lived and want the same things in a partner: stability, generosity, a grounded sense of mind. Unfortunately seeking romance with another actor only furthered the media exposure of the relationship rather than allowing them to have their own lives with one another.

“Besides, I knew who you were the second you opened the door.”

“Well someone is a stalker,” he teased through bites of rice.

“You know who else is a stalker?” she asked in reply, causing his eyebrows to move individually—one up and one down.

“The delivery guy?” he questioned while staring across the couch at the girl who sat with her knees up on her chest, resting a bowl between her knees.

“Serial killers,” she said and then winked. “Maybe living beneath you was all apart of my plan.”

“I’d gladly have you beneath me,” he said, intending to sound menacing and creepy but instead coming across as horny and creepy. “Fuck! That’s not what I meant!”

“That was a Freudian slip if I ever heard one,” (Y/N) started to laugh as Sebastian nudged her with his foot beneath the blanket they shared. He knew that it was much too early to be thinking of romance with the girl that came up to his floor to yell at him for his broken TV, but the feeling in his heart as the pair tossed their banter from one person to the other was so light hearted, like the onset of puppy love turning into a crush. 

There was something about (Y/N) that was so open and kind that he knew he could trust her, despite her constant joking about being a lunatic, and he held onto that feeling the entire night until it was time for her to return to her floor and go to bed. “Wait,” Sebastian called as he hurried toward (Y/N) who was standing at his front door. He quickly shoved his phone into her hands and said probably the lamest line intended as flirtation in the history of love: “You know, incase I need someone to watch my house.” Thankfully she was understanding and kind enough to put her number in his phone and quickly text herself from his device before going back to her apartment and turning in for the night.

As (Y/N) curled up in bed, she heard a steady thud! thud! from above her and then her phone lit up with a message.

Seb Stan: That was me!

Trying not to laugh too loudly, she grabbed a prop light saber she got from Disneyland years ago and stretched her arms toward the ceiling of her bedroom, hitting it with the base of the prop.

Cute Neighbor: I know ;)

Hands To Myself

Roughly inspired by Hand to Myself by Selena Gomez. 
Just a side note that I really can’t write smut, I feel incredibly weird so I do apologize for the cliff hanger ;)

Can’t keep my hands to myself
No matter how hard I’m trying to
I want you all to myself
You’re metaphorical gin and juice

I mean I could but why would I want to?

It was convenient that Tom and [Y/N] lived right across the street from one another. It meant that they could just walk over and not have to worry about the awful London traffic. Or even that if they drank a little too much, their home was just a few feet over. It was great. What wasn’t convenient was that Tom and his best mate, Harrison, always, like clockwork played basketball every morning. And [Y/N] had the front row seats with her window facing the cul-de-sac they played on. 

[Y/N] had never been a sexual person. She just kept her hands in her lap and behaved like a good girl but ever since she had starting dating Tom, it was getting a lot harder to maintain the proper ladylike persona her parents had raised her to have. It seemed that even the simplest movements Tom would make would send her senses into overdrive and force her to have the mind of horny thirteen year old boy. And [Y/N] could bet money that Tom had no idea what he was doing to her, he was always such a gentlemen when it came to her personal space. Of course they would cuddle and have make-out sessions but he was always aware of where his hands would be. And [Y/N] loved that for the most part, she was adoring that Tom wasn’t acting out on his hormones and was being respectful of her body because her body wasn’t a piece of property that he could invite himself into whenever he pleased. But, there were days where she wished he would just use all his pent up sexual urges and show her what she did to him. 

And it didn’t help that this morning, Tom was shirtless. The sun was kissing his body and causing every curve and dip of his muscles glisten from the sweat that was covering his upper body. It was a taunt and it was driving her insane. She stood by the window, watching Harrison and Tom play for a few more minutes before she decided that she needed to do something to get the idea of what laid beyond the shorts that were covering the rest of him out of her head. 

Splashing cold water on her face, she looked in the mirror and noticed a small purple mark poking out from her shirt. Wincing, she pulled the collar down to inspect it a little more. She would admit the night before was one of their more friskier nights, Tom had never left a hickey before. It left her flustered and she could bet that seeing Tom this morning made the feelings come back twice as hard. Blowing air out of her mouth, she dug around in her drawer to find some concealer. Even though she was twenty, her parents would freak the hell out that she was engaging in any kind of physical contact with her boyfriend. If she didn’t still live at home, she would have shrugged and went on about her day. 

Dabbing some on until she felt that it was hidden enough, she closed her eyes when she heard the victory yells from Tom. Gripping the counter, she looked at herself. She could feel herself getting hot at the thought of what more could have happened the night before if her parents hadn’t came home so early. Swallowing hard, she told herself to get a grip. 

Walking towards her closet, she threw on some running shorts and a matching sports bra. Reaching around her jacket, she zipped it up halfway. [Y/N] needed to run off her hormones, put something else in her head. Walking into the kitchen to grab a protein bar, she noticed a note from her parents. 

Went shopping at the mall and then going to see a film. After that we’ll be going grocery shopping. Be home right before 6. Send a text if Tom and Harrison will be joining for dinner so I’ll be prepared. xx mom

Plucking the note from the fridge, she laid it on the counter and sent her mother a text saying that most likely Tom and Harrison will be coming over. Four out of the seven days, they normally did. Grabbing a sip of her water, she headed out the door. 

“[Y/N]! Come play with us, Haz needs all the help he can get.” Tom chuckled. 

Walking over towards the two boys who were dripping with sweat, she placed a peck on Tom’s cheek and patted Harrison’s shoulder. “Love to, but I’m going to go run a few miles.” 

“Ew,” Harrison groaned. 

“Ew, yourself.” [Y/N] responded, sticking out her tongue. She turned towards Tom in time to find him rake his eyes over her attire. Biting her lip, she tried to ignore his lingering gaze over her exposed torso. 

“I agree with Harrison, why are you running?” Tom asked, “You could get in your daily exercise right here with me.” He motioned towards the basketball hoop.

[Y/N] really wanted to respond with something inappropriate but decided against it. It was only going to make her situation worse. “I’ll pass, but maybe next time. I’ll see you in an hour.” 

“An hour?! How many fucking miles you plan on running, [Y/N]” Harrison sputtered. 

Shrugging, she started to jog backwards, “However many I can run in an hour, Haz.” Shaking her head, she smiled and blew kisses towards them and turned to face forward and headed off. 

[Y/N] had needed a lot more than an hour to get her mind off of her sexual thoughts about Tom. She had ran for thirty minutes before she slowed to a walk to give her burning legs a rest and in that time, she had made up five million fantasies. All of them ranging from innocent fluffy to extremely fifty shades. After walking for another thirty, she decided to run back to the house. Figuring that Harrison had probably either gone home or knowing that Tom would be spending time with her and went inside to hang out with Sam and Harry. 

Slowing down her pace when she spotted Tom sitting on her porch in the comfy bench her mother had insisted on spending four hundred dollars on. She smiled as she hopped up the steps, “Hey you.” 

Looking up from his phone, Tom smiled back. “Hey yourself. I thought you said you were going to run for an hour? How many miles did you clear?”

Shrugging, [Y/N] unzipped her jacket all the way, fanning herself with her hand. She hated to feel so hot that the only thing she wanted was to peel off her own skin. “I don’t know maybe five or six? I wasn’t tracking it but I reached the fountain and came back.” 

Tom whistled, “Look at you speedy.” He chuckled and got up from the bench to hug her. 

“No, I’m gross.” She whined. 

Pressing a kiss to her forehead, he shook his head. “No, never. Impossible.” 

Trying to ignore the skin to skin contact, she pushed him away and rolled her eyes. Reaching into her hidden pocket for the spare key to her house, she unlocked the front door and walked in. “Did Haz go home or is he with the twins?” 

“The twins,” he responded, following her in. 

“So, he’ll be over for dinner too? I was supposed to tell my mom for sure.” 

Tom shrugged, “I dunno. I’ll ask him,” texting Harrison, he slid his phone back into his shorts pockets. 

Chugging some water to cool down, she tossed him a gatorade. “You going to eat dinner with my parents with just that on?” [Y/N] teased. 

Leaning against the counter, he crossed his arms, the well-defined muscles flexing and tightening made [Y/N] lick her lips. “Are you going to wear that to dinner with your parents?” He squinted his eyes, pushing off the counter, he walked towards her in just four steps. His thumb rubbed against the spot on her neck where she had covered with concealer. “Bloody Hell, your father is going to kill me.” He muttered. 


Tapping your neck, he chuckled. “I’ve given you a hickey. I guess the sweat from your run rubbed the makeup off.” 

Chewing on her lip, she shrugged. “I’ll cover it back up when I get dressed. No big deal, they will never know.” 

“Good because that is not a conversation I want to have with your father.” He shuddered at the thought of being confronted by one of the seriously intimidating men he had ever come to meet. Tom reminisced to the time where he had first met her father, he was ready to piss himself. 

[Y/N] shook her head and laughed, knowing exactly what he was thinking about. She could have keeled over and died from laughing so hard at her father and Tom’s first encounter. She had to reassure Tom that her father really did like him after the first few times and he had even told her that he preferred Tom over her past boyfriends. 

“Hey Tom?”

“Yes, love?”

She fidgeted with the bottom of her jacket, running the zipper up and down causing Tom to look at her with a confused look. “How long have we been dating now?”

Tom tilted his head to the side and did the math in his head. “A little over two years, why?”

“Do you not find me sexually attractive?” 

Tom choked on his spit, completely blind sided by her question. “I’m sorry, what?!”

Avoiding his baffled stare, she sighed. “Am I not sexually appealing? Like, is there a reason why we haven’t had sex?” 

Tom seriously couldn’t believe the words that were coming out of her mouth. He moved in her line of sight, speaking softly, “Hey, look at me.” Waiting until she met him, he smiled softly. “Are you seriously asking me that? If I didn’t find you to be sexy, I wouldn’t have left that hickey on your neck. Of course I find you to be sexy. I find you to be sexy all the time, [Y/N].” 


“Really.” Tom confirmed, shaking his head at how crazy her question was. He chuckled a little before pressing a kiss to the corner of her mouth. “Have I thought about sex with you? Yes. But I, it’s not, I don’t. Sex isn’t just something we do because it feels good, [Y/N]. I want it to be special, meaningful. We’d be sharing ourselves in a more personal way and I might be ready to do that but you might not be.” Cupping her face, he smiled again. “I would never want to pressure you into something because I don’t have to have sex with you to know that I want to be with you. Is it difficult, yes, especially when you wear things like what you have on now.” His eyes trailed down her and then back, “But, I love you for you not for sex or anything else. It would just be an added bonus.” 

[Y/N] couldn’t help but blush at his words. Again, he was always so respectful. “I love you, Holland.” 

“And I love you, [L/N]” He pulled her into a hug, the kind that she melted into. [Y/N] would swear up and down that Tom had different kind of hugs. And the way he was hugging her now was her all time favorite. It made her feel warm and fuzzy inside, almost like she was completely safe and nothing could harm her all while feeling the love radiate from his body. 

Pulling away a little, she took a deep breath. “What if I’m ready now?” 

Tom’s eye sparkled a little as he studied her expression, “Then I’d plan it to be special.” 

“No, like now.” 

Now?” Tom asked in surprise. 

“Yes, like right here, right now.” Wincing and giggling lightly, she shrugged, “Or well in my room, not here in the kitchen, that’d be weird. We eat and cook in here.”

Tom pulled apart from her completely, looking her dead straight in the eyes. “You want to have sex right now? Really? Are you sure, [Y/N].” She could tell he was getting flustered, “What if your parents come home? Or Haz decides to just come over? Don’t you think it’d be more special if I had planned it out to be romantic?”

“I love you, Tom, I really do but when has anything you’ve ever planned romantically gone according to plan?” She raised a brow, waiting for him to answer.

“You have a point….”

She grabbed for his hands, “I think it would be special right now. Don’t think I haven’t notice the looks you’ve been giving me when you think I’m not looking. Isn’t passion what makes it special?” 

“Bloody Hell,” Tom mumbled as he ran a hand over his face. “You’re going to kill me, absolutely kill me.” 

Pulse Part 8

Part 7

Genre: ANGST
Words: 1,821
Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Stalking, injuries, READ AT YOUR OWN RISK
Summary: Soulmate AU in which one’s heartbeat becomes perfectly in sync with their soulmate’s once they meet.

Originally posted by 0awesome0mix0vol1

There was a sea of people surrounding you. Unfamiliar faces swarmed through your hazy vision and voices were muffled, barely audible at all through the constant ringing in your ears. You couldn’t distinguish anything through your heavy eyes except for the white tiled ceiling above you.

The panicked atmosphere seemed to consume you, muffled voices sounding determined yet rushed. There was a red spot in your vision, no doubt from blood that had gotten into your eye, and it was covering the view from your left side. It was hard to tell what was hurting, your brain only knowing that something everything was.

A bag valve mask was placed over your mouth, attempting to adjust the rate of your breathing. You weren’t sure if it was too rapid or too slow. You couldn’t feel your heartbeat, you couldn’t feel your breathing, you couldn’t feel your own skin. All you could feel was air rush past as each person reached for equipment.

And then a face moved past the red spot in your vision, leaning over you and mouthing something to you with so much resolve, that you couldn’t look away. His eyes pierced into yours, breaking open whatever trance your body was in. You were sent gasping for air through the mask, and your ears opened up to the sound around you.

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The West Wing

Remember when I asked if you all wanted a ficlet of Feyre finding Rhys’ mother’s and sister’s wings in Spring Court? And all you Maasochists said yes?

Well, here you go…

Originally posted by blmglove


I climbed the stairs to that part of the manor that I’d never visited before. Tamlin had never outright ordered me not to venture here, but it was always an unspoken understanding we had. Before everything that happened, before Rhys, Tamlin always came to my room when we spent the night together, I was never invited to his. Maybe that’s what drove me to explore while he was far from the manor. Not that I was afraid of him, I hadn’t been afraid of him for a long while now, but it would be so much easier to look around without him hovering over me.

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Puppy love

Shaking his shoulders out and leaning against the front door Jughead squeezed his eyes shut tight. Being a Serpent was harder than he had ever expected, there were responsibilities and meetings and jobs, he was exhausted, lonely and the leather jacket felt heavy on his back.

He missed his friends, his school, his writing, but most of all he missed his girlfriend. Jughead hadn’t heard from Betty in a full week, she wasn’t answering his texts and as badly as he wanted to go to her, he was too damn exhausted to leave his trailer. Speaking of trailers, leaning against the door to his own home he heard a low chuckle coming from inside, his guard instantly went up, hotdog was inside but that animal was the farthest thing from a guard dog, slamming inside his eyes went wide at the sight before him.

Betty was sitting crosslegged on his center room floor and hotdog was sitting in between her open legs, his tail wagging as she rubbed his belly, the tiny dog had a bandaid wrapped around his ankle. Sitting to her right in the love seat was the leader of the Serpents, Viper, he was smiling at the beautiful blonde and chugging a beer.

Betty looked up at the sound of the door opening “Jughead” she smiled slightly.

Viper looked between the two and smirked
“Found your dog here limping its way through the center of the park, collapsed right in front of me , figure he got hit by a truck or something, this ones sneaky, you gotta make sure you leave the back door locked or he’ll nudge it open. Fortunately this little angel came walking by just in time, we ain’t welcome at many vets offices but this little lady fixed hotdog right up, guess we got our very own Florence nightingale” he smiled down at Betty and she shyly beamed back.

The tall muscular man rose from the seat and headed towards the door, winking at Betty.
“I’ll see you tomorrow love, the wife’ll be happy to finally have someone to share recipes with” he chuckled as Betty nodded enthusiastically.

As he made his way to the front of the trailer, Viper turned back to Jughead
“You take care of her, she’s one of the great ones.” He ruffled the new recruits hair and slammed out the front door.

It was a silent for a moment in the trailer as Jughead stared at Betty, suddenly a low whine broke them out of the moment and Betty giggled, picking up the little sheep dog and carrying him to the couch

“Your dog is very dramatic.” She smiled, her eyes sparkling as she dropped a sloppy kiss to the dogs furry head.

“He’s okay?” Jughead said moving to stand beside her and stroke hotdogs fur.

“Well I’m no vet but it seems like the car only hit his leg, he’s still a puppy so his leg will set as he grows but I’d be careful to not let him out of your sight and lock up the doors before you leave. As for feeding him, you can’t just feed him cereal and old French fries! I picked up a few bags of kibble, he’s not you Jughead, he doesn’t have an iron stomach.” She smiled, leaning. Down and patting hotdogs tummy.

Jughead blushed slightly before turning his body to Betty’s

“I miss you.” He whispered as she angled herself towards him, his hand coming up to rest on her cheek. She nodded sadly

“I miss you too.” She whispered.

“Maybe.. maybe you can come visit more, I can come to your place but.. you’re always welcome here.” He said nervously.

Betty smiled at him, bringing her lips to his for a slow reassuring kiss

“I was nervous, I didn’t think your new family would accept me, with me being.. well.. me. But they seem really nice, I met a few of your new friends while i was patching hotdog up, they were very sweet.” She blushed slightly and Jughead raised a curious brow, jealousy coursing through him.

“Sweet how?” He questioned, his voice deep.

Rolling her eyes Betty laughed
“Not the way you’re thinking. They were just very nice, and they were all very surprised that you were my boyfriend.” She giggled

Jughead wrapped his hands around her waist and tugged her towards him

“Because you’re too good for me Juliet, I’ll probably never hear the end of it.” He smirked as she slapped his arm

“I am not too good for you!” Betty exclaimed indignantly.

Jughead looked down at her with lust filled eyes

“Show me.” He whispered in her ear.

Just as their lips were about to meet, a sharp bark broke them both out of their bubble, hot dog was laying back on the couch staring up at the teens, his paw dangling in his makeshift cast as he barked again.

Betty giggled as she rested her head on Jugheads chest, her hands resting on his shoulders

“As if The Serpents weren’t enough of a loveblocker, now I’ve got the worlds most needy dog.” He groaned.

Betty laughed as they both settled on the couch, Hotdog happily panting between them. Maybe their family wasn’t the biggest but to the two broken homed teenagers?

It was perfect.

Nature Family

@ciphernetics did a very very good thing and came up with the best AU idea ever.

I ruined it. Enjoy the ruining.


He glanced up, his eyes widening. “Yes, Nikki?”

She was one of the only campers left waiting at the pick-up spot, having wandered away from Max to explore a mysterious rustling from the bushes. (This, it turned out, was a squirrel; Quartermaster seemed more than capable of sorting it out and had pulled her away from the animal by her overalls.) But … Well, David had to admit that he’d been so worried about Max being lonely or upset about the summer ending that he’d almost forgotten about the adventurous young camper. So it was with no small amount of guilt that he met her  eyes, watching anxiously as she scuffed her toes along the ground and glanced over her shoulder at Sleepy Peak Peak.

“Well, uh … I think my parents aren’t coming?”

David sprang to his feet, leaving Max to continue drawing in the dirt and ignoring him. “Don’t be silly! It’s only noon, after all! And Max is still here,” he added, gesturing at him.

Max looked from David to Nikki, something almost like concern in his expression. “David, are you being fucking stupid again?” He stood, pouring as much resentment into the motion as possible. “What’s up, Nik?”

She shrugged, stuffing her hands in her pockets. “It’s just that Mom said Dad was picking me up yesterday because of his Sunday Golf Tournaments, and he didn’t. So …”

“What?!” David tried to keep his voice calm, but he couldn’t help wincing as it leapt up to what Gwen called “dog-whistle levels.” “Wh … why didn’t you tell us that, Nikki?” As a matter of fact, why hadn’t her parents told them that? They were in charge, after all!

“I was gonna, but then Max and Neil decided to try and blow up the Supply Shed and that sounded like more fun!”

Oh, dear. David whipped out his phone and sent a quick text to Quartermaster and Gwen: ‘stay away from the supply shed might be dangerous’ Then he narrowed his eyes at the two of them, putting his hands on his hips. “Now, kids, that was very irresponsible of you –”

“Yeah yeah,” Max interrupted, rolling his eyes. “How about you just do your goddamn job and figure out where Nikki’s parents are?”

Oh. Of course, that made sense. “R-right. Thanks, Max!”

“Fucking idiot.”

He had all the campers’ parents saved in his contacts for easy access, just in case. So he didn’t have to leave their side as he looked up Mariana Zuckerman’s number and listened to the line ring.

And ring.

And ring.

Finally there was a tiny click. “You’ve reached 555-0175. Dr. Zuckerman isn’t available right now, so please leave a message at the –”

He snapped the phone shut, shaking his head. “No worries,” he chirped to the kids; Nikki was watching a line of ants travel through the grass, but Max’s eyes were trained on him, tiny pinpricks of searing turquoise. “We’ll just try Mr. Sherwood then …”

Nikki’s dad didn’t pick up, either.

That was … well, of course it wasn’t troubling, David wouldn’t jump to conclusions so quickly! But he would have to give her parents a friendly reminder that it was important to have their phones on them at all times. 

Then again, maybe they were driving. That made sense.

“Why didn’t they pick up?” Max demanded, startling David out of his thoughts and nearly making him drop the phone.

“Oh, I’m sure they’re on their way!”

He just stared for a few long moments. Then turned with a heavy sigh, shaking his head. “I’m gonna go find Gwen.”

“Max, don’t –” But it was too late; faster than he’d ever seen the boy move, Max was trotting across the small grassy clearing that served as Camp Campbell’s pick-up spot, over to where Gwen had her nose buried in a magazine about … something or other, he didn’t really understand most of what she read.

Maybe Max had the right idea, though. Gwen would know what to do, even if she was a bit of a worrywart. He straightened, feeling better already as he tried dialing Nikki’s mother again. There was no point in panicking, which meant he’d just ignore the niggling worming sickness in his stomach until it went away.

That usually worked.

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A Different Place

Summary: Y/N comes back from hell and gets a very cold welcome from the brothers as they weren’t the ones who got her out. 

Pairings: Dean Winchester x Reader (a little), Sam Winchester x Reader (friends)  

Word Count: 3,026

Warnings: Angst, Dean being a jerk, Sam being a sweetheart 

A/N: This was requested by an anon, based off of the song, Eyes Closed by State Champs. This basically wrote itself, so please tell me how you like it and if you even like it. Thanks for reading ♡ 

Feedback is welcome and much appreciated ♡

Originally posted by hunterchesters

This was the worst place ever, the place where she found out the truth. The place that seemed the same but truly was different.

Y/N couldn’t believe where she was nor what was happening because she wasn’t supposed to have a happy ending. She wasn’t supposed to find a way out of the pit even if she offered everything she had. She went into the pit so Sam wouldn’t so Dean could continue having his little brother as he promised her that he would find a way out. But Y/N always thought there was no way out, even if you were besties with the king himself. Because once you got in, you never got out. Which made no sense to Y/N as she walked the familiar streets of Kansas, surprised still knowing her way around. She continued to follow the streets until she passed a familiar tree, the same tree she always used as a turning point to the bunker. Her home. Y/N’s lips curled into a smile as she continued the path that she knew so well and her eyes lighted up once she saw the bunker. She sped her pace knowing it had to be the boys who saved her; who else would try after all these years. Since it was always the boys who got her ass out of trouble.

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BTS Reacts: You Being  A Virgin

Kim Namjoon 

Namjoon is caring and kind and wouldn’t mind it when y/n confessed she was still a virgin. He would be more than happy to wait for her and be happy to be her first time. He would be gentle and make everything slow and make sure she was comfortable the entire time. He would have to resist the urge to pound into her causing grunts to leave his lips. “Are you okay? Do you need me to stop? I promise to take care of you. Is this okay?”

Kim Seokjin

Seokjin was very vanilla and soft, so when y/n finally told him that she was a virgin he was happy she told him so he made sure that when it came around to having her first time everything was perfect. The white sheets with red rose petals spread across them, soft music playing in the background with candles lit around the room making it dim lighting. It was everything she could have wished for. “Are you sure you’re ready? Tell me to stop and I will. Do you want me to keep going? You look like you’re in pain. I think I should stop. Are you sure you want me to keep going?”

Min Yoongi

Yoongi wasn’t surprised at all when y/n told him she was still a virgin. He could tell by how innocent her little mind was and how she never really understood any dirty jokes he would spit or how uncomfortable she got when talking about sex. When her first time came around though he wanted to make sure she was feeling just as good as he was. “I know it will hurt and if it does please tell me. I’m sorry, maybe we should stop. Are you sure? Okay, I’ll try to go as slow as I can though. Take your time to adjust.”

Jung Hoseok

Hoseok was all about making sure y/n was happy and comfortable 24/7. He was really surprised though when she told him she was a virgin, he had never been someone’s first before so this was all very nerve racking for him too. He would want to make sure that when her first time came around she was feeling good and comfortable. “You’re so beautiful you know that? This will hurt so don’t hesitate to tell me to stop. Oh my god I’m sorry! I’ll stop we should wait a little longer. Are you sure you really want this y/n? We can wait, I’m happy to wait. Okay, just squeeze my hand if you’re in too much pain though okay?”

Kim Taehyung

Taehyung is a sweet little butterfly that will definitely wait for his partner to be ready. He didn’t even need them to tell him they were a virgin because he just knew. “I know baby, and it’s okay if you’re not ready. Take your time, I’m not going anywhere. Unless you want me too, but hopefully you don’t.” On the night of y/n’s first time he would be caring and kind and a little nervous himself but got the hang of things and made sure to take care of them afterwards. “How do you feel? Was I okay? I hope I wasn’t too hard on your or anything. I was good? I’m glad I was your first too.”

Park Jimin

Jimin was a sweetheart and everyone knew it. He may act all seductive and dominant maybe even a little submissive on stage but in reality to y/n he was always to giggly and fun. He was worried when y/n sat him down to tell him she was a virgin and he couldn’t help the blush that crept onto his cheeks. Not having much sexual experience either. “And that’s okay, I understand. To be honest I haven’t had sex much either. I’ve only been with two girls at most.” On the big night we would take y/n out to a nice dinner and just praise her, so when they got back he would run a nice warm bath and even take one with her. They then would get out and end up in a heated make out session. “I’ll go slow because I know it’s going to hurt. But please if it’s too much just say the word and we can cuddle instead. Are you okay? x100”

Jeon Jungkook

Okay there are either two answers for him when y/n confessed. Either, “It’s okay, I am too. I may have a dirty mind but I haven’t even had sex yet either so don’t worry.” or “I understand baby, I haven’t been that experienced much but I promise to take care of you the best I can.” On the night he would ask her before hand if she really wants to lose it to him and when she said “I’m ready.” He would pick her up and carry her into his room. He would lay her down and just go really slow. Making sure she enjoys every second. “Am I going to fast? Remember we can stop at any time you feel like. Tap my shoulder once if I’m hurting you okay? Sorry, I forgot about the tap. Do you want me to stop? I’ll be as slow and soft as I can go.”


His anchor (Justin Foley x Reader)

Warnings : Sadddd, a bit angsty (I mean Y/N is kinda pissed off at first?), terrible English.  
Word count: 2094. 

Originally posted by yosolosiento

A/N: This was requested by @tvfandomsmuttysmut, I’m so so so sorry it took so long, and I’m sorry it sucks. I hope you kinda enjoy it still!
Also, sorry if there are any mistakes but I really wanted to post it tonight so didn’t have time to proofread it.

I’d like to thank all of those who sent me cute asks and left comments or reblogged my work. It means a lot to me, really. You’re the reason I keep on doing this.

You can read my first Monty imagine here, my Zach imagine here and my other Justin imagine here.

Sighing, Y/N walked up the stairs. Her head was hanging low, making her hair fall into her red, tired eyes and her feet felt heavy after the long and exhausting day she just had. Justin has been ignoring her for days now, and today she has had enough. It wasn’t the first time that her boyfriend has cut everybody out and disappeared, but usually after a day of two he would call or text her, asking to meet up and explain everything. But it’s been now almost a week, and no one has heard from him yet.

Walking into her bedroom, the girl threw her backpack onto her bed. The fact that her boyfriend didn’t even bother to send her a single message in five days angered her. The only thing that kept her from losing her mind was the little check sign and the word ‘seen’ next to the texts she had sent to him. But he never cared to reply to any of them and so she was done trying to get in touch with him, deciding to give him space if it’s what he really wanted. He was probably staying at Bryce’s pool house again anyway. Or so she thought. She couldn’t really know as she despised the baseball player and never talked to him. But as Friday came, she couldn’t help but worry – he had missed a full week of school and that had never happened before.

Checking her phone for the umpteenth time, Y/N groaned as the only notification she had was a message from Jessica reminding her of their girl’s night at her place. She texted her back quickly, promising to be there at 9 before locking her phone just as her mother called her for dinner from downstairs.

The girl couldn’t even focus on the conversation her parents were having as her mind was somewhere else. She tried hard not to think about Justin anymore, but she couldn’t help it. Even thought she was stubborn and didn’t want to show it, she was extremely concerned.

Last time she saw her boyfriend was on Sunday afternoon, exactly five days ago. And he seemed just fine. They went to the park and Justin was his giggly self, which left her even more confused when the following day he did not turn up at school, and did not pick up her calls. Y/N even decided to show up at his place, hoping to see him there. But it was his mother who opened the door, claiming that her son was not home and sending her off. She checked his friends’ houses as well – Zach’s, Alex’s, even Monty’s. Being concerned and knowing that Y/N would not check Bryce’s place, Zach helped the girl out and did it himself. To say that he was surprised when he did not find his best friend there would be an understatement, as Bryce’s pool house was his go-to place when he had some problems, whatever they were.

Deep in thought, the girl pushed the food around with her fork on the plate, it getting cold. Her mother quickly noticed her daughter’s unusual behaviour, but knew better than to bring it up. So she let Y/N leave the dining room early, even thought she had barely touched her dinner.

Walking back into her bedroom ready to change clothes and head to Jessica’s for the night, the girl was so consumed in her thoughts she hadn’t noticed the open window, nor the boy she had been looking for for days sitting in an armchair in the corner of the room. He watched her going through her wardrobe for a while before clearing his throat, finally catching her attention.

Y/N’s eyes widened and her breath caught in her throat. She didn’t even know what she was feeling. Was it surprise? Anger? Relief? Probably all of those at once. Justin slowly stood up, taking cautious steps towards the almost shaking girl.

“Hey babe.” He said calmly once he was standing in front of her. But she didn’t answer right away and the silence was killing him. He was expecting her to be mad. She had every right to. But he hoped that the joy from seeing him again would overcome the anger. It clearly didn’t, as the girl sent a glare in his direction.

“Hey?” She whispered-yelled, annoyance apparent in her voice. She pushed the door to her bedroom closed with her heel before turning to him again. “Hey?!” She repeated, this time louder as she approached him.

“Look, let me-” Justin’s hand went to grab hers but the girl moved away. He tried to meet her gaze but she avoided it, her eyes glued to the floor. It made his heart ache to see her so closed off, and it hurt even more to know that he was the reason why she was acting this way.

“No, Jus.” She cut him off, her voice trembling. “You disappear for a week, ignore me for days and now you come here and expect me to… to what, exactly?” She asks a little out of breath, her eyebrows furrowed. “To throw myself at you? Tell you how much I missed you?” The girl took a step back and sat at the edge of her bed, her elbows resting on her knees as her head fell into her opened palms.

“Baby, no, I’m-” The blue-eyed boy tried again, only to be stopped by a scoff coming from his girlfriend.

“Where the hell were you, Justin?” She asked, her head shooting up and her eyes finally meeting his dull ones. However, Y/N’s face softened at the sight in front of her – Justin looked so weak, so broken. His hair was dishevelled, his eyes red with dark bags underneath. He seemed tired, as if he hadn’t slept for days. Y/N examined his face, her gaze then slowly moved down to his neck. Her eyes widened as she noticed the bruises on his neck – they were finger shaped.

Justin seemed to notice it, as his lower lip started trembling and his eyes slowly filled with tears. This time, it was Y/N’s heart that broke. She shot up from her bed and ran into him, wrapping her arms around his shaking figure.

“Baby, what happened?” She asked after a while, her fingers playing with his hair in a soothing manner while her other hand ran up and down his back, trying to calm him down.

“It’s just-” The boy started but was unable to continue. His quivering voice caused his girlfriend to tighten the grip she had on him as he rested his head on her shoulder.

“Shh, it’s okay.” Y/N soothed, placing a gentle kiss to his temple. “You’re okay.” She reassured, slowly moving the both of them back toward her bed until they both sat on it.

“Seth is back.” Justin mumbled after taking a long breath, pulling away from the girl to see her reaction. Her jaw clenched slightly as her hands moved to grasp at the blanket they were sitting on. She squeezed, hard, trying to get her anger out on it without Justin noticing. But the boy saw her tense up, he saw her knuckles turn white and he saw a grimace form on her usually soft features.

“Did he do that to you?” She asked, her voice soft and calm although deep inside she was fuming. She saw him nod his head slowly from the corner of her eye, which made her sight and close her eye. Her hand moved up to her face, pinching the bridge of her nose. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I didn’t want you to get involved… again.” The boy explained, playing with his hands that were resting on his lap.

Thinking back to the last time something like this has happened, the girl groaned. It happened almost two months ago – her boyfriend came to her after a fight with his mother’s boyfriend. Bruises and scratches covered his face and Y/N just couldn’t control herself. She confronted the man the following day, going to Justin’s apartment when he wasn’t there. Seth had laughed in her face, called her names and made her leave.

“And your mom?” Y/N asked, making the boy bite on the inside of his cheek uncomfortably.

“She…” A new wave of tears cut the boy off. He threw his head back to prevent them from falling but a few escaped. Y/N was quick to take care of that though, cupping Justin’s face in her hands and wiping the tears away with her thumbs. “She chose h-him.” The basketball player continued, chocking on his words a bit.

Her hands never left his face as she threw her leg over his, straddling his lap. She made herself comfortable, moving his hands around her waist to which he responding immediately, pulling her closer to him.

Y/N caressed his cheeks with her fingertips gently until there were no tearstains left, her eyes glued to his. She knew words would not help him, but her presence would – so she was going to give him just that. Bringing her arms around his neck, she rested her head in the crook of his shoulder, as he did to her. They sat on her bed in silence until his breath slowed down to its normal pace.

“Thank you.” Justin mumbled into her neck, causing her to giggle. A small smile appeared on the boy’s lips for the first time in days.

“I love you.” Y/N said, pulling away from him and looking deep into his eyes. She could stay like this forever, she thought.

“I love you too.” Justin leaned in and placed a gentle kiss to her soft, pink lips. But the kiss did not last long as the girl squealed and pulled away, giggling. He raised an eyebrow, looking his girlfriend up and down to understand her weird demeanour. His lips curved into a bigger smile as he looked down to her waist where his hands help on her sides and he finally understood. He squeezed once more, checking if it was really what caused the girl to laugh – and it was.

“S-stop!” Y/N groaned, her hands moving down to cover his, begging him to stop tickling her.

“Only if you give me another kiss.” He said, halting his movements. The girl rolled her eyes jokingly at him before sealing their lips together in a slow kiss. A kiss so different from the ones they usually share – it was delicate yet passionate, filled with feelings and not lust.

Breaking away, Y/N placed a gentle kiss to his nose and rested her forehead against his, her eyes closed shut as she nibbled on her lower lip.

“You’re staying with me.” She whispered, her hands grasping at his flannel shirt. Justin wasn’t sure if it was a question, or an order, but he didn’t really care as he didn’t really want to go back home. All he wanted to do was to cuddle his girl all night long.

“Yeah, I’m staying with you tonight.” He agreed, his hands moving up and down her back slowly.

“No,” Y/N said, opening her eyes but not moving away. “You’re staying with me for as long as you need to. I’m not letting you go back there while he’s here.”

“Okay.” Justin nodded slowly, accepting her offer. He did not need to be asked twice. He knew it wouldn’t be much of a trouble as Y/N’s parents loved him almost as much as she did and they were very much aware of his situation at home. They have even offered for him to stay with them a couple of times already, but he always kindly declined, saying that it wasn’t that bad and that everything would go back to normal soon. This time, he wasn’t so sure.

Kissing him one more time, the girl slowly got off his lap, making her way over the armchair he was sitting in only minutes ago. She took his bag that was lying next to it and started taking his clothes out of it, putting them in a drawer instead.

Justin watched her lovingly in silence. His heart felt warm and, for once, her felt at ease. He gave up on trying to figure out how such a wonderful girl fell for a guy like him a long time ago, now focusing on their happiness instead. She was his rock, his anchor, and he was so glad he had her in his life, as he didn’t know what he would have done without her in moments like these.

The end is crap as per usual, hah.

Let me guys know what you thought of this!


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{ two for one }

pairing(s): thomas x reader, alexander x reader

prompt: Can you do one where Jefferson and Hamilton are fighting over the reader?

t/w: none!

You walked down the corridors of the hall, a little nervous. It was your first day at Yorktown High School. You were bouncing with nerves, that pit falling in your stomach again.

You were ready to throw up when you saw Angelica come through the crowds. You sighed in relief as she quickly rushed up to you and pulled you into a hug.

“You made it!” She grinned. “It’s so good to see you!”

“It’s good to see you too!”

“What classes do you have? I’ll walk you.”

You looked down at your schedule, the flimsy white paper in your hands. You lined up your finger along the words, coming to the first class near the bottom of the page. “Um, U.S. History?”

“Ah, Franklin. Good luck.” She snickered, but happily linked arms with you and started walking. You smiled as you talked about your summers and other things.

Along the way there, Angelica was stopped by a boy with curly hair. He was tall and had a proud little smirk on his face. You made eye contact, and manged a small smile. You couldn’t hold the eye contact for long. You quickly grew embarrassed and looked away. The taller boy smirked, putting his hands in his pockets casually.

“Angelica, who’s your lovely friend here?” He hummed, sliding up next to you. Instinctively, Angelica pulled you closer to her side. She didn’t slow down for him, but you managed to keep up.

“Thomas, this is (Y/N).” She said bluntly, not even looking at him. “(Y/N), you could do better.”

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Seven Minutes in Heaven

Request: Tony makes the team play Seven Minutes in Heaven and Pietro confesses

A/N: You probably know what’s about to happen. Pretty basic plot, I’m sure all of you know how to play Seven Minutes in Heaven. If you don’t, you spin the bottle (there are other ways too, like pull a piece of paper from a hat with someone’s name etc.) and you go somewhere private with the person it lands on for seven minutes. You can do whatever you want, kiss, have sex, talk, whatever. ALSO, it’s been long time since I’ve written a Pietro imagine! I missed my little Speedster.

Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x reader

Words: 1,955

Warnings: some slightly heated making out

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A/N: So yeah I don’t know what the heck this is going to be called but I was just excited to post the first little part I have. 

Word Count: 1,675

Your name: submit What is this?

I scrolled through my phone as I entered the studio room’s double doors. When I entered inside I could tell the room had just fallen quiet from my entrance. I looked up and found James and Max sitting in chairs near the soundboard but there was an unknown face.

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Sansa’s Psychological ‘Superpower’: Convincing herself shit isn’t quite as bad as it is

Throughout the main narrative and text of ASOIAF, we see Sansa Stark utilize defense mechanisms to survive being beat in front of the court (often enough that almost every member of the kingsguard had done it a few times), being touched by creepy old dudes often, and basically just suffering as a Prisoner of War.  We’re not here to chat about Sansa’s misgivings and mistakes (a young girl, age 11 in the start of AGOT), because there’s nothing to chat about with that - what I am here to chat about is Sansa’s “superpower”, and how it is basically the reason she’s alive.

(It’s not actually a superpower, she’s psychologically trying to ‘safeguard’ herself by pretending that s h i t  i s n ‘ t  b  a d, so just keep reading )

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I Won’t Say pt. 2 (Jughead x Reader)

-Summary: Part two of I Won’t Stay, where Jughead and Y/N go to the dance together but ditch.

-Jughead Jones x Reader

-Request? Yep.

-Word Count: 1110

-Warnings: none

-A/N: Jughead is living in the drive in still for this one, it fits better with the story.

-Tags: @multiversegalaxygirl@xbobaaa , @flowercrown-bucky ,


Jughead’s POV

If I was being honest, I was quite nervous. I was supposed to be picking up Y/N in thirty minutes for the school dance that she asked me to. Dances aren’t my thing, but I wasn’t about to say no to a chance with Y/N, even though everything in my head was telling me that I should do otherwise, that anything to do with relationships is a waste, because someone always gets hurt in the end. But I ignored it, and decided I’m gonna do what my heart wants for once. She is the one who asked me after all.  Or had I misinterpreted it? Was she asking me as a friend? I hoped not.

I shook the thoughts from my head and grabbed my phone and left the drive in, locking the door to the place behind me. After about twenty minutes I arrived at Y/N’s house; I was ten minutes early, but that didn’t matter, she usually gets ready for things super quick. I sent her a quick text telling her I was here, opting not to knock on the door and having to face her nosy mother.

I may love Y/N, but that does not mean I have to like her parents.

No, I’m still not admitting that I love her.

After a minute or two, the door opened up to a smiling Y/N. I couldn’t help but smile back, she had the most beautiful smile.

“Ready to go?” I asked her.

She nodded, “Let’s go.”

When we arrived at school, we immediately found our group of friends. They all greeted us and the evening went on with us just talking and drinking the punch that had not yet been spiked by Reggie. I was getting kind of bored after about two hours, Y/N and I just sitting down, watching everybody dancing.

Then, the slow dance came on.

I sat there for a couple of seconds, debating whether I should ask her to dance. It would be rude if I didn’t, but also risky if I did. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and finally said it:

“Do you want to dance?”

She looked at me and smiled, “Thought you’d never ask.”

I stood up and held my hand out to her, she took it and I led her to the dance floor where everyone else was dancing. She placed her arms around my neck, and I carefully placed my hands on her waist, my heart racing from how close we were in proximity. It felt like we were just stood there, staring at each other, no cares in the world. Before we knew it the song was over and we parted awkwardly, not saying a word.

She spoke up, “This dance is boring, wanna leave?”

I nodded and we left, not even telling any of our friends goodbye. We made our way to our ‘secret spot’, otherwise known as the tree house in the back yard of Y/N’s house. We hadn’t been up here in a while. We had been so wrapped up in the investigation into Jason Blossom’s murder and the Blue and Gold that we hadn’t really had time to properly hang out in our spot. We used to come here once a week, as a tradition. We’d made a silly pact when we were younger that we would only be best friends if we met there every week. We would play card games and board games to keep ourselves amused. It was what I looked forward to every week.

When she pulled out Cluedo from the stack of board games I laughed, “Hopefully we can actually solve this murder.”

She laughed, “Shut up you goof.”

Although it was dark and there was very little light in the tree house, our eyes adjusted and we sat down and set up everything and started playing. About half way into the game, I couldn’t help myself but to say, “I’ve missed this.”

She looked up from her cards, “The game or us hanging out?”

I rolled my eyes, “The second one obviously.”

She smiled, “Me too,” she said sincerely, then she went back to the game, “I think I’m gonna accuse.”

I shook my head, “You can’t possibly know who it is!”

She smirked, “Was it scarlet, with the pistol, in the bedroom?”

I looked down at my cards, knowing that I didn’t have any of those, and she had in fact won. I groaned and threw my cards down, and she laughed.

“You chose this game cause you always win at it, cheater,” I say, teasing her.

“Hey! It’s not my fault you suck at it!” She said laughing.

After we had packed the game up, too tired for another game, she sat back down next to me. It was quiet for a moment until Y/N spoke up again, “How have you been? You know, besides everything.”

I shrugged, “Fine, haven’t really had much time to think about anything else.”

Y/N nodded, “I get what you mean, I haven’t really had a moment to myself either, which made me enjoy tonight a hundred times more, because I got to spend time with you, like we used to,” she smiled fondly.

We sat there, in the dark tree house, just staring at each other. Thanks to my lack of control, my eyes flickered to her lips for a split second. I love her. I’m in love with her.

“I, uh…” I trailed off, not really knowing where I was going with my words. I didn’t really want to finish my sentence, because admitting it means being vulnerable, it means putting myself at risk for being hurt by the ones you love. I already knew how that felt. But I didn’t have to admit anything if I just showed her instead.

So I kissed her.

It was like the world stopped spinning. Her lips connected with mine in the most luxurious way that I felt like I was going dizzy. Everything made sense. I had no idea how much I had wanted this until now.

It felt like a lifetime until we pulled apart, and when we did I had to say it, “I love you.”

She inhaled a deep breath, looking like she was still recovering from what had just happened, “I-I love you too Jughead, I always have.”

“You have?” I ask, shocked.

She nods her head and places her hand on my cheek, smiling, “How could I not love you? You’ve always been here for me when no- one else was.”

I couldn’t even come up with a reply, I was just filled with relief.

So instead, I kissed her again.

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Heavy sobs hit your body as you continue to drive away from the raptor paddock. You’ve had fights with Owen before but none as bad as this one.

You had been refilling the meat bucket when the new intern accidentally dropped a bucket that he was cleaning into the paddock. Thankfully, it landed near the cage door. After making sure none of the girls were near, or around for that matter, there were other workers watching, and no Owen, you opened the cage door and went in.

You quickly but quietly walked up to the bucket, bent down, and picked it up. What you didn’t know was that there was a pair of golden eyes staring at you from behind the bushes.

A yell suddenly rang throughout the entire paddock that caused you to turn around. Standing a few feet away from you was Echo. She didn’t make any moves to attack you, only stared at you curiously.

When you first started working with the raptors, after taking a break a little break from training Rexy, you bonded with the brown raptor called Echo. You would always be the one to feed her, calm her down, stay with her when there were thunder storms, and sing her to sleep. So if it were any of the other three raptors, they probably would have gotten you when your back was turned.

“Hello Echo, my darling.” You said, after debating whether to run or talk to her.

Echo continued to look at you, only this time, she tilted her head and let out a purring noise after you called her darling.

She started to walk towards you at a slow pace but still showed no signs of attacking you. Soon enough she was in front of you, lowering her head to nuzzle into you. Before she had a chance to touch you, Owen had jumped in between you and Echo, shouting out for her to get back. Seeing that you were frozen on the spot, Barry had ran, picked you up and carried you out of the cage, bucket and all.

When Owen got out of the cage. his face and aura was oozing with anger. And it was directed toward you.

Things were said, words that you both know aren’t true, your chest tightening with each word being thrown at you. You know he was just doing this because he cares about you it still hurt.

With tears running down your cheeks, you ran to your car and drove off to the T-Rex paddock.

Finally arriving at the paddock, you climbed out of your car and walked to the door leading into the paddock. Typing in the code to unlock the door, you ran inside.

“Rexy! Rexy! Come on out!” You started yelling into the thick forest, knowing she won’t harm you.

The thumping of her footsteps came from your right. When you looked over, you saw her making her way towards you. When she was in front of you, she stopped, bent down and rubbed her head softly against you.

“Oh Rexy.” You sobbed.

Sensing your sadness, she steps back and lies down, her head close to your body. Very carefully, Rexy grabs the bottom of you shirt and tugs you closer to her.

When Rexy rests her head back on the ground, you cuddle up into her neck, her body heat keeping you warm. You were now calming down, the silence of the island and Rexy’s breathing lulling you to sleep. Before you knew it, you were fast asleep.

You awoke to something gently nudging you and the feeling of warm breath gliding over you. You slowly peeled your eyes open only to see Rexy’s big, scaly head in your face. When she saw that you were awake, she let out a little groan, like she was trying to purr.

“Yes, yes. I’m awake.” You smile at her, getting up from your position from the ground.

Noticing the small amount of blood on her muzzle and teeth, you knew it was past her morning feeding time. Digging into the front pocket of your jeans, you pull out you phone. Opening it up, you find that you have 10 missed calls and 32 text messages.

All from Owen.

Closing your phone, you turn to look at Rexy, who was looking at you and waiting patiently.

“Well I got to go, my dear. I’ll see you soon.” You walk up to her and spread your arms out.

Rexy bent down and pressed her muzzle into you. You closed your eyes and hugged her tight.

“I missed you.” You whispered, a soft purr rumbling from her throat to your body.

Rexy pulls away from you and walks outward back into the forest. Once you couldn’t hear her footsteps anymore, you turn around and walk back to the paddock door.

Once you got into your car, you decide to go to the bungalow. You had to talk to Owen sooner or later.

Owen was outside working on his motorcycle when you drove up. Stepping out of your car, you quietly walk up to him. When you get closer, Owen stands up and meets you half way.

Before you could say anything, Owen grabs you by your cheeks and pulls you in for a passionate kiss.

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You let out a squeak, surprised by the sudden kiss. Owen continued to kiss you, wrapping his arms around your waist. You slowly begin to close your eyes, melting into the kiss, your hands gripping his shirt.

The kiss continues for a couple more minutes until the need to breath became too great. Once you both separate, neither of you talked for a few more minutes. You were the one to break the silence.

“Owen, I’m sorry for going into the paddock. I just didn’t want the girls to destroy one of the buckets.” You state, sheepishly.

Owen chuckles and wraps his left arm over your shoulders, “It’s alright, let’s just get over it and get some lunch.”

You are the reason I am the best I’ll be,

So let me stitch your heart so it won’t bleed,

And I won’t rest until you finally breath,

‘Cause I still love you more than anything.

Panic Attacks and Cuddles

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Characters: Reader, Dean, and Sam.

Summary: After a hunt where the reader risked her life Dean is fuming. They both have developed strong feelings for each other and he’s mad she put herself at risk. He yells at her, not realizing the reader has anxiety and had to patch things up.

A/N: My first reader insert~! I used my experiences with anxiety to do this request for fandomsandstuff. I was going to draw a picture to go with this, however with it being a reader insert I decided to go against it. Also there’s a lot of fluff. Like a lot. J

Anxiety was a difficult monster to deal with; it always had been for her.  Right now her anxiety was at an all time high. The hunt hadn’t gone as well as any of them had hoped.  She had almost been seriously hurt. From the backseat of the impala she could feel the tension from Dean. Sam didn’t have the same feeling, but he could understand Y/N was just trying to help and protect them.

Dean was fuming though. He hadn’t even said a word since they had managed to kill the shapeshifter. Y/N squirmed in the backseat, her heart rate and breathing increased. Sam picked up on the feeling of anxiety emitting from her. He looked over at his brother and swallowed.

“Dean ca-“

“Don’t,” was all Dean said in almost a growl. Y/N shuddered at the sound of Dean’s voice. She looked out the window, trying all the tricks she had picked up over the years. She took deep breaths and muttered that it was okay to her. She made sure not to say it too loud that Dean would hear.

Her heart rate increased as they pulled up to the bunker and Baby went silent. She shakily undid her seatbelt, getting out and following the brothers. It felt like it took hours to get into the bunker. She jumped as the door slammed behind Dean.

“What the hell Y/N?” His voice roared. She flinched and looked at the floor, trying to disassociate herself from what was happening. She felt the tears begin to well up.

“Dean,” Sam knew how angry Dean could get when Y/N had been in danger.

“Sam out,” He pointed towards Sam’s room, not making eye contact. Sam gave Y/N an apologetic look as he went to the kitchen instead. He wanted to be near in case he was needed.

“Dean please,” she said shakily. The tears were welling up in her eyes. She was going into her shut down mode she normally went into when she was yelled at.

“No, what the hell were you thinking?” Dean continued yelling, “you could have been killed!”

Y/N let the tears fall, not being able to hold them back. She turned around and ran to her room, slamming the door. She sunk to the floor, her body shaking with the feeling of anxiety.  Her heart just couldn’t slow down and the voice that constantly belittled her would not be silent.


“Great job Dean,” Sam walked back  into the room, the sarcasm dripping off his voice. The younger Winchester had come across Y/N during a panic attack and was aware of what yelling did. She had begged him not to tell Dean though, she hadn’t wanted to appear weak to the older man.  

“Shut it Sammy,” Dean snapped, “She shouldn’t be risking her life!”

“She was doing what either of us would have done,” Sam countered, doing his best to keep his voice down. “You don’t need to yell at her,” he said sternly.

“She could have been killed,” Dean shot back, his voice still raised.

“Dean, Y/N can’t handle being yelled at,” Sam said, trying to get his point across, “She has anxiety.”

“What?” Dean’s eyebrows knotted in confusion. He had never seen her as acting in what he’d consider an anxious manner.

“She shuts down when someone starts yelling at her,” Sam crossed his arms, “go talk to her… the only reason you’re mad-“

“Sam,” Dean snapped, turning on his heels and hurrying to Y/N’s room. If Sam was right he’d really messed up. It didn’t take long for him to reach her door. He took a deep breath as he knocked on the door. He heard sniffling from the other side and regretted yelling at her.

“W-what do you want?” her voice trembled. Dean rubbed the back of his neck, would she even let him in? He swallowed again as he prepared himself for what would happen.

“It’s me Y/N,” he said softly, “can I come in?”

He heard her shuffle to stand up and then he heard the creak of the door. He waited for her to open the door fully, which only took a few seconds. She then retreated to her bed, sitting with her knees pulled to her chest. She looked so small and frail to Dean, it hurt his heart. How could he miss the signs?

“Hey sweetheart,” Dean sat next to her, placing his arm around her trembling form.

“Dean… I… I didn’t mean to make you mad,” Y/N said, her voice was a little stronger then when he had knocked.  She was looking straight ahead, her eyes focused on a spot on the bed in front of her.

“I’m sorry,” Dean said the words sounding a bit rushed. He hadn’t been good with apologies, especially with Y/N. “I just want you to be safe,” he sighed. Dean moved Y/N into his lap, wrapping his arms around her. They sat like that for a few moments; Y/N’s form stopped shaking.  

“I’m sorry for reacting like this,” Y/N said quietly, she really didn’t like it when people found out about her anxiety. The awful disorder made her feel weak and she hadn’t wanted to burden Dean with the information.

“You’re ok,” he took her chin in his hand, making her look him in the eye. He knew Sam was right. The only reason he had reacted as strongly as he did were his feelings for her. It had taken many months for Dean to admit it to himself. He hadn’t told Y/N yet, part of him didn’t want to ruin their dynamic. However with what had happened on this last hunt he wasn’t going to put it off anymore.

“Dean-“ she was cut off as Dean pressed his lips to hers. Y/N’s Y/E/C eyes widened, frozen by the actions the older Winchester had taken. She had developed feelings very soon after she had met Dean. Y/N buried the feelings, thinking Dean could never have those kinds of feelings for her.

“I’ll try to not yell,” he promised as he pulled away. He could see the blush that had stained Y/N’s cheeks. He smiled softly at her and ran his hand along her back. He just needed to comfort her no, they could talk about what this meant for them later.

“Thank you Dean,” She a smile on her lips that reached her Y/E/C eyes.

Dean kissed her forehead, “let’s get you something to eat.” Right then they didn’t need words; the kiss had been everything they needed to say. His promise was everything Y/N needed to her to have her at ease with her anxiety and Dean. As long as he would try not to yell or raise his voice at her they would be fine.

“Sounds good Dean,” she nodded. They got off the bed and made their way to the kitchen, Dean intertwining their fingers.