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I’m getting this tattood on my soul

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Colors [Armitage Hux x Reader]

Summary: The reader is a Knight of Ren and Kylo’s closest friend. She is introduced to General Hux who immediately falls in love with her.

Word Count: 5000+

Warnings: Starkiller Base is used for its intended purpose.

To say that General Hux was irritated when he learned that there would be another Knight of Ren joining the crew of Starkiller Base would be an understatement. The general was distraught. Already, the Knights had cost him more than he was willing to pay in both credits and sanity. Their master had no respect for order and was, in Hux’s opinion, the initiator of every major issue on the Base.

The tone of Ren’s voice when he told Hux about his pupil was arrogant and completely insufferable. Hux had wanted to punch him in the throat. Yet, Supreme Leader Snoke had insisted that this girl was brought in. Hux could not argue, but he could refuse to meet this girl upon her arrival. He took that one liberty he was offered.

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Hey! So I haven’t done this before, but I’m trying it out. I’ve seen some amazing stories on here. I wanted to add one of my own. My mom got me a book of writing prompts from Christmas. This one really stood out to me and the musical episode inspired this. Please let me know what you think!!!!

Characters: Barry Allen and Iris West (WestAllen)

Rated: IDK (mentions of sex but nothing explicit)


Prompt: You’re asked by the love of your life to define what love means to you.


Barry and Iris lay in their bed, curled together. They’d been celebrating their re-engagement. Both are covered in sweat, out of breath, and completely drained. It’s amazing. Iris lazily traces patterns on his chest as he strokes her hair. A lot’s happened in the past 3 years. She’d told him that before he sang to her. Man does she love that song. As they lay in their bed, she feels his chest vibrating as he hums.

How is it they got here? This question rings through her head. Four years ago, Barry had been her best friend and only that. The only guy, aside from her dad, that she could trust completely and without fear. The same goofy, awkward little boy who had only gotten bigger. Then he was struck by lightning. God, watching his heart stop over and over again. Iris nuzzles closer to Barry. She’d cried herself to sleep almost every night those 9 months. Eddie had helped and some part of her would always love him, but Barry meant so much to her then, even if she hadn’t realized it. After he’d woken up, he was different. Suddenly he had the courage to tell her how he felt…

“What are you thinking about?” Barry’s question breaks the comfortable silence. His voice is low and raspy, sending chills down her spine.

“Stuff,” She looks up at him with a small smile.

“What kind of stuff?”

“The first time you said you loved me,” She tells him,” When you told me about your crush.”

“Yeah?” She feels his fingers gently press into the middle of her back. Barry takes in the sight of her. Dark hair tousled from his hands running through it, lips swollen from his own, deep brown eyes meeting his own. How did he get so lucky?” What about it?”

“Do you remember what you told me?” She raises up onto her elbows so she can properly look at him. Damp curls fall into her eyes, but she makes no move to brush them away.

“That I’ve loved you since before I knew what it meant,” he answers, sitting up just a bit.

“What does it mean to you?”


“If you’ve loved me since before you knew what the word meant, what does it mean to you?”

“You want me to define love?” He clarifies with a soft smile. She nods. Barry thinks for a moment before speaking,” I think it doesn’t mean something so much as it is something. When I think about love, I remember the year we went trick or treating as Harry Potter and Hermione Granger. You called me Barry Potter for two weeks afterwards.”

Iris laughs at the memory, at the silliness of their childhood. She remembers it well since it was the last Halloween before his mother was killed. Barry continues,” I remember you coming down the stairs the night my mom died. When Joe asked why you were still up-”

“I said I was waiting for him to bring you home,” She remembers. She remembers being scared and confused, but still there for him.

“When I think about love, I remember the nights you and I stayed up late talking about anything and everything. How I felt like I could tell you what was bothering me and you would believe me,” He brushes a stray curl from her face, letting his fingers lightly caress her cheek,” I remember the night of the particle accelerator. How close I got to telling you how I felt that night. I remember a moment, just before the lightning hit me, when I was worried about you. If you were ok.”

Iris doesn’t remember a lot about that night after the accelerator exploded. Just crying and screaming and Barry’s body on a table. His hand lingers on her face, ghosting over her skin. She turns pressing soft kisses to the fingertips. She meets his eyes again,” Is that all?”

“Not even close. Love reminds me of when I woke up and my first thought was of you. When I walked into Jitters and you jumping into my arms. I remember saving you that first time. I remember being the Flash and wanting to tell you so badly it hurt. The nights on Jitter’s roof-”

“You flirted with me an awful lot on that rooftop,” She teases.

“You weren’t exactly telling me to stop,” He laughs. Iris loves his laugh. It’s warm and bright and sounds like home.

“So love reminds you of me?” She asks.

“Kind of. It reminds me of times when I didn’t feel… alone. When someone’s there and they make you feel visible and safe and alive. You just happen to do that the most in my life. I like it when it feels like it’s the two of us against the world,” He makes a funny face,” Does that sound weird?”

“No,” Iris smiles,” I think it’s romantic.”

She kisses him. His mouth is soft and warm and familiar. She feels his hand hold the back of her neck, keeping her right where he wanted her. How did she go so long without kissing Barry Allen? When she finally pulls away, she smiles sweetly at him,” I love you, Barry Allen.”

“I love you, Iris West,” He kisses her again, just a small peck on her lips,” Your turn.”

“My turn for what?” Barry raises an eyebrow at her.

“You know I can’t be the only one who says romantic things in this relationship,” He teases. She laughs which ultimately makes him laugh.

“Why not? You drop wedding vows on a weekly basis,” Before she can blink, Barry has her on her back. He smiles down at her, those beautiful green eyes looking at her like she’s the only woman in the multiverse.

“I’m serious. What does love mean to you?”

Iris wraps her arms around his neck,” Love is the feeling I get when everyone I care about comes home safe. It’s the feeling I get when we’re all together and laughing. It’s the feeling I get when my dad teases us or reminds us that one day we’ll have kids and karma’s a bitch. It’s the feeling I get when Wally is telling me about your latest race and how close he is to beating you. It’s the feeling I get when you, Cisco, and Caitlin are arguing about something nerdy and I have no idea what you’re talking about. It’s the feeling I get when you tell me you’re going to save me and I believe you,” She plays with the hair at the nape of his neck,” It’s the feeling I get just before you kiss me. When you look at me like I’m a miracle from heaven. That’s what love is to me.”

“I think my version is more romantic,” He tells her with a wink. He kisses her again to muffle her laughter. No matter how anyone defines it, what they share is pure and real.

It’s something neither of them will ever give up on.

Not Good Enough - Josh Dun Imagine

Imagine- Josh, your boyfriend, is on tour and when you call him he yells at you. He knows how much you hate being yelled at.
(I promise it’s a fluffy ending kay)

Triggers- cutting, overwhelming thoughts

Note- Sorry that this is kinda short, i hope you don’t mind. I wrote this in one sitting :,))


You hate being yelled at. Just the thought can make you tear up.
Josh must have forgotten that while you were talking over the phone.
He was upset about something, you could clearly tell. When you continually asked him about it, he yelled at you. And he continued to yell at you.
‘All your friends and family hate you, and now so does Josh,’ You thought, tears rolling down your cheeks.
'When he gets back from tour he’s going to move out. He’s going to move out and find someone else, someone who deserves him. Unlike you,’ Your thoughts started to overwhelm you. It was too much.
You saw were several text messages from Josh saying he was sorry.
'It’s all fake. He doesn’t love you, he never did,’ you told yourself.
'In fact, he’s probably telling Tyler how annoying and you are right now. You can’t even hold your tears in when someone simply raises their voice at you.
You needed an escape, you needed to get away from your demons. Even if it was only for a second.
You slowly got up off the ground and walked to the bathroom, grabbing your razor, sitting on the floor.
You started getting doubts.
'Do i really want to do this? I’m two months clean, do i really want to break that?’
You gripped tightly onto the razor and thought; 'Of coarse you should. You deserve it for all the pain you’ve caused to everyone you meet, including Josh.’
You winced in pain as you pressed the razor into the flesh on your arm. You watched as blood started spewing out.
The dark red liquid against your skin was actually quite pretty. You stared for a moment before picking another spot to dig your razor into.
You bit your lip when you realized you went too deep this time, blood all along your arm.
You just sat, staring for several moments. Until you heard the front door open.
“Y/n?” You instantly recognized the voice. You panicked, quickly trying to find a towel to cover your arm- but it was too late.
You heard a gasp from the bathroom door. You didn’t dare look up, you couldn’t. You would just burst into tears again.
“Oh my god, y/n, i’m so so sorry, i’m so sorry. I didn’t mean it, I’m so sorry,” You felt two muscular hands draw you into Josh’s chest, and you started crying again. Your knees felt weak and you felt like you were going to collapse. You were grateful when Josh sat both of you down on the ground, sitting you in his lap.
He rocked back and forth, pressing kisses onto your head and whispering to you that it would be okay. You believed it.
You pulled back, your face wet with tears, and Josh looked into your eyes.
“I’m sorry,” Is all you could muster.
“Baby, shh, I’m the one who should be sorry. I shouldn’t have yelled at you, i know you were just trying to help. I’ve been pretty stressed recently and i didn’t think about what i was doing until it was too late.”
You rested your head on his shoulder and he continued to rock you.
“Weren’t you supposed to be on tour until next week?” You asked into his shoulder.
“I had to come to make sure the light of my life was alright. I don’t know what i would do without you, y/n. You are so, so important, I hope you know that.”
“I love you, Josh,” You looked up to him, tears in your eyes. Not sad tears. Just so very thankful to have Josh in your life.
“I love you too, baby,” He kissed your forehead. “How about we clean your arm, now?”
You nodded your head and he helped you up.

Wooo, it’s been a while. Also I decided to cut this ficlet off and post the first part since the second part is kinda different anyway and this way we get an update! Yay!

Obi-Wan heads toward the Room of a Thousand Fountains—having cleaned up in the fresher and put on a new set of clothes—to enjoy some meditation, some time alone with peace and quiet.

He sits down in a secluded spot—surrounded by plants and flowers—next to one of the smaller fountains. He takes off his boots and sets them aside, pulls his socks off and folds them, before he sits cross legged with his hands lying limply on his knees and closes his eyes.

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If What (Damian wayne imagine)

Requested: Yes
Request: Do you think you can have damian whispering how beautiful the reader is in Arabic and he thinks she doesn’t know what he is saying but she does sorry if this sounds confusing and I will be really happy of you do this
Summary: Damian is flabbergasted when you can understand what he said in Arabic.
Word count: 309
Warning(s): fluff?

Best friends since a young age was what me and Damian were. We both had a crush on one another, but both of us were too afraid to admit it to each other.

Damian had a tendency to talk in Arabic, either when he was angry or when he just didn’t want anyone to understand. But little did he know that even though I didn’t understand everything, I started picking up on a few words here and there that I could easily recognize. So when Damian started saying things like

“ʾanta ǧamīlun min al-ḫāriǧ, wa ʾakṯaru ǧamal-an min al-dāḫil.” ( Your inside is even more beautiful than your outside.)

I at first couldn’t understand, but since every time he said it he would look at me, I had a feeling it had something to do with me. So when I finally couldn’t take it, I went and asked Bruce, who smiled brightly and told me what it meant. I couldn’t hide my blush.

The next time Damian said it was when we were sitting in his room doing practically nothing, just talking about this and that. I immediately shied away from his gaze, a deep shade of red on my cheeks. After a little silence i finally got the courage to respond.

“ʾanata wasīm”(You’re handsome)I finally respond.

If his jaw could reach the floor, it definitely would have, you best believe me. A light blush covers his entire face.

“You could understand me?” He questions in disbelief. 

“Just barely,You kept saying that sentence all the time towards me, so I got curious. ” I admit.

He just grins, while looking at me, sort of proud, or that’s what it seemed like.

I could teach you…if….” He says mischievously.

If what?” I giggle, a big grin on my face.

If you go on a date with me.” He says smugly.


With love,


❛ you inability to learn complicated handshakes is tearing this gang apart ❜
❛ i hope no one lowkey hates me. highkey hate me. hate me with every fiber of your being. go big or go home ❜
❛ my style isn’t even my style, i can’t afford my actual style ❜
❛ i feel like everyone has a teacher from high school that they’d 100% fight ❜
❛ i don’t mean to interrupt people i just randomly remember things and get really excited, i’m sorry ❜
❛ sir, you cannot name your son ‘Papa_Roach_Scars.mp3’ we just won’t allow it ❜
❛ if you asked me what my sexuality was, i couldn’t give you a straight answer ❜
❛ i just wanna wear lingerie, smell like lavender, and have soft skin ❜
❛ yabba dabba done with your shit ❜
❛ 5 years ago i was a fucking mess and now i’m a fucking mess but at peace with it and with a cooler fashion sense ❜
❛ the only reason i’m staying in school is so i can provide for my future ❜
❛ occupation: sleepiest girl on the planet ❜
❛ true friendship is willfully making someone’s emotional devastation over fictional characters worse ❜
❛ (not so) breaking news: i’m sad again and everyone’s tired of hearing about it ❜
❛ my new year’s resolution is to stop ❜
❛ people keep posting ‘what’s REALLY in your food’ articles like i’m gonna stop eating whatever it’s about lmao listen, death is coming. death is coming. pass me a hot dog ❜
❛ do you sometimes wonder why you have weird friends but then you snap and realize that you’re as weird as them ❜
❛ have you ever met someone who’s smile looks like it could make flowers grow ❜
❛ is ‘no’ an emotion because i feel it ❜
❛ i wanna be the one girl who looks really cute but also gives off the vibe that she could snap your neck if you disrespect her like is that possible for me ❜
❛ concept: me, having friends and being liked by people ❜
❛ the human body has 7 trillion nerves and some people manage to get on every single fucking one of them ❜
❛ replace my heart with another liver so i can drink more and care less ❜
❛ i need a hug and six months of sleep ❜
❛ good morning i’m obsessed with being loved ❜
❛ don’t come back when you realize that i’m rare ❜
❛ i’m stuck in between ‘i really wanna meet new people’ and ‘why can’t everyone leave me the fuck alone’ ❜
❛ can you believe some people meet each other and just hit it off right off the bat and just… date??? and fall in love? ?? that sounds fake ? ? ? ❜
❛ painfully average looking with a great sense of humor and always down to get drunk ❜
❛ people are always like ‘are you a morning person or a night person’ and i’m just like… buddy, i’m barely even a person ❜
❛ you ever talk to a stupid boy to pass time? ❜
❛ don’t talk to me or my 78 insecurities ever again ❜
❛ i’ll always have a soft spot for you ❜
❛ i hate being tickled. i do not think it’s cute, i do not think it’s funny. i will kick you in the fucking face ❜
❛ you inability to learn complicated handshakes is tearing this gang apart ❜
❛ there’s no blood in my veins anymore it is coffee and broken dreams ❜
❛ i’ll pay you $7 to have a crush on me ❜
❛ i’m a hopeless romantic… emphasis on hopeless ❜
❛ i deal with my personal problems the same way i study for tests… i don’t ❜
❛ half of me is a hopeless romantic and the other half of me is, well, an asshole ❜
❛ my biggest problem is i don’t like, do shit ❜
❛ how am i supposed to be productive when netflix just automatically plays the next episode for you? ❜
❛ a girls sleepy voice is probably the cutest thing that has ever existed on this earth ❜
❛ at like a really specific time at night i feel like i wanna fall in love or some shit but then i wake up and i’m ok again ❜
❛ i’d really like to be taken out tbh. in a date way or a sniper way. i have no preference ❜
❛ i don’t need alcohol to make bad decisions ❜
❛ i want to be one of those people who does yoga and eats berries for breakfast, but i’m one of those people who stays in bed until 4 pm and eats pizza ❜
❛ why are there waiting lists for preschools?!?! babies are small!!!! 800 could fit in one room, just stack them ❜
❛ raise your hand if you are scared shitless about the future yet couldn’t care less at the same time ❜
❛ i hate being the stereotypical emo bitch, but life sux, my dude ❜
❛ i wanna learn how to throw knives so i can throw ‘em like real close and graze somebody to let them know to shut the fuck up ❜
❛ my heart says yes but my mom says no ❜
❛ if we are ever invaded by aliens and they wanna destroy earth and whatever that’s fine, but leave old friends senior dog sanctuary out of it ❜
❛ i don’t want to get involved in the drama, i just wanna know 103% of the information on what happened ❜
❛ if i had the power to control time i would probably just use it to sleep more ❜
❛ guess who got shit done today….. not me lmao but congrats to somebody out there ❜
❛ i promise i’m a lot nicer than my ‘walking to class’ face would lead you to believe ❜
❛ why spend money on booze when i can get fucked up by conspiracy theories for free? ❜
❛ binge watching is great until you run out of the show and have to start watching it weekly like some sort of medieval peasant ❜
❛ merry crisis, everyone ❜
❛ my whole life is the one episode of friends where ross drinks all those margaritas and keeps telling everyone that he’s fine when he clearly isn’t fine ❜
❛ i’m a huge supporter of things which annoy misogynistic rich white men ❜
❛ kinda wanna go on a date, kinda wanna get hit by a truck too ❜
❛ do i even have a sexuality at this point or is it literally just ‘oh yes i’d kiss you’ ❜
❛ not interested dot com forward slash you ❜
❛ napping together is my kind of date ❜
❛ i’m trying to stop being a hater but it’s just so hard when there are so many things that need my hate ❜
❛ i need to stop imagining things i’d say in interviews if i was ever famous because i am not ❜
❛ guess who got their life together!!!!! …not me, but someone probably has ❜
❛ concept: the worst is over. everything’s gonna be okay now ❜
❛ me, giving your eulogy at your funeral: ‘we are gathered here today to mourn a friend, a relative, a companion and a loved one, and to kinkshame them one last time’ ❜
❛ one day i will take a really good selfie and you will be sorry….. you will all be sorry ❜
❛ i was so ugly in 2008 because i didn’t care about my looks, i cared about the jonas brothers ❜
❛ i’m the whole package: bitter AND petty ❜
❛ my life is that awkward walk/jog you do in front of a car when you’re crossing the street ❜
❛ i use sarcasm because flat out telling you you’re a fucking moron is considered inappropriate and is frowned upon and i was raised better than that ❜
❛ my aesthetic is looking really tired even when i’ve had enough sleep and having a lot of bad habits and responding poorly to criticism ❜
❛ yes you’re allowed to have other friends, you just have to love me more ❜
❛ i just want to be somewhere warm and making questionable decisions ❜
❛ i don’t have plans for tonight or the rest of my life if you want to have a drink or get married ❜
❛ screenshots don’t scare me, i know what the fuck i said ❜
❛ ‘you’re kind of annoying’ kind of? kind of??? excuse me. excuse you. i am fully annoying. i am very annoying. there’s nothing half-assed half-hearted ‘kind of’ about it ❜
❛ *jumps over hole in sidewalk* yeah you could say i’m pretty fucking athletic ❜
❛ i don’t ‘dress to impress’ i dress to depress. i wanna look so good that people hate themselves ❜
❛ sorry, i couldn’t hear you over my internal monologue ❜
❛ valentine’s day is coming up, i don’t know what to buy myself ❜
❛ you’re really cute and it’s ruining my life because i think about kissing you all the time ❜
❛ ‘dude, i’m wasted’ and by wasted, i’m talking about my wasted potential because i’m a lazy piece of shit ❜
❛ i may be a terrible person but at least i say please and thank you and use my fucking blinker ❜
❛ is it too late to try to be myspace famous ❜
❛ ask him if he’s good with his hands, then when he comes over, make him put together ikea furniture ❜
❛ if a woman’s hand is steady enough to put on winged eyeliner then it’s steady enough to stab you in the heart ❜
❛ please don’t get tired of me ❜
❛ finals? fuck a final. gone girl myself. ❜
❛ i really thought quick sand was going to be a bigger issue in life when i was little ❜
❛ i’m so tired of not being a multimillionaire ❜
❛ why must the cute ones (me) suffer ❜
❛ nasa actually stands for ‘not any straight aliens.’ gayliens are real and out there ❜
❛ not to be bitter or anything but i hope everyone that has ever hurt me is absolutely miserable ❜
❛ my mind says college, but my heart says isolated sheep herder in iceland ❜
❛ i am an adult oh god make it stop ❜

( you can find the other three parts here: 1, 2, 3 )