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Karasuno vs Nekoma in skirts
Karasuno vs Nekoma in skirts

We should make the entirety of Haikyuu!! be contested in miniskirts. That would make things a lot more fun.

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video games

calum hood & y/n
word count - 2112
warnings - sexual content, language

“I have an idea.”

“Sounds promising,” Calum said, running his tongue over one of the dark purple marks he had left on your neck earlier that night.

“It’s kind of a going away present.”

“Go on.”

“We should record ourselves.”

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Cross My Heart

1,000 Followers Drabble

Prompt: “Hell no! You’re not leaving the house like that.“

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Requested by: @iwantthedean

“Damn, Y/N! You looking fucking delicious.” Dean moans walking into the bedroom.

“Thanks, Dean.” You giggle while you answer a text on your phone.

“You did all of this for me?” He asks licking his lips.


“This!” He gestures to your costume.

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Right so when you think about it, cutting out what Maya got for Lucas is important. Riley’s line about the gift representing how well you know the person ties in well. If Maya getting Lucas wasn’t important enough, knowing rightly, Maya would have got him a damn well good present. Something symbolic or something she knows he would love. Then it would lead Riley to think huh? I never would have got him that? How did Maya know that? Maya’s feelings are still low-key and very much still alive and when you’ve made a connection like Lucas and Maya, it’s very hard to ever forget.

I wish we knew tho but, from that point of view, I guess I understand. But, the main protagonist and her relationship didn’t even get a nice scene. Just the big sign that LUCAS DIDN’T TELL HIS OWN GIRLFRIEND HE WAS GOING TO TEXAS, leaving his best friend to break the news. Which is QUITE ironic considering he made a big fuss in Ski Lodge that they had to tell each other the important things. I wonder, where does telling your girlfriend you’re not gonna be in the state come under? As I watched that all I could see was 🚨 even though, I’ve been seeing them for a while. There was so many ways this episode could go, with a massive opportunity to show how well Riley and Lucas know each other but, instead showed us where the real feelings lie - with other people.

The show is showing all the signs, some of you just refuse to see what’s right there in front of you.

anonymous asked:

Can I get a request Oikawa, Bokuto, Nishinoya and Hinata come home to see their s.o. wearing their jersey?

((these are rather short seeing as the only difference would be how the boys react. c: enjoy!


Oikawa would definitely be surprised to see you in his jersey. He would keep his cool and compliment you, hoping the blush on his face cools down. The setter couldn’t stop himself from approaching you and his hands would find themselves on you.

“Now, now [Name]-chan~ What are you trying to accomplish by wearing my jersey, hmm?”

Bokuto would be beyond ecstatic. His s/o wearing his jersey? This truly was a gift! His golden eyes would never leave your form. The captain thought you were a creature sent from heaven, and he didn’t want to soil by placing his hands on you.

“Wow babe, you look really hot! My jersey looks really good on you huh?”

Nishinoya would think he were in heaven. He would have to take a double take to make sure he is seeing what he thinks he sees. An imaginary holy light would emit from your precious form. The libero would run up to you and grab your hands and tell you straight up what he thinks of you in his jersey.

“You look very lovely [Name]! Thank you for wearing my jersey! …Could you wear it more often?”

The poor boy would probably faint on the spot. Hinata would be a blushing mess and he would be unable to form any coherent sentences. You could tell he liked the sight of you in his jersey by the way he hid his face in his hands and the muffled sounds he emitted.

“Gwahh! I-I think you look really nice!”

Miraculous Rewrite: Copycat
  • Ladybug: So where’s his akuma?
  • Copycat: Inside his ring, of course. Grab it!
  • Chat Noir: If you don’t believe me, ask him about our love for each other!
  • Ladybug: Huh? Love? That’s not a thing. Okay, yeah, he’s definitely the copycat. *grabs ring*
  • Adrien: *detransforms*
  • Ladybug: Oh! You’re…I thought you would be Théo Barbot. Wow, I never expected you to get akumatized.
  • Adrien: …yes. Akumatized. That is definitely what happened to me.
  • Ladybug: That’s a strange looking akuma.
  • Plagg: Um…flap flap, flutter flutter?
  • Ladybug: Gotcha! *traps Plagg in her yoyo*
  • Plagg: AAAAAAAAA
  • Ladybug: Bye bye, little…weird cat thing.
  • Copycat: Ha! My plan worked perfectly. All right, let’s go, Ladybug. *both leave*
  • Adrien: How the hell did that work? There were so many reasons why his plan was doomed to fail.
  • Plagg: I don’t know. Say, got any cheese?
  • Adrien: I’m kinda tied up at the moment.
  • Plagg: So what do we do now?
  • Adrien: I have no idea.

Oh, Outo. Precious Outo.

There is so much to say about Outo that it would almost be faster to list what I can’t say about it. I’ve been putting off writing this post precisely because there is so much crammed into it. So much. It is magical. It is a gift. And it will destroy you.

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The Signs as Things I Say
  • Aries: "Yo, fuck you with yo "I love you" ass!
  • Taurus: "How dare you criticize my well being of this enjoyment called one dollar chips."
  • Gemini: "Why... would i share... how i feel with you? I rather suffer."
  • Cancer: "Noootice meee! Im being clingy for a reeeeassooon!"
  • Leo: "Ma'am, imma just leave before you kick me out of class. Bye."
  • Virgo: "Jesuuuuuuuuus on Davey Jones locker! It fucking stinks in this bathroom, man!"
  • Libra: "*walk up to my friend's group* Yeah, i fucked her. Last night. It was fun :)"
  • Scorpio: *friend insults me* "Damn. Shit. That missed my whole fuck that i never gave."
  • Sagittarius: "Lets skip school and go to the mall!" *5 seconds later* "Uh huh. Nevermind. Its too hot in Florida for that long ass walk, dude."
  • Capricorn: "I was so lonely yesterday, without you. I had to start talking shit about you in my head instead of to you."
  • Aquarius: "Oooo Monkeys! *Monkey throws it's shit* Oh okay then. If thats how you feel."
  • Pisces: "Im highkey stopped listening to you. I was too caught up in a drawing idea i had."
  • - first time with this.
Gross husbands say thank you~

So Jensen was on the phone talking to his mom and Misha interrupts, and then says ‘sorry Mrs. Ackles’ and takes the phone out of Jensen’s hand and then they smile at each other like idjits 😂. Then as they walk, they throw reassuring glances at one another and their sides brush as they go. Then Misha after thanking the fans, suggest he calls his mom back (don’t wanna make mama-in-law mad 😉 good move Misha!)
But before ending the video, Jensen said wait and whispers ‘you are not alone’ and Misha of course follows suit (cute bastards! 😆) And then Jensen goes on to say he wishes to be alone sometimes and he (Misha) would just leave him be. And then Misha goes on to stand very close to him on the shoulder and say ‘nun-huh, you are not alone, never’. Of course they can’t help but look at each other like whipped puppies.

In short, cockles is as canon as the fact that the earth is round and gravity is real.

So, I’m dead by Cockles~

If Aizen and Hitsugaya were locked in a room...

As requested by anon. :)

Hitsugaya: YOU!!!

Aizen: Hello, Hitsugaya.

Aizen: How have you been?

Hitsugaya: Pretty great, thanks.

Hitsugaya: Not in prison.

Hitsugaya: Not facing an eternity tied to a chair.

Hitsugaya: Still a captain. Still got friends.

Aizen: Huh. I had heard you died and became a Quincy zombie.


Aizen: A sore subject, I see. I do apologize.

Aizen: I suppose it is not surprising, given your absence from battle, that you haven’t…heard.

Hitsugaya: Heard what?

Aizen: I am no longer in prison.

Hitsugaya: WHAT?! YOU ESCAPED?!?

Aizen: Escape? Hardly. The new head captain invited me to the battle as an ally.

Hitsuagaya: Impossible! Captain Kyoraku would never allow you to leave that chair!

Aizen: I did not say I left the chair.

Aizen: Why would I want to leave it?

Aizen: It is my favorite chair.

Hitsugaya: So….you joined the battle, while sitting in that chair?

Aizen: Exactly.

Aizen: …

Aizen: Did you just…giggle?

Hitsugaya: The image of you trying to hop around while tied to a chair is pretty precious!

Aizen: I do not hop around!

Aizen: I use kido and my spiritual pressure to do awesome feats!

Hitsugaya: While tied to a chair!

Aizen: A WONDERFUL chair.

Hitsugaya: Oh man. The Quincy must be cracking up at the sight of you.

Aizen: They are definitely not cracking up!

Hitsugaya: But wait.

Hitsugaya: If you joined the battle, does that mean…

Hitsugaya: Did Hinamori see you??

Aizen: It is unclear.

Aizen: She was with the main contingent.

Aizen: But she was given no reaction panels to my arrival.


Aizen: What, Hitsugaya? You will kill me?

Aizen: You tried that once, and it did not go well.


Aizen: Hitsugaya, please.

Aizen: I am back on Team Good these days.

Aizen: You must put aside your hatred.


Hitsgugaya: You hurt my friend! Hurt her a lot! Emotionally, physically, and you tricked me into hurting her!

Hitsugaya: I don’t care what kind of bullshit redemption arc you get - you will never be redeemed in my eyes.

Aizen: I understand. Just recently I was talking about how hard it is to forgive Kurosaki Ichigo.

Aizen: And he’s someone I basically made.


Hitsugaya: You know, I am going to be head captain one day.

Aizen: I would not be surprised if you are.

Hitsugaya: You’ll still be in prison at that point.

Hitsugaya: Just saying.

Aizen: Are you threatening me with something that will not happen for hundreds of years?

Hitsugaya: Yes. Yes I am.

Aizen: A ridiculously long term plan? I am so proud.


[continued from here]

“I don’t need anyone. Not you, or mochi.” He never should have opened up to begin with. How stupid could he be? “And you two don’t need me either.” All of this hurt. He knew this would happen. And he did need them, more than he could have ever imagined and yet…“you two will be better off without me.” 

     He swore to himself to never get this hurt by Miyuki ever again. Not after what happened shortly before they developed their feelings. And still he stood there, staring at him in utter disbelief.

     “Huh. Is that so?”, he asked, lips pressed together afterwards before he walked up to him, no intention of letting him leave visible. “Then why are you still here if you don’t want to be with anyone?”

John standing on the tarmac, fidgeting and fuming.  He wants to yell and scream and demand that Sherlock keep his promise.  “What about your vow?  Huh?  You said- you said- you would NEVER let me down again.  Well you know what’re doing right now?  Do you?  You’re leaving me. AGAIN.”


“I’ve almost believed you were dead…”
“Don’t you find that belief to be a bit irrational for someone who shot me dead before…”
“Would you ever get over that? It was a job.”
“Yeah, it also was my head and your rifle.”
“Well, we would never become partners if it wasn’t for that story.”
“Partners, huh? So you’re here for the job? Money issues?”
“More like a longing for murder, I’ll take the money though, you have too much anyway. Got anyone special?”
“Nope, just a good ole ‘bucket list’, regular spring cleaning.”
“Getting rid of dirty laundry, huh?”
“There’s no dirty jobs, only dirty people.”

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So, I have been lucky enough to hit 200 followers in less than a month! It’s all the more awe inspiring to me since I’ve been very OOC and whiny lately. But, I won’t dwell on that. Honestly, I never thought that I would get Davina kicked off at all, especially since it had been a while since I was last in the TVD/TO fandom. I tend to leave canon characters behind quickly but for some reason, I love Davina too much to abandon her.

I have decided to do a follow forever, rather than a giveaway, since I’m still working at the moment will not have time to do the prizes. But maybe 300, huh? Maybe. Without further ado, here is my follow forever! Also, please do not be upset if you don’t get mentioned. If I follow you, then I love you.

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Cameron’s voice dropped to a whisper, his green eyes sliding closed as his love’s warm breath brushed across his face. “Are you going to let me repay you?”

“For what?” Seamus asked, his hands dipping lower.

Cameron sighed, pulling his head down to whisper against his lips. “You know for what.”

“You may need to spell it out for me, baby.” Seamus murmured, enjoying the shiver that wracked his boyfriend’s body.

“No lie. I kind of love when you call me that.” Cameron admitted, gently nipping at his lower lip. Pet names were quickly becoming his kryptonite. That and those blue eyes he knew would never leave his mind.

“I think I like ‘Princess’ for you better.” Seamus joked. “You looked so cute with your arms around my neck like that, your face all buried in there like you seem to love doing.”

“I do that a lot, huh. I could -”

“I don’t want you to stop doing it, Cam. I love it, too.”

Cameron bit his lip, pulling lightly on Seamus’s shirt as a sudden need to be as close as possible overtook him. “Shamie…”

Seamus suddenly gripped his hand, needing no further prompting as he turned to leave the park - stopping short as something, someone, stood in their way.