you would make a good timelord

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“You know you’re in here for a reason…” He told the person who was sitting at the opposite side of the room. 

“There’s no such thing as aliens, time travel and ‘Timelords’. You’re just making it up, it’s in your head…” As John spoke clearly to the other who was put into an asylum because they were declared mad. 

Aliens. Come on. Who would believe that. “And then that nonsense that I’m the alien called the Doctor.” He laughed at that. “I’m John Smith, you know that." 

For a moment he sighed. "Maybe it’s time you had a good night sleep before we continue this…”

I am so done with all of this River Song hate. If you don’t like her, that’s totally fine, but don’t be rude. River means a lot to me and for people to come to my blog and criticize me for having “half human and half timelord,” in my bio? It’s ridiculous. In, A Good Man Goes to War, Madam Vastra literally says “Specifically, human plus timelord.” I’m not just making things up or trying to make River more important..This is her character and I didn’t write her like that. Don’t come here and get on my case for things like that. I took it out of my bio so now none of you can say anything to me. There are characters I do not like in Doctor Who, but I do not go around to people’s blogs nitpicking about their characters…I would never do that to anyone. Thank you for making my day more stressful. I was already really tired, now I’m just frustrated.

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