you would have been so magnificent

Nyave of Mykos, would-be handmaiden to Mother Om, personal physician to the bearer of the Key of Kings and, apparently, skyship helmswoman. Though she lives among such OP women, she’s a badass in her own right and she deserves more fanart!

Wow, oh wow, these past few pages of Kill Six Billion Demons have been so amazing I thought I’d die, go to heaven, kill the gods and topple their thrones from sheer excitement. I know I say this a lot but if you haven’t checked this webcomic out, do. 

wtf so i was cleaning out my computer files and i came across a doc called A Ballad about Eyebrows and

Oh how magnificent, and oh how so sweet

That your brows are as light as the simple, simple wheat.

So bushy and so full are they now,

Why you would wax them, I could never see how.


But alas! the deed has been done!

So thin and lifeless, nothing have they won

But my lament and my tears

Which I will shed for years and years.


But I must not fret, and I must not whine,

Because they are yours, and they are not mine.

Though I await the day that they are bushy again,

For then, once again, I will be sane.


Oh! the love I have for those eyebrows!

They give you such a look of highbrow!

Your eyebrows, the ones on your head,

If I could, I would thee wed! 

anonymous asked:

Where's your favourite place to travel? (Also, just curious, have you been to Canada?)

I’ve travelled to Sweden twice and it’s probably my favourite country. I stayed in the mountains at winter and it was gorgeous and I saw the northern lights and it was all very magical!!

second time I went I saw Stockholm which was bloody magnificent and saw more of the town/city side and ugh I just Sweden GETS IT I mean expensive as fuck but so good!!!

nah never been to Canada but I would love to go!

Friday, March 10, 2017- "you."

My soul is currently preoccupied with a new guest who identifies anonymously, and accompanied by a suffocating void.
I can feel the orchids that have been blossoming lose their balance in the soil.
There’s a lack of oxygen, and the portal to sunlight has been blocked from the outside in.
I’m trapped.
I am stuck between the barriers of demand and desire.
Do I need to admit to my desires so that I can receive demands for the health of my flowers?
Or will conceding lead to utter catastrophe…?
Due to my lack of clues, I remain sitting here internally withering.
Though I have one simple request: warmth.
It has been too dark, and the lack of sun leaves me numb.
I clearly lack vitamin d, but you must be endowed with every nutrient beneficial to my mind and soul.
Who are you?
Who would possess such magnificent, heaven constructed features and be for… me.
Would my garden then be able to expand itself with the help of your shine?
Or maybe this exposure to light will come back to me at a later time.
Perhaps I was meant to wait through time and learn to live with weak petals because the soil that holds my determined roots shall not give up.
But really, who can rely on faith these days?
Am I supposed to believe my straggling flowers will survive this test and meet me in the gleaming days I only see in my dreams?
Bottomless inquiries remain unanswered, and I sit here sipping my scorching hot coffee in hopes it will burn away the many predictions I have on you because I am one thought away from insanity.
I long to discover all the clues that connect me to who you are; to where this mystery of potential treasure leads me.
So that I can cut down the cloud joining evergreens that keep me from finding you.
Only till that day arrives,
I will remain here.
Patiently, impatiently waiting.

-“I often flinch when people touch me, but your hands make me melt.”

let me just say this: now that somebody finally mentionned Wells (thank you Monty my baby), can I just say that Wells had so much potential. He could have brought so much to this show. He was peaceful like Luna, making the right choices, he could have grown into a leader, Bellamy could have taken him under his wings like he did with miller, we could have had a father-son relationship with Jaha that would have been magnificent, he was young like the rest of the 100 but he had the maturity to grow into someone people could count on and listen to. He wouldn’t have been in the center of wars but would have been someone people could turn to like Monty, Jackson, Abby. Just an appreciation post a beloved character. 

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Hiii! You're one of my favorite blogs on this hellsite, and I was wondering if you know much about acquiring/caring for chameleons? Or know of where I can go for accurate information? Also please blow kisses to all of your pets for me because they're all so magnificent and have such a good owner, and thank you so much!!!

Thank you for the kind ask! I’m glad you enjoy my blog. :)

I’ve not kept chameleons myself, so the information presented has been gleaned from researching them myself and interacting with other chameleon keepers. Generally chameleons can be pretty delicate, high maintenance animals, so not something to jump into without a lot of research (and they generally would not make a good reptile for someone without any herp experience). I would go with a veiled or possibly a panther chameleon as those are the easiest to keep and most readily available in the hobby. I would get a male because they tend to live longer, be more colorful, and have less health issues related to egg laying.

All chameleons need a vertically oriented, screen cage (air circulation is very important) and either a misting or drip system (unless you want to extensively hand-mist them multiple times per day) because they don’t drink still water and have high humidity needs. They need a variety of live insects and good supplementation. UVB lighting in addition to heat is a must. And handling should be kept to an absolute minimum; these are easily stressed animals. Definitely a look-but-don’t-touch pet. It’s kind of like having a pet flower; super colorful and beautiful, you have to water it a lot, but no touching because it’s delicate.

That’s a very basic primer and I’m sure I’ve forgotten lots of information. Chameleon keepers feel free to chime in!

Please, if you have the time, sign this petition. The explanation is in the description.

Good morning/afternoon/evening, whenever you get this, please hear us out. What do I mean by “us?” I’m talking about the Wander Over Yonder fandom. As you may or may not have heard, the show is coming to a close pretty soon. It has had an amazing season 1 and is drawing to the close of an absolutely magnificent season 2. I’ve only joined this fandom a few months ago, and I really love it because you don’t get as much gore and angst as you do in other fandoms, such as Undertale, Warrior Cats, etc. The people that have been with Wander Over Yonder since very early on are the ones taking this the hardest.

One post described that they would be sad to see it end because they had met so many wonderful individuals with this show. Too add to that, I’ve recently found some amazing artists to look up to, and I never would’ve found them without this fandom! Those of you reading this may understand that a fandom is more than just a show, book or video game. It’s a place for people to have fun and be themselves! It gives you something to get through those tough days and push forward. There’s just something satisfying in being able to nerd out with people and then have them nerd along with you.

That’s something special. If you feel the same way about your fandom, please consider how you would feel if you were actively engaged in this fandom.

Wander Over Yonder will not get the closure it deserves.

Disney gave no good reason for ending it.

According to Craig McCracken, the show’s creator, stated in his post that, and I quote, “the higher up bosses of bosses of bosses at Disney decided not to continue with the show. It’s not that they didn’t like Wander, they just felt that 2 seasons and 80 cartoons was enough and they didn’t see the need to produce any more.”

That’s unacceptable. Why, you ask? Why am I getting so riled up about a cartoon whose fandom I’ve never even participated thoroughly in? Well, I was actively engaged in the Gravity Falls fandom, and as most of you know it was given a proper closure so it didn’t turn into a commercial product for Disney. (Thank Grop!) I was glad that everyone was happy, I remember that indescribable feeling that went through me when the final episode aired. It was perfect, and knowing that there’s now people like those in the Gravity Falls fandom who will forever hold a heavy feeling in their heart because something special was taken away from them, (especially without a proper excuse!) makes me angry. It might be just a show, but that’s not how they see it.

So you know what, Disney? We’re not going down without a fight! We’ve already started a petition to save Wander Over Yonder, in just four days, we’ve received over 5000 signatures. This is proof that people care enough about the show to keep it running, so please, the link to the petition is below, send it to your family, friends, whoever you want! Get us these signatures so we can have our happy ending! We’re not going to stop just because a few people told us to!


Have you ever just been so attracted to someone’s ensemble before? Like, ‘Omg that jacket’s cut is magnificent and it fits you perfectly, the buttons provide a wonderful accent and your headphones are underplayed nicely though provide an exquisite touch of colour to your hair, and you have every right to hold yourself with that clear confidence’. You could just stare at this person for hours but if you removed any one element the illusion would be gone? Aesthetic attraction is powerful man.

Personaly, I Love how Theo managed to fool everyone on Teen Wolf.

And I don’t mean just in the Show, I mean in bloody Real Life too.

Like, before 5X09, there were loads of people who believed him to be secretly a good guy or even capable of redemption thanks to Scott’s/Malia’s Love.


Really, You need to be quite the Magnificent Bastard to manage that.

SinJa Comic Preview Page!

Read from right to left, like how you would read manga please~ (Actually I’m not sure, the formatting for this page is a bit messed up)

The latest chapters of SnB have been messing with my feels so much that I just had to vent them on an angsty SinJa comic (it’s going to be a huge project!!!). Plus, I wanted to try out a new manga-making program I downloaded a few days ago… Applying screentones is unexpectedly fun (: 

I was thinking of using SnB-ish styled panels and art style for later on pages. Please look forward to it!

“Why didn’t things work out for me? I needed You to come through for me and You didn’t, Lord. Now I don’t know what I’m going to do. I trusted You. I feel so let down.” Is that your heart cry?
Dear friend, God is orchestrating a magnificent plan for our lives and if He were to close a door, be assured it is for your own good. It may not appear that way when we are hurting due to disappointments and frustrations. In a few years, though, if you really trace back, you would understand that was indeed a blessing in disguise in your life. I have been in that place, and I can see that my closed doors were just the beginning of new chapters of growth and increase. Trust Him.
Revelation 3:7 These are the words of Him who is holy and true, who holds the key of David. What He opens no one can shut, and what He shuts no one can open.

The Naked Truth (6/?)

Captain Swan Modern AU

Synopsis: Emma Swan has arrived in Storybrooke, Maine, to do research for a story about small town political corruption. Her time there gets complicated when she meets the dashing mayor, Killian Jones, and is enticed by the promise of a life she never thought she could have.

Rated: M for language, hot scruffy mayors (and their talented mouths), and corruption (and not of the political sort).

Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Read it on AO3 and

Author’s Note: I hear it was cat-sophia ‘s birthday. I sure wish I had been around to see that, but would like to dedicate this chapter to you as a birthday present from me. Happy birthday! All thanks to my magnificent betas on this chapter amagicalship and kat2609, and also lenfaz, who give me such great feedback and advice - it means so much to me. The banner was done for me by the amazing spartanguard and I love it -  as always. And to all my readers who have ever read Welcome to Temptation…you will find some strands of the infamous dock scene in here. This … this was all I was going to write for killihan-jones for her birthday. But alas…it became so much more. Lena, this is also dedicated to you, my Crusie fangirl buddy.


Chapter 6

“I’m not drunk. Just a little buzzed.”

“Four tumblers of rum in an hour, lass? If you aren’t drunk I’d be heartily impressed.”

“Well, prepare to be impressed.” She pivoted on her heel and began to stride away, but damn it if she didn’t pick that moment to trip on some rope and nearly fall to the ground, grabbing the bumper of a parked car on the way down. “I’m fine. I’m fine.”

“Whoa. Here, let me help you.” He reached out to help her stand again, but rather than putting her on solid footing, his firm grip around her waist made her feel even more unsteady.

It wasn’t the liquor. This man had the uncanny ability of always being able to set her off balance. Ever since the moment she laid eyes on him.

“It’s okay. I don’t need your help anymore.” She tried to sound like she meant it, even though his hands had felt so good on her body. That thought set her to walking again. Quickly. Towards the docks. Away from him. And his hands.

“I hear you saying you don’t need help, Emma, but-” he said, as she felt herself slip on some pebbles, “Bloody fucking hell! -you certainly do.”

Killian needed to lighten up a bit. What had gotten into him? He was usually far more laid back. Maybe if she put his mind at ease a little, he’d calm down. Stepping onto a dock, she bent over to take off her high heels…and lost her balance again in the process. She put her hand down on the wooden decking to keep from tipping over.  

He gasped, half-reaching for her, his voice an octave higher than usual, “Stars above! My heart can’t take this.”

She stood up, shoes in hand, and waggled them at him. “Scary shoes are off. Better?”

“Great. But standing still would make me even happier. Better yet, what say you turn around and chart a course in the direction of that delightful inn you’re staying at?”

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One of my friends really wanted to see him (Norman Reedus),so we waited in line for over 2 hrs for his autograph. And it would have been more, but he was so gracious and sweet that he didnt even take his hr break between signings, he just stayed there for hours because there was SO many people. And since i was saving my money for Nathan Fillion, i never would have known how truly cool this guy was if it wasnt for my friend. And when we did et up there, he was just everything you could hope for in meeting someone. Engaged, genuine, patient. All around truly a magnificent dude.

Mick & Riley: steady out, i’m terrified

Here it is, 16k of what happened when Harry was in Brazil and the whole world found out that 1. he was dating Cecilia Wells and 2. Cecilia Wells was Riley Finch. So on we go into Harry’s POV of the events that occurred in and between chapters 35 and 36 of Nom de Plume, hope you enjoy! 

Brazil was magnificent, and Harry had a tattoo to prove it.

Harry was sure it would have been more magnificent if Leigh was lounging in the chair beside him, reading a book and wearing a bikini that would show off her subtle curves. He couldn’t wait to bring her on tour with him, though, to hang out backstage with her, hopefully sneaking off to see some sights on days off. There was only one month left of school for her, and although she hadn’t mentioned any plans, Harry hoped she wanted to come along for a couple of weeks. Considering that she’d nearly freaked out when he’d told her he loved her, however, he figured he’d made the right choice in not asking her to come to Brazil with him, as tempted as he’d been to extend the offer.

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A Thank You

Hey! So a couple of days ago, this blog surpassed 10,000 followers. Depending on who you are, this number may be considerably large or considerably small, however to me it is magnificent. When I started writing, I didn’t think for one second that even one person would want to read me - I was speaking to a vast emptiness. So to sit here now and say that so many people have enjoyed reading is unbelievable - and yet it’s real.

I appreciate each and every one of you. Your responses and questions have helped me to shape what it is I need to or want to say, and you have all been such an incredible help to me personally over the past year.

I began this blog to portray the real life of a Cambridge student. I often (and still) see skewed perspectives of this portrayed in the media, and so naturally wanted to combat this. As somebody who feels she has fought hard for her place at the university, I wanted to show that succeeding your dreams is a possibility - that working hard to achieve something is something to be proud of, not something to be hidden away. But I also wanted to show that the idea of having a ‘dream’ is just that - a dream. I love being at Cambridge, and sometimes it does feel like the most magical place on earth - but I also wanted to show how difficult life can be here, the kinds of things you perhaps don’t see behind the fabulous architecture and the celebratory events such as balls and formals. I think I have succeeded in showing all aspects of university life, and I will continue to do so.

I also wanted to say that I get a lot of people who are touched that I have been so open with discussing mental illnesses at university. As recovery is a long, hard road - one that may never be fully complete, I will continue to be completely honest with the experiences I have had/will have in the future. I am here to be supportive, and to use my experiences to help you.

But I don’t think any of you can understand how much of a positive effect this blog has had upon my life. So I want to say thank you to you all. Thank you so much, I’m excited about what the time ahead brings.

Thank you.

- Sarah xoxoxo

Guys...I need help.

Hey everyone. I hope you are having a magnificent day. So a little about myself. My name is Lewis and I’m a 27 y/o autistic, depressed, nervous individual.

So my car just died on me. It’s not like a summer time thing where it’s just my cruise vehicle. It’s the way I make money to survive. I work as a cleaner that does maintenance in professional buildings, like offices, hospitals, etc. It is required that I have a car to get to those places.

I have been stressing this day for a month, hoping it would never come, but my car finally is dead and I need help to get back on the road. I don’t want to lose my job because my depression gets in the way of getting anything done. I can’t function while I’m dealing with this and a cat that is slowly dying. Please, if you are able to, please help. Any amount will help me out. I have around 500 in savings and bad credit (I want to be transparent about this), but that isn’t enough.

If you are able to donate, my PayPal is the best way to go. Send it to “theawesomenerdist39 @” (without the spaces). If that doesn’t work, I also have a popmoney and Google wallet (Just let me know and I’ll give you the details). If you cannot, I don’t hold it against you at all.

For those who read up to this point, I thank you so much for taking the time to at least hear me out. I mean it, thank you.

The Artists of the Women of Trek Week!

Now, when I was typing up the rules for the women of Trek week, I had put ‘accepting art’ as one of the bulletins without really any thought to it, most people just submit headcanons

During the week, I was BLOWN AWAY by the outpouring of art from some REALLY FRICKIN TALENTED PEOPLE

So just consider this a shout out, and another REALLY BIG THANK YOU, to all you lovely artists!

The Women of Trek week would not have been as half as exciting without you. <3

((It should really go without saying, but MAKE SURE you’re following every single one of these magnificent nerds

@artart-sam (for the cutest lil vulcans around! here)

@nim-lock (your amanda grayson piece is still blowing my mind! here)

@latinum-tooth-sharpener (your overwhelming support was so sweet, and your eve was fantastic! eve, ilia, keeler, t’pring, t’pring 2, t’pring 3, amanda, rand, chapel, uhura, uhura 2)

@alicemoran098123 (some of the sweetest art ever!! aurelan, keeler, t’rping, amanda, rand, mirror!uhura)

@macpye (oh my god YOU BLEW ME AWAY!! love you so much! masters, keeler, t’pring, amanda, chapel, uhura,)

@thy-lla (with your collection of adorable rands! here)

@stayinalivejim (your beautiful rand piece makes me so happy omg! here

@lost-in-thyme-and-spacebars (disney themed trek ladies?? sign me up! rand, chapel)

@spocks-crocs (chapel and her baby blue eyes ahh! here)

@gipspips (medbay shenanigans are the cutest! here)

@gracesartdump (amazingly designed trek ladies i love it! chapel, uhura)

@dripping-with-good-looks (uhura and hot chocolate WHATS NOT TO LOVE?? here)

@sleepysnowfinch (holy shit mirror!edith keeler?? here)

@petimetrek (an adorable amanda grayson! here)

@beastlyanachronism (the cutest lil uhura! here)


@sleepymccoy, who submitted what has to be a record of 23 pieces??? holy shit???? (nona, tonia, eleen, marta, elaan, keeler 1, keeler 2, t’pring 1, t’pring 2, t’pring 3, amanda 1, amanda 2, amanda 3, amanda 4, rand 1, rand 2, rand 3, chapel 1, chapel 2, chapel 3, uhura 1, uhura 2, uhura 3,)