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The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas

From The Wind’s Twelve Quarters: Short Stories by Ursula Le Guin

With a clamor of bells that set the swallows soaring, the Festival of Summer came to the city Omelas, bright-towered by the sea. The rigging of the boats in harbor sparkled with flags. In the streets between houses with red roofs and painted walls, between old moss-grown gardens and under avenues of trees, past great parks and public buildings, processions moved. Some were decorous: old people in long stiff robes of mauve and grey, grave master workmen, quiet, merry women carrying their babies and chatting as they walked. In other streets the music beat faster, a shimmering of gong and tambourine, and the people went dancing, the procession was a dance. Children dodged in and out, their high calls rising like the swallows’ crossing flights, over the music and the singing. All the processions wound towards the north side of the city, where on the great water-meadow called the Green’ Fields boys and girls, naked in the bright air, with mudstained feet and ankles and long, lithe arms, exercised their restive horses before the race. The horses wore no gear at all but a halter without bit. Their manes were braided with streamers of silver, gold, and green. They flared their nostrils and pranced and boasted to one another; they were vastly excited, the horse being the only animal who has adopted our ceremonies as his own. Far off to the north and west the mountains stood up half encircling Omelas on her bay. The air of morning was so clear that the snow still crowning the Eighteen Peaks burned with white-gold fire across the miles of sunlit air, under the dark blue of the sky. There was just enough wind to make the banners that marked the racecourse snap and flutter now and then. In the silence of the broad green meadows one could hear the music winding through the city streets, farther and nearer and ever approaching, a cheerful faint sweetness of the air that from time to time trembled and gathered together and broke out into the great joyous clanging of the bells.

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Can You Keep It? [j.j]

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Title: Can You Keep It?
Fandom: Riverdale
Characters: Jughead Jones x female!reader, Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, Kevin Keller, Reggie Mantle
Warnings: Swearing, definitely not my best writing :(
Word Count: 1,185
Requested: Nope (because requests are closed y’all)
Short Description: You and your boyfriend, Jughead, are trying to keep your fresh relationship a secret after the town’s golden boy is murdered. You are unconvinced that he can keep the secret. As it turns out, it’s you that reveals your relationship.
A/N: This is my first Riverdale story and I don’t read much Riverdale fanfic so I’m not exactly sure if this fits in but… here we go!

Disclaimer: not my gif

[Y/N] = your first name
[Y/L/N] = your last name

The student lounge was, as always, fairly crowded. Students were lounging around the room, chatting, staying away from the outside or finishing any last minute homework. It was also an area where the primarily “popular” people tended to spend their lunch times, as they were “too cool” for the library. Quiet chatter was all that you could hear as you attempted to concentrate on your English homework, answering a ridiculous essay question for Wuthering Heights. You were sat with Betty and Kevin, working on some homework as Ronnie sat close to Chuck Clayton, undoubtedly chatting him up with her implausible Veronica Lodge charm as she sipped on coffee.

Then there was Jughead Jones, in all of blue-green eyed magnificence. Jughead was tall and lanky, with pale, creamy skin and his signature frown on his face. A bag was draped over one of his shoulders, a raven black jacket covering his maroon hoodie. He seemed to always bury himself behind clothing in dark shades, but you liked the way that it made his eyes stand out so much. His back was sloping alongside the wall next to the vending machine; people watching. Jughead’s trademark crown-shaped beanie was placed atop of his head of ebony hair, and the sight alone made me bite back a grin. Noticing your gaze, Jughead looked in your direction before sending you a quick and discrete wink. You winked in return before glimpsing over at Veronica to explain why your head was turned.

Jughead had been one of your best friends since before you could recall. It was virtually like Betty and Archie; you and Jughead been intimate friends since the single digit days. Any vital childhood memory you could think of had Jughead present; just the way you wanted it. Initially, you had presumed that Jughead had fervent, platonic feelings for you. At some point in the summer of Jason Blossom’s death, you were proven wide of the mark, when Jughead unpredictably declared his love for you. Fortunately, there was something inside of you that was sure you felt the same way.

On July 4th, Jason Blossom had gone missing and was presumed to be dead after his twin sister, Cheryl, emerged after their boat capsized. It was a scandal that had taken over the entire town of Riverdale, so you and Jughead had agreed to keep your relationship away from your friends until the right time to tell them came around. You were less than persuaded that Jughead would be able to keep this secret, but after his fall out with Archie over the summer, he didn’t have many people to tell. Usually, Jughead and Archie told each other everything, but it seemed that the both of them had been keeping secrets.

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Take Me || Stiles S.

Word Count: 4,133ish

Warning: Rough smut,😉

Prompt: Hi! I was wondering if you could do a Stiles smut where the reader and Stiles are like, lab partners or something, and Stiles has been mumbling really dirty stuff to you for weeks, and you finally tell him to do something, and then it’s really hard and rough. Thanks so much!! 

You’re my first request and my love for you extends wayyyy past the galaxy. You are the best beautiful! I hope this is what you wanted and I didn’t know if you wanted to be tagged. If not, let me know:) @pick-the-petalst

A/N: Also, just wanted to thank everyone for 130 followers! It might not be much to anyone else, but I didn’t think I’d even have 1 so I am more than grateful! You all are magnificent beauties and I hope you all have an extraordinary day. Much love 💕

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“Those jeans are looking extra tight today.” His lips grazed the outer shell of your ear as his hand slid onto your thigh. “Definitely makes me wonder what they would look like on the floor of my bedroom.”

Your breath caught in your throat. Yes, this had been going on for weeks now but it always affected you. Stiles had become your lab partner at the beginning of the semester and at first, you thought that it might actually go well. He seemed like a smart kid and even though Harris liked to torment him about failing his class, Stiles didn’t seem to be having any trouble.

All that went downhill about two days into your partnership. 

You had just arrived into class wearing a new skirt that you had recently bought over the weekend. It was black and faux leather. You knew that it was a little short, but it wasn’t too bad that you thought people would notice.

Stiles did.

The second you sat down in your seat he was leaning over to you. “Damn, I didn’t know you could get any hotter babe.”

“Excuse me?” You questioned raising your eyebrow at him.

“Oh, Princess, we can excuse ourselves right now and I can show you just how a man treats a lady.” He whispered against the side of your cheek.

You had always thought that Stiles was hot. Hell, he was super sexy, especially when he would wear his baseball cap flipped backward and his unlimited amount of flannels. But, right now, you didn’t know whether to be turned on, flattered, or appalled.

You turned your face to glare at him, but he was already giving you the once-over with his eyes.

You didn’t want it to be, but unfortunately, your teenage hormones got the best of you and heat rose to your cheeks.

“We have never spoken one word to each other and that’s what you start with?” You questioned hoping that he wouldn’t notice the redness that was dawning on your face.

But he did. Of course, he did.

Slowly, a grin curled onto the side of his thin pink lips. His eyes raked the length of your body at an agonizingly sluggish pace causing you to squirm in your seat. He took notice in that too because as he met your eyes a smirk was slipped on his mouth.

“All those dirty little thoughts that are going through that pretty little head of yours could be a reality. Just say the word and I’ll take you on this desk right now.” His eyes shined with pure honesty in his words and suddenly the room was the temperature of the sun. Heat crawled down your neck, past your heavy breasts, through the tingling sensation in your belly, and made its home in your core. The wetness already seemed to be dampening your panties.

As if he would smell your arousal, he leaned in closer. “Say the word Babygirl.”

You couldn’t speak. You couldn’t even move afraid that a moan would slip from your lips. How did this man have so much power of you with just words?

“Stilinski! Attention to the front! Please don’t bother miss L/N.” Harris yelled breaking Stiles’s intense stare he had on you. 

As his eyes left you, you took in a deep breath.

“Yes sir, wouldn’t dream of bothering her.” 

But that is exactly what he had in mind. He wanted her all bothered. Hot and bothered and wriggling underneath him while moaning his name.

You tried not to look at him, but curiosity got the best of you and you peeked at him. He was already staring at you, but this gave him the chance to rile you up some more.

He sent you a wink right as the bell rang.

Now, weeks later it has been a constant one-sided flirtation with a huge dose of lust sprinkled in every sentence that flowed from his amazingly beautiful mouth.

Not that you thought his mouth was beautiful, or that it could do beautifully dirty things as it scrapped the inside of your thighs. No, you had never thought of that.

Let’s all be honest with each other, it wasn’t a normal Monday if that thought didn’t go through your head at least twice.

Today, was no different. 

“Those jeans are looking extra tight today.” His lips grazed the outer shell of your ear as his hand slid onto your thigh. “Definitely makes me wonder what they would look like on the floor of my bedroom.”

“It definitely makes me wonder when you’re going to shut your mouth.” You muttered knowing that he could hear you as you continued to finish your chemistry worksheet.

“Sweetheart, is that the only thing you want my mouth to do?” It was as if he had read your mind and your pencil halted in writing the sentence it was currently on.

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Summary: Stiles just wants something to take with him to college. Something special.

Notes: I’ve been wanting to poke fun at this inconsistency in the show for a while, and I finally wrote it! Just another excuse for a little fluff and humor. (On AO3)

Derek grabs a few of Stiles’ heaviest boxes (but not enough to be suspicious, who knows if the neighbors are watching), and slides them into the back of the jeep with the rest of Stiles’ college “essentials.” He’d said he was only taking the bare minimum, but Derek is beginning to doubt that.

At this rate, they’re going to have to pack some stuff in the Camaro, too.

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…so @reallycorking and I actually talked about this a decent amount in the later stages of working on Heart of the Jungle because really, Hinata’s hair would grow out while he was preoccupied with things like living in trees and kissing Tobio. His hair does get longer if you look through the art, yup! 

Anyway, we lack self control, so have some jungle boy domesticity <3

The jungle was a magnificent place, filled with wonders the likes of which Hinata never could have imagined. The year he’d spent expecting to leave it had been tempered by reservations, by his reluctance to truly fall in love, both with the trees, and with Tobio. But now that he’d been freed of those worries, he found that the world had opened up around him, to finally let him see its true self.

Hinata fell, deeper and deeper. He ran as wild as his new home.

For all its natural beauty, however, there were still some things to which he was growing accustomed. One aspect of jungle life constantly made itself known, as he swung through the trees, the ground blurring past far, far below him. He reached out to grab the next vine, and his hair billowed straight into his eyes and mouth. He spluttered, blinded, shaking his head vigorously.

Hinata had never had long hair in his life, but it had grown so now, past his chin and a little over his shoulders. He could shear it off with a particularly sharp rock, but still hadn’t gotten around to it. If he was being completely honest with himself, he’d ended up holding off, after it had become apparent that Tobio certainly didn’t mind it long, judging by how often his hands strayed to touching it, fingers tangling and stroking and brushing.

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ruby-the-wolf  asked:

How do you think the UT/UF/US skelebros would react to hearing their S/O singing?


Sans is stealthy enough that you don’t realize he’s watching you until you turn around in the middle of your third song.  By now, you thought you were totally alone, so you were comfortable enough to incorporate some of your own dance moves into your singing, and you find that your skelebae is mirroring your dance behind you.  Your song gets cut off with a shriek, and he chuckles and winks.  

“ya'know, if you were trying to hit the high c’s, we could find a boat.”

Is he.. making some kind of joke?  You’re absolutely mortified.  He’s grinning like an idiot.  "c'mon, don’t stop now.  that was really making my soul sing.“  He keeps making jokes and puns about the situation, and you better believe he’s going to be copying your dance moves for the next week straight–or until you finally cave and sing for him again.  The next time you sing alone, you better look over your shoulder because he’ll be there.


He’s so excited to hear you sing that he whips out his phone and records some of it.  When you turn around, he’s got his gloves clasped to his face, and his eyes are shining.  He showers you with so many sincere compliments that you aren’t even as embarrassed as you thought you’d be over him finding out.  If there’s anything he specializes in, it’s bolstering confidence, and he doesn’t let up until you believe in your singing as much as he does.  

He doesn’t pressure you into singing, but he does spend days searching for the perfect duet song.  Casually, he mentions that he’s going to start singing one of the parts, and it would be amazing if he had someone to sing the other part.. and you know, if that person happened to be in the room and sitting next to him, well that would be even better!  WINK WINK NUDGE NUDGE.


Sans discovers you singing when he teleports into your house one night because hey, if you didn’t want him to randomly shortcut himself in, you shouldn’t have given him a key.  That’s a green light to practically live there now–but that’s an imagine for another time.  
He thinks your singing is lovely.. and there isn’t much that he finds beautiful in his world, to be honest.  He’s going to listen in the shadows for a while, and when you finally stop, he’s going to make his presence known by asking you to for an encore.  

If his sudden presence has startled you, he’s going to start laughing and teasing you, and there may be a fight about boundaries that makes him forget about the singing, but.. he’ll remember later and try to coax you into singing for him.  


Edgy may come across as crass on many occasions, but when he hears you singing.. he’s actually struck silent.  He watches you from the doorway, and his usual scowl starts to soften.  If you start to turn toward him, he hurries away, but from now on, he’s going to be trying to catch you singing.  He doesn’t want to admit to spying on you, so he doesn’t know how to bring it up.. because he really, really wants the chance to hear you sing again.  

One night, you’re going to be lying in bed with him, and he’s going to suddenly start to blush, his cheeks faintly glowing in the dark.  "I.. I’VE BEEN HAVING TROUBLE FALLING ALSEEP LATELY.. WHICH IS TROUBLING BECAUSE I CLEARLY DON’T HAVE TROUBLE WITH ANYTHING!  BUT, I WELL.. NEVERMIND.”

His blush gets brighter.  If you choose to drop it and sleep, he’ll never bring it up again and he’ll go to sleep kicking himself.  But, if you press him, Papyrus will mumble in an uncharacteristic soft tone of voice, “Would you.. sing me a lullaby?”

If you deny that magnificent bastard, then you clearly have no SOUL.  


Blueberry had no idea you could sing!  He’s so excited when he hears you that he burst into the room immediately, cutting you off in the middle of your song to shower you with compliments.  His eyelights are shaped like stars, and his bouncing in his excitement.  If you insist that you’re shy, he’s going to tell you that it’s NONSENSE!  YOU SHOULD SHARE YOU GIFT WITH THE WORLD!  DON’T EVER BE NERVOUS BECAUSE YOU ARE AMAZING!  Let’s face it; you’re going to end up singing to him, and it’s going to become a daily treat for him.  After a while, he even starts singing along, although he sings pretty off-key and way too loud.  


Stretch isn’t going to hide the fact that he was listening in on you singing.  The moment he walks into the room and sees you, he might pause to enjoy your voice, but the next thing you know, he’s going to have his arms around you, and you’re going to be pulled against his chest.  "heh, keep going.  i wanna hear the rest.“  He shuts down any of your insecurities with simple reassurances and little touches, like petting your head or resting his chin on your shoulder.  If you’re embarrassed still, he encourages you to sing facing away from him, and he’ll even try to hum the music for you.  

If you refuse to sing, however, he’ll just shrug it off and claim "it’s a shame you’re keeping that to yourself, honey.”


He straight-up kicks the door down in his haste to get to you when he hears you singing.  You’re startled, he’s startled–hell, if Papyrus is in the house, he even teleports up there, eyesocket flaring with magic and ready to brawl.  When the commotion calms down, Sans demands you sing for him.  You’re embarrassed?  WHAT?!  Why in Toriel’s name would you be embarrassed around him?!  He informs you matter-of-factly (and loudly, sheesh) that he finds your voice soothing and pretty, and he would very much like to hear more.  

Should you still refuse, he thinks you’re playing hard-to-get.  

He starts to blush and actually gets on his knees and begs you to sing for him.  


Papyrus doesn’t let on that he heard you until later on, when he casually starts calling you his songbird.  If you get embarrassed, he’ll just smirk and keep using the pet-name, adding that he overheard you and thought you had a lovely voice.  He’s going to casually mention that you should sing for him over the next few days, and he’ll try to find catchy songs that he knows you know the lyrics to in hopes that you’ll sing along.  Even if you don’t sing for him, he’s going to be humming the song you were originally singing under his breath until you either give in or his attention wanders to something else you do.  

Whether you sing for him again or not, Papyrus is going to start singing for you, in an effort to make you feel comfortable singing around him.  This is especially going to happen during the night.  More than once, he sings you to sleep.  And hey, he’s actually got a really relaxing voice.  


Zsa Zsa Gabor in her autobiography:

I did find Greta Garbo very attractive. I first met Garbo at Brian Aherne’s house in Santa Monica when George Sanders and I went to a party there.

The other quests, […] had already arrived when Garbo breezed into the room. She was alone and I almost fainted.

George Sanders, being George, made things worse by informing Greta, “My wife has a wild crush on you.” I blushed scarlet. Dispassionately, Garbo responded, “She’s a very beautiful girl, your wife.” […]

The next time I met Garbo I was alone at a party at Brian’s house on 62nd Street in New York.

At the time, Rex Harrison was appearing on Broadway in My Fair Lady and he was quest of honour. Garbo spent most of the evening standing behind the bar flirting with me. Rex was all over Garbo and Garbo was all over me. I nearly melted.

Then Rex had to leave and Garbo said, “Let’s bring Rex’s coat.” The coat was beige and the pockets were so full of vitamins that we could hardly carry it. We took it to him, Rex left, and Greta asked me if she could drive me home. I said yes, but I was afraid of her.

We got to my hotel (I was living in the Savoy Plaza) and for a moment I felt like inviting Greta in. Then she said, “Darling, would you like to come to my apartment?” I was paralyzed.

Then she kissed me straight on the mouth. And I couldn’t help kissing her back because she was so overwhelmingly strong and so beautiful. I’ve never had lesbian tendencies–but if I had ever had them, the woman of my life would definitely have been GRETA GARBO.

–One Lifetime Isn’t Enough

Dating Derek Morgan Would Include

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  • He’d be very confident.
  • He’d just flirt with you straight away.
  • If you’re part of the team, he would love it when you were paired together on cases.
  • Penelope would be the first one to click onto your feelings for one another.
  • She’d drop hints to both of you.
  • She’d nag Derek until he asked you out.
  • For your first date, he’d take you out to play mini golf and bowling and then for dinner afterward.
  • He’d really pull out all of the stops.
  • He’d be such a gentleman.
  • Opening doors for you no matter how many times you tell him that he doesn’t need to.
  • He’d be protective.
  • Working out with him (self-defense, running, etc).
  • Getting to see that magnificently beautiful smile of his every single day.
  • He would take care of you when you’re sick.
  • You’d do the same for him.
  • Taking each other to family gatherings.
  • His family would love you and yours would love him.
  • They’d be so happy that you found each other.
  • both of you eventually moving into the house he’d been renovating.
  • Wearing his shirts around the house.
  • “Have I ever told you how amazing you look in my clothes?”
  • “A few times.”
  • He’d love to dance with you anywhere in the house.
  • If there’s no music playing, he’ll just hum or sing to you.
  • He’d love to cook for you.
  • He would hug you from behind and kiss your cheek, neck, or shoulder as you cooked.
  • He’d just love to cuddle you in general.
  • If you’re not in the BAU, it would be stressful not having him there as often as you would like, but it’s nothing that him coming home won’t fix.
  • So many romantic dates.
  • He’d always want to plan the best dates for you.
  • Movie and takeout nights.
  • Forehead kisses.
  • Cheek kisses.
  • He’d love to kiss you (even if it’s just a quick one before he leaves the house).
  • Honestly, he’d just love to touch you.
  • PDA.
  • Great sex.
  • He’d love to tickle you just so he can hear you laugh.
  • Penelope loving how happy you make him and how happy he makes you.
  • He’d still call her “baby girl” and “momma”, but you’d be fine with it.
  • He’d have pet names for you too and you’d have some for him.
  • “Sugar.”
  • “Sweets.”
  • “Baby/Babe.”
  • “Chocolate Thunder.”
  • “Honey.”
  • “Handsome.”
  • You’d know exactly what to do to make each other smile or laugh.
  • Planning for the future (marriage, children, etc).
  • Massages.
  • Nothing can come between you (even when you fight).
  • “I love you so much.”
  • “I love you too, babe.”
  • Overall, he’d just be a total sweetheart and a very loving guy.

Thank you @molethemollie for requesting and thank you to @mo320 for helping me with this.

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Based on @flatlinesunrelenting palette swaps, and these four pictures from @availe. Take my crappy writing. I might do more one-shots, if you guys want more.

Prompt: @sanderssidetrash21




Tw: Romantic Logicality and Prinxiety, Platonic Moxiety. Blood. A lot of blood. Also, some language. You have been warned.


Sorry if I missed you! Shoot me an ask if you want to be added to the tag list.

“Roman, how many times have I told you. You can’t have my Tim Bur-” Virgil freezes mid-sentence, looking at the dark-clothed figure standing in front of him.

“My…” He says, looking around. “I thought that twit was lying when he said this room would fit me better. Seems not.” His eyes land on Virgil. “Ah! So you’re the owner of this magnificently decorated room, I take it?” Virgil nods, unable to speak. “Well, I will say, you have an impeccable style.” He squints. “Wait… Virgil? What on earth are you wearing? And why does it suit you so well?” The figure, who looks extremely like Roman, walks forward.

His normally white clothes are black, and his sash is a gray. But, what’s more shocking is the blood. Smears down his chin, and a couple drops on his collarbone. Not a drop on his clothing, however. Still has to keep up appearances, I guess… Virgil thinks.

Virgil looks at Roman. “I could say the same for you.”

Roman raises an eyebrow. “That’s sassy coming from you. You don’t usually talk back.”

Virgil raises his own eyebrow. “I ALWAYS talk back. Like, it’s the one thing I’m good at, besides giving Thomas anxiety.”

Roman’s gaze becomes cold. “Don’t sass me.” He says, his voice almost bone chilling. “Unless you want to play out last week’s game again.”

Virgil takes a step back. Was that an ACTUAL threat?

“Good.” He almost hums. “So you still know your place.”

Virgil’s eyes widen. “My PLACE?!?” He asks. “What is with you today, Roman? You’re being insufferable.”

Roman’s gaze becomes cold again. “You are being exceedingly rude. Not to mention you have the audacity to be colorful today. Mayhaps I should have Patton sort you out?”

Virgil nods. “FINE! Bring Dad in here. See if I care.”

“Patton!” Roman calls.

The parental figure pops in, his light blue polo wrapped around his shoulder. He takes a good two steps away from the curtains, and turns to us.

And he freezes. “…Roman?” He asks. “What are you wearing?”

“I could ask the same of you.” He asks, looking over Patton. He then shrugs. “You do you. Anyway,” He says, straightening himself. “Virgil has been disrespectful, and has been disobeying the rules.”

Patton gasps, running to Virgil’s side, and pulling up his sleeves. He takes a deep breath, before pulling Virgil into a hug. “Don’t scare me like that kiddo.”

Roman’s eyes widen. “W-wha…” He says, his jaw dropping. “Why…? How…?”

“Speechless for once, Princey?”

Roman freezes. “Princey?” He asks. “How dare you speak to a royal like that?”

Virgil tilts his head. “Thought you took that as a term of endearment.”

“ENDEARMENT?” He asks. Then, he laughs. It’s maniacal, and there is no humor in it. “I don’t do endearment.”

Patton holds onto Virgil tighter. Roman growls. “And, why would YOU be holding onto my lover, Patton?” He says, coldly and quietly.

“He’s my son.” Patton says. “I’m going to comfort him.”

Roman smirks, clicking his tongue. “He convinced you, Patton? Wow, you really are going soft. I guess Logan is right sometimes…”

At his name, Logan pops up. However, he, like Roman, is wearing a darker colored outfit. His polo is gray, with a black and white striped tie. And, like Roman, it’s stained with smears and droplets of blood. However, unlike Roman, the blood is seeping into his shirt collar.

And, the most offsetting thing?

His smile.

His cold, out-of-his-mind, beastly smile. “Well,” Logan says, tilting his head violently. “This is a sight, isn’t it?” He chuckles.

He fucking CHUCKLES.

Patton grips Virgil tighter. “Logan?” He asks. “Are… are you alright?”

Logan frowns. “That’s unlike you, Patton.” He says, tilting his head.

“What do you mean?” Patton asks.

“You don’t care about anyone.”

The way Logan says those words… He’s so calm about it. Like he didn’t just accuse Patton of being indifferent to other’s feelings. Or, if not unknowing, then uncaring.

Patton’s eyes water slightly. “Logan…” He says. “Why would you say that?”

“Because you told me yourself!” Logan says, a maniacal glee on his face. “And, to answer your question, I’m not alright!” He smiles the entire time. “I’m fucking insane!”

“Language.” Patton says, covering Virgil’s ears.

Logan laughs. “That’s nothing compared to what you said yesterday.”

Virgil curls closer to Patton, scared of these two… beings. They are NOT Logan and Roman. And they both seem so… violent.

“Now,” Roman says, readjusting his outfit. “If you wouldn’t mind, Patton, I need to teach Virgil his place again.” He extends a hand.

“No.” Patton says, holding Virgil tight. “I’m not going to let you hurt my son.”

Roman raises an eyebrow. “No?” He looks to Logan, and nods.

Logan runs over, pulling the two apart. Roman grabs Virgil, and pulls him away from Patton. Logan restrains Patton, who’s frantically trying to get back to Virge. “No!” Virgil screams as he’s dragged backward. “Please!”

“I’m going to make you wish you NEVER disrespected me.” Roman says, coldly.

“Please!” Virgil says, his voice broken. “Please let me go…”

Roman growls.


There will be another part. But this one has gotten long. Also, I need to work on Before, so…

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The enemy to my brother is my lover (2/2)

Warning: Fluff, language, angst, smut-ish, grinding

Summary: Harry Potter’s twin sister is dating Draco their relationship is a secret until the Yule Ball

(y/n) was incredible nerves she kept smoothing out her dress and readjusted her bracelets. Shortly after the two had come out with their relationship to Harry Draco asked her to the Yule Ball (y/n) was over joyed she didn’t thing they actually go together (y/n) actually that Draco would take Pansy and she’d just find someone else or not go. But here she was nervously smoothing out her dress and readjusting her jewelry to go to the Yule Ball… with her Boyfriend… Draco Malfoy.

“you look beautiful” Hermione said coming up behind (y/n) in the mirror 

“you think so?” (y/n) asked once again readjusting her bracelets. She wore a silk black flowy dress, black high heels, and four bracelets on her right arm each the color of the four houses of Hogwarts. The only make she wore was a deep red lip stick. And her red hair was down draping over her shoulder.

“you’ll stun everyone at the ball including your day , who is …..?” Ginny said . Though Draco and (y/n) had finally told Harry, Ron, and Hermione about their relationship they continued to keep it secret from everyone else until the Yule Ball. Until tonight.

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anonymous asked:

Hello there! First I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the work you're doing and the amazing dedication, I'm incredibly grateful to you. I hope you could help me with a little curiosity about dwarves military organization. You think they would train for war together and maybe start before they are battle ready? There would be a military academy or something like that? And would they have ranks?(Sorry if you already answered this questions) I wish you a great day, thank you again

Well met and thank you for those kind words Anon.

I personally believe military training schools (or academies if you like) would have been present in every dwarvish hall large enough to support one.  

My logic behind this is this…. 

Firstly, we know that during the Battle of Azanulbizar (T.A. 2799), the final battle in the War of the Dwarves and Orcs, Dain Ironfoot hewed off Azog’s head before the doors of the East-Gate. We also know that dwarves are physically adult at the age of 40 (HoME), yet Dain Ironfoot was only thirty-two at the time, hence one can understand clearly why this act was heralded as a magnificent feat, especially for one so young.

Though dwarves (and Dain in particular) are know for their great strength, it is hard to believe that Dain would have had little or no training and yet managed to accomplish such a feat.

Furthermore, we know from The Lord of the Rings, Appendix A, “Durin’s Folk” that Gloín (Gimli’s father) was also present at the Battle of Azanulbizar, yet he was even younger than Dain, only sixteen at the time. Though we can assume it would not have been the norm of using dwarves so young in their battles, we know that Gloín was there and very likely took part in the battle. 

So, considering the importance of this particular battle it was possible that even those in training (which Gloín likely would have been at that tender age) were summoned to battle. This, even more than Dain being at this battle, leads me to believe that dwarves started to train their sons in the art of warfare from a very early age (as soon as they were no longer considered children in fact).

Now, it is often easy to forget that a dwarvish “sixteen-year-old” or “thirty-two-year-old” do not equal a mannish  “sixteen-year-old” or “thirty-two-year-old”. For dwarves these are both still teenagers, one a very young teenager, while the other one nearing physical adulthood.

I’ve added a graph of age comparison between men and dwarves (from a file I once made but never finished - it is on my todo list to finish, I promise), based on all we know from Tolkien’s writings.  So it seems logical that between the age of 15 and 30 dwarves would have been trained in the use of axes, swords and overall battle tactics and could be called to war. Not only does this fit with what Tolkien wrote, but it also fits with real life cultures that were often used as inspiration for Tolkien’s dwarves; to become a warrior among the Vikings for instance one could be as young as 12 years old. Similar accounts can be found among the ancient Israelites (the jews often being a source for Tolkien’s dwarves).

Now, concerning your second question, about ranks.  We know only of one rank clearly, which is that of Uzbad (”Lord”), though considering the organisation of dwarves in battle other ranks would seem not only logical but very much required.  To determine if there would have been other ranks we need to look at their military structure in a bit more detail. We know for instance that Dain Ironfoot lead 500 soldiers into the Battle of Five Armies.  

500 soldiers is a pretty standard number in many cultures when it comes to dividing a large force into smaller tactical units. The Roman Cohort for instance was roughly 500 soldiers too, 10 of them making up a legion.  If we look at cultures (like the Romans) that used a division of 500 soldiers we can quickly get an idea of the different ranks involved.  Most seem to divide such a division into 5 to 10 smaller groups, that were commanded by one - who in turn was assisted by one or two other officers (lieutenants and sergeants).

Taking some liberties with the above something like this could have been a possibility among the dwarves.

The Army of Dain Ironfoot as seen in The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies (all rights reserved)- those lads seem like a lot more than 500 dwarves if you ask me.

Army divisions: 

  • ‘azghakkâ’ (“war-force”) - army (all troops under the command of an Uzbad)
  • gangbuh (”march-company”) - regiment - a force consisting of 10 maznakkâ.
  • maznakkâ’ (”fist-force”) smallest military company consisting of usually 49 dwarves (seven being such an important number with the dwarves it seemed logical to group their smallest division with 7 in mind - or in this case 7 x 7) - each maznakkâ could consist of different units of seven dwarves, these could be engineers, foot-soldiers, elite forces, archers, and/or logistical personnel.


  • Uzbad - Lord - Commands the ‘azghakkâ.
  • Azghzabad - Warlord - Right hand of the Uzbad, main tactician in matters of war. 
  • Fabarâl - General - (“forward-mover”) - Commands each gangbuh (about 500 soldiers)
  • ‘Uzkhas - Commander - (”greater lieutenant”) - First in command of a maznakkâ’
  • ‘Izkhas - Lieutenant - (”lesser lieutenant”) - Second in command of a maznakkâ’
  • Dumul - Soldier - (“from the halls”) - Soldier who has experience in battle or deemed worthy to fight in the vanguard.
  • Idmul - Recruit - Soldier who is new to battle, or still in training, more frequent in the rearguard.

Other military terminology:

  • ‘Azaghâl - person who, by profession, is a soldier, warrior or private soldier (covers both “dumul” and “idmul”) - note: also the epithet of a Broadbeam King of old who died in battle.
  • Zabad - an officer (from ‘Izkhas to Uzbad)
  • Dahâl - person who, by profession, travels with a military regiment and supplies food and all matter of provisions
  • Barâl - person who, by profession, is a member of an elite military regiment that fights in the vanguard to break open the front lines of the enemy
  • 'Udshankhuzd - dwarf (about to reach battle ready age) who is the personal assistant to a lord, general or army commander, often carries messages and weapons or armour on his behalf (like a squire)
  • 'Idshankhuzd - dwarf boy or girl (before battle ready age) who is in service of a general or army commander, usually doing household work (like a page) - remains in the Hall and does not join in campaigns.
  • Rimi - part of an army set to cover its rear ranks, especially in retreat (rearguard)
  • Ifbaragash - foremost rank of an army (van, vanguard)

I hope that answers your question Anon.

Ever at your service,

The Dwarrow Scholar


Happy Birthday to Robert Francis Vaughn, who would have been 85 today.

[11/22/32 – ∞]

A master actor of stage and screen, able to bring to life so many characters, from the shellshocked Lee to the all-loving hero Napoleon Solo, or from the zany Byron Orlock to his own personal favorite, Hamlet.  He did and gave us so much, and today, I celebrate (in his own words) his fortunate life.

So, happy birthday, my hero, and thank you for everything.


Aries: Kilauea, Hawaii is an ideal traveling spot for any Aries. For the more adventurous Aries, visiting the active volcanoes of the island would be an excellent idea. For the thrill-seekers and show-offs, the beach is a great place to master those surf skills.

Taurus: Florence, Italy is nothing short of home for a Taurus. The medieval city is filled with priceless artworks and stunning architecture, and is home to David and ancient cathedrals; and Taureans are famous for being fans of art! As a final selling point, anywhere in Italy can appeal to their taste buds; pizza, pasta, red wine…

Gemini: Athens, Greece is heaven on earth for Gemini, the scholars of the zodiac. What better place to travel to than the birthplace of modern society, art, politics, and science? However, Athens is not all serious for Geminis, who are notorious for finding fun everywhere! Exploring the ruins and acropolis of Athens is an adventure in itself, even if they do get a wee bit lost.

Cancer: To their homeland. Cancers feel a deep and internal need to discover their roots, to find out who they are, and where they came from. Connecting to their motherland will satisfy a deep need in Cancer’s life.

Leo: Los Angeles, California would make a Leo want to stay, forever! L.A. has everything a Leo could ever want - the glitz and glamor, the beach, warm climate, and action is never far away! Leo’s need sunshine and attention to thrive, and L.A. has nothing short of those things.

Virgo: Isle Royale, Michigan would be a unique vacation spot for Virgos. With their eye for detail and beauty, they’d appreciate the wildlife and solitude of the park. It’s the only island national park in the U.S., so analytical Virgo would have fun finding species that don’t live on the mainland!

Libra: Paris, France; the city of love, the city of lights. There is no other place more perfect for Libra. Whether they’re checking out the magnificent artwork at the museum, shopping in the boutiques, or visiting the Eiffel Tower with a lover, there is no better stop for this sign!

Scorpio: Yukon, Alaska seems like an odd and random place to travel to. However, what Scorpios won’t tell you is that they’ve been dying to see the northern lights since they were in elementary school. Alaska is one of the few places where you can see the Aurora Borealis during winter, and they’ll be utterly enthralled by the light display in the dead of night with the wind blowing around them.

Sagittarius: Amazon Rainforest, Brazil couldn’t be a more perfect environment Sagittarius. The most adventurous and diverse place on Earth, Sagittarius would fall in love. With miles of uncharted territory and the freedom to wander, the explorer of the zodiac sign would be very happy here.

Capricorn: New York City, New York is the place where anything can happen. For the work-stressed Capricorn, NYC is a place of wonder and magic where they can feel reborn and revitalized. Inspiration is just around the corner.

Aquarius: Nepal would be the place to go. Nepal recently suffered from a massive earthquake, and volunteers from all over the world are flying in to aid survivors. As humanitarians of the zodiac, most Aquarians would feel a deep longing to assist those currently in need.

Pisces: Lhasa, Tibet is a must-see site for those seeking religion and their place in the world. Pisces are deeply spiritual people, but can often benefit from learning about new religions and experiencing them first-hand.

Please please please reblog and help me get Taylor to see this. This is so incredibly important to me.

@taylorswift One of my closest and dearest friends, Ashley (aka @clearblue–water) has been a dedicated fan of yours since the very beginning. Ashley is one of the most loyal, kind, and selfless people I know. One thing that makes her so remarkable is how unbelievably compassionate she is towards others. Ashley quite literally dedicates all her time towards helping people. She is a supportive friend, daughter, nanny, teacher, and SO much more.

Ashley never fails to see the good in people; regardless of how many times she has been hurt or screwed over, she is always willing to look past it and continue being the gentle and loving person that she is. Now despite how fantastic all of this is, I would love more than anything in the world for her to receive a little piece of what she is giving.

Taylor, your music and overall character have helped guide Ashley through some of her darkest times. I have watched her battle some of the toughest heartbreaks and traumas that you could imagine, and yet she has always managed to put on a brave face and come out a million times stronger in the end. Of course she is fully capable of being as magnificent as she is on her own, but I know that you have been such an important piece of her life.

You are such a beautiful inspiration to my best friend, and for that I’d like to thank you tremendously, but I also want to ask you one favour… Ashley has been dying to meet you for so many years now. As I said, she has been such a dedicated fan of yours for so very long, and you have been by her side through so many ups and downs in her life. I feel like the bond between the both of you would be so magnificent, and I would love for you to finally meet this remarkable person that I am so lucky to call my friend.

I hope that you’ll see this Taylor, and I hope you know how loving and proud we both are of you.


(photo of Ash and me)

i scream, you scream, but there’s still no ice cream | Hoseok | BTS

Summary: Part of “The Aquarium Series.” Working at the local aquarium definitely has its ups and downs. But, if someone asked you if the handsome boy who was scared of sharks was a positive or a negative, you couldn’t really say for sure. Maybe if he stopped screaming every time he saw a shark, you’d be more sure of your answer.

Genre: An overdose of FLUFF and HUMOR. There is too much. It’s overflowing. Hoseok just wants to hold your hand. Nuff said.

Words: ~4.2K

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Being a tour guide in the local aquarium had its fair share of advantages and disadvantages, but the screaming children you currently had to handle made you feel like the downsides far outweigh the benefits. You weren’t going to lie: the pay was good, and your boss was kind enough to let you choose your day offs, since you were still a college student trying to pass her classes. You had to admit that the aquarium was probably one of the better part-time job choices, and you should consider yourself lucky that you were working there instead of, say, the convenience store down the street. (You’ve heard of enough horror stories from Jimin to know that it was probably a godsend that you were able to find work here.) So really, you shouldn’t be complaining over a couple of snot-nosed kids ruining your day.

Especially since one of those snot-nosed kids had a pretty hot older brother.

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Farmers Daughter - Stiles Stilinski {Part Nine}

Author’s Note: This is the last part before the epilogue. I know, I know, I’m just as sad as you are, but I’m really glad that you lot have enjoyed this series. I really enjoyed writing it, especially because it’s based off my life. Thank you to the magnificent @mf-despair-queen for proofreading this for me:)

Originally posted by teenwxlves

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Some general shitty angst


You were standing on top of the school building. It was a nice day so most of your classes had been held there. The next period was meant to be kept on your own class, so none of your classmates would come up there. It was rather rare for people to come there on lunch anyway, so you were safe. Nobody would be there to see you. You had climbed over the fence and were now standing on the edge of the roof. You were holding onto the fence behind you. It was a bit windy, just enough to raise your hair with the air current. You looked down, the school yard seemed to be so far away. You would certainly die if you were to fall from there.

You turned around and closed your eyes for a moment. You didn’t want to see any of it. You wanted your last sight to be the blue sky. You took one last deep breath and opened your eyes. At the same moment you heard the door that led to the roof open. It creaked loudly and you could see your classmates flood to the roof, talking cheerfully and laughing with each other. You were frozen in place. You didn’t want an audience, excpecially your classmates, or All Might for that matter. He was supposed to teach you this class so he was there too. Nobody had noticed you yet, and you dropped your head down, hoping they wouldn’t, but of course someone did.

“(Na-name), what are you doing there?”, Midoriya asked.

Everyone turned their attention to you. They all looked at you with confusion on their faces. You didn’t move or speak and neither did they.

“Hey, come back to this side.”, Kirishima said carefully.

“The fuck you doing there? Hurry up and drag your ass to this side of the fence, loser.”, Bakugou growled.

“Bakugou!”, the whole class hissed.

“Just come here, please (Name). You shouldn’t do something like that.”, Uraraka sniffled.

“Please, just come here.”, Asui pleaded.

Everyone nodded and mumbeled in agreement with their statements.

“Shut up! Shut up all of you!”- you yelled.-“You don’t know shit about me or my situation! So stay out my business!”

Everyone went quiet, glancing at each other and you. They looked worried.

“Youngster, come here or I’ll come to get you. I will not let you commit suicide.”, All Might said.

There it was, the word, the tabu, suicide. It felt like the tension in the air had multiplied. Just with that one word. That one word supposedly meant the easy way out. Did he think any of this was easy? It wasn’t. You had struggled for so long, longer than you ever thought possible.

“So if I don’t climb back by myself you are going to come and get me? Are you sure you’re still fast enough?”, you laughed.

You felt calm, it was almost scary how quiet your thoughts had gone. There were no more nagging voices in your head. No more scary delusions or paranoia. You were totally calm in such an intense situation. Everyone looked like they were ready to jump forward if you moved even a muscle, but they also knew they were all way too far to get to you in time.

“You’ve got a shit ton to live for so get your ass over here.”, Bakugou growled. He regretted his words almost immeadiatly after.

“A shit ton to live for you say? Does that include my parents who care only about my success in school? Or the depression, that they don’t take seriously? Does it include the fact that nobody actually cares?”- you hissed.-“do these give me a reason to live?”, you said as you pulled up your sleeve, to show them the scars scattered all over your forearm.

The moment you had pulled your sleeve up you realized you weren’t holding on to anything anymore. You were falling backwards. You saw your classmates trying to reach you, but none of them could, you knew it and so did they. So you looked up to the sky. The blue sky would be the last thing you saw after all. You felt peaceful, it was weird, but you also felt regret. This was somethig you couldn’t take back. This might have been partly an accident but it didn’t matter anymore. You knew that you would hit the ground any second now, but then you felt someone grab you. It was All Might, he had jumped after you and now did a magnificent hero landing to the ground, holding you.

When he put you down, your legs gave in and you dropped to your knees. You were crying. Now you were terrified. The fear hit you now, when there was nothing to be afraid of anymore. You heard the your classmates voices in the distance, and you could hear them getting closer. They all surrounded you and Asui and Uraraka hugged you. They were both bawling their eyes out and so were a few others. You hugged the two and tried to calm them down. You told everyone you were sorry and that you were fine now. You never knew they would care so much, but now that you did, you were glad. Glad to know there was always a few people who cared.

My Neighbor Totoro - sentence starters

1. “Hello there! Are your parents around? We’re your new neighbors.” 

2. “So how do you like the new place?” 

3. “Wow, it’s creepy. It looks like it could be haunted.” 

4. “Look. It’s rotten.” 

5. “What’s that big tree?” 

6. “Out of the way, _____. I can’t close the door with you sitting there.” 

7. “Acorns are falling from the ceiling.” 

8. “I think they’re gone.” 

9. “Something’s running around in here.” 

10. “Well, it could be ghosts, but ghosts don’t usually like to come out on nice days like this.” 

11. “Wait for me!” 

12. “_____, come here! There’s definitely something weird in this house!” 

13. “That’s great! I’ve always wanted to live in a haunted house, ever since I was a little boy/girl.” 

14. “I caught one! _____, look!” 

15. “Your hands are filthy. What on Earth did you do?” 

16. “I caught a ______, but it got away.” 

17. “Don’t worry, _____, they’re nothing to be afraid of. If they decide you’re nice people they won’t harm you, and after a while they just go away.” 

18. “I don’t want them to leave!” 

19. “Hey! You in there! Your house is haunted!” 

20. “This house is too old. I think it’s gonna fall down.” 

21. “Try laughing. Then whatever scares you will go away.” 

22. “So how do you like it in the country? Have you settled in?” 

23. “Brush my hair! Brush mine!” 

24. “______ looked great, didn’t s/he, ______?” 

25. “I thought you said you weren’t scared to sleep alone. Can’t you sleep by yourself?” 

26. “So you made a friend already, did you?” 

27. “Hey, _____, come here! I found _______’s hat!” 

28. “What do you think you’re doing sleeping out here?” 

29. “Maybe you were dreaming.” 

30. “Wow. This would make a great secret hiding place.” 

31. “Quit laughing! I really did see ______! I’m not lying.” 

32. “You must have seen one of the spirits of the forest. That means you’re a very lucky girl/boy.”

33. “Let’s give the forest spirits a proper greeting.”  

34. “But ______, I want to see them too.” 

35. “Magnificent tree. It’s been around since long ago, back when trees and people used to be friends.” 

36. “When I saw this tree, I knew this would be a good place for our family to live.” 

37. “Last one home is a rotten egg!” 

38. “Try to keep quiet, will you?” 

39. “Hurry up, ______. It’s gonna rain.” 

40. “I didn’t even cry. That’s good, huh?” 

41. “That was lucky, wasn’t it?” 

42. “Thanks for watching _______ today.” 

43. “I wanted to bring back this umbrella that ______ lent us.” 

44. “______ wasn’t on the bus.” 

45. “What is it, _____? Are you sleepy?” 

46. “It’s okay, ______. S/he’ll be here soon.” 

47. “That bus sure is late, huh?” 

48. “______ came back, _____! I saw him/her/them!” 

49. “We had such a weird, mysterious, spectacular day. My heart is still pounding.” 

50. “Do you think that they’ll sprout tomorrow?” 

51. “Yay! We did it!” 

52. “They’re growing! We did it!” 

53. “Wow, ______. Your garden is just like a market.” 

54. “Better open it. Might be an emergency.” 

55. “We have to get to the hospital right away, ______.” 

56. “Do you mind if I wait here? My ______ said s/he’ll call me back.”

57. “The doctor said that ______’s not doing well, so s/he won’t be able to come home this weekend.” 

58. “You’re such a baby! Just grow up!” 

59. “What will we do if s/he dies? Maybe s/he’s dead already.” 

60. “I shouldn’t have yelled at her/him/them. This is all my fault.” 

61. “I’m looking for my ______. Did you happen to see a little girl/boy pass this way?” 

62. “Is this ______’s?” 

63. “_____’s lost. I looked everywhere, but I couldn’t find her/him. Please help me. I have to find her/him.” 

64. “No one else can see it, can they?” 

65. “The trees are parting!” 

66. “You’re going to take us to the hospital?” 

67. “I hope it didn’t upset the ______ too much. I’ve cost them enough grief already.” 

68. “The _____ act so strong, but I think it’s been harder on them than they let on.” 

69. “I can’t wait until I get better. When I get home, I’m going to spoil those ______ rotten.” 

70. “I’m going to hurry up and get well!”    

Dripping In Diamonds. || 2

Authors Note: Hey everyone! This is part two to ‘Dripping in Diamonds,’ it is something new I am currently playing around with and I hope you guys enjoy reading it. Thank you if you decide to read!
Previous Chapters, Dripping In Diamonds.
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If you’d like to send me feedback feel free to send me an Ask. It sometimes helps to see what the reader feels and thinnks. :) xx

I’m the kind of woman that acknowledges what she desires and when she desires it. I’m a woman of various means and fortunes, but I️ concede the prying eyes of people on the outside to judge me and ridicule me. I️ allow them to understate me, merely because it gives me extra dynamism over their weakened, obnoxious, ignorant individuals.

I’m associated with several conditions, wealth, fortune, diamonds, Nate, but what the outsiders peering in fail to notice is the contempt lathered on the walls of the house or bogus words written between the lines of business and a wedding certificate.

One could suppose that I️ enjoy playing with fire for the quality of the ache and the burn or because I️ prefer to play with fire instead of putting it out. It’s more of a thrill.

“Eleanor, darling,” Nathan’s voice is a rich sounding melody that reverberates the metaphorically abandoned hallways, his footsteps inching closer and closer to our lavishing bedroom before he’s stepping in and granting me a petite smirk. 

I️ glance up at him from my position at the end of the bed, my leg crossed over the other as I️ watch him take his suit jacket off— sliding it leisurely down his arms.

I️ smile at him, more so admiring his charming good appearances and the body that thrives beneath the clothes, “Nathan,” I️ greet as I perpetually do.

From the way he’s grinning at me I️ can only assume he requires something from me. He doesn’t smile lovingly at me anymore, he hasn’t since our honeymoon ceased.

“Would you mind accompanying me tonight?”

“Do I️ have to?” I️ question as his fingers begin to unfasten his button up. I can’t help but lick my lips subtly at his exposed skin. He has a magnificent physique, he always has.

Intriguing, very intriguing— he always has been.

Nathan provides me with a small exhalation and nods, “it’s business, Eleanor. It would look wrong not to have you by my side,” his voice is more firm than it was previously and he’s doing his best not to appear like a dick. Something he has the tendency to do.

“I’m going to need more convincing,” I️ respond as he lowers his shirt to the flooring of the bedroom and he moves closer to me.

“How much more?” He murmurs before his lips graze against my own, “because I️ only have five minutes,” his voice is muffled and faint before he kisses me considerately.

I️ hold back my own chuckle and the rolling of my eyes, “that’s all it takes.”

“Ouch, that’s harsh Eleanor,” Nathan mutters as he extracts away with a heavy exhalation.

I️ give him a shrug as I️ press my hands behind me on the bed and lean back, purposely making it easier to toy with him. “Jus’ the truth, Nathan.”

His eyes dip from my own and scan me up and down, “Nice dress,” he utters before sauntering his way to the extensive wardrobe that holds more clothes than I️ could have ever envisioned.

After a few moments of silence, he steps out and is launching a new button up on, “where’d the chauffeur take you yesterday? What’s his name, Henry?” Nathan questions with a weary tone, his eyes becoming darker as I️ take note of the exhaustion that is settling into him.

“I️ don’t know a Henry.”

Nathan rolls his eyes at me, “I️ forgot his name,”

“That’s because you’re too stuck up to remember any of the names of those who serve around here,” I️ bluntly inform him with a smirk and he huffs, well aware that I’m undividedly correct with my statement.

He doesn’t make an effort with the ‘help’, if it wasn’t for me he would forget to pay them half the time. It isn’t uniquely his liability, he doesn’t know any better and sometimes forgets that not everyone is, well, rich.

“I’m working on it,” Nathan grunts,

“His name is Harry by the way, and your assistant’s name is Brooke, the name you called out during sex one time.” I️ smile widely, my eyes observing the way his jaw clenches at the sound of her name leaving my lips. I️ can’t honestly help but bring it up for entertainment.

“It was two years ago, I️ told ye I️ was sorry. Are you going to tell me where you went?”

“Mmm, no. But I️ am going to change my dress,” I️ acquaint him as he repeatedly huffs, but this time for my defiance.

“The theme is black and white,”

“Excellent, I’ll wear red.”

I️ overhear him grumble something under his breath before he speaks up, “Eleanor,” Nathan’s voice laments.

I️ love when his voice comes off as more of a plea and a beg, particularly when my name is attached to the imploring tone.

“Nathan,” I️ mimic his pitch of voice as I️ glance over my shoulder to observe him staring at me.

“Woman, you’re going to put me in an early grave.”

“That’s the plan,” I️ wink with a grin plastered across my lips. I️ abruptly feel his hands on my waists and he lures me into him as I️ tilt my neck to the side, his lips caressing against the bare skin.

“Quit toying with me,” He whispers against the tender skin of my neck and I️ giggle as he lets me go, knowing very well and good he has to leave in a few minutes, despite what he craves. “I️ have to go, I’ll see you in a bit?”

I️ turn to face him, my hands now touching against his chest, “Mhm,” I️ hum, “wearing red, of course.”

“Please, don’t.”

“Going to need more than that to change my mind.”

“Fuckin’ hell, you’re definitely something-“ he shakes his head, “behave, don’t wear red for Christ’s sake. Black or white.” He commands substantially while doing his best to read my intentions and my eyes.

He can’t determine if I️ am bluffing or not and I️ love it. It’s driving him nuts. Poor fella, he’ll have to wait and see.

He kisses the corner of my mouth, “goodbye, be there at seven, sharp. I️ mean it.” Nathan keeps a steady voice with me and I️ nod.

I’ll see him some time at around seven, maybe eight.

I make my way down the extravagant staircase, my palm caressed to the bannister as it glides down supremely and effortlessly. I beam as I notice Harry at the bottom of the stairs waiting with a bright-eyed smile. He is attired excellently in a plain, collared white dress shirt, a matching black suit jacket and suit pants accompanied by a black tie that has Nathan’s company logo embroidered on it.

There is something about a man in a suit that turns me on. A man in a uniform executes him to resemble a sophisticated and sharp appearance.
A black suit and tie presents my head to spin.

He has this representation to him that is engaging and charming, he is easy on the eyes and just someone that constantly has eyes gazing at him, surely there is a Mrs Styles or a soon to be Mrs Styles. It is hard for me to pry my eyes away from such beauty. He possesses these luminous green eyes that have a tinge of grey to them depending on how the sunlight catches them. His lips are this astonishingly addicting tone of pink that are plethoric and probably harbour the richest, delightful taste one could think of.

I reach the last stair of the staircase I put aside my meandering observations that I shouldn’t be holding, but I can’t help it. “Mr.Styles,” I give him a slight grin as he offers his hand to me. I press my hand delicately in his as I step down off the last stair.

“Mrs Archibald,” Harry nods professionally. He leans closer, giving us just enough distance for him to whisper, “you look lovely, Eleanor.”

“Thank you,” … “You look the same as you always do when you pick me up,” I respond softly as I shift a stray piece of hair behind my ear presenting the diamond earrings the dangle.

Harry guides me towards the doors and we walk out into the cool summer breeze that whistles around the two of us on this early July evening.

Something about the breeze exhibits a strangely calming and soothing feel, maybe it is the warmness that whisks past me or maybe it is the man accompanying me towards the car.

Harry opens the door and I slide into the vehicle with ease before he closes it behind me and resumes to his position in the driver’s seat.

I take a deep breath as I incline against the comfort of the leather seats. It has become a habit that Nathan and I show up to functions separately, half the time it is strictly due to him being too busy to meet me, the other half has an unexplained purpose. It is rare for us to show up coincidentally and to be honest, I considerably love it like this. I cherish having the drive to the varied locations to myself and without Nate speaking business with me.

I lean forward slightly, my dress feeling uncomfortable and I attempt to adjust it before abruptly recognising what the issue is.

Great, just great.

I️ break Harry’s attention and the silence that has swept over us since we left the house. “Harry, would you mind helping me?”

“With what, Love?” Harry challenges as I️ adjust my dress and wiggle around slightly, endeavouring to arrange it to better fit my body.

“I️ need you to pull over and help me,”

“Eleanor, we don’t have time. You’d be late.”

I️ raise a brow, somewhat humoured by Harry’s sense of punctuality, he apparently doesn’t know how I️ appreciate irritating my husband and not satisfying his every demand and expectation. “Harold, do you like the paycheck you receive?”

“Yes. Ma’am.”

“Good, then I’d recommend you pull over. I️ have a wardrobe malfunction.” I️ instruct with authority, not granting him any room to dispute me.
I️ grasp the reins when it comes to him when we are alone. Nathan has no damn say in this moment.
Harry nods and pulls over rather instantly. He turns to glance at me and I️ give an innocent smile. “My bra strap unclipped, can you please help?”

“Uh… hum yes…, no…. I️…um,” he stutters, “I️ don’t think I should.” Harry shakes his head.

“Harry, I’m sure you have seen bras and you’re aware most females wear them. Please, just clip it back in.” I️ mutter, positioning myself so my back is facing him. I️ hear him clear his throat before the rustling of his body moving against the leather seats of the car sounds.

The stroke of his hand on my bare shoulder transfers shivers down my spine and I️ can’t help but clamp down on my lip.

There is something about his touch that ignites something that I don’t think I have felt before. I can’t put my finger on what it is, nor can I discover the words to desribe it.

After a few hushed moments, Harry manages to clip the bra strap before he transfers my hair back over my shoulder. I️ turn around and give him a petite smile as he stares at me for a brief moment.

Did he feel that same unexpected spark?

“Thank you,” I️ manifest my appreciation as he shifts around and goes back to driving, taking me by surprise when he grows withdrawn. “Harry, is there a reason why you’re suddenly quiet?”

“Eleanor, you are married,” Harry’s voice is thick as the words escape the delicate lips that I desperately desire to latch onto and taste every desiring of them.

I roll my eyes and scoff to myself, paying him of no attention despite the fact I can regard him staring at me through the rearview mirror as we are stopped at a red light. “You know, I can still see you roll your eyes at me.”

“I didn’t intend to hide it from you, Harry,” I respond swiftly as I cross my leg over the other, adjusting my dress for it rest at my knee modestly.

As much as I’d love for it to be bundled up my thigh with a pair of torturous, brazen hands sliding against them, I don’t think that’ll be happening, sadly.

I apprehend a heavy breath leave Harry’s lips as we grow soundless and he focuses on driving. It’s not for a brief moment before he again states the obvious, “you’re married and I️ just clipped your bra and—” he trails off.

What a sweetheart. Guilty for touching my bra strap. Oh, if only he would touch so much more than just the strap.

“Oh, Harold,” I chuckle, observing how his brows furrow into a small frown as he continues to stay concentrated on the road, “my dear, you’re incredibly sweet and naive.”

“Ms.Eleanor, I’m not naive. Are you talking down to me?”

“No, I am not. But, yes I am married… but only by paper.”

“What do you mean by that?”

I divert my eyes to rest on my dress, doing my best to avoid any sort of eye contact with Harold, “Again with the innocents,” I breathe while I shake my head subtly to myself.

Considering the fact he works for myself and my husband, I would have assumed he grasped by now that marriage is a binding contract that doesn’t necessarily imply it consists of Love. “Harry, my marriage is nothing but a piece of paper scribbled with my initials.” The truth is, I️ doubt there’s any tender devotion left in the marriage, it burned out like an old flame.

“I’m not quite sure I understand… so you’re not in love with him?”

“Perhaps not,” I lift my shoulders into a shrug, not desiring to deliver the response undeviatingly. I desire to stay vague when it comes to several circumstances and I’m not positive on where Harry’s allegiance lies, with me or Nathan.

“Why do you stay with him?” Harry’s voice is effortless as he asks the question that I had anticipated.

“Because my vows were until death do us part… neither of us are six feet under, yet,” I respond with honesty as the car proceeds to come to a halt.
Harry has successfully driven me to Nate’s obligation— his business function where I️ will be settled on display— similar to a necklace of diamonds.

anonymous asked:

Sormik sweet vampire story with a little bit of suggestiveness.

 Warnings for suggestiveness. Obviously. And blood drinking. Also obvious.

Sorey’s leg was jittering madly.

No one else in the waiting room seemed nervous. They were smiling and chatting and laughing and Sorey wanted to join them but couldn’t bring himself to do it. He was too nervous.

The pamphlets all said how safe the process was. How he’d be giving blood to a good cause and the pain was minimal at most. Some even enjoyed it. Sorey believed it all when his professor had handed them out, but actually being here was a different feeling entirely.

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