you would buy it right

If someone walked up to you and said, “I am planning on killing you, your entire family and a significant number of the people who you know and care about,” how many of you would argue that this falls under “free speech”?

Of course you wouldn’t. You would understand that it is a threat and you would do anything you could to shut that threat down. Maybe you would file a police report, buy a gun, or fight that sonofabitch right there, or maybe you would be too afraid to do anything, but regardless of how you responded you would understand that this person needs to be stopped before he hurts you and your loved ones.

Every word from a neo-Nazi’s mouth is a threat of violence against Jewish people, Roma people and people of color and many others.

Not only is it a threat of violence, it is an active attempt to bring that violence into existence by recruiting others who will aid them in taking this violence to its greatest possible extreme.

Show the same respect for marginalized people’s rights to be protected and to defend themselves from political violence that you would expect to be shown if under threat of interpersonal violence.

Dating Chris’ characters:

Malachai ‘Kai’ Parker: This guy is batshit crazy. He would literally kill for you and maim anyone who insults you and then draw hearts on the walls with blood for you. He will call you just to say hi and listen to your voice. He will take you on an airplane ride and take you to his childhood home just so he can cook you thanksgiving dinner (his favorite holiday). He’ll look at you with those sexy eyes and whisper to you with those plump lips. He would push you against the wall and do all the right moves. He would buy you a teddy bear on your birthday. This is the kind of guy that would totally be turned by the idea of you chaining him to the bed to ‘punish’ him.

Mon-El: This one is an actual outer-space stray puppy that is obsessed with red vines. This guy will be there for you when you need a shoulder to cry on, cuddle you and plant kisses on you forehead. He’ll stare at you those big blue puppy eyes and take you dancing. He’s the kinda guy that will bring you carrots for flowers on your anniversary because he liked the color orange. He will call you blobby babe any chance he gets and compare your eyes to the stars. He will help you make pancakes only to accidentally throw flour all over both of you. But you can’t possibly be mad at him so you just kiss his white flour lips.

Jake Riley: Oh tortured Jake Riley. He’s the kind of guy that will fall for you but will not admit it because he believes he’s not good enough for you. He’ll flirt with you wearing a pair of weird glasses. He’s the kind of guy that will take a bullet for you. You’ll stare as he changes from he’s hot sweaty police suit and get in the shower with him. He’ll ask you out on a date and the date will consist of a cute little picnic on the roof and him singing to you. This is the kind of guy that will grow old with you and hold your hand and tell you how much he loves you on your last day. You’ll tell him to smile more because he doesn’t know how beautiful he looks when he smiles. He’s basically a ball of sunshine that you can’t live without.

(P.S Not my gifs)

After All This Time - Pt. 1

Characters: Teacher!Jensen x Teacher!Reader (AU)

Warnings: fluff, angst

Word Count: 3.3.k

Summary: Set in 2013, the reader stops running away from her past and heads back home to Texas after living in Nashville for seventeen years. It wasn’t what she had imagined, not without him. She realizes that ship has long since sailed, but Texas seems to have a few tricks up her sleeves that puts the reader right in the path of her High School Sweetheart that she left behind all those years ago, Jensen Ackles. Is it time for the reader to stop running and face her past?

A/N: 6k Celebration and One Year Fic-i-verary Celebration Fic THIRTEEN. The line requested was, “You can’t outrun your past” It was requested by @captainemwinchester . It will be highlighted in the fic. Thank you so much for celebrating with me. I’m thinking this is going to be a series. I need to outline it. I could REALLY get into this, but if I’m going to make it a series, I want to FINISH it for once. So for now, no promises, but I know there could be two or three parts at the VERY least. You guys up for that?!

Feedback Appreciated

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anonymous asked:

How would Seventeen react if you were out with them and you bled through your pants? (Honestly that's one of my worst nightmares, being on a date and that happening)

S.Coups, Jun, Hoshi & DK would take their hoodie or jacket off and tie it around your waist to hide the stain. They’d go buy you some pads/tampons and then take you home so that you could change. They wouldn’t make you feel embarrassed about it at all.

Jeonghan, Woozi, Vernon & Dino would buy you pads/tampons right away, then take you into the first clothing store they see and buy you new pants to change into. They’d take you home to drop off your stained pants, and would understand if you wanted to spend the rest of the day there.

Joshua, Wonwoo, Mingyu, The8 & Seungkwan would drop you home first, and leave to the nearest shop while you change out of your stained pants. They’d come back with some chocolates and your favorite snacks to make you feel better about the whole thing.

thank you for your request!!

I hate archer emiya I really fucking hate this guy like I bought this outfit okay

first of all he HAS this outfit of course he has this outfit he’s EDGY and EMBARRASSING of course you can fucking buy his dad’s badass longcoat for him to wear like the edgy embarrassment he is. but then (and this is the worst part) he has the gall, the audacity, the fucking BALLS to also look really cool in it. I played with it for a bit because of COURSE i did, why else would you buy dlc outfits right you gotta play with them you gotta see how they look in action. and let me tell you my friends my pals my buddies, this stupid edgy longcoat combined with twin swords is a LOOK. it looks so fucking cool. archer emiya is so cool. this outfit is like some au thing someone who thinks just a little too highly of urobuchi would come up with and he looks so cool in it and I hate him, I really hate him so much

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I really, really want a TF2 TV/webseries. I know they can't have it because valve is shit with time schedule, but Expiration Date and the other supplementary medias are extremely entertaining, you know? I wish someone would just buy the rights and make it into a series of any kind.

I want to talk about this too because

Y’know what could happen, here’s some ways we can get this cause we all fucking want this:

  • Non-profit fanwork made in sfm by fans, a collective group, with close sounding VA’s, probably released once a month due to how hard it is to make things like this. Maybe Saxxy experienced SFM workers. If it’s high enough quality Valve will at least promote it as community content.
  • Valve makes more short videos with major updates, such as the video for End of the Line, so it’s not a super strict time frame as they’d have months to work on it and also can work with community creators as EOTL was.
  • Or yes, someone buys the rights from Valve in terms of making entertainment related to TF2, and makes either SFM, or original 3D animated, or hell even 2D cartoon, whatever they choose. (Though tbh I can see a TF2 cartoon finding a place on Adult Swim or something.)

I think the best options to get us a TF2 animated series of any kind would be to either do it ourselves (looking at things like Red VS Blue which was a fanwork by Rooster Teeth that got so popular it’s kinda legit now, for example), or yes, Telltale makes another deal with Valve like when they used Heavy in poker night to make some sort of series. They make really good story based games so like, I can see them just animating a series instead of making it into a game (though choose your path TF2 games based on the comics in Telltale style sounds fucking awesome)

Vavle, please. Do something. We like. NEED. A TF2 series or something. Please.


Surprise on Stage

Request: Hey!!! Can u write an imagine where y/n is also a famous singer

a/n: gonna start doing the requests in this type of format instead of writing them under the ask!! I want people to know that I’ve gotten their request and that I’m not ignoring them! So I thought this was a good way :)


Your name: submit What is this?

Seeing your face on the cover of a magazine on the streets didn’t bother you as much as it did when you first started out in the music industry.  A few years ago, you would always pick up a magazine with your picture on it, buy it right on the spot, and immediately read what the tabloids said about you.  But as you’ve grown as an artist, you’ve met certain people along the way that have changed you, for the better.

One of those people just so happened to be your boyfriend, Shawn Mendes.  The two of you had only just recently made your relationship public, but in the year that you’ve known him as a person, and as a great friend in the industry, he taught you that 98.7% of what the media writes about is fabricated.

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For @angry-space-ravenclaw because she’s one of my favorites and so she takes priority over all of y’all. Just kidding, but she has been going through a tough time lately, so I’m writing her some fluff! 


Regulus knocked on his neighbor’s door, the hot one with the constant bedhead and the dorky yet chic glasses. The one Regulus wanted to lick like a spoon. It was a terribly hot day and Regulus felt like his skin was melting off. He recalled that when his neighbor moved in across the hall, he’d brought an air conditioner with him. 

His neighbor opened the door and smiled at him. Regulus nearly fanned himself because his internal body temperature had just risen. James was in a pair of jogging shorts and a vest.  “Hi there,” James said with a grin. “What can I do for you?”

Regulus wiped his sweaty palms on his jeans. “I will give you anything, literally anything, if you let me come inside and enjoy your air conditioning.” 

James laughed and opened the door widen to let Regulus in. “How’d you know I had air conditioning?” 

“Saw it when you moved in,” Regulus answered idly, already feeling the colder air just from walking into James’ flat. 

“I saw you when I moved in, Regulus Black,” James said, leaning against the wall with his arms crossed. “I’d been meaning to chat you up but we never seem to run into each other in the halls.”

Regulus grinned. “I keep weird hours,” he admitted, looking around to find where the cold air was coming from so he could bask in it. 

“Ah you’re a vampire,” James said with a shit-eating grin. “It all makes sense now.”

Regulus rolled his eyes. “If that’s a crack at me being pale, I’ll have you know that it’s merely my delicate British skin that has an aversion to sunlight.”

“It suits you,” James responded, pushing off the wall and heading for the bedroom. “Air conditioner is down here.”

Regulus followed after him and sighed in relief as the door opened and the cold came rushing around him in a burst of icy freshness. “Oh my god, that is incredible,” he said, closing his eyes and enjoying it.

James chuckled. “You know you could buy one of your own, right?”

“Why would I do that when I can just come over and steal yours?” Regulus argued, dropping onto the bed and spreading his limbs like a star fish against the nice, cool duvet. 

“Sure, make yourself at home,” James quipped, lying down next to Regulus. 

“Thanks, I will,” Regulus said with a smirk. 

“You know, you wouldn’t be dying so much if you weren’t wearing skinny jeans.”

“I like looking good,” Regulus informed him, throwing one of his jean-clad legs over James.

“You do look good,” James assured him, wiggling closer. “But at what cost?”

Regulus bit his bottom lip. “It got me into the bedroom of a hot guy, I think it’s working for me,” he said, winking at James.

James reached out and cupped Reg’s cheek with his hand. “I really want to kiss you right now.”

“So what’s stopping you?” Regulus challenged, looking up at James through lowered lashes.

James leaned down and pressed his lips against Regulus’, just a soft kiss as his  other hand rested on the small of Reg’s back. Regulus hummed and opened his mouth, allowing James to deepen the kiss. James took the invitation and the kisses turned more heated as his tongue slipped into Reg’s mouth.

“Oh god,” Regulus said, pulling away. “It’s still too hot for this. You’re going to have to wait until I cool down.”

James chuckled. “That’s fine,” he said, arranging their bodies so that they were spooning, James keeping a bit of space between their bodies but throwing his arm over Reg’s chest. “Is this okay?”

Regulus nodded. “This is great.”

James pressed a gently kiss to Reg’s nape. “Want to go out with me?” he asked quietly.

Regulus turned to look back at James and grinned. “Considering you’ve got me spooning in your bed after we’ve just snogged a bit, I’d say the chances are likely.”

James rolled his eyes. “Just say yes, you prat.”

Regulus threaded his fingers into James’ hair and pulled him forward into a proper kiss. “Yes, I’ll go out with you, James.”

“And you’re not just using my for my air conditioning?” James asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Oh, I definitely am,” Reg teased. “But I’m also using you for your cuddles and your kissing and your everything else.”

James nipped at the side of his jaw in retaliation. “Well, as long as you like me for me.”

“I do like you,” Reg assured him. “The air conditioning if just a bonus.”

“Wouldn’t have gotten you over here without it,” James said, tangling his legs up with Reg’s.

“No, I would have found my way over here eventually,” Reg responded, lacing his fingers through James’ and giving his hand a squeeze. “I just needed a good enough excuse.”

“Lucky for me it was a hot day,” James said, kissing anywhere on Regulus he could reach. 

“Lucky for you, indeed,” Regulus said, sighing contentedly. 

Avenging Angel: Part 14

Summary: You’ve spent the last five years on a dangerous mission to solve the crime that wrongly imprisoned your father. When the Winchesters find you half-frozen on the side of a mountain, they make it their own mission to save your life and make sure you stay alive. But after five years of uncovering horribly dark secrets, you’ve learned not to trust anyone. Especially people who seem like they have good intentions.

Word Count: 1639

Warnings: None

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4 Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8Part 9Part 10Part 11Part 12 – Part 13

You hated dead ends. The few months you spent with Celeste had been nice. Helping her try to replicate some of your father’s research helped you feel closer to him.

But you were still no closer to getting him out of prison.

And you were running low on money, which was a problem. Luckily for you, you were an MIT grad with an affinity for slightly illegal hacking adventures. There was always a market for people like you.

As soon as you got back to the storage unit that you left a year ago in search of Quentin, you set up your safeguards to protect your location and identity and started surfing the web for any job openings. The first few days turned a few suspicious wives and husbands who wanted you to find out if their spouse was cheating on them. It was boring, redundant work, but it put some cash in your burner bank account.

Then you found an interesting client.

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For Love & Money Pt.5


Words: 2810

Genre: Fluff, Slice of life, Forced Marriage!Au

Summary: For love, you foolishly lied to yourself. For money, you married a stranger.

Originally posted by bwibelle

“How’s this?” The assistant pulls the curtain and you find yourself standing in front of your mother, Jin’s mother and Yuju.

Your mother stands up, brows furrowed as she tugs on the skirt of the white wedding dress. It was big and poofy, luxurious and really in-your-face. “No. It’s bad.”

You turn to Yuju who shakes her head. Jin’s mother has a blank expression, not wanting to insult you or the dress. After trying on ten more, you begin to feel nauseous. Some pull too tightly on your ribcage, others swallow your small frame whole. “It’s too ugly.” “Unsophisticated.” “Tacky.” You mother comments and not only are you tired, the assistant is too.

“I’m so sorry.” You lower your head as the attendant pulls the zipper down, helping you.

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BTS reaction to you trying on some clothes in the fitting rooms

“Hello! new to your blog and love it! Can I request a reaction to the boys going shopping with you and they pick out all your clothes and admire how great you look? sorry if it seems difficult/didn’t make sense =/” First of all: Thank you so much sweetie! It really means a lot! ♥ And then for the rest: Here you go! :3


Jin: He would be staring at you. He won’t even hide how much he finds you radiant. “How can you look so beautiful in each cloth I pick up for you?” He would look at you with a so intense stare you would feel uncomfortable and have to pull on the curtain to change yourself. 

SUGA: As soon as you would show up behind the curtain he would wince “Ouch. Why do you have to be so pretty?” “But that’s you who picked up these clothes!” You would tell. “Then this is self harm.”He would keep on exagerating. “What do you think of the outfit anyway?” You would sigh. “It looks wonderful on you. We’ll gonna buy it!” He would stop on wincing and smile brightly instead.

Rap Monster: I think after some clothes shopping he would get so impatient to see you trying on some bras he would push you into an underwears shop. And pick up some sexy bras and make you try them on. When you’ll be done trying one on he would let his face appear between the curtain and the fitting room’s wall. “What do you think?” You would ask and he would be so flustered he won’t be able to make a proper sentence. “I don’t feel comfortable into this one…I don’t think I’m going to buy it…” You would purposely tease him. He would panic a bit and stuff and you would burst out of laughter. “I was joking! Let me try on the other ones.” You would push him out of the fitting room and let the pure-teasing moment continue.

J-Hope: I don’t think he would be able to show you how sexy he thinks you are. I think he would act a bit akwardely even if you were just trying some skirts and dresses. Or when you would ask him if your jeans are fitting you how it is supposed to.

Jimin: He would be completely lost in his feelings. He would want to act cool and being a good advisor while you would be trying on the clothes but he would somehow turn to be staring at you without being able give you some advices because he would find you so beautiful in each outfit you would be trying on.

V: He would be pretty flustered too but he would be a really good advisor to be honest! He would keep his mind fresh and tell you honestly what’s looking good on you and what is not. Thus you would be able to buy only the right things and learn many things on his fashion taste and on what he likes to see you in.

Jungkook: I think he would be such a teasing boyfriend while shopping though he is apparantly good at carry the shopping bags. “This skirt looks fine on you but it’s too short and I don’t want other guys to see you in this skirt.” “This top is too transparant…” And you would finally be walking out of the shops with jumpers and jeans.


I hope you have all enjoyed this reaction? Comments are welcomed! ♥

Things said to me by my coworker;

  • “ I have to protect you because you’re small. ”
  • “ I have to go to the bathroom. I have to tinkle. ”
  • “ I mean I’m not really into dudes, but I would marry that guy. ”
  • “ Listen, listen… fuck you. ”
  • “ He can’t be in love with you he’s like eighty. ”
  • “ Did he look at your boobs? Do you want me to beat him up? ”
  • “ I peed on the rocks and it was like a spiritual experience. ”
  • “ Did somebody have a big bowl of grumpy for breakfast? ”
  • “ I would kill you for some pizza right about now. ”
  • “ I’m gonna buy you some gas station nachos. ”
  • “ I’m like a secret genius. ”
  • “ I just act dumb so society will accept me. ”
  • “ Will you pity date my little brother? ”
  • “ I tried shrooms once, I thought I was a transformer. ”
  • “ If you get that cops number I will make you a five star Ramen dinner. ”
  • “ Here’s to deadbeat dads, am I right? ”
  • “ Fuck, fuckity fucking fuck. I’m fucked. ”
  • “ This tastes like dirt… but I kind of like that. ”
  • “ I’m hip. I vape. ”
  • “ I’m bitter because everyone is taller than me. ”
  • “ You’re like fly paper for creepy old dudes with empty bank accounts. ”
  • “ I’m not saying you’re wrong, but you’re super fucking wrong. ”
  • “ I would say ‘fight me’ but you would probably kick my ass. ”
  • “ I’m really good at drinking alcohol. ”
  • “ Pinch my cheeks again and I’ll bite you. ”
  • “ Shit, I just pooped all over my own life dreams. ”

@thewitchofthenorse tagged me and I’m finally getting around to this!

  • Countries I’ve Lived in: U.S.
  • Favorite Fandom: Sailor Moon and Homestuck
  • Languages you speak: English and Spanish (Irish and French are next on the list!)
  • Favorite film of 2016: Rogue One and Moana
  • Shuffle your music library and put your first three songs here:
  1. The Con - Tegan & Sara
  2. Beethoven’s 5 Secrets - The Piano Guys
  3. Help I’m Alive (acoustic) - Metric
  • Last thing you bought online: Cosplay supplies (Momocon 2017!)
  • Any Phobias or fears: Insects and arachnids
  • how would your friends describe you: That friend who rarely replies to emails and then shoves you full of food
  • Who would you take a bullet for? Wife and couple of friends
  • If you had money to spare what would you buy first? Hahaha you’re funny. That shit’s going right into savings. Otherwise, a nice lil three bedroom house.

I’m gonna tag @littlest-finch​, @eudyptula-minor, @magic-and-secrets​, and @wicked-fae!


so here’s a tiny trick. I still live at home, but we’re only two so sometimes I am in charge of grocery shopping and stuff. I guess it can be helpful for those moving away to college and stuff.

Sit down one day and make a masterlist of all the possible stuff you would need to buy, anytime. Not right now, but anytime. For instance, toilet paper. It doesn’t matter if you have 100 rolls right now, write it down because some day, you will need to buy it. So basically you’re making an inventory of consumables; the stuff that you usually need to buy because it runs out.

Then, divide it in categories such as: personal, cleaning supplies, dairy, etc. I’ve made up an example based on my own list, which contains a few more categories and items, obviously.

Now, before you go grocery shopping, check this masterlist and write down what you need right now. That way, you read the masterlist, check around the house to see what you need to buy, and only note what you are missing or running low on. It helps you save a lot of money and keeps you from buying duplicates.

This is not a list of what you need to buy every single time. It’s a reference list for you to check out before going shopping.

If I look at the avobe list now, and check around my house, I will note:



laundry detergent,

conditioner and


So now I won’t accidentaly buy 3kg tomatos when I still had some in the fridge :)

Hope it helps!!

The Woes of Ugly Sweaters

Lee Sunghwa had always been a beautiful man.

He had the face of an angel- if not that. He had the face that adorned cover magazines. The way his jaw was shaped so perfectly and so sharply deadly. He knew it as well. You found it funny how he always said his right side was his best side. You couldn’t see it because how could you say the right side is better than the left side when both is made out of perfection. The bridge of his nose sculpted perfectly not by the scalpel of man but by the hand of god and if there was ever a side more perfect. You were certain it was all of it.

His beautiful face was accentuated further with his beautiful voice and seasoned with the most beautiful talent you’ve ever seen. He knew he was talented. He always knew. It was talent and hard work that made his name grew in the music industry. It didn’t take him long once his music was out. No one could differentiate between talent and hard work but Sunghwa had both. There was never a more beautiful man you’ve met, especially when he had that smile on his lips and the humorous twinkle in his eyes waiting for you to laugh whenever he made one of his stupid jokes.

A lot would argue, but you believe Sunghwa had a very beautiful sense of humour.

He was an overall beautiful man.

His sweater on that day however, was not.

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