you would all hate me

what would you guys do if i was just pretending to like wincest this whole time because i actually pretend to like certain other pairings that i hate sometimes as a hilarious ongoing joke with emily and i can be pretty fucking convincing tbh

think about it

“But Harry is like that with all the boys”

So I was talking to one of my “anti” friends and she kept saying that a lot of the “proof” is “played up” for the fans. I thought I would dig deeper….

Shall we…..

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anonymous asked:

What did you think about the finale?

OK, I seriously wrote a post longer than the bible telling you how conflicted I was with it and how much I’ve been hating season finales on this show since season 6 but I guess it’s a good thing that it all got deleted because I think you would’ve all hated me if I’d posted that. With that being said…

I’m really angry. And it’s gonna take me a while to make up my mind about how I really feel about it because… I don’t know. I live in my head a lot and I ponder things for a loong time before I go “OK, THIS IS HOW I REALLY FEEL, PERIOD”. But, two hours after watching it, I can tell you a few things.
I’m gonna start with the storyline that bothered me the least and I’ll work my way up til I’m spewing so much dislike for everything that you’ll want to kill me. I hope that’s alright with you.

1. Stuart/Bernie/Howard. Okay, I will say this. I was soooo glad they didnt go with Bernie and Howie fighting and disagreeing and just having the most dysfunctional marriage EVER so you know, I was very happy. I think the Stuart thing has been bothering me for a while now too so I was happy to see they adressed that, and even though it all led to nothing…. I’m glad they didn’t kick him out on his birthday. Cheap move but it wasn’t too bad so… Okay, I’m not actually mad about this so let’s move on to Emily and Raj.

2. Another storyline I was so happy about. I really want Raj to break up with Emily, which probably makes me an awful person. But it’s not because I don’t like her. I’ve always said I want Raj to be ok with being alone. He needs that. He needs to realize that being alone doesn’t mean being lonely and that it’s better to be alone than to be with the wrong person. So I was happy to see they were leading up to that, and that Raj’s story could revolve around that in season 9, but oh well. I guess it is technically in-character so not entirely mad about this either, just disappointed. (I sound like a parent now, where has my life gone).
But I won’t

3. Leonard and Penny. Just let me start with this. REALLY? REALLY?! I cant believe they did this. Leonard, a cheater? Really? thats so… NOT HIM. I’m really mad about how they handled this. If we think of this as a tv show and the characters as real people, it’s just so SO out of character for Leonard. SO OUT OF CHARACTER YOU WONDER IF THIS IS AN AU EPISODE.
And then, if you think of this from the writers’ perspective, this is their cheapest attempt at 1. postponing their marriage. Seriously, if they want to postpone their wedding then why did they even have them get engaged in the first place? I honestly thought this season was going to revolve around their wedding, that the season finale would be about that, much like they did with Bernie and Howard, but noooo. This is the complete opposite and I don’t understand it. And 2. I just… do they even know what show they’re writing for? Leonard is not a cheater, and really? 2 years would pass by since this happened, and he only thinks about telling her now? We got absolutely no hints that anything like this had happened during the expedition? He didn’t feel guilty AT ALL? And if it really was nothing, then why would he keep it to himself for so long? He would’ve just told her right away! It’s so ridiculous and it makes absolutely NO SENSE TO ME. And it’s driving me nuts as you can see.

And finally, the worst.
4. Sheldon and Amy. As a person who totally 100% ships them ‘til my last breath, I feel like… I don’t know. I feel cheated on…. I really don’t even know how I feel but I’ll tell you this. I’m not happy about this. I don’t know how they’ll fix all the things I’m about to write, but I hope they do cause they may have completely ruined this couple for me. 
First things first. FINALLY we got a freaking kiss. After watching the episode (I don’t do spoilers, or taping reports, or promos, or anything) I read it was supposed to be longer and more of a make out session and it’s really shitty that they cut all of that out but well. I can live with that.
What I can’t live with is: 1. Sheldon not being able to figure out what was upsetting Amy. It was like were were back to Season 6 Sheldon all over again. It was frustrating! Cause in the one hand, we have Season 8 Sheldon. Making out with Amy, leaning in cause he clearly wants more and he’s in love with her and it’s so beautiful. And it’s their anniversary and everything!
But on the other hand, we have this completely clueless Sheldon who after an entire day, and with Penny’s assistance, can’t firgure out what he did wrong. And seriously? OF COURSE YOU SHOULD WATCH THE FLASH IT’S AWESOME AND ARROW TOO. But anyway, beyond that, it just felt so out of character for him to do this. I mean, the last time Amy got mad at him he went to her apartment in the middle of the night to apologize. And he didn’t understand what he’d done wrong then either! I even think, if Amy had broken up with him back then I would’ve believed it way more than now. Which gets us to this. They seriously couldn’t come up with a more believable scenario than “you’re thinking about a tv show while making out with me and that upsets me”? THAT’s what makes Amy want to take a break from Sheldon? Really? After he admitted to loving her, after he agreed to their first sleepover a while ago? After the fact that he actually MAKES OUT WITH HER ON THE COUCH? I just don’t buy it. I always thought Sheldon and Amy were better than that, and most importantly, the writers were. I’ve had enough of the on again off thing with every single couple on this show. I don’t want that for Sheldon and Amy. They’re better than that and I always felt kinda proud of this couple for solving their problems, talking things out, not “breaking up is the solution to everything”.
And then the ring. A part of me wants to jump up and down cause Shamy getting married? YASSSS. But then again, I hate how they handled it. The way they did it, it looked like Sheldon had that ring there just in case Amy ever ran out of patience and he had to make THAT MOVE to keep her attached to him. I hope, I sincerely hope that’s not where they were going with it. I wanna know Sheldon has been thinking about it for a while, and it was on his mind way before any of this happened. And he went out, picked out the ring on his own secretly and when he saw it he knew that was the right one and all that hippie-dippiness.
But again, no hints from that, just like with the whole Leonard thing. It just came out of nowhere, and it bothers me cause we won’t know how he came to this til what? Season 9, September? And even worse, how are they gonna fix this? Cause a few things could happen:

1. Is she gonna say yes? Really? They’re gonna go from being broken up to being engaged? That’s not them. They dont fix their problems by bringing a new variable into the equation. They solve the equation, and they move on to the next thing. That’s how they work. And it works for them so I hope they don’t change that now.

That then leaves us to 2. Sheldon proposes, she says no. I don’t want that either! I don’t want them to become Leonard and Penny, he proposes, she says no, and we’re always guessing “is it happening? will they, wont they?” ugh. I’m so frustrated right now. And that brings an even worse scenario.

3. They actually break up. As I’ve already stated, I’ve had it with break ups on this show. I’m done with that and I don’t want all that cheap drama. I wanted it in season 6 cause their relationship was going nowhere (and Amy breaking up with Sheldon would have totally made sense). But still, even then I wasn’t sure cause well.. What can sheldon really learn from a break up? More cats? Admitting to being wrong? Never understanding what he did wrong? Suddenly becoming the loveliest boyfriend ever? Proposing? Hell no. I’m sorry. The way this was handled was AWFUL. Fanfic writers have come up with better storylines than this. I’m glad this is the end of the season cause if this had happened mid season I’m sure I wouldn’t watch this show again for a long time. 

From Steve Molaro’s interviews it seems like they’re going for number 3. That makes me really sad.

With all that being said, expect no gifs from me for this episode til at least Saturday (if ever). Not only cause I’m really angry about it, but I have a test on Saturday and gif making takes up way too much time.