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What would happen if Dean got laryngitis???

“Y/N, hey. Have you seen Dean lately?” Sam caught you in the hallway. You frowned and shook your head.

“Not since he went to bed last night, actually. He said something about not feeling well and then-” You and Sam made brief eye contact before the two of you took off in the direction of Dean’s room. Sam burst through the door and the two of you stopped in your tracks as you looked at the groaning pile of… Dean laying on the bed. You took slow steps toward him and laid your hand on his stomach as you sat beside him. “Not feelin’ much better, huh?” You gave him a sad smile.

“Uh uh.” He hummed, shaking his head and looking at you through squinted eyes. You turned at looked over your shoulder at Sam, giving him a nod and telling him it was okay, you’d take it from there. As he left the room he gave you a look, questioning if there was anything he could do. With a tight smile and a small shake of your head, Sam left the room. 

“What do you need, Dean?” You reached up and ran your hand through his hair, his eyes closing at he relished the feeling. “Anything at all.” His eyebrow raised at that as a smirk crossed his face. “Not that.” You laughed and rolled your eyes. “C’mon, just tell me what I can do to help.”

“N- ah- mmm.” He groaned and pressed on his throat, wincing. 

“Your throat hurts.” You said, and he nodded. “I’ll make you some tea.” As you stood, Dean’s fingers wrapped around your wrist and stopped you from leaving. He mimed twisting the top off a bottle and you chuckled when you realized what he wanted. “Fine, I’ll make it Irish.” You giggled and made your way into the kitchen.

“He alright?” Sam watched as you filled a teapot. 

“His throat’s been buggin’ him. I think we should try to get him to a doctor.” You flicked on the gas stove as Sam scoffed behind you.

“Dean? At a doctor’s office? He patches himself up with duct tape and whiskey. Dean doesn’t even know what a doctor’s office looks like.” Sam explained, turning the page in the book he was reading.

“I think I could convince him to go.” You shrugged, leaning against the counter. 

“Wanna make it interesting?” Sam dug in his pocket and pulled out a $20 bill. 

“Laryngitis. What kind of bitch gets laryngitis?!” Dean croaked from the passenger seat of the Impala.

“I still can’t believe you went to the friggin’ doctor, man.” Sam grumbled, his eyes meeting yours in the rearview mirror as he looked at you from his spot behind the wheel. You shot him a quick wink and sank back against he seat.

“Yeah, uh, - um, Y/N has - has her ways.” Dean cleared his throat and then winced at the rough feeling in the back of his mouth.

“Oh, come on! That’s so not fair!” Sam whined, stopping at the red light and turning around to snarl at you. You shrugged.

“A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.” You grinned.

“Yeah, and damn did she do it. She’ll be the next one complaining about her throat hurting.” Dean nudged Sam who pulled the car to the side of the road.

“I think I’m gonna be sick.” 

What Would Happen… - CLOSED - [WWH Drabble Masterlist]

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BTS when you sit on their lap and snuggle up to them



Jin was going to prepare dinner, when you suddenly sat down on his lap. At first, he would be flustered, a little shocked by your sudden action. However, as soon as you snuggled up to him, he would giggle about you, thinking that you were so cute. No dinner today, the two of you would be cuddling.

“What are you actua- Omo, your so cute (Y/N)!”

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Tae would absolutly adore that cute side of yours. He would even ask you to sit on his lap sometimes, pulling you closer. Even though cuddling would always end up with him poking your cheeks or trying to tickle you, so be prepared.

“Come here jagiiii~ I promise I don’t pinch your cheeks this time!”

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He would be so flustered! He would love it, no question, but little actions like that always made him blush. He would probably laugh about himself being like this. He wouldn’t be able to concentrate on anything but you, so he’d just stop whatever he was doing, wrapping his arms around you. If he was in the mood, he might kiss you.

“W-WOah jagi, what are you…doing?” (Drops pencil but tries to act cool)

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He would be so excited, happy like a little child when you sat on his lap. Moments like that totally made his day. After some time, he would get bored though. So get ready for a wrestling competition or him hugging you so tight that you can barely breath.

“(Y/N) ahhhhhhhh, your so cuteu!”

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Suga seems like the type who really likes cuddling with his s/o. He would literally help you to climb on his lap while he was working on some paper stuff, enjoying the feeling of your warmth. He would play with your hair or rub your back to return the affection.

“Don’t ask, I know you want to cuddle. Am I right? Come here.”

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Jimin would be wondering on what exactly you were trying to do, when you suddenly tried to sit down on his lap. Also he would be laughing at your struggling. He would find it adorable, literally melting when you snuggled up to him and smiling his signature smile. He would really like it, but he woud tease you about it after.

“Jagi, you  don’t need a chair. You can sit on my lap for dinner,”

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If it was the first time you did something like that, he would be shook. Like, literally even jungshook. His eyes would get big when you snuggled up to him,  wondering on how to react. He would slowly hug you back, breathing in your scent. Once he wasn’t nervous anymore, he would get more confident and  maybe even kiss you, iniciating a make out session,

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Hey guys~~ I really hope you like this reaction. I wanted to upload it before, but Tumblr was like “Aish, leave me alone I’m gonna delete everything” so I had to start again -.- However, It’s up now~~

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Got7 Version 

Issues & Tissues : PART 1 ( Tom Holland x reader)

(Zendaya x  Tom Holland x reader x Cole sprouse )

SUMMARY : You have the biggest crush on your co-star Tom Holland. Although there has always been rumours of him and your other co-star Zendaya dating, you’ve always ignored it. You liked him a little too much to just let go.Too much to even notice another co-star, Cole, looking at you the same way you look at Tom. But what’ll be the outcome of your immense likeness for Tom? Will it be worth it? Or will you be left heartbroken when the fan theories of him and Zendaya prove to be true?

A/N: I’m sorry it took me so long to post! Hopefully, you’ll like this one :) Love you guys x

Since the day he first called you ‘darling’ to the day he shared his cup of tea with you, you were absolutely smitten. You were very much aware of the fact that he simply called literally everyone by that word and he liked sharing tea because he’s a kind man BUT you couldn’t help it, I mean, c’mon look at him! With his messy brown hair and his cheeky smile.. oh that handsome smile. One thing was clear- you were smitten. This quackson guy got the best of you this time.

The fact that you got to work with Tom every single day for 4 months didn’t help your case much either- everyday you found yourself falling more in love with him and his little ways. The other actors on set were Zendaya and Cole Sprouse. Yeah, that’s right- Tom’s ideal match Zendaya. They got along really well, their chemistry was inevitable, no wonder fangirls and the press shipped them so much. You would ship them too, had you not been so hopelessly in love with Tom. Seeing him and Zendaya do scenes together or even interact ! made you sore. Maybe they did like each other but eh, it’s easier to come in set, make-believing they don’t. It has almost been 3 months since you first met and I have to say, you did a pretty good job in hiding your hots for Tom. Nobody knew about it. Well, nobody except your best friend on set- Cole. Cole caught you way before you even admitted to your ownself that you were falling for Tom. You hate how easily Cole reads you. Best friends’ intuition, I guess.

Anyway, you and Tom got along pretty well too. He was always his goofy self, cracking stupid jokes every opportunity he got, doing 100 things at the same time but nonetheless, making sure everybody was having a good time. Work didn’t feel like work when you were with him. He would always give you the warmest hug- and to everyone as well. 

He made horrible attempts to break you out of your shy shell and in doing so, you found yourself falling for him. You don’t know when you started getting butterflies for this young South-west London lad. You found yourself searching for silly excuses to go see him or give him his tea. You would usually end up chatting with him about the silliest things on the red sofa which was placed in the middle of the set were not sure why it was kept there but it had been there since the first day. It became your spot. You and Tom’s, to be precise. You would hangout there almost every 5:30pm because you and his free-time coincided at this hour only. Days when you didn’t have a single scene with him were the ones you dreaded the most. However, you always got to catch him on the red sofa over your mutual love for tea at 5:30pm.

You’re not sure if Tom has the same liking towards you, I mean, he’s just so nice to everyone! When he’s with you, he woud make you feel like you’re the only girl in the room. Pretty sure, everybody in the room feels that way when they talk to him. He’d always make the warmest cup of tea during your 5:30 couch time and tell you stories about his family and his sweetheart Tessa. Tom also had his way of making you blush by telling you how ‘wonderful’ you look every now and then. Yeah, it’s hard to tell if he likes you but you would like to think that he does..even if it’s just a little bit.

Right now, you’re lazily sitting on the couch with Cole. You have few minutes of break before heading for an interview.

 “I think he’s doing an interview with Z in the other room,” you nag as you rest your head on Cole’s shoulder.

He scoffs,”Geez, (Y/n), don’t be that girl”

You abruptly sit up straight,”What girl?”

“You know,” he nervously utters,”The green eyed monster bitten g-“

“Ufff, I’m not jealous,” you sigh and turn towards the other room where Tom and Zendaya are supposedly get interviewed,”I was just saying…” you drop your head.

“Aww,” Cole chuckles as he lifts your head up with his finger,”You’re adorable. I wish he knew how you felt,”

You move away and roll your eyes,”Like he’d ever like a slob like me when he has this gorgeous Z all over him,”

You meant it. You don’t think you have any chance with Tom. Regardless of the wonderful bond you shared with Tom, you always felt like Zendaya had the upperhand since she’s the one who got  to spend most of the time with Tom. She also has millions backing her ship with Tom.

“(Y/N),” you hear one of the crew assistants call out,”You and Cole are up next for  the interview,”

“That’s our cue,” Cole blurts before ruffling your hair.

“Hey!” you hit his arm. He chuckles in response.

You head towards the interview room.

”After you, ma’am.” Cole opens the door for you like a pro-butler.

“Thank you, Mr Sprouse” you chuckle at his fake courtesy.

Little did you know that in a few seconds time you’d be wishing Cole hadn’t let you in first.

Your heart drops. You lose your breath for a second.

On entering the room, you’re greeted by the sight of Tom and Zendaya kissing.

Something you had always seen coming.

Something you wished would never happen.

Something you dreaded.

Something that made your heart break more than you thought it would.

Suddenly all the butterflies in your stomach seem to have fallen dead.

The touch of Cole’s hand on your shoulder made you step out of the blackhole you were putting yourself into. “I’m sorry, I can’t-“ you run out of the room. You don’t know if Tom had seen you since you left so abruptly.


4 hours since the vague scene at the interview room. 4 hours since you covered your mouth and held yourself together as you bawled your eyes out on the bathroom floor. Much to your contempt, shootings were usually 6-7 hours long so that meant you had to stay here for few more hours. Other days, 7 hours felt like 7 minutes but today it feels like a lifetime. You’ve done a pretty good job at holding yourself together and ignoring Tom. You know you have no right to be mad at him, he wasn’t even yours in the first place. But it..hurts.

You thought he liked you. Maybe you were only fooling yourself but you really thought  he did. Maybe you got your hopes up too high but a part of you always felt like he did like you back. The way he’d always make you feel at home, the time you’d spend laughing and talking about everything on the lounge, the way- No, (Y/n), maybe all of those things meant a lot to you because you liked him, or even loved, but it doesn’t matter now. It shouldn’t matter. Because it clearly meant nothing to him. It meant nothing to Tom.

You still can’t get the image of him and Zendaya kissing. It’s funny how you can get your heart broken the same time the other person’s heart collides.


You’re now in Cole’s temporary trailer on the set. He spent the whole day making sure you weren’t alone and invaded the thoughts of Tom and Z. You have few minutes of break before your next scene. Cole has already left for his. You haven’t seen Tom since that incident. And you’re glad you haven’t. You even missed the 5:30 red sofa ritual you shared with Tom.

It meant nothing to him, you remind yourself.

You hear the door click open. You pull yourself up from Cole’s couch, “Cole, I was just-“

“Thought I might find you here,” Tom smiles lovingly.

You feel your stomach tighten. You open your mouth to say something but nothing comes out. You can’t even look at him, “I  was just leaving,” you quickly utter as you see yourself out.

“Wait, (Y/n). I didn’t see you the entire day! Where were you?”

“I was just-“

“And you didn’t show up at the red sofa either. You know that’s our thing,”

The last sentence made your fist tighten and your heart weak. Why, why does he do that?

“I’m busy. See you later,”

It took everything in you to walk past the guy you had loved for so long and pretend that your heart wasn’t breaking when you did.

“(Y/n)..” you could almost faintly hear him but you didn’t turn back. No, you weren’t turning back for him anymore. You had been a fool for too long. How could you have not seen this coming?

You continued to love him even though it was you against all the fangirls and the press. I did this to myself.


You spent the next hours of the day keeping yourself busy and avoiding Tom. Somehow you kept bumping into him more than usual. You ignored every attempt of his to talk to you. You played it cool and mellow to make sure you weren’t giving off any awkward vibes. You continued to remind yourself that he wasn’t even yours to begin with, so you don’t have any right to be mad at him.

           You were just shooting your last scene when you saw Tom walk into your area. Tom was well-known to have the most hectic schedule out of everyone so you have no idea why he was here and not somewhere else shooting his scene.

Just dropping by, I guess.

“And cut!”

“That was a great scene, (Y/n)” Emma, one of the producers, applauds you.

“Thank you,” you warmly smile as you grab a bottle of water to hydrate yourself, completely ignoring the fact that Tom is in here too.

“Great shot, (Y/n)” you hear another familiar voice approach towards you.


“Thanks, Tom” you quickly reply and try to leave-abruptly, again.


He’s too close for you to ignore anymore. “I’m getting late, I have to-“

“I can drop you home,” he says in a low tone, sounding almost melancholy.

“That’s okay, I have a ride! I’m sorry, I have to lea-“ you quickly make another desparate but successful attempt to leave.

You walk towards the changing room to grab your stuffs and go home. You quickly collect your bags  and walk yourself out of the set.

You were just about to get into your car when you heard someone call out your name again.

You turn around to find Tom, again.

 This has never happened before. In all these months of shooting, he has never made himself this available.

“Oh, Tom. I told you I have a-“

“So I’m guessing you saw, huh?” he bluntly utters.

“Saw, what?”

“You know what,”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, Tom. I’ll see you to-“

“You know exactly what I’m talking about,”

You take a deep breath and a long pause. You’ve been trying to avoid him the entire day to avoid having this conversation but here he is, pestering you for the same. You know he doesn’t feel anything for you, he never did, but hearing him actually say that would be even more torturous. You’d rather pretend your heart didn’t break when you saw him kiss Zendaya and that you didn’t really love him just so you could get past the next days of shooting without wanting to breakdown everytime you see him. It’d be easier to pretend nothing happened.

“So what, Tom?” you sigh,”So what if I saw you and Zendaya kiss?”

“Is that why you’ve been ignoring me the whole day?”

“I wasn’t-“

“Please. I know the way you used to look at me but today you were just-“

“JUST WHAT?” you increase your tone out of frustration,”SAD?HEARTBROKEN? DEVASTATED? Is that what you want to hear? You want me to tell you that I could feel my heart sink and that  I wish that I’d never entered the interview room in the first place? God, I wish I could tell you. I wish I could tell you what you want to hear so badly but trust me, ‘hurt’ would be an understatement to the way I felt when I saw you kiss Z. And as for walking into the interview room, I’m glad I saw it.”

“(Y/n), I’m sorry, I-”

You cut him off. You hold back your tears and gather up all your guts as you complete your sentence,” You’re not the one of blame here, you weren’t even mine to begin with. You made me think that maybe you did like me, or maybe that was just me fooling myself. And there is nothing worse in the world than thinking you have a chance..,” you choke,”.. when you really don’t.”

And with that, you leave.

“(Y/n),”He immediately grabs hold of your hand.

“Let me go,”




“Let me..,” you abruptly pull out your hand from his grip, “..go”.

And he did.


A/N : Please, it doesn’t have to end like this!!! PART 2 coming up  soon ;)


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BTS Reaction to Their S/O Getting Sick Before a Preformance

A/N: the hyung line ended up a little more angsty that the anon probably expected


Jin was reluctant to go on with the rest of the boys when he saw the color drain from your face and your body sway slightly. He walked up to you and cupped your face gently, his worry growing at how hot your face was. He knew you were sick and he was going to tell his manager and Namjoon that he wasn’t going to perform until you gently laid your forehead against his shoulder. You asked him practically had to beg him to go on stage and let one of the staff take care of you, even then the audiece could tell he wasn’t fully with the preformance.

“Jagiya. I’m not leaving you when you’re this sick.”

“Jin, please… Your career is more important, I’ll be fine with rest.”

“Don’t ever say anything is more important. You’re my everything (y/n) and I would give you the world to make you better.”

“Just please perform for me. Your voice always makes me feel better.”



You would be his first priority before doing anything on stage. He didn’t care how long the performance is stalled, he needs to make sure that you’re in good hands. Yoongi will bring you a shit ton of cold waters and a blanket for when you get cold while you lay in the dressing room. He makes sure you have a sceen to watch the performance on too, knowing how, even if you were sick, you’ll never miss one of their performances or vlives. Yoongi will make sure you have everything you need and if you need anything during the performance, to just call for him and he’ll come running.

“I’m just a shout away, you know that right?”

“Yes Yoongi. Now go, your fans are waiting.”

“Just tell one of the staff or guards that you need something and they’ll get me.” 

“Okay, I understand. Now go!”

“Alright… you know I love you more than life right jagiya?”

“I love you too Yoongs. Now go, I’ll still be here when you get back.”


Hoseok will from sunshine boy to serious in less than a second the moment he sees you not feeling good. He’d be more forced on stage then of his own free will and ends up with his attention more on you sitting in the wings watching him than keeping up a stage face for the fans. He’ll trip up a few times too with how distracted he is but it becomes less frequent as he spots the color coming back into your cheeks. Hoseok will end up heading over to you at one point during the show and just place a soft kiss on your forehead, lowkey checking your temperature, and telling you how much he loves you before going back on stage.

“Hobi, you need to go back on stage now.”

“I’m just happy that you’re feeling better.”

“I’ll feel even better if you go out there and have fun.”

“But I’d rather stay here with you.”

“Hobi! Go!”


Namjoon woud trust the staff to take care of you. In no way does this mean he doesn’t care about you. After the performance, he will take you home and will take care of you all night and until you’re all better. He puts on a strong face as the leader as everyone expects of his even though he’s wrecked inside that he’s not able to make sure you’re okay. He’ll keep messing with the string bracelet round his wrist you had braided him a while back, a nervous habit he gained when he’s worried about you. Once the performance is over, Namjoon will run off stage to go to you and just hold you. Nothing spoken, just him with his face buried in you neck as he lts your touch calm him down.

“Joonie, I promise I’m okay. It was just a fever.”

He says nothing, just tightens his grip on you waist.

“I love you too Namjoon. i love you too.”


Jimin will try and get you home. He wants you somewhere where you can rest and feel comfortable, which won’t happen on a small couch in a dressing room. He’ll call one of the managers over, and dispite your protests, will ask them to get you home safely. You wouldn’t have much strength from you high fever but you will send him a weak and sad look because you had promised to be in the wings to support him. Jimin would just give you a sad smile and mouth a small ‘get well’ with a wave beforegoing on stage, the neutral/sad look never leaving his face until he was able to see you again after they were done.

“But Jimin-”

“No ‘but’s (y/n). You’re going home and getting rest.”

“I told you I’d be here to support you though. I’m not even that sick.”

“You can come to the next one. I just want you healthy jagiya. Please go home and get some rest. I’ll see you after we’re done.”



Taehyung would be upset that you came when you’re sick in the first place. He’s made the point that you’re the most important thing to him tmany times and the fact that you came to support him instead of taking care of yourself makes his heart hurt. He’ll let you stay because he wants to make sure you get home himself and his worries are less with you being somewhere where he can reach you in a quick amount of time. Before he goes on stage, he’ll run his fingers through your hair and place a kiss on your forehead and then give you a small scolding for not taking care of yourself.

“(y/n), never do this again. You have no idea how worried I was when you nearly fainted.”

“I’m sorry but I really wanted to watch you and be here to support you.”

“Your health comes before my career jagiya.”

“I’m so lucky to have you.”

“And I you.”


Jungkook wouldn’t know what to do. He’s still new to relaionships and he’s lowkey freaking out. He’ll bring you to the dressing room and lay you on the couch before running off to find one of his hyungs. He’ll end up swept on stage before he could get a chance to ask or even make sure you were completely okay. He wouldn’t be able to focus and end up with more mess ups than any of the others. They’ll all end up crowding him afterwords, questioning why he was so off on stage. Jungkook would just push past them to run off to you, his hyungs hot on his heels, and would enter the dressing room to find you asleep with a, now room temperature, water bottle pressed to you forehead.

“Jungkook, what’s wro-”

The maknae shushes them as he removes the water bottle and places a blanket over you.

“She’s sick and I wasn’t able to check on her before going on stage.”

“Aww, the baby’s all grown up.”

He ends up throwing something at them to get them out of the room so you could sleep in peace.

NCT 127 Reactions: Having a shared hobby

A/N: I guess every couple shares some hobbies, but I mean it like a thing only the both of you do together. Have fun!


Originally posted by nakasyuta

The both of you would have photography dates where you would wander around the city and take aesthetic photos of each other or buildings you like. Late you would edit the pictures at home, print them out and stick them in a shared photoalbum (omg how cute just imagine)

Taeil: Singing

Originally posted by fullsunhaechan

We all know this boy can sing, but so can you. At first he’d be shy  but after hearing you sing along to a song on the radio he would love to sing with you. You would play karaoke,sing songs to each other when you were bored or needed something to calm you down. He would probably sing you parts of his new songs , so you could judge them.

Johnny:Visiting museums

Originally posted by ohbaibeeitsyou

I feel like Johnny is a person who really appreciates culture and art and wants to learn about them. The both of you would meet and visit all the museums you could reach. Sometimes you woud even travel for a weekend to visit a museum which is more than a few hours away. He’d hold your hand while walking down the corridors and you would talk about different interpretations of the drawing you just saw.

Yuta: Watching Anime

Originally posted by apolletoile

I’m not being racist here, but this man really loves watching anime since it reminds him of home. He’d love to cuddle with you while laying on a couch and watch every anime the both of you knew of. He would show you some more unknown shows and would jam out with you to the openings.Yuta would probably call out the errors of subtitles and would start to translate for you , speaking in funny voices to make you love.

Doyoung: Jogging

Originally posted by dovounq

This bunny may not look like it, but he loves jogging to deal with stress. You would accompany him one night and since then the both of you would always take a walk together. You would motivate each other to keep going and would reward yourself with take-away food.Sometimes you would talk while running, on other times you would just listen to music by yourself and appreciate each others company.

Jaehyun: Playing baseball

Originally posted by yoonohthings

why are they all so sporty At first, you were not so thrilled about the idea to throw a ball at your boyfriend and he had catch him but after you realized how happy you made him by sharing something he really loves with you, you started to like it . In the summer you would play baseball together and in the winter you would watch plays. You actually really enjoyed it after a while.

WinWin: watching movies

Originally posted by king-kisu

Like Yuta, this smol cutie enjoys watching movies and laying on a couch or his bed. The both of you would make yourself popcorn and other small snacks,darken  the room and watch movies together. You would show him your favorite ones and vice versa.You would hold each other at sad moments and you would laugh together at funny ones.It may be nothing special, but it was to you.

Mark:playing video games

Originally posted by markleetrashh

He’s a teenager and which teenager does not like video games? You would meet up to play Mario Kart or to help each other out with other games. I don’t think he would play stuff like Call of duty, he would enjoy simulations and stuff like that. Just imagine playing Animal Crossing together and visiting each others villages. You’d both have great fun! i’m so soft gosh

Haechan: Playing pranks on the other members

Originally posted by haecha

Let’s be real here, that’s his pride and joy. You would help him move funiture when the other members are out or you would change the salt and sugar containers. Then the both of you would hide in his room and would giggle and laugh until the members notice your prank and were on their way to whoop your asses.He’d tease you, but he’d never prank you likhis hyungs, since pranks are something he enjoys doing with you. He wants to see you laugh, not to get angry.

Next time someone in lazytown fandom will be dumped by their secret friend on Secret Friend Day, just go to me, I will be your not secret friend.

anonymous asked:

Woud you recommend being a vet? I mean to someonewho loves animals like I do. I'm pretty young and think about becoming a vet. What are the upsides and downsides?

Upside: There are animals.

Downside: They mostly come with people attached

Upside: You get to improve the lives of animals.

Downside: Not all the time. Whether it’s because of money or because of people’s choices, there are lots of cases where we do not end up doing everything you have been trained to do.

Upside: You get to meet and interact with lots of different animals, across different species.

Downside: Most of them are sick, injured or frightened and don’t want to see you.

Upside: Your workload is varied, between medicine, surgery, preventative care, production systems, etc.

Downside: It’s stressful, it’s equally as complex as human medicine, only your patients don’t talk or consent for themselves.

Upside: Some people really, really appreciate the difference you’re made to their animal and their lives. 

Downside: The rest of them don’t, and will accuse you of being just in it for the money, endangering their pet with modern science or ripping them off.

I’ve said many times before, and I wish the general public could understand, is that loving animals is not enough. Veterinary medicine is medicine, it’s stressful, it’s demanding, it doesn’t pay well, the hours are unsociable and veterinarians have significant mental health burdens as a result.

I’ve also said many times that if animals are really the only thing you love, if animals are the only thing that brings you joy, then don’t become a veterinarian. You will see animals through a lens that identified problems more than joy, and it will drive you mad.

☁️ BTS reaction to you breaking their thing

☁️ = fluff

🌸 = smut


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You coming up to your boyfriend, Jin commiting to breaking one of his Mario toys would make him act like he is actually angry. He would pout and whine “How could you Jagiya?! I trusted youuuu”. Seeing you actually believing that he was mad would make him feel a little guilty. Seokjin would hug you and kiss your forehead reasuring you that it’s fine and it’s just a toy.


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I think Suga would act like nothing really happened. He was trying to play it cool, when you came up apologizing for breaking his favorite pair of headphones. “Yeah…it’s fine.” - he would try to hide his emotions behind his cute gummy smile, cursing in his mind. “You’re mad… aren’t you? I’m sorry, I will buy you new ones” you said. He just hugged you and repeated that there’s no need to worry about that. When you hugged him back all of his anger dissappeared.


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Now Hoseok, the sunshine he is - wouldn’t care at all if you broke something. He didn’t want to make you feel guilty. He randomly hugged you, not even letting you finish your sentence and spun you around screaming “You’re so cuteeeeee when you smile! So don’t be sad about it! ”.


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Like Hoseok, I don’t think Namjoonie would care that much. He would just laugh it off, saying that Yoongi hyung can probably fix it. “You know that it’s my job breaking stuff, Jagiya!” he said hugging you from the back and giving you the cutest smile you have ever seen.


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Jiminie, similar to Yoongi would try to stay calm. Taking his only phone charger without him even knowing, would make anyone feel guilty. So you did. Keeping your head down, quietly apologizing was making the atmosphere a little bit tense. Finally, Jimin decided to break it. “Really Jagiya…? What do I do now, should I punish you for that?”. You would look up at him. Realizing what he just said, would make him smirk a little, embarassed he tried to walk out of the room, when you grabbed him by his sleeve - “Why don’t you?” you smiled.


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Wanting to be a good girlfriend that you are, you have decided to iron one of favorite Tae’s Gucci shirts. Accidentaly, you left the iron for too long on the fabric, so it burned out a nice triangle, shaped hole in the chest area. Taehyung walking in the room made you panic. Cutting his sentence, he would stare at the shirt in silence just to break it with complains “Do you know how much it must have costed?”, “It was my favorite”, “My fan gave it to me”. Seeing you almost breaking down in tears, would make him burst out in laughter - “Did I go too far? I was just testing my acting skills”. You just blushed and angrily punched him in the chest - “Ouch, I should the one doing that! ” laughing, he hugged you.


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Jungkook? More like Jungshook, because this boy would have no idea how to react. Should he scold you? Or maybe hug you and assure you that it’s fine? He stood in silence looking at you apologizing. Yes, he was annoyed, but he felt like you were more important. Seeing him not responding to your apologies, woud make you worry, but he soon breaks the silence - “So… you wanna watch a movie?” he said, scratching his neck, ignoring the entire situation.

Exo Reaction: To you being mature during/after an argument

Here it is anon ! Hopefully you will like it, thank you for requesting :D



He enjoyed the fact that you preferred to discuss any problems that happened between you too, because then the arguments would not last for a long time and it would also bring you both emotionally closer.

“ You look cute when you are all serious, and I agree with you, lets not fight because of silly things”

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He admired the way that you responded to arguments or any problems in the relationship. It also made him feel that you trusted him enough to open up about how you were feeling and sort things out as soon as possible

“ Jagi, now that we have talked about the issue, lets not fight anymore okay”

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He didnt like when arguments happened, expecially when you both stayed mad at each other for too long. Therefore, he was always glad when your mature side came out and you approached him to discuss the problem.

“ It seems like we cant stay mad at each other for long, my mature jagi”

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I think that Kyungsoo would like a more mature girlfriend, expecially when sorting out problems between you too. Therefore, he would like your mature side and you both woud sort out the problem really quickly.

“I’m glad that we spend less time fighting and more time loving each other”

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Another member who I think really dislikes silent treatments or lack of communication when there is a problem between you too, so he would be glad that you were also willing to talk about the issue and get over the problem as soon as possible

“ Lets not fight again okay, I’m glad that you trust me enough to talk about the problem”

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He liked seeing you happy, so when arguments happened it really hurt him. So he was always very happy when you approached him and talked to him about why you got upset and also listened to his reasons for being upset too . To him that was the best way to deal with arguments, so he really appreciated this side of you.

“ I don’t like seeing you upset baobei, so I accept your apology, but I am also sorry if I made you upset, lets not fight anymore”

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He always felt relieved when you approached him to talk bout what was bothering you two, it showed that you trusted him and also wanted to stop fighting with each other.

“ I’m glad that we are not fighting anymore, now that we have talked about it, lets both not repeat the same mistake again”

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Fighting or lack of communication between you too after a argument was something that he really detested and wanted to stay alway from. Therefore, everytime you quietly approached him and talked about the problem, he also felt relieved and glad that you gave him an opportunity for him to express why he got upset too.

“ Now that we have both listened to each others side of the story, lets do something to cheer us up okay, I think we both need it”

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Honestly, I think that he would really like this mature side of you, as the oldest member I also feel like that he would like a girl who not only listens to her own opinion but others as well.

“ Oh man. how did I end up so lucky, everytime you do this it just makes me love you even more”

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Luhan doesn’t like arguments, expecially long lasting ones. So when you approached him he would listen to your opinion and try to understand your side of the story as well, but overall he would be really grateful that you listened to his side as well.

“ Wow Y/n I wasn’t expecting such a mature side of you, sometimes I feel like you are even more mature than me”

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Wu Yifan

To be honest , I think that Yifan is a quite a chill guy so I don’t think that many arguments between you too would happen. However, he was always happy when your pacific side came out and sorted any problems that you both had

“ Y/n I think that this pacific, mature side of you is becoming my favourite”

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He would find this side of you very attractive and to be honest it was one of his favorite things about you. It always came out at the right time and stopped arguments from starting or escalating, so really he had nothing to complain

“ Y/n teach me your always to be so pacific/calm during an argument”

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Hello, I hope that you all enjoyed this reaction !

Sorry if it was a bit repetitive, of if some are longer than others :D

Also, my reactions requests are OPEN , so feel free to request!!

Dating Draco and Being a Hufflepuff Would Include....

Request-  Hey sweetie, could you please do a Hufflepuff x Draco would include ?


Dedicated to @mmtriemstra because you’re my favorite Hufflepuff. Enjoy!


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  • no one would believe it when the two of you started dating
  • I mean c’mon, he’s like the biggest badass in the school
  • and you’re the sweetest little Hufflepuff
  • but after a while, the two of you would become Hogwarts OTP
  • somany nose kisses
  • and he would give you a ton of hairline kisses
  • he would also tease you all the time because it always makes you blush
  • and he absolutely adores it when you blush because it just makes you ten times more adorable
  • Draco and you would spend a ton of time in your common room
  • because he secretly loves it but would never admit it out loud
  • it is a pretty sweet common room
  • just saying
  • he also loves how close it is to the ktichen
  • Draco likes to eat a lot of sweets to make up for the bitter way he treats people
  • so having a close kitchen and you helps him out
  • lots of cuddling
  • especially when one of you are sad or stressed out
  • helping each other study
  • but is always end in something else
  • only because Draco can’t help himself whenyou bite your lip while you read
  • he would be in love with playing with your hair
  • “It’s just so soft.”
  • so he would also bury his face in it while the two of you cuddle
  • you guys would rarely fight
  • but when you did, it was pretty big 
  • but you would alwasy makeup in the end
  • because even though it didn’t seem like it sometimes, you guys were meant for eachother
  • “Draco?”
  • “Yes, pet?” 
  • “Do you believe in soulmates?”
  • “Why wouldn’t I believe in them when I’m talking to my very own right now?”
  • sleeping in his dorm all the time
  • “Those look great on you love but they would look best on the floor…”
  • we all know the sex would be fantastic
  • you could almost say that he would be magical in bed
  • you guys would get super into holidays
  • like you guys would be that one couple who goes really far with things like dressing up and throwing parties for holidays
  • but it would be really cool
  • he would always have a hand on you as well
  • and he woud be extremely overprotective
  • “Don’t you dare look at my girl like that again Potter or I’ll make sure you’ll be the boy who died of mysterious reasons!”
  • You guys would just be super happy together
  • everyone at Hogwarts would have you guys as their OTP
  • even the professors
  • “Fifty points to both houses for making my heart happy by just looking at the two of you.”
Nct 127's reaction to having a s/o that enjoys singing

Request: I was wondering if I could request a reaction from NCT 127 to his s/o being a singer? like, not a professional or famous one but more like a casual singer who happens to be very good at it :) cheers!

A/N: i like singing myself and this was so fun to write , thanks for requesting !



Since he’s a really good singer himself , you were too shy to tell him that you yourself enjoyed singing , afraid that he may judge you .

But one afternoon while you were cooking lunch , you started singing to the music playing in the background , as you thought Taeil was sleeping in his room , like always . Little did you know he was mesmerised by your voice , as he appeared from behind you , harmonising and singing together , with a proud and bright smile on his face .

After that day , the both of you started singing together during your free time , as he gives you tips and advice on how to sing better .

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He always knew you liked singing , as he’d always catch you humming to songs while you were doing work , and also hearing you sing as you watched the different music shows on television .

He loves it when you sing , and would always clap cheerfully and loudly , acting like your fan , as he jams to your singing .

this is him whenever you sing:

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Mother Taeyong woud find your singing beautiful and mesmerising , as he often sat beside you , giving you a proud smile as he cheered you on to finish the song .

He loves giving you compliments every time you sing , and he encourages you no matter what ,

“ Your voice is so beautiful , i’m in love ”

“ You should go be a singer babe , you’re doing great .”

“ Such an angelic voice ”

Originally posted by 1aeil


Whenever he heard you sing in the shower , he’d smile & laugh to himself , as he found it cute how you always didn’t sing infront of him , but would get so into singing in the shower it’d get really loud .

So he teased you sarcastically at first , “ Wow , you sing so softly in the shower , i can’t hear you at all ” . And when you hit him playfully with your cheeks all reddened , he’d smile again and hug you, “ kidding babe , your singing’s wonderful , you should do that outside of the shower too , i want to hear it everyday ”

the way he smiles whenever you sing for him :

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You never really thought you were good at singing , as you just sang casually to songs , and it was not until the first time Doyoung heard you sing that made you more confident , as he complimented you non stop ,

“ I think you can sing better than i can , wow ”

“ You’re so talented babe ”

“ I could listen to you sing all day and not get bored . ”

When he has the time he sings with you and both of you would often record song covers too .

when he first heard you sing:

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Jaehyun instantly smiled and clapped his hands as he heard you singing for the first time - when he joined you and a few other friends to a karoke session .

Soon after he’d beg you to sing for him , claiming that he needs to see your ‘performance’ at least once a week .

He loves singing with you , especially when it’s a duet ballad song , as the both of you are able to interact and sing together ,showing your strong connection .

pretend you’re mark in here:

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This cute bun would be shocked at first when he heard you sing , his eyes widened and his eyebrows raised , but would slowly smile and blush as he found your voice and vocals amazing .

He saves your contact in his phone as “ my idol ❤ ” and likes to joke about making you a trainee in sm , then forming a collaborative unit with you , claiming that he’d be the dancer , you , the singer .

But he loves it most when you sing to him late at night , as the both of you are cuddled on the bed , as he finds your voice soothing and calming , making him fall asleep .

the way he stares and smiles at you when you sing:

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Mark found it amazing how you’d always sing while doing activities , from doing work , to simple things such as watching the television .

Like Taeyong , he smiles at you encouragingly whenever you sing , and would clap & cheer for you everytime after you finish .

He loves playing his guitar while you sing , and both of you could spend hours playing and singing together , and he’d compose songs for you to sing to when he has the time .

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This dork teased you as soon as he heard you singing , claiming that he was a better singer than you were . But deep down he loves it when you sing , and at times you’d catch him smiling to himself unknowingly , as you sing softly to yourself .

He often finds excuses to make you sing , but doesn’t make it obvious ,

“ You know they say , practice makes perfect , if you want to be as good as me , then sing more often ”

“ Sing for me now , i need to give you advice so you can improve babe ”

“ Your singing isn’t as good as mine but since i’m a nice boyfriend , i’m willing to listen ”

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Ikon reaction to their s/o running up and hugging them because they had a bad day.


This man would be surprised at first if he didn’t see you beforehand or didn’t know what happened. Would be quick to comply though, woud let you hug him as long as you needed, caressing your back gently, but demanding afterwards that you tell him what happened.


Originally posted by mvssmedia


The sweetest guy in this world wouldn’t be taken aback by your sudden action, would let you hug him for a week straight. He wouldn’t need to ask you anything, he knew you will tell him as soon as you feel better. Definition of gentleness and understanding.

Originally posted by ikonis


Just a word: adorable. I see him being similar to Jinan in this situation, sweet and caring. Hugging you so tight, trying to make you feel both the psysical and sentimental closeness.

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“What happend, baby?” He asked surprised with a worried smile, ready to crack a joke. He would shut himself up though seeing that you weren’t your bright self at that moment, choosing instead to hug you so tightly that you could swear your ribs were screaming.

( that hairstyle tho)

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Being the sweet marshmallow he is, I feel like he is one of those persons that could “feel” you, like he could sense if something was off. Does it make sense?Wouldn’t ask anything, holding you thightly, trying to suffocate you with love <3

(you are yunhyeong)

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He would put aside his sassy attitude, reveling his sweet side to you, seeing you like this would make him kinda sad as well, expect a night filled with love, hugs, kisses and caresses.

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This little baby would a little awkward at first, but comfort you regardless of this, would ask continuously what’s going on and how he can make you feel better, but when you answered that his embrace is more than enough, he would melt into your arms and you in his.

 (ignore caption) 

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