you wont need me

Victon Sejun meeting Kookmin
  • Sejun: OMG, Jimin sunbaenim! I'm a big fan of yours! You are my role model! I lo-
  • Jeongguk: *start hissing while hugging Jimin*
  • Jimin: Jeongguk what are you-
  • Jeongguk: *glares* He. is. MINE
  • Sejun: umm.. *blinks weirdly*
  • Jeongguk: I SAID MINE
  • Jimin: Jeongguk, no!
inspired by an otayuri comic •v•

*phone call
friend: heyy wanna come over?

me: starts sobbing

friend: are you watching those things again

me: no of course not



me: *stares at tumblr dash full of yoi otp’s



ITS GIVEAWAY TIMEEEEEEEEE! I am SO EXCITED to be doing this one since i know SHINee’s surprise Vacation is pretty much holy grail for Shawols! my followers were truly amazing to me this past year in so many ways, i appreciate you all so much!! Here are the rules:

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im reaching maximum bitter overdrive and i need to vent

i went back to reread some stuff because i’m a masochist and i actually paused to look at the scoreboard and i just get even more infuriated

the sets shiratorizawa won, they won overwhelmingly, while karasuno won all their sets with the minimum required point difference, meaning that it was practically random and karasuno won by sheer luck. also if it had been a regular 3 set match it would have been shiratorizawa’s victory. this is such an incredibly cheap victory for the main characters and i just… i expected so much better from haikyuu

and will you look at this

karasuno’s total points: 117

shiratorizawa’s total points: 125


who makes up the rules for this sport. i have half a mind to call the foundation of sport rules RIGHT NOW and

i can only hope the people watching the match come to the same realization i have and celebrate shiratorizawa as the true victors and that their careers aren’t ruined

they just… they both deserved and needed to win this and karasuno did not, that’s just the way it is

im sorry y'all im gonna take a small break explaination in tags

like if you read

I’ll see you somewhere, I’ll see you sometime darling..
—  The Smiths~ I won’t share you
As Hard As I Can- Derek Hale


“What am I supposed to do, Derek? My alpha is dead! My pack is dead! I have no one else! I can’t be an omega, I wont survive! I need you to get me to Scott!” you followed Derek into his loft, where he walked over to the table and smashed his fist on it.

“WHY IS IT ALWAYS SCOTT?” He yelled. “I know he’s a true alpha! I know he’s a great kid! I know all that! But he is just a kid! And so are you!” he turned to you.

“So what are you saying then?” you asked frantically.

“I’m saying that a kid shouldn’t be taught by another kid! You need me! Not Scott! It’s me who you should want to help you!” Derek yelled stressfully.

You were quiet- you know that he could teach you control and take care of you just as well as Scott could. “You’re right Derek- I do need you.” you admitted.

“What?” Derek’s puppy dog eyes graced yours with their stare.

“I said, I need you, Derek.” You repeated, stepping closer to the beta.

Derek exhaled. “Well the moon is out right now. If you want me to teach you, it’s going to hurt.” he sighed.

“I can take it- I trust that you know what you’re doing.” you said.


Your every limb was chained to a strong pillar in the loft, luckily for you, the chains were long enough that you could walk a few meters away before you were forced to stop.

“Does that hurt?” Derek looked up at you with big eyes.

It hurt like hell, but you took the pain. “I’m fine.”

“If I’m going to help you, you need to be honest with me about how you feel.” Derek said.

You looked him in the eyes. “I feel like my arms are gonna rip off.” you admitted. “I need something to keep me from pulling at them.”

Derek walked over to the pillar where your chains were attached and you followed. Sitting down on the cold hard floor with him.

“You need an anchor to keep you in control.” he informed you. “Something to give you human feeling.”

You laughed, “Well, pain always works. Humans feel pain easily.” you stated.

“Yeah, but I’m not hurting you.” Derek said with a stern look.

“Well we’ve got to do something to make me feel human. I react mostly to the physical side of things.” You looked Derek in his big eyes again. Before you were even aware of your actions, you attached your lips to his, and his eyes shut immediately.

You were shocked at how calm he was, considering the angry guy he seemed to be. He just let you kiss him- until you pulled away.

“Uh, sorry.” you said, not sure what came over you.

Derek simply looked you in the eyes before pulling you in for another kiss. His lips were soft and his kiss was gentle. He pulled away after a few seconds.

“You kiss me like I’m about to break.” you said.

“I’m scared I’ll break you.” he laughed.

“I’m not a kid.” you argued. 

“Yes, you are.” Derek crossed his arms.

“No-“ you undid the top few buttons of your button-up dress, exposing your smooth skin and bare breasts. “No, I’m not a kid, Derek.” you smirked.

Derek’s eyes were glued to your chest. “So, uh- you mostly react to physical stuff, huh?” he let out quietly in a low and husky voice. 

“Mhmm” you nodded. “But you should know, I react best when its, um, hard.”

“Hard?” he asked.

“I like pressure and I love it-“ you crawled onto Derek’s lap. “When that pressure comes from being fucked hard.” you laughed.

Derek wasn’t laughing though. He just pulled you in for a rough kiss, biting your lip, kissing down your neck, sucking and biting it.

“You wanna be fucked hard, y/n?” Derek asked.

You nodded eagerly.

Derek ripped off your dress, leaving you in nothing but your panties. He licked his lips before pushing you onto the ground, spreading you out onto the cold floor.

You could feel a chill from it, sending shivers through your body, but it all just added to the intensity of the fact that Derek Hale was going to fuck you.

“You want me to fuck you?” Derek bent down to your ear and whispered in it.

 “Yes, Derek. Yes, please!” you replied.

Derek slid his hand over your panties, stroking you slowly, making you wetter than you already were. 

His hand travelled to your back and you felt his claws come out and dig into your skin, causing you to arch your back.

“Derek-“ you let out.

Derek smiled at you and you nodded to him, signaling that what he was doing was ok.

He dug his claws deeper into your back, drawing blood, leaving marks that would soon heal.

“You’re really wet, y/n- what should I do about it, huh?” Derek ripped off your underwear and leaned down, licking your pussy up and down slowly, tasting you.

You moved your hips with his rhythm, forcing Derek to take a hard and tight grip on your hips while he tasted you.

Derek buried his face in you, pulling at your folds with his teeth, licking you faster and harder.

Derek lowered his head even more so that his tongue was at your entrance. You bit your lip and reached for his head, shoving his face into your pussy, forcing his tongue inside you. He stuck it in and out repeatedly, while stroking you with his fingers.

You moaned loudly in pleasure.

“More, Derek- more.” you pleaded.

Derek pulled away from you, taking his shirt off and his pants. He slid his body on top of yours.

You could feel his large and hard cock against your wet pussy, and Derek began to tease- grinding on you, rubbing your clit against his dick.

You let out a whimper. “You’re such a fucking tease.” You growled at him. 

“Careful, y/n- stay human.” Derek smirked.

You hadn’t even realized that your eyes had turned into a bright yellow and your fangs had begun protruding from your mouth.

“So you don’t want me to claw at your back- like this?” you frowned, digging your claws into his back, sliding them down, scratching him visibly.

Derek growled back at you, placing his cock at your entrance before smashing it inside of you. “You said you like it hard right?” Derek growled in your ear.

As he pushed in and out of you, your body arched and banged against the cold floor.

The cold ground sent shivers down your spine, adding to the pleasure and many sensations you were feeling.

You could feel your wetness increasing as Derek fucked you hard, but you wanted more friction, so you gripped Derek’s back tight and flipped him over, leaving you on top of him.

Derek laughed, moving his hips as you grinded on him. You couldn’t bare to tease him so you let yourself fall onto him, so you were lying on him.

You spread your legs and kneeled on either side of his body and started to bounce up and down on him, earning harsh and intense moans from Derek’s mouth.

“Fuck, y/n, you’re an animal.” Derek joked in a panting whisper.

“Yes, I am.” You replied, burying your face in the crook of his neck, biting at him with fanged teeth.

You were fucking him at a seriously fast and hard pace, which he loved. Derek lifted his head and wrapped his mouth around your nipple, biting at it and twisting it between his teeth, causing you to yell. “Oh god, Derek, yeah!”

Derek gripped your ass tightly, keeping himself inside you as he pushed you both backwards so you were sitting up, leaning against the pillar. 

As you grinded your hips vigorously against his, your clit rubbed against him, driving you over the edge.

“y/n, you wanna come for me?” Derek said through gritted teeth.

“Yes, Derek.” you replied with shut eyes.

“Wait until I say.” Derek growled with a grin on his face.

“I- I can’t hold it in for long.” you panted.

Derek continued thrusting into as you grew weaker, holding you tight and kissing your neck harshly.

“C-come for me.” Derek let out as he reached his high.

The last few thrusts were extremely hard, pushing you over the edge as you came around him.

You simply rested, still on Derek’s lap with him inside of you.

You both caught your breath. “Well-“ he began. “That was fucking amazing.”

You let out a weak laugh. “You kept me human.” you joked. “Maybe sex is my anchor.“ 

“Maybe sex with me is your anchor.” he corrected you, placing a kiss on your cheek.

“Why’s that?” you raised an eyebrow.

Derek leaned to your ear, whispering against it “Because no one else can fuck you as hard as I can… and that’s how you like it.”


Porn desensitizes the feelings I crave on the daily. 
I let them build over the week so I find what I’m looking for.
But enough is enough and I’m not strong enough.
To wait any longer.
If there was a website for love Id use it on the daily.
Id never leave my house.

Thank god sex isn’t all I want. But my body confuses me. 
It gets unbearable. The things I wash away with the bleach on my teeth wont kill me.
You need to feel like an animal. 
Like a demon.
Or youll never be free.
You’ll never be whole.

But porn makes me full.
Not the kind if full like mother’s home cooking.
But the cheap 3 dollar dollar burger.
Plagued in grease and filled with so many cocks, man is this even beef anymore?

I don’t want to survive. 
I hate surviving. I want to die and be reborn like a butterfly or a worm or your neighbor. 
I want to feel the feeling you feel right before the trigger and it doesnt matter which side of the gun Im on.

I wanna feel the bullet. I wanna feel the kick back, patty wack, give a dog a bone. 
I wanna bone you. But i want it to mean something. 
What does that even mean?

(Written and submitted by @nuttypeanutpersona)

i NEED it...please
  • Me: Daddy, I really want that
  • Daddy: We'll see about getting it as a Christmas present, baby.
  • Me: Let me rephrase. Daddy, I need that.
  • Daddy: Okay, so it will be your Christmas present
  • Me: No no, you dont understand. I need it NOW.
  • Daddy: Princess, use you manners.
  • Me: Okay, daddy I need that now, PLEASE!!
  • Daddy: wont let up will you?
  • Me: Nope! ^-^
  • Daddy: Alright, pick out the one you want.
  • Me: Yay!!
*trying to start up a convo with Garrus for the 10th time*

Shepard: Have you got a minute?

Garrus: Can it wait for a bit? I’m in the middle of some calibrations.

Shepard: Talk to you later, Garrus.

Garrus: I’ll be here if you need me.