you wont be fine

Normal Horoscope:

Aries: Contemplate the maze. Contemplate all that is beyond. Where do you see the maze? In your bookshelves? In your orange juice? The stars say not to get lost.

Taurus: If you wake up to find a viper on your stomach, go back to sleep. Either you will be fine or you wont be. Figure out who put a viper on you after the viper problem has been solved.

Gemini: If a monk tells you to listen to the river, its not a metaphor for the harmony of life or whatever, they just want you to shut the fuck up for two minutes so they can hear the river. Strive to hear the river.

Cancer: The end of the world will be one hell of a good time. You’ll even get to wake up the next day and work out the details on the new one.

Leo: It is a fundamental law of the universe. You may be the greatest cook the world has ever seen. Nobody. Nobody makes it like mom does.

Virgo: Many ancient cultures and religions saw semen as a substance of great power, the seed of life itself. This does not, in fact, mean that you can use it as a substitute for gasoline. Prepare to answer a lot of uncomfortable questions from the repair shop.

Libra: I apologize, your horoscope for today was stolen by something that looks like a pile of human hands wearing a ribbon. The stars and I are in pursuit and I have a very large and dangerous broom.

Scorpio: Let me ask you, just how important are your pants?

Ophiuchus: Spots and spines. It makes little difference unless youre up close. Dont get up close.

Sagittarius: Fire is a purifying force, as is water, and the light of the sun. Damn near everything is a purifying force of some sort or another. Right now the world is rain slick and beaded with starlight. Rest with it.

Capricorn: Intoxication comes in many many forms. Little consideration is given to those of little. The waster-awayers, the salt-drunk, the white-and-dry. It can be difficult to notice an overabundance of lacking.

Aquarius: When ancient alchemists wanted to learn how a frog worked they had to take it apart. The frog died. This applies to most things. The stars say don’t think too hard.

Pisces: I recently had someone say that they felt they were being “too negative” with their therapist. Listen, nobody goes to a therapist to share their happy memories. Get dour. Its good for you.

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People like you and your "cult" who idolise those books are what's wrong with today's society. You're all low-key shouvinistic racists

My babe, were just having fun. I assure you, I am not a racist, or ‘shouvinistic’ as you put it. But I believe the word you are looking for is  chauvinistic. I assure you, I’m not that either.

Thank you for going out of your way and gracing me with your anonymous presences and telling me that I, someone you do not know beyond social media, is a  ‘ shouvinistic racist’

I hope you have had a nice day. 

I’ll Be Your Nurse


“Babe, i’m sick.. so don’t kiss me” … “I don’t care, we’ll just be sick together” with percy? if you can’t/wont do it it’s fine. have a greatt day

Warning? Slight Language


You knew you shouldn’t have gone hiking with Percy, especially since the weather called for rain showers non-stop today. It started raining as soon as you were a mile away from camp with no shelter in sight except for a pricey hotel that wouldn’t even allow you in the lobby with your lack of mortal money. Now here you are, laying under a number of blankets brought up to your chin, hair sticky with sweat from your fever, and nose stuffy and running rapidly which was the reason behind the piles of dirty tissues in the trash bin beside your bed.

You tossed off the covers you so desperately needed only a minute ago while moaning about how hot you felt, swiping your forehead weakly and calling out for Will who was supposed to be taking care of you.

You propped yourself up on your elbows and peered around with a lazy gaze, “Will?” You croaked out, clutching your throat in pain. The only response you were given was silence and the occasional clanking of metal from the infirmary beds filled with injured campers.

You huff and swing your legs out from under the sheets and are greeted with the cold hardwood floor as you made your way– rather shakily– through the infirmary and out into the seemingly empty big house, “Chiron? Mr. D?”

No answer.

You groan out in pain when your head begins to throb in pain which started to obscure your already hazy vision. You lean against the wall, exhausted and feeling the need to vomit anything that was left in your already empty stomach.

“What are you doing?! Oh gods, let’s get you back to bed.” You hear someone say in a panicky voice just before you’re hoisted up onto your feet by strong arms. Now that you’re thinking about it, these arms felt familiar…

“You are so lucky I love you or else I’d be dragging you back by your arms.” Was that… Percy? You shake your head in an attempt to clear your vision enough to identify your nurse but it was no use.

You felt the slightly damp sheets of your bed from where you were sweating out your fever, inwardly groaning at the feeling of grossness and turning over on your side once the person had laid you down with a disapproving click of their tongue.

“Get some rest, dimwit.” You heard as you drifted into dreamland.

You were already planning his murder once you’re well.

You awoke later that day feeling slightly less like death than you did yesterday. Your head had ceased to throb and your fever had calmed down due to you sweating out the fever earlier that day.

“Look who’s up, rise and shine, sweetheart.” You heard a  tired voice chuckle. You turn your head and notice Percy sitting on a backward chair with his head resting on his crossed arms, “You feeling better?”

You nod and rub your eyes sleepily, “I still feel like death, but not as bad as yesterday. Was that you that helped me out last night?” You questioned with a raised brow and turning over to look at him dead on, “I could’ve sworn that was you, I can’t really remember it clearly, though.”

Percy cocked his head to the side, “Since you’re feeling better…” He trailed off, looking to the side before snapping his gaze back to you, “What the Hades were you thinking?! You could’ve passed out face first into the ground and broken your face or something.” He lectured very similarly to how a worrisome mother would, “Are you trying to give me a heart attack?”

You snickered and nodded, “Yeah that’s my life goal.” You loved teasing Percy, he was always so stressed about… well everything so it was sort of your “job” to destress him.

“Hardy har har, I’m serious about this Y/n.” He scolded with crossed arms, his brows furrowed in concern and his hair a mess from where he had carded his fingers through it from worry. He sighed and placed his head in his hands, rubbing his face before looking up at you through his long lashes, “This cold of yours can get worse if you aren’t taking care of yourself, Will said so himself..”

You sat up much to Percy’s protests and clasped his hands in your own, looking down at his hands while you spoke softly, “Percy I’m sorry. You can’t keep stressing yourself out over me, though, I’ll be okay.” You assure with a small smile in his direction, “Will’s a good doctor so I’m sure I’ll be up and training in no time.”

Percy shook his head and sat on the edge of the bed, his lips pressing into a thin line as he debated on what to do with you. He sighed and brushed away stray (h/c) strands that hung in front of your tired eyes, “Will’s good but he’s busy, I won’t let you stay here by yourself since you can’t seem to stay in bed,” He sassed.

You rolled your eyes and pushed his hand back to him, “Percy you are not staying here with me, I’m fine.” You laid back onto the not so fluffy pillow and turned away from him out of irritation.

Not long after you had turned your back to the bright-eyed boy you felt the bed sink behind you as a sun-kissed arm laced around your waist, a kiss being placed behind your ear. He sighed and nuzzled the nape of your neck with his nose, “Y/n, I’m just worried about you. It’s my fault you’re sick in the first place, if I hadn’t forced you to come hiking with me then you wouldn’t be sick.” He mumbled apologetically.

Now you just felt bad, mentally and physically. All he wanted to do was help and you had pushed him away rudely, how much of a bitch are you? You turn in his grip to face the upset looking demigod, “It’s not your fault, Perce. I’m just being bitchy because I’m sick, that’s all. Thank you for being here, though,” You said with a small close-lipped smile.

Percy grinned lopsidedly and started to lean in when you held your mouth to his lips, shocking him, “Babe, I’m sick… so don’t kiss me.”

He rolled his eyes and removed your hand and kissed your palm while looking into your eyes mischievously, “I don’t care, we’ll just be sick together.” He spoke with a small chuckle before planting his salty tasting lips on to your own chapped ones.

“Achoo!” Percy sneezed, his nose bright red and his usual bright sea green eyes now drooping and tired as he weakly glared at the ceiling. You snickered as you held some nectar in a cup, the straw in front of his dry lips, “I told you not to kiss me, fish brain, now look what happened.”

He grumbled and sucked on the straw, perking up when the sweet liquid hit his tongue. You pulled the straw away when you realized his self-control had vanished when that fever hit him last night. He whined and pouted at you, his eyes glowing and forming that baby seal look that he mastered.

“At least I have a hot nurse, maybe all those cartoons weren’t lying.” He smirked and shot a wink at you which normally would have caused you to roll your eyes at his flirty nature but this time he just looked like a flirty old man. You scoffed and placed the glass down on the side table, “Yeah, your nurse is super hot,” you said slyly before backing up and calling out, “Will!”

Percy’s eyes widened at your action and tried to yell at you, but all that came out was a cough.

Will shuffled over to Percy while drying his hands with a dish cloth, “Alright Perce, time for some rest. Y/n you can go now, I’ll be his nurse today.” He joked, not knowing why you were laughing so hard and why Percy looked absolutely horrified.

*I hope this is good enough >·<  


Imagine: The face you make when your brother Stiles wont let you go with him and Scott to find half a dead body in the woods.
Y/n: “Please let me come Stiles! I’ll stay out of the way!”

Stiles: “No Y/N! There’s no way you’re coming with us”.

Y/n: *Gif*

Stiles: “The face wont work this ti-oh for the- OKAY fine you can come just stop with the face!”

Y/n: “YAY! Thanks Stiles! Love you!”

Stiles: “Yeah yeah love you too”

Giving In to 2009

Giving In to 2009 | It’s been a couple days of flirting, and teasing incessantly, and neither Dan nor Phil have any clue why 2009 Phil has replaced 2015 Phil, but they don’t really care with how busy they are trying to get the other into their pants. Who’sgoing to give in first? Part of 2009x2015 Phan Series | Phan | Mature | Smut, Riding | 4,584 Words

Disclaimer: In no way do Ipretend that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil.

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there are way too many bernie bros and other leftists on here wringing their hands about the election without owning up to their part in the outcome. The worst ones are still indulging in the “if we’d just nominated Bernie this wouldn’t have happened/the DNC forced Hillary down our throats” bullshit, but others are pretending like they didn’t spend the primaries and even most of the general election trying to convince people that Clinton was a war criminal and Trump wasn’t that big of a deal. 

I mean, I get that some of his worst qualities came to light at the end, but if you can’t admit that you helped him out by reblogging right-wing conspiracy theories (especially those of you who blocked people who pointed out they were fake specifically to remove their comments off your posts) I have no sympathy for you. You’re part of the reason voter turnout among Democrats was so low. You bought into a false narrative that help elect a quasi-fascist and you spread it to other people who could have made a difference. You should feel ashamed of yourselves. 

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"Babe, i'm sick.. so don't kiss me" ... "I don't care, we'll just be sick together" with percy? if you can't/wont do it it's fine. have a greatt day

Posting it later today!

~ Dsy

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hello pomo! could i have a matchup with ur oc's?? i am an introverted person with social anxiety but i always put on a mask and pretend everything is fine but i wont tell you anything about myself until im rly comfortable with you, thats when ill literally tell you anythign you want to know no matter what. i love to play piano and im the type of person to smash my face on the keys when im frustrated. im really tall and im from australia (ozy accent ftw). i love pigs, ice cream+snuggling. ilysm!

i choose pomo!

pomo also deals with lots of anxiety issues but he’s always there for when you’re feeling down. he’s a master at comforting others and giving others advice. he has trust issues himself but when he really cares for you, he’ll do anything for you!

  • *sirius, molly and remus get in to a fight*
  • molly: harry is just a boy, you cant burden him with these things
  • sirius: we are not burdening him we are giving him the truth
  • molly: fine, if you tell him the truth, i wont talk to either of you
  • remus: are you serious?
  • molly: *points to sirius* NO, HE IS

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No trust for even bombs without heat signatures anymore sense Lucy Alixon backed away from this new gift. The first bomb’s foam taken a good while to clean off from her clothes and hair. “You wont trick me with the same thing two time’s how fine you even polish that bomb!!!” Eye’s narrow realizing it’s Syx’s.
“I though you knew the harm in getting my hair ruined!! Get that thing away from me or you regret it Syx!” Was the last threat she uttered before ducking behind a corner hearing foam bomb go off.

“……There is no genuine kind folk’s in this city anymore.” Huff.

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if someone gave u an anonymous love letter in ur locker at school would u be creeped out by it or think it's romantic and charming???? bc idk if i should write one for my crush... i'm too scared to tell her i like her to her face so this is the next best thing for me

I would think its cute! However things can be different for everybody. As long as you dont write anything thats creepy which Im sure you wont it should be fine!!! Good luck!!

  • oikawa: iwa-chan i swear if you dont help me with my studying i wont kiss you for a week
  • Iwaizumi: fine by me *leans back in chair and relaxes*
  • Kuroo: will you even last that long?
  • Oikawa: *looking at something unseen* bullied. every day i am bullied by these brutes.
  • iwaizumi: who are you talking to???
  • oikawa: the aliens who are observing me in my interesting day to day life
  • Kuroo: your life isnt interesting though?
  • Oikawa: well of course it isnt im friends with YOU
  • Kuroo: im not boring did you know that-
  • Kuroo, mimicking oikawa: bullied. every day i am bullied by these brutes.
  • Oikawa: *screeching*