you wont be 16 forever

Dear me

Dear 9 year old me,
Don’t lie. Not to your friends, your teacher or your family because you will get caught up in your lies quick
Dear 11 year old me,
Be friends with who YOU want to be friends with, not with people you think you have to be friends with
Dear 13 year old me,
You don’t need makeup no matter who tells you that you do. You’re beautiful
Dear 15 year old me,
Your heart will be “broken” but believe me its not. You wont be sad forever, give everything time
Dear 16 year old me,
You aren’t fat, ugly or stupid. Please stop crying. And please tell someone you’re hurt. I promise talking to someone will help
Dear 17 year old me,
You don’t need a boy to tell you you’re pretty to be pretty. Go to that dance stag and dance with all your friends because you will have a lot more fun
Dear 18 year old me,
Focus on school. School, school, and school because you can go out and drink when you are old enough to, even though you think you are now. Get good grades, graduate as soon as possible and then live a little
Dear 19 year old me,
Travel when you have the time. Even in its to the city next over. Find something interesting and go. And if your friend tells you to randomly go somewhere with them, just go… You never know what can happen
Dear current me,
You are a little lost right now, but when have you ever not been lost. Keep your head up and keep walking forward. If you are given and opportunity take it but also not all opportunities will be handed to you so go get it. I know you can, even though you’re a little scared.