you wont admit it

Fatphobia runs deeper than conventional beauty standards and what clothes we “can and cant” wear.

Fatphobia is so internalized and we’re so aware of that. Me and any of my friends that are also bigger can’t even eat around people because of the looks and the judgements we’re scared we’ll get from people. 

Hell I can’t even go out in public, i can’t dance, I can’t hang out with my friends, I feel like I can’t do anything without being some sort of laughing stock. 

because somepoint, in my life, ive seen a video or soemthing of a fat person doing something that’s just a normal part of life as something that’s funny, that if i were to do some silly every day thing, it’s funny specifically because I’m fat.

so yeah. you can reblog your “fat is beautiful uwu” posts and then turn around and reblog a post thats supposed to be funny because a fat person is eating weird, dancing, or just having fun because you think its funny that their fat even though you wont admit thats the reason. 


Signs from my experience

Aries: Extremely passionate and hardworking. Confident, but not in a snobby way. Gets loud if they get excited about something. Loves music more than anything. Don’t mess with them, they won’t hesitate to start a fight.

Taurus: Quiet around people they don’t like but loud around those they love. Their way or no way. Earthy, loves nature. Artistic. Will get heated over things they care about easily. Hates change.

Gemini: Loves to laugh. Weird, but in a nice way. Tries to act tough but is really soft. Just wants to have a good time. Loves their friends more than anyone. Constantly jokingly flirty. Really nice eyes. Very creative. Penny pinchers.

Cancer: Sarcastic but lovingly. Likes to go on romantic dates. Cute laugh. Great fashion sense, looks good without even trying. Actually does cry easily. Loves to binge watch Netflix. Can get mean.

Leo: Likes rock music and bands. All over the place. Messy to others but to themselves they’re organized. Likes to make people laugh. Good ideas but messy executions. Not afraid to tell it like it is. Nostalgic.

Virgo: So kind and loving. Likes to help people. LOVES school. Responsible and organized. Gives the best hugs and always smells great. Very family oriented. Plans out their entire future.

Libra: Balanced and prefers company rather than alone time. Don’t waste time on arguments. Happiest when surrounded by a large crowd, loves to be center of attention. Romantic.

Scorpio: Very hard getting them to open up to you. Wont admit how they really feel about someone to you unless you’re extremely close. Smart and serious. A little bit annoying at first but they grow on you.

Sagittarius: The embodiment of the feeling you get when you go to an breakfast diner. Very old soul. Laughs at silly things. Will forever take care of you. They’re trying their best and they’re getting by.

Capricorn: Great listeners, go to them if you want to rant or want advice. Always looks on the positive side of the situation. When they love you, they really love you. Very sensitive.

Aquarius: Will go from screaming at you to telling you they love you in less than five minutes. Craziest people, and when given a challenge, they’ll take it. Extremely unpredictable. They’re out there, but have hearts of gold.

Pisces: The funniest people ever, make the best jokes that will leave you laughing forever. Can be adorably awkward. Really beautiful eyes. The feeling you get when you eat chips and soda with friends. Loves horror movies. 



- dark and mysterious 

- cocky as hell 

- sweetheart, kitten, baby doll, baby girl, the list goes on

- “i bet you taste as good as you look” 

- “shut up asshole” 

- you want to hate him

- but you like him

- alot

- pretends he doesn’t care, but actually does

- he would beat up your ex boyfriend for breaking your heart 

- secretly inlove with you

- wont admit it tho


- artistic 

- maybe even writes poetry from time to time

- knows how to take care of someone properly 

- always wants to make sure you’re safe

- “i care about you.. alot actually..”

- princess, flower, pumpkin

- sweetest little munchkin 

- cuddles galore 

- always wants to be around you

- he has so much love to give 

- all for you

- and no one else


- shy

- slightly awkwardly 

- stutters a lot 

- blushes a lot 

- casually likes to watch you, but not in a creepy way

- adores you so much

- a flower everyday 

- honey, princess, sweetie, darling

- he likes to bake you things

- always wants to hold your hand

- forehead kisses

- mostly for him

None of yall are “too busy” every single day to give someone at least 2 minutes of your time. Stop the excuses, and admit you don’t care for the person so you wont waste their time.

Discourse already on Villainous needs to stop.

all these people shitting on villainous for stupid reasons like

“the people working on it are problematic!!”

“The desgins look like deviantart ocs”

Rant under cut.

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Dating Rosa Diaz would include

-She is very blunt about her feelings for you

-She is so in love and so protective of you because you getting hurt would be the worst thing that could happen to her in her mind

-Her blunt way of speaking always gets you to giggle and SHE JUST MELTS

-Super awkward when it comes to PDA

-Always teasing each other because you are both ridiculous sometimes

-She is so stubborn and it can be so annoying sometimes

-Tons of competitions against each other

-You are one of the only people who can always get her to crack a rare smile

-She usually chooses the dates and they are almost always super laid back but surprisingly tons of fun

-Usually when you go to bed she isn’t that close to you but by the time you wake up in the morning she has moved in her sleep to be as close as possible to you

-People are so confused by the relationship but once they get used to seeing the two of you together you become #relationshipgoals

-They always tease Rosa at work about you

-Getting drunk and cuddling in a booth in the bar

-Wont admit it but she loves it when you hold her because she feels so warm and safe

-Also complimenting her a lot gets her super flustered and she pretends she doesn’t like it but just do it

-She trusts you a lot and will tell you a lot of things that she didn’t think she’d ever tell anyone

-Wear her clothes she loves it and if the team notices it they will never let Rosa live down that you wore her shirt that one day

-Calling each other names and playfully making fun of each other

-Excitedly tells you about her collection of swords and knives that she is lowkey super proud of

-Understanding that you have to take things slow and let her know she is loved

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How would Underfell and Swapfell Sans and Papyrus react if someone was flirting with their S/O?

UF!Sans: It doesn’t surprise him when people flirt with you. You’re perfect to him, of course people are gonna think the same thing. But that doesn’t mean that he has to like it. If you’re having a conversation with someone and they drop the occasional flirt he’ll grumpily let it go. But if someone is hardcore flirting with you, he’s starting to get a little pissed. If the creep is starting to bother you he turns into scary protective boyfriend™. He tells them to back of and stop bothering you. If you’re one to speak for yourself he’s just going to stand behind you and look menacing while you lecture Flirter. He wont admit it and he doesn’t doubt you, but he knows that there are better options out there and he gets a little jealous and protective. If you value your relationship don’t flirt back. The only thing that will result in is making him even more mad. 

UF!Papyrus: Lord have mercy on who ever was stupid enough to tempt fate like this. Papyrus wont get up in their face immediately. He just walks up to his s/o and places an arm around them. If the other person doesn’t back off and is making his s/o uncomfortable, (anyone with even the slightest bit of common sense would back off when a 9,9ft skeleton towers above them) he might courtly tell them that his s/o is not available and already in a relationship. Neither him or his s/o will tolerate Flirter hanging around. If Flirter doesn’t heed to the warnings they’ve been giving there will be consequences. And they will not be pleasant.

SF!Sans: He just walk up to you and Flirter and french kiss you. It’s very effective and if it doesn’t intimidate Flirter to back off, it’s going to at least make him leave out of embarrassment. If he sees you flirting back or if it looks like you’re enjoying it too much he does the same with someone else. He makes it into a sort of competition. He wants to make you jealous. Mostly because you made him jealous but also because he loves the attention that gets him. Stop him before he takes it too far.

SF!Papyrus: He goes up and wraps his arms around you from behind. Then he starts nuzzling your neck and maybe even pecks your shoulder. He’ll hop in on the conversation topic, or just start a new one with Flirter. They’re not getting anywhere with you now and after a while they’re just going to surrender. Try flirting with someone when their scary af boyfriend is standing there nuzzling them.

Derek Hale Imagine- Love You Forever


Authors note- So it’s a bit different to my usual imagines, but I hope you enjoy it. You can find the song that inspired me here.

“Turn me” you said, coming face to face with your boyfriend. “No Y/n. I’ve told you before, you don’t want this” he exclaimed. “But I do” you remarked, folding your arms over your chest. “Somethings wrong” he said raising his eyebrows at you. “No” you said laconically, knowing he would hear your heart beat rise. “There is, isn’t there?” he sighed. You nod your head gently and bit your lip to stop it from quivering. He lifted you up and placed you on the kitchen counter top, the place you usually sat when you two were having trouble. “Recently, I’ve been starting to get sick again and my mom got worried and took me to the hospital-” you began. Derek’s heart sank. It brought him back to a similar time a few months back, the Darach had held you in an abandoned building for weeks to try and get to Derek. Unfortunately for you, the building had a high asbestos level and you ended up fighting for your life with asbestos poising. “Well I’ve now been diagnosed with Asbestosis and its why I’ve been so tired lately and why my chest is always in pain" you said, your voice cracked because you were on the brink of tears, you had your whole life ahead of you and it all seemed to come crumbling down. ”So what does that mean? Another operation? Antibiotics? Physio?” he began asking, in a sort of panic. “There’s no cure” you said, as tears began to stain your cheeks. You saw his face deflate, the sadness that clouded his eyes as he walked over and pulled you into a tight embrace. “We’ll get through this” he reassured. “I don’t want to go through this again” you sobbed into his chest. “Babe, I’m here and ill be with you every step of the way. But you’ve got to keep strong” he said, tangling his fingers in your hair. “What if I cant? What am I going to tell the pack? I don’t want them to feel sorry for me, but they’ll know somethings up” you rambled. “Y/n, look at me. Look at me!” he said gently. “We are going to get through this together, without the use of the supernatural. I’m going to be here every step of the way” he continued after you met his eyes. “Promise?” you asked with an involuntarily pout, you held your pinky finger out. “I promise babygirl” he said without hesitation, joining to pinky promise you. It was childish, but it was yours. You loved him and he adored you, you were just glad you had a boyfriend like him to support you through something like this.

Weeks had gone by and things only seemed to get better. The pack didn’t suspect anything, due to Derek teaching you how to hide your chemo signals and the pain was almost non existent especially with Derek removing it any chance he got. The only thing that seemed to be an annoyance was all the check-ups at the doctors and the constant coughs you caught. Derek had stuck to his word, he hadn’t left your side once. For a time you felt like a normal teenager; you moaned about homework, left important essays to the last minute, made plans with Stiles to prevent you all from getting killed, snuck out in the middle of the night to meet your boyfriend and worried about pointless things like your favourite show ending (Because Same). You were even invited to one of the biggest parties of the year, including the rest of the pack. Maybe things were starting to look up for you after all.

“Allison, Scott, Y/n!, come on we’re leaving!” Stiles shouted from downstairs. The two of you were trying to help him after he accidently split his jeans (long story). “One second” Scott shouted, followed by a wince after Allison accidently pricked his skin. “My arm is getting tired, hurry up” you whined, you had to hold him up while Allison sewed his jeans. “Guys come on, we’ll be late if there’s traffic!” Stiles shouted up again, obviously getting restless. “Go and start the engine then” Allison shouted in frustration, finding the task more difficult than it should have been. “What’s taking so long?” Lydia asked as she swung open Scott’s bedroom door. “Forget I asked” she added, slowly backing out of the room. “I’m just sewing his jeans and Y/n is holding him up” Allison let out a giggle after realising how weird it must have looked. “You do know you could of taken the jeans off and then sewed them?” Lydia shook her head. The three of you sighed at the same time and you and Allison stood back up. “That would of been a lot easier” you confirmed with a head nod. Lydia shook her head again and laughed, before gesturing for you all to hurry up. When you all got into the jeep, Stiles was staring at you all in hopes of some sort of apology for keeping him waiting. You all simply ignored it, you ruffled his hair and Scott punched him playfully in the arm. “I’m glad you came Y/n” Stiles smiled at you through the wing mirror. “I always come to parties?” you smiled but with a questioning look. “You never come to parties without Derek” Scott agreed. “Well, sometimes you just got to live it up- any day could be your last” you mumbled the last part. Allison shot a quizzical look from next to you, but brushed it off after you began singing happily to the radio a few seconds later.

You hadn’t been at the party for more than an hour when you started getting chest pain, you tried to convince yourself it was just heartburn from the vodka shots, but you knew different. You stumbled into the bathroom and began doing the breathing exercises your doctor taught you, but they didn’t seem to be working. You reached in your pocket to call Derek but the numbers in your phone became blurred. You felt light headed until you finally passed out and hit your head on the tiled floor. It was no longer than five minutes before Lydia found you and called the others for help. Scott and Stiles carried you into the kitchen as Allison swiped everything off the counter top. They placed you down and began to panic, after all they had no idea what you were actually dealing with. “Call an ambulance and you, call Derek” Allison began to order, as her Argent medical training kicked in. “What should I do?” Lydia asked, desperate to help. “Get a wet cloth and hold it on her head where she’s bleeding” she said quickly. She checked your pulse and her eyes widened. “Scott, Scott she’s not breathing” Allison panicked. “Please hurry she isn’t breathing” Scott repeated as he ended the 911 call. “Y/n wake up” “Y/n hold on, an ambulance will be here soon” “Does anyone no CPR?” “Come on Y/n, wake up!”.

“Hey, hey” the figure spoke softly as you sat up. “Am I at the hospital?” you asked, as your eyes began to adjust to the harsh light. “Yeah, you stopped breathing” he said, not wanting to confuse you by giving you every detail. “Do they know?” you asked. “Scott overheard the doctors debriefing one another, I had to tell them. They had a feeling something was up anyway” he explained, not sure how you would react. “Oh” you simply said. “They’re speaking to Mellissa at the reception, do you want me to bring them in?” he asked, understanding that you needed your friends. “I’m going to die, aren’t I?” you sighed. “No and don’t think like that” he linked his hand with yours to soothe you. You took a deep breath, feeling a tight pain in your chest. You then saw the veins in Derek’s hand turn black as he took your pain away. “I’m scared” you admitted. “I wont let anything happen to you, none of us will. If it came to it we’d do something” he reassured. “I love you” you cupped his cheek with your hand. “I love you too” he reached over and kissed you sweetly on your forehead. It was warming to know that you were the only one to make broody Derek smile and ne the sweet person he really is. “I’m scared that you’ll get tired of having to deal with my medical issue all the time, what if you find someone that’s fit and healthy, that keeps you far away from hospitals all the time? The same ones that I drag you in to every other week” you rambled. “I’m never leaving you, don’t stress baby” he smiled gently. “I hope that’s true” you smiled weakly but genuinely in return.

A While Later

Your health only seemed to be getting better, until it wasn’t. A few weeks after your birthday you got sick again and things took a turn for the worst. You almost died, you would have died. But here you are, alive and well, happily strolling around Beacon Hills at 10am (a habit you gained recently). You heard a twig snap from behind you. You turned around, your eyes glowing gold and a smile tugging at the corners of your mouth. You ran and jumped, and they caught you. “I see someone’s wolf instincts have kicked in” he laughed. You let out a small growl, followed by your familiar laugh. You then pressed your lips to Derek’s and ruffled his hair, before you quickly pinned him to the ground. “Rule number one, never get distracted” you teased, mocking the werewolf training he had been giving you. “Rule number 2, look for their weak spot” he said, kicking you in the back of the leg, causing you to fall on top of him. “Cheat, you knew about that” you said, noticing his smug smirk. You picked yourself up and offered your hand out and Derek took it, bring himself to also stand up. You pulled him down so you could whisper in his ear, “You forgot rule number three, never trust your opponent”  and with that you pulled him back onto the floor. “Looks like you’re going to be good at this” he groaned from the floor. “I know right” you joked, causing him to trip you up so you fell beside him. “Fancy getting something to eat?” he asked, as you also groaned. “Pizza” you smiled. “Pizza it is” he replied. You gave him a quick kiss, before you both rolled over and stood up. He brushed the leaves off your bum as you linked your arm with his. Your life was finally coming back together and you wouldn’t have it any other way. Or with anyone else.

I think I’m a fan of these optimistic endings, it appears. Requests are closed Unfortunately. Until the next time, see you later loves x

“What do you mean with I don’t know you?” Castiel asks, looking at Dean in pure disbelief.

Dean lets out a chuckle and licks his lips.

“I’m not saying you don’t know me, man. I’m just saying that you don’t know every single thing about me.” Dean scratches the back of his head, trying not to laugh at the expression of sheer offence on Castiel’s face.

“I do.” Cas replies “I know lot about you.”

“You know what I let you know.” Dean smiles “You don’t know things like my personal tastes and stuff. I mean it’s normal, we’re usually hunting and trying not to get our asses kicked. We don’t have time for little talk.”

Castiel tilts his head and stares at Dean for a few seconds, almost as if he’s trying to decide if he should be angry or just let it go. But he doesn’t.

“You like your coffee black.” Castiel starts and Dean snorts.

“Dude, everyone knows I do.”

“When you fall asleep whilst reading you drool on the page.”

“Again, nothing new.”

“I know that you usually sleep on your back because that is the most easy way to defend yourself if something attacks you.” Castiel continues “You love cooking for me and Sam. You get this look of pure satisfaction when you do it and you always smile when we enjoy the meal you made us.”

Dean’s smile begins to vanish, as he just looks Cas in the eyes.

“I know you like my hands.”

“I don’t.” Dean replies, sharply.

“Yes, you do.” Castiel’s voice is warm, like that is something that really makes him happy “I know that you know when I am actually laughing at your jokes or when I’m pretending to. I know you love Sam with all your soul. I know that you just don’t want to let yourself be happy with who you have because you are terrified you could lose them. And I can’t blame you.”

Castiel pauses and takes a deep breath, Dean’s green eyes still on him.

“I know you wanted Sam to go to college and I know you still do. I know you like looking me in the eyes, I don’t know if it’s because you feel in crontrol doing so or if you just like my eyes. I also know you love Vonnegut. I know you don’t like cherry pie. I know you look at your mother’s picture every night before going to sleep. I know that you don’t allow yourself to really love anything, but when you do you love without reserve.” Castiel lowers his gaze “I know you still hate yourself for what you’ve done to me when you were under the effect of the Mark, God knows I hate myself for everything I have done to you.”


“I know you feel like everything is your responsibility but it’s not. I know you wont admit you love someone or something because if you do that will make it real. So real that there will be no turning back. I know you hate my new trenchcoat but liked the old one.” Castiel shuts his eyes closed and holds his breath “And I know you love me.”

There are a few moments of silence, where Castiel doesn’t dare to open his eyes. When he does, he doesn’t look at Dean but stares at his own hands.

“And I know that I love you.” he whispers, letting Dean’s silence fill his mind. 

Dean sighs and bites his lower lip, his eyes fixed on something beyond Castiel. 

“Okay.” he mutters, with the trace of a smile in his voice “So maybe you know me.”

Castiel finally looks at Dean, finding him with a weirdly fond and amused smile on his lips.

“But Cas, trust me… you just got lucky with the last one.”


“Writing kanji is kinda difficult, huh (last part)” 

*Tomitan copies Nokkun’s answer*
Punta: Tomitan, you just cheated!
Tomitan: No, I didn’t! I DIDN’T!!! I finished writing first! Judge!
NokkunShirofuku-san, which of us is right?
Punta: Tomitan may have looked at Nokkun’s answer, but finished writing first. What do you think, Shirofuku-san?
Shiro, to Tomitan: You did it yet again?
*Tomitan fights Shiro*

wanna one as boyfriends: bae jinyoung
  • a cutie patootie
  • super mellow and doesnt over do it when it comes to displaying affection
  • naturally a lovey person
  • links arms whenever you two are out
  • digs the couple outfits
  • actually lays them out for you in the morning
  • texts you selfies all day long
  • asks for your selfies all day long
  • “you are stunning, gorgeous, I LOVE YOU”
  • asks how you’re feeling whether youre together or not
  • cares about your health and wellbeing 100000x more than his own
  • but he loves when you take care of him on his sick days 
  • wont admit he doesnt take care of himself as well as he should
  • “oh wait, is it time for you to feed me now?”
  • loves having picnics with you
  • takes you to a new park every time
  • writes notes in your sandwich bag
  • “you’re the cheese to my ham”
  • “this sandwich is a BLT”
  • “ASJFKSNDCN, honey, i didnt mean to do that, you know i love you”
  • buys you a ham and cheese sandwich on the way home
  • winks as he hands it to you
  • “baejinnie?”
  • “yes, my darling?”
  • “they forgot to add cheese in this”
  • “OH MY GOD”
  • *angrily eats the ham sandwich for you*

harunaneko44  asked:

Can I have a reaction of RFA+V+Saeran to MC having the most soft hair ever? (I just wanted something fluffy omg :") thank you 💕)

OMG this is so cute yessss

Also, i’m sorry i didn’t get this request done sooner, had to prepare for my dad’s birthday, but now back to writing :3


  • wow
  • Babe how is your hair so soft???
  • very jelly
  • will hide it tho
  • loves brushing your hair
  • and styling it too
  • pls Babe just lemme touch your hair
  • Will ask how tf you keep it so soft
  • Babe. I NEED to know


  • Impressed
  • your hair is softer than Elizabeth 3rd’s fur
  • just how???
  • won’t admit it tho
  • loves touching your hair when cuddling
  • or hugging you
  • just loves touching your hair in general


  • ok but i’m 700% sure he also has soft af hair
  • Your hair’s so soft MC…
  • will buy you bows and cute accessories 
  • loves it if you let him put them on you 
  • cutest little smile when he touches your hair 
  • I already knew you were perfect MC, this just proves that you’re perfection~~


  • omg dis babe
  • ya’ll now he would spend at least 5 hours styling you hair
  • MCCC~ your hair is so soft!!!
  • loves hugging you from behind just so his face touches your hair
  • ok but he’d be like a lil kid wanting to style your hair
  • puppy eyes you just to be sure you’ll let him touch your hair
  • not like you wouldn’t let him for starters but damn….
  • Cute puppy Yoosung is Obsessed with your hair~


  • What
  • why is your hair so soft???
  • HOW is your hair so soft???
  • he thinks it’s cute
  • no he wont admit that, fuck off
  • actually loves touching your hair
  • if you move he’ll get salty
  • he won’t ask you to come back tho
  • no he won’t admit he loves your soft hair
  • fuck off Mc


  • uhm wait what
  • why is your hair so soft???
  • he already sees you as the cutest thing ever are you trying to kill him?
  • why didn’t it say your hair was incredibly soft when he researched you??
  • Seven… Babe, it doesn’t work like that…
  • he always gets schocked when he touches it bcuz????
  • how are you so perfect???
  • yep he just fell in love with you, again.


  • *Sparkly eyes Jaehee Emoji*
  • Ok but 100% sure she’d love to style your hair
  • specially after Jumin basically made her cut it off
  • fuck you jumin
  • ok but for real
  • momma Jaehee would style your hair 
  • it helps with her stress so yeah…
  • Won’t let you do ANYTHING that would chance you ruining your soft hair
  • No, MC, i’m not controlling you, i just want you to be careful

well, hope this is what you wanted, my internet was pretty shit and crashed twice whilst i was writing this :)

No, they wont ever admit that they’ve done you wrong. You can stop waiting. You wont hear confession slip their lips. They know what they’ve done, but they’ll insist on having intelligence lower than a 3 year old and pretend to not understand that abuse hurts, that their actions caused damage, that their intentions no longer matter once they’ve traumatized someone. If they admitted what they did, they would have to face themselves, face what they are. And they don’t want to. They would rather point at you and point out how you deserved it. And having you suffer in exchange for them feeling guilt free forever? That sounds like a good deal to them.
Isaac Lahey Imagine- The Girl In The White Dress


“Y/N” Stiles said in annoyance. “Y/N!” everyone shouted, noticing you were zoned out completely. “Sorry, it happened again didn’t it?” you asked, rubbing your eyes. Everyone nodded, causing you to sigh. The whole being a siren thing was new to all of you, none of you knew exactly how to control it. You looked around the lunch room, not remembering how you got there, you often blanked out without memory of what previously happened. “Do you remember what we were talking about?” Isaac asked knowingly. You shook your head and smiled, trying your hardest to keep your heart rate stable. You could see Lydia, Malia and Kira smirking from the opposite side of the table. You widened your eyes at them, before turning to look back at Isaac. “We were talking about meeting up later in Derek’s loft for a movie night, you in?” he asked. “Sure” you managed to mutter, still trying to contain your heart rate. When the bell went, everyone began to pack their stuff away and head to last lesson. You barley stood up, before Lydia linked your arm and began walking you to biology. “He likes you” she said smiling brightly. “He only asked if I was coming to the pack night in” you retort, looking back to make sure he wasn’t listening to the conversation. “And do you know why that is?” she tugged at your arm, so you would turn back around. “Because I make the best popcorn?” you answered hesitantly. “Don’t be so naïve, he totally wants you”  she said, guiding you into the classroom and sitting next to you. “If you say so” you said with an eye roll. Students began pouring into the classroom; Isaac, Scott and Stiles included. They sat in their usual seats across the room, Scott next to Stiles and Isaac in front of them. You took your note pad and pen out of your bag casually, before turning to Lydia. “What would make you think he likes me anyway?” you said intrigued. “Your certainly his type” she said, noticing your clear curiosity. ”And that is?” you questioned. “Well, you’re intelligent, mysterious, super hot, bad ass, witty and a tad bit too sarcastic” she added. You smiled and looked over at him, his blue eyes bright and his curls resting perfectly on top of his head. “why wont you just admit you like him?” she leant forward to bock your view of him. “Because I don't” you exclaimed, folding your arms. She laughed and shook her head at you. “Even if I did, its obvious he isn’t interested in me, like that” you said with slight sadness. “You’re kidding right? When there’s a new threat he refuses to leave your side, he always makes sure you get home safe after watching the lacrosse matches, he glares at any boy that comes near you, he asks your dearest brother Stiles about you when you don’t come to school and he stares at you so intensely, like seriously, and that’s just to mention a few” she rambled. “Okay Lyd, breathe” you said laughing, to hide your blush. “Oh and not to mention Isaac stares at your bum, a lot!” she giggled. “I do not” he retort from the other side of the room, his cheeks flustered. You sighed in relief after realising that’s the only part he heard with his stupid werewolf hearing.

Later that evening you arrived at Derek’s loft, after reluctantly listening to Stiles sing to the radio for the whole journey. When you entered; Kira was setting up a film you could ALL watch, Lydia was propping up the pillows to take a cute ‘pack night in’ picture, Scott and Malia were having a competition on who could eat the most pizza, Liam was awkwardly watching everyone, Derek was doing push ups (he was actually staying for once) and Isaac was standing in the door frame shaking an empty popcorn bowl at you. You rolled your eyes and put your arm around Liam, dragging him into the kitchen “Come on wolf boy” you laughed, making him feel welcome. You grabbed the bowl out of Isaac’s hand and pushed past him playfully, before teaching Liam your popcorn making skills. Eventually, you all settled down in front of the TV. Kira and Scott snuggled up together on the far sofa with Malia and Stiles also snuggled up together and Liam squashed between the two couples. Derek was in and out the most of the time, but he dragged a single chair and sat on that. Meanwhile you, Lydia and Isaac sat on the other sofa. You sat in the middle, ignoring Lydia’s smirks when she noticed Isaac rested his arm on the seat behind you and how you kept bickering with one another because you couldn’t watch the film properly due to his constant fidgeting. “I love this part, watch, watch, did you guys see that!” Stiles said enthusiastically, as per usual he was giving you all a running commentary of the film. “Stiles shut up!” you shouted. “Wait I missed it, can you rewind it” Scott said in confusion. “ What film are we watching?” Malia asked with furrowed brows. “I think we’re watching Harry Potter” Liam answered. “No, that was the film we watched last week” Lydia said, staring at her manicured nails. “Great, my phone just died” Kira groaned. “Which one of you stinks of teenage hormones?” Derek asked bluntly with a loud sigh. All eyes went towards Isaac, who gave a quite innocent look followed by his signature smirk. You pushed him playfully and rolled your eyes at him, causing Stiles to heave at the thought.

After about an hour into the film, the majority of the pack had fallen asleep with the exception of Kira who was drifting in and out, along with Derek who was still watching the movie. You sat up and gently moved Isaac’s head, which was resting on you. You stood up and walked over to the kitchen to get yourself a glass of water. You noticed when you were pouring it your hands were beyond shaky, when you attempted to pick the glass up you dropped it and it smashed on the floor. It was happening again;the migraine, the dizziness and the tight pain in your chest. You stumbled out of the kitchen and back through the living room, holding your head. “I’m just going to get some fresh air” you said quietly. “Are you ok?” Derek asked, sitting up in his chair protectively. “I’m fine” you smiled. He didn’t realise that you weren’t wearing shoes and he wasn’t aware of the cold climate outside of the stuffy loft. You loved your friends, but you were tired of relying on them all the time. You opened the door and closed it quietly behind you, before going downstairs. You were in the parking lot for what seemed like a few minutes, not a few hours. It turns out your siren abilities had taken over, but this time it was stronger. You unwillingly began walking, until you were in the forest. You had no control but you were still aware of what you were doing, until you’d found yourself at the Nemeton, that’s where you completely lost yourself. 

Meanwhile, Isaac had woken up after realising there was no longer a warmth or the smell of your perfume beside him. He looked around noticing everyone else was asleep, he glanced over to the kitchen but you weren’t there. He waited for a few minutes in case you’d gone to the bathroom or something. He rubbed his eyes and looked back at the Tv screen, it was just the Netflix home screen by now. After another minute he began to get worried, he pulled his phone out his back pocket and sent you a text to ask where you were. That’s when your phone went off on the coffee table, it was placed next to your jacket and your shoes were still by the door. “Derek… Derek!” he whispered, his voice getting louder. Derek’s eyes soon drifted back open, “What?” he asked grumpily. “Where’s Y/N?” he questioned. “You mean she isn’t back yet?” Derek was just as puzzled as him. “Back from what?” he interrogated. “She went out for fresh air about an hour ago” Derek said, sitting up. “Wake them up, we need to find her, something could of happened, anything could of happened to her while we’re doing nothing to help her” he exclaimed, which was enough for the other werewolves to hear and begin to open their eyes. But Isaac had already stormed out in search of you, he already had your scent fresh on his mind so it wasn’t like he needed anyone’s help anyway.

“Y/N!” he called, after tracking your scent to the forest. Every worse possible scenario ran through his mind as he wacked through the low hanging branches and bushes. He was looking around for about 20 minutes and all he made was two circles of the same area, your scent was somehow scattered all over the place. By now he was sure the rest of the pack was also out looking for you, followed by your dad and the police department, but something came over him that made him adamant to find you first. He turned a corner and bumped straight into something, you. The pearl white dress you were wearing had now been slightly tinted grey by the outdoors, your feet covered by the grass and moss you had been walking on, he slowly looked up to see you staring directly at him, your eyes were glazed over and glowing silver. You wrapped your arms around his neck, not breaking eye contact before pulling him into a long attentive kiss. You then pulled away from him and brushed past as if nothing had happened. Every being in his body wanted to grab you by the wrist, so he could take you back to safety but he physically couldn’t. The only thing he was able to do was follow after you admiringly. He did this until you reached a river, by the time he got there you were standing at the other side, by the edge. “Y/n!” he tried to shout, but all that came out was a faint whisper. You didn’t look at him, you simply took another step until the water was up to your knees. Break out of it, break out of it Isaac, he kept repeating to himself trying to get out of the siren trance you had put him in, but it wasn’t working. All he could do was watch as the girl he loved slowly submerged herself into a freezing cold lake. “Y/N!” he shouted, he had broken out of it the second your whole body had been submerged. He kicked off his shoes and shoved off his coat, before diving into the lake. He was instantly hit by the coldness, but the usual blackness of the deep water seemed to be illuminated by your presence. He swam over to you, after seeing your silver eyes glowing, however all natural light seemed to have drifted from them, the closer he got to you the louder a voice got inside of his head, your voice. Repeating the same words “I love you, come closer, Isaac, I love you, come closer”. He grabbed your body and pulled you back to the surface. He took you back onto the river bank, noticing your eyes had drifted closed and your skin had grew pale. Twigs snapped behind Isaac as Malia and Scott emerged, running over to you two. “Y/n” “Y/N! Wake up!” “She’s not breathing” “Someone call Stiles and an ambulance” “Don’t die please” “WAKE UP!”.

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Teen!Chris and yous first time, you take off his glasses so they wouldnt get accidentally broken or in the way, except Chris wont admit hes blind as a bat without them. You notice that his kisses are off center, his fingers slightly off when he goes to brush your cheek. You finally reach over while riding him and put them back on him, both of you blushing.

Okay I might need to write this

Sinful Sunday™

Dork. (Carl Grimes Imagine)

This may not be exact as request but I didn’t like it the first time but I hope you still enjoy!!

Request: Can you do a oneshot where carl and y/n are play wrestling (y/n is arguing that she isn’t cute) and he turns it into a tickle fight and wont stop til she admits shes adorable? Thx luvly

You don’t know how it happened, to reading a comic book to play wrestling with your best friend, but you didn’t mind. You struggled against Carl, he had you pinned down. You attempted to push him off, he had it easy since he could put all his weight on you. “You know, you make the cutest faces when you’re having a hard time,” he smiled. “Funny,” you groaned at his sarcastic comment. “I’m not joking,” he looked confused, which was a cute look on him. “Well if you’re not joking then you must be blind,” you said, finally taking control and having him pinned down. “Well I do only have one eye but I don’t think that makes a difference on your appearance, you’re cute,” you blushed as he spoke, and shook your head, “No, I am not.”
“Don’t lie to yourself, just admit you’re adorable,” Carl said. “Stop being a dork,” you laughed, which gave Carl an easy opportunity to pin you back down. “Admit it Y/n,” Carl began to tickle you, which was torture. “Carl!” you laughed while squiggly around like there was no tomorrow. “Just say it,” he smiled. Why did he care so much? “I’m adorable just let me go!” you yelled with laughter. He finally stopped and you could catch breath. “Why did you want me to say that so bad?” you asked. “I don’t know, maybe I’m just dropping hints, or something, I don’t know,” he said in a low tone. Hints? You smiled and looked at him. “What kind of hints, Carl?” you ask.
“Maybe certain hints that I really want to date you,” he admits with a smile. “Well I don’t think you tickle a girl to date her, I mean, that’s kinda tortue,” you laugh, but Carl didn’t have the same reaction as you. He looked embarrassed, so you totally backtracked. “I was joking, Carl! I think it was cute, you’re cute,” He sighed of relief, “So do you, you know, wanna date?” You smiled at his nervousness, before replying a bold yes.

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I love destiel and ship it so much and I would do anything for it to be canon and I want you to answer this honestly, do you think their relationship will ever become romantic? And explain please and thank you❤️


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It already IS romantic. Now it’s just a case of when / if (MUCH more likely at this point WHEN) they take it from being perceived as unrequited love or why can’t we ever catch a break love to reciprocated, acknowledged love.

I mean just because characters don’t SAY they’re in love until the end of a story doesn’t mean they weren’t before? Healthcliff and Catherine, Harry and Sally, Ariel and Eric, Belle and Beast, all the stories where you are rooting for them like “WHY WONT THESE IDIOTS ADMIT THEY LOVE EACH OTHER?!” 

Like… ok pretty much all the romantic stories that I can think of of this format (generally the movie style long drawn out will they won’t they instead of the getting together then breaking up then getting back together common TV format) - they are all in LOVE and it is a ROMANTIC story throughout, even if it doesn’t come out as textually said OUT LOUD or made clear until the end. That’s how these stories work.

Dean gave Cas a freaking MIXTAPE, while this whole scene was played out as a “I thought you were breaking up with me, no dumbass, I’m just pissed that you left, God I was so worried about you, please stay with me” heavily romantic standard trope scene, Cas is canonically in love with HUMANITY while Dean REPRESENTS GOD’S CREATION, Cas rebelled against his own family, his millennia long life, and did all of it FOR DEAN, He’s an Angel who’s not supposed to feel emotions yet he CRIES when he thinks Dean is dead, he says he wants to be an Angel, to dull the pain, yet he chooses then to let himself, in his own words, DIE to save Dean in season 10 by regaining his grace, which he doesn’t want to do, Dean hunted for Cas for a YEAR when he didn’t have to, Dean is canonically CAS’s WEAKNESS, Cas has said purposefully ambiguously, which is so glorious in that it makes it sound freaking romantic, that he LOVES Dean and also separately Sam.

Everyone treats them like they’re in love with each other, all the random characters like Balthalzar, Meg etc but also CROWLEY is always teasing them about it, MARY’s been around for what a hot minute and even she figured it out within 30 seconds of seeing them together, could Sam be any more of a third wheel for all the episodes where the three of them are tigehter the season? There’s a reason why it’s written this way, with everyone else’s reactions to them being a massive exposition, it’s supposed to show us, the audience, what we should be reacting to.

They’re continuously, purposefully paralleled with CANON ROMANTIC COUPLES throughout the whole show, latest of which in season 12 the ORIGINAL ONES Mary & John and Sam & Jess…

I mean it can’t really get much more romantic without it being BLATANT. Which is exactly what I expect from season 13.

So I’m assuming you mean when will they make it textually canon that they love each other in the show? Endgame, maybe half a season earlier, but thats where I sit for the moment until proven otherwise, after a nice blatant season of ramping up the subtext so the GA can get on board.

That’s why I have an #endgame destiel tag.