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i was so shook for a second i couldn't connect that you changed your icon because i was so used to looking at cillian when i saw your url

Haha, I felt almost guilty changing it because I had the Dr. Crane icon for so long! At some point I will change back to another Crane icon (after all he goes with my URL) but I just really like the art from this particular Mad Love panel.

It depicts Harley unveiled in a state of what appears to be vulnerability and we catch a glimpse of Harleen herself beneath the mask and face-paint and it’s like “wow, after all of this does she finally realize it’s not funny anymore? Maybe she’s ready to change!”…only for her to reveal that it was a ploy to gain Batman’s trust. To me that’s one of her most intriguing moments as a character because it makes you wonder how much of Harleen is still in Harley and if deep down she really does think Joker has caused too much harm and feels guilt over it–the most believable lies are the ones that contain some of the truth–or if she’s given so much of herself over to being Harley that she truly doesn’t care how many people he’s hurt and that’s why she was able to lie about it so easily. 

It’s a simple panel but IMO it says so much, not just about the story but about Harley as a character. Then again I might just be a big weird nerd who reads too much into things and analyzes concepts that aren’t even there, LOL. 


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