you wonder why he didn't come back

Moment of Madness (Drabble)

Genji calls it months of unresolved sexual attraction. Ana calls it ‘cute’ and 'about time’. Hana calls it her 'Tuesday, seven o'clock drama’.

Hanzo calls it a moment of madness. He sees you one day doing nothing out of the ordinary, a smoldering flame that lights up deep inside his chest just like it always does when you’re nearby. The fire always makes his hand come to life, wanting to reach for you if only just to feel your skin against his own. It makes him want to catch your attention so that you would look at him, smile at him, validate him as a person.

But this day is different–you had come close, too close. You smelled nice, pleasing, and it riled up something inside of him that he did think himself capable of having. One moment, you’re plucking a wayward thread from his clothes, and the next, he’s gathering you in his arms like a man possessed. Your squeak of surprise is quickly silenced by his lips against yours, and the warmth that blossoms when you lean up into the kiss makes Hanzo wish he had done this much, much sooner.

The kiss brings forth a feeling of desire at an intensity that simultaneously terrifies and emboldens him. You’re shifting your head to deepen the kiss, and it’s like he’s sunk into a mire that he cannot escape. But he finds that he quite likes this sensation of melting into you, into the kiss, your hands travelling up his arms and around his neck. He reciprocates by pulling you tighter into his grip like you’re the anchor to his runaway life.

Hanzo’s tongue is already breaching your mouth, much to his own surprise, but the noise of satisfaction you make only spurs his spontaneous decision further. The moan he draws from you lights up a fire in his spine, and he needs more. He doesn’t want to just taste, he needs to devour like you’re the only thing that could give him life.

The kiss devolves into increasingly shorter ones with just enough time for each of you to get a gasp of air before you’re losing it again and again into kisses no less meaningful than the first, but calmer now that the rush of emotions have began to run its course.

When you both part for the final time–no, he had to lean in for another simple brush of his lips against yours that has you chasing him for something deeper–he brushes his thumb across your cheeks affectionately. Your face is cast in a pink glow, and the dazed smile you give him makes his heart squeeze harder and harder in his chest; he almost wonders why he even stopped kissing you. He licks his lips, and again, the desire to dig in comes back to life when he tastes what lingers.


went out with my brother today and I saw a squirrel in my neighbors yard, so I said “hey squirrel!” and this squirrel dropped everything it was holding, and rather than running away like most squirrels do, it ran towards us
it came right up on our porch and kept trying to approach us! i kept telling him to backup lmao, he was getting so close, like we thought he was gonna jump on us or something omg. so my brother went inside to grab him some nuts and the squirrel almost followed him in. we haven’t fed squirrels here in years so it’s not like this squirrel knows us or anything???? i have no idea why he came up to us (maybe he was that hungry?? but he looked healthy so idk) but we gave him some nuts and he sat there eating for a while then ran up to the tree in our front lawn and took a nap! he’s come back a couple times already, we left some pumpkin seeds and nuts out and they were gone. he was climbing around our porch earlier and a different squirrel also came over to check it out

so yeah i guess we have a pet squirrel now

pics for proof B)

we’re thinking about getting them food that’s actually good/natural for them to leave out, granted they keep coming back haha. maybe get them a feeder?? i love squirrels so like this is a dream, you won’t catch me trying to pet a wild one tho

Marilyn Manson on "Inventing" Grunge and Why He's a Furby
  • Esquire: A whole bunch of Internet headlines have you saying you came up with the term "grunge" while writing a Nirvana review way back when. I wondered if maybe that was meant to be tongue in cheek?
  • Marilyn Manson: Yeah, let me clarify that. I didn't say I invented the word. I said I coined it, in that I popularized it. I think I actually wrote "grungy." But it is pretty amusing that that became a headline. I'm like a Furby. You can push me, and then your sound bite comes out, and there you have your headline. So to clarify, I merely claimed that I popularized the word, which is pretty much not accurate, considering the distribution of the periodical that I wrote it in. But I like to self-aggrandize.
  • Esquire: What do you think the headline of this article should be?
  • Marilyn Manson: "Marilyn Manson Deserves To Have His Dick Sucked for Creating the Word 'Grunge,' and for Also Making Rock & Roll Cool Again, Because He's a Hooligan."

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"I still wonder why she hated Felicity, besides her being completely mental." Diggle asked during a break of sparring with Oliver. "Who?" Oliver was a bit confused. "Rochev. Why did she hate Felicity so much?" Oliver grimaced recalling many memories of the woman. "Back in Russia, there was an, we'll say accident." Oliver started. Diggle looked at him for a minute before realization dawned on him. "You didn't." Oliver shrugged. "It was the only way I could get off." he replied. -FZ

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It's been a year since he left me, and a year that I waited for him to come back. I was brave and honest and I didn't care if I made a fool of myself because isn't love worth the risk? Now I feel him seeping out of me, and I feel like I can breathe again, but I am also so terrified. I just can't seem to figure out why.

Baby, you did good. You’re doing good. You’re letting him go and that’s a wonderful thing. Why are you waiting for him? You shouldn’t have to wait for anyone. Let him slide out of your body. It’s a good thing I swear. Remember that quote by Fitzgerald. 
“You’ll find another.”
“God! Banish the thought. Why don’t you tell me that "if the girl had been worth having she’d have waited for you”?
“No, sir, the girl really worth having won’t wait for anybody.” 

Imagine being fatally injured and help not coming in time

Dean’s hands pressed against your stomach, applying pressure to the wound, but the blood continued to seep through the shreds in your t-shirt, though the cracks between his fingers, and flowed over the back of his hand. He whispered quietly, tiny hopeful reassurances meant more for himself than for you, saying that you’d be okay again and again, that help would come and heal you, and that you would make it through this. He looked up, eyes glistening, and cried out in a desperate call for the angel, the one beacon of hope for your survival. His eyes scanned the room, head twisting and turning, but no sound of fluttery wings was heard and no trench-coated angel came. He kept calling until he was nearly hoarse, and then you reached a hand up to his face, fighting against a suddenly much stronger gravity, and lightly cupped his stubbled cheek in your palm. The unexpected contact drew his attention back down on you, and he looked at you worriedly, his eyes filled to the brim with fear, but you just smiled softly at him, the inner part of your lips starting to stain with little hints of red. Dean shut his eyes tightly and leaned his head into your hand, taking shelter in this moment, this last moment, because it was far too soon that your hand began to slip away,  leaving a bloody smear on his skin, and he opened his eyes just in time to watch as it fell back to the ground.

Then it was suddenly quiet.

Dean spoke your name, first like a question, a disbelief, then as desperation, raw emotion, heartbroken. Your name reverberated off the walls, a cry of anguish, pained to the very heart of him as a gaping hole tore through him where you used to be, and he lifted your lifeless form into his arms, holding you to his chest as his shattered gaze looked across your ghostly features. First one tear fell, then another, both landing delicately on your paled cheeks as he sobbed quietly into your hair, rocking back and forth on his knees. He barely lifted his head to look up at the sky, to the heavens, and all he could wonder, all his broken soul could muster up was the question of why it had to be you instead of him. 

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Why do you think the gems didn't come back when they realized that Steven didn't follow them on Lion? I mean some time must have passed between the beginning of same old word and barn mates? I wonder were they were when they saw the ship though because is not that big...

I think they trust Steven enough that he can be gone a little while without them immediately worrying, especially since Peridot was still at the barn and would probably come get them if something had gone wrong. Plus Garnet has her future vision, which may’ve tipped them off on the roaming eye too

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Don't you think is dumb to assume Sasuke left to "protect" Sarada. Sakura & Sarada wear the Uchiha crest like if nothing was wrong so it doesn't make sense people saying he left to "protect them". I wonder if Kishi is just going to continue the (Sasuke redemption BS). Sorry to say this, but Sarada is known as an Uchiha I think she's nothing more than bait to get to Sasuke.. He's coming back to the village so they attack. Why didn't they attack when he wasn't there?

Anon this whole set up is so shaky and unpredictable. I only confide in a great resolution because it’s a short series. Sasuke’s eye powers grant him teleportation, and he’s the most powerful man in existence, so what on Earth would take him so long to never come back?

Many are adamant on the “protect Sarada” because it would be unfair otherwise. People hope there are personal reasons for his absence, instead of for the village’s safety. I doubt it’s still the redemption BS. The village pardoned him, he only needs to forgive himself. He also couldn’t have started a family with Sakura if he didn’t feel “clean”. 

Besides, Kishi confirmed Sasuke is on a quest to definitively get rid of Kaguya. Sealing her a second time was so useless. I’d be bitter if that’s the answer, why send him alone? What’s so important that he’d miss out on family, something he treasures above all else?

Sarada being a bait? You may have a point but I don’t understand? Yes Sarada and Sakura are not in danger in the village. And they weren’t hiding anything about their identity. Uchihas in the village are NOT the problem. Sarada is approaching danger all on her own by following the hawk outside the gates. It will be an accident when she reaches her dad and the enemy. They may cross paths with Naruto first though. He’d be reckless if he didn’t turn on his sage power or another form of sensing ability to notice someone is moving along his same direction.

My only clue is:

So I can only suspect the gaiden is about Sarada inheriting the Will of Fire from her dad, like he inherited it from Itachi, learning the meaning of being a shinobi:

“Self-sacrifice… A nameless shinobi who protects peace within its shadow… That is a true shinobi.”

but the “how” this will happen? I cannot guess.